What To Buy A Tech Obsessed Friend For Christmas

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The dreaded “C” word is just around the corner, which means that Santa is wanting to know what everyone wants for Christmas. So, if you have some friends who like their gadgets and tech, you might want to give them something that they would like. Here are some ideas to help you fill out their stockings.

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Ugly jumper

Is it really Christmas without a jumper? The traditional Christmas jumper has had a revival in recent years as people have fallen in love with the retro look. The great thing about the jumpers is how they work well for game designs. It is so easy to knit your own (if you have the time and patience) but there are many places that have a wide range of geeky patterns. You don’t have to look too hard to find them, there are plenty of places that have them in stock. All you need to do is find out which one they would like the most.

Model kits

Model kits are not the same as they once were. The models that were glued together have started to come back in fashion. If your idea of tech is making models of some of the finest machines that history has seen, then a model kit might be in your future. Sure, you can still get some pretty awesome vintage kits, but they have evolved. Now, you can get your mitts on ones that have simple rubber band motors that allow them to move without batteries. Of course, you can also get the fancier models such as R/C cars if you think they would prefer something with some speed. The range that is available for models is a lot, and there is a wide price range to choose from too. 


Model aeroplanes are cool and all, but are they as cool as a drone? If they don’t already have a drone, why not get them one for Christmas? Once upon a time, you needed to slap down a lot of money to afford a basic drone. Now, they are affordable and easy to use. DrDrone is the place to go if you want the right information about the drones that are available. But, if you have researched and found that you would like a drone, you could treat yourself to one. We won’t tell them if that was meant for their Christmas tree.

Superhero gadgets

This is in no way tech-related other than you could potentially pick up an item that looks like the tech that superheroes use. But that isn’t a bad thing. Some of the coolest items we have seen are gadgets and toys that have been modelled on superhero gear. Of course, some of them fall short of the mark because it is hard to get Batman’s Tumbler on a budget. However, if they do manage to make a working Iron Man suit, we will be first in line to buy one. Until then, you will have to make do with lightsabers, shields, and toys that make cool sound effects. There is a small selection of items that are amazing and are worth a look at.

Blu-ray collection

We know that there are countless streaming services available, and we know that your friends probably have a hard time working through the content on there. But, you only need the internet to go slow or *shudder* stop working completely to appreciate the humble DVD and Blu-ray disk. If you know that they have a soft spot for old horror movies, they would probably love a collection. The thing is, streaming services have a tendency to change their content and you are at the mercy of your download speed. With a hard copy, you never have a deal with slow connections or removed content again. Besides, it is a nice present to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Children’s toys

Why, oh why is this on the list? Let’s start with this thought, there is probably a toy that they wanted as a child that they didn’t get. An informal office poll showed that a Slush Puppy set was top of the list around here. However, there are a lot of children’s toys that are WAY too expensive for kids. Lego and Playmobil sets are very pricey. Just take the Ghostbusters or Back To The Future kits. Those prices are not for kids. Besides, they will love opening a present that they never got as a kid. You might be surprised by the quality of some of these toys and the joy that they will bring your loved ones.


After the last 18 months in various stages of lockdowns, the world is opening up again. This means that the conventions and shows will be back on again. Do they have a favourite technology show that they would love to attend? Now might be the time to order them their tickets so that they can see the newest tech with their own eyes. Tickets might seem like a strange gift but you are giving them an experience that they will hold dearly for years to come. Don’t be afraid to ask them if this is something that they would like because you need to be sure that you pick the right show for them. You could even get two tickets and go with them.


The world of technology is always changing and it can be hard to keep up with what your friends are using. If you have a general idea of the technology that they are using, you could give them some accessories. We are not talking about USB powered dancing dogs (but they are really cool though) we are talking about cleaning kits, covers and protectors. This is the practical end of the list and are the “boring” items that they will probably get the most use out of. Getting them something practical might seem strange but they will appreciate the amount of use that they will get out of them.

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