Ready For A Big Adventure? Moving Abroad Made Easy

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Moving abroad is one of the most exciting things that people can do. But it isn’t easy to start planning, or to even know where you want to go. If you have been away for more than a few weeks, you know how intoxicating it can be to be in a new place, soaking up the culture and enjoying the company of new people. 

Yet, once in a while, there is a little seed of an idea about how much you might enjoy living there – for a while, or forever.

Adapting to life abroad can be an adjustment, learning the language, the cultures of a nation and the food too. But once you are settled in, it might be hard to imagine you lived anywhere else. 

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Here are some steps to consider when you are discussing moving abroad. 


If you are a freelancer this might be pretty simple for you. You will need to register and do your taxes in your new country of residence, but in general much will remain the same. However, if other members of your household aren’t fluent in the new language, and don’t have a job, it might take a little longer to find work. Luckily in almost every country there are provisions and opportunities for people who aren’t native and don’t speak the language. Registering with expat networks and recruitment agencies is a great place to start. 


Some housing markets are hot and move quickly, with high prices. You may have to be prepared to travel back anf forth a few times. It is often a good idea to hire a moving expert – they can source housing, banks accounts and arrange school appointments too. Moving your household goods can easily be arranged with an international moving company like Chess Moving


Many countries will require you to have a visa, and sometimes that will depend on the working situation. If you have a certain amount of savings then often you can get a visa for a time, as you can support yourself. A work visa can take a number of months to arrive, which gives you time to pack and solidify other parts of your plan. 


Almost all countries require you to have some sort of health insurance. You need to bridge the gap between your home country’s health insurance and your new country’s companies. 

There are usually a few levels of insurance, you should carefully consider what level of cover you will need, and what you can afford. 


In many cases you will need to register yourself as living within the country or city. You’ll need to bring proof of identity, like your passport, a residential address, and a range of other supporting documents. 

Registering with a doctor and a dentist is something that you should do pretty quickly upon arrival. There are typically many medical professionals that speak a number of languages, and usually English is one of them. But you should try to learn some of the language so that you can get by in the early few months. 

And the most impotant thing is time. Give yourself plenty of time to move, and plenty of time to settle in when you arrive. 

Sarah x

The Selfie Bag

Have you ever heard of a selfie bag? Cotton bag co have created the perfect selfie bag.

The canvas bag is available is two different colour options: Black canvas or Natural canvas and can be purchased online for £11.99. It is the perfect bag for anyone that is into photography or loves taking a good selfie.

The bag is the perfect size to fit in your camera, selfie stick, portable ring light, tripod, and any props you may need to get that perfect photo. It also has a super cool design on it so it is super stylish!

The bag has the main pocket and then two pockets inside, one the perfect size for your phone and the other is a small zipped compartment if you needed to carry anything small like a spare camera battery or memory card. it also features a fold out reflective sheet which you can use to see your reflection, to adjust the lighting or even use as a cool background if taking pictures of small items.

The bag is a great size and as it’s made of canvas it is very durable and hard wearing. I think it would be great to store all my photography stuff in at home when not in use.

Do you think this would be useful?

Sarah x

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Trying out a new sunscreen

The last few weeks we have had some quite nice weather in the UK and being on lockdown and not being blue to leave the house meant I was at home and in the garden a lot more than I usually would be! I have always struggled with the sun in the past as I get a really bad heat rash and so have been allergic to a lot of sun creams in the past but if I am in the sun for longer than half an hour then I try to either be covered up or try to put on sunscreen.

I have tried a lot of creams in the past but they have always been so thick and greasy and clog your skin which really doesn’t help with heat rashes! The Altruist range is designed specifically by dermatologists to be kind to your skin and to be used on sensitive skin.

Some really great points about this sunscreen are:

– Fragrance free

– No white marks

– Non sticky

– Affordable (SPF 50 is £8 for two x 100ml tubes and SPF 30 is £8.75 for two x 200ml tubes) and can be purchased on Amazon

– Hypoallergenic

Often sunscreen for sensitive skin or specialist creams are super expensive but this range is a great price considering.

I have been using the 30 on my body and the 50 on my face and it is really easy to apply and it feels like you are just applying a normal cream rather than a sun cream as it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave you with a white film. I always try to use SPF on y face if going outside as I use a retinol from the doctors for my acne it is important I don’t expose my face to the sun rays as it can make my skin very sore. I think SPF 50 is great for your face but I usually use a specific facial one but with this range you can use it on your body or face as it’s so gentle to the skin.

I have been really impressed with this sunscreen and would be interested to see how it performs next time I go abroad and see if I still get a heat rash!

Sarah x

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Reco Toothtabs

Nick and I recently stayed away for a couple of nights and one of the worst things about going away is having to sort out toiletries to pack! It is always so hard to judge how much shampoo and toothpaste you are going to need. I had recently come across toothtabs which are great if you are trying to be more eco friendly and trying not to buy so much plastic. I thought these would be super handy to take with us rather than our usual massive tube of toothpaste. They are so easy to use and I could count out how many we would need and just take those with us. They are so small they hardly take up any room in your bag.

To use them, you simply chew them so they crumble and turn into a paste in your mouth and then you use your toothbrush as normal to brush your teeth.

You can get a 31 day trial pack for only £3 and free delivery.

Have you every tried these?

Sarah x

*This post contains gifted items*

5 Boredom Breakers For Long Journeys

Image Credit: Pexels, Free to Use Licence.

Visiting new places and exploring new countries is one of life’s greatest pleasures but getting there can involve a long plane, train or car journey. For some people, travelling is a part of the fun, but for others, it’s a means to an end. If you find that you get super bored when travelling then here are 5 boredom breakers you may want to try on a long journey. 


  1. Plan your trip
    A long plane or train journey is the perfect opportunity to plan the rest of your holiday. Take a guidebook, notepad and some pens with you and start making your travel itinerary to ensure you have the most amazing once in a lifetime trip. Not only will this help to get you excited for your final destination but it will also mean that you can step off at the end of your journey with a clearer idea as to what you will be doing for the next few days.  
  2. Play video games
    Time flies when you’re having fun and video games are the perfect way to escape reality and immerse yourself in another world. The key to playing video games while you travel is having a reliable device to play on and a good set of noise-cancelling headphones to block out the rest of the travel noise. Check out 3 of the best devices for play on the go to find one that is easily transportable for your trip.  
  3. Listen to audiobooks
    Books are a great way to pass the time but they can be heavy and what happens if you lose interest halfway through? Well, with audiobooks you don’t need to worry about the weight of your carry on luggage and if you lose interest you can simply pick another from your digital library. Audiobooks are also a great alternative for those who get car sick when they read, allowing them to get lost in a story without feeling ill the whole journey.  
  4. Catch some sleep
    Perhaps the ultimate way to make time fly is to try and go to sleep. Sleeping on a long journey not only ensures that you are ready to go when you get to your destination but it also makes it feel like you arrived in the blink of an eye. To increase your chances of getting some sleep, if possible, book a night flight where you can lay back and allow your body clock to work its magic, or alternatively bring a sleeping mask, comfortable pillow and a blanket and listen to a meditation to help put you into deep relaxation and increase your chances of falling asleep during the day.  
  5. Binge-watching a new series

We all know how easy it is to click ‘next episode’ over and over again on a new series we love, well, use this to your advantage and choose to watch a new series on your journey. The hours will fly by as you binge-watch episode to episode and you won’t feel as though you’ve wasted any valuable time as you were stuck doing nothing anyway. Just remember to download the series to your device in advance as you may not have a reliable internet connection when travelling. 

Sarah x