Something I struggle with when travelling is what to do with my jewellery. No matter how I pack it, my necklaces always end up tangled, or I end up losing an earring!

I have recently been using this travel jewellery organiser from Ellis James Designs and it has come in so handy. It is great to store things in whilst travelling to keep them safe and can then be used whilst away as storage.

It is a decent size to fit lots in but not too big, so it won’t take up too much room. If you have a safe in your room whilst away it is ideal to use as quite often you end up putting lose items in there, so this will hold them all together.

It has a special section for earrings at the top and a really cool section at the bottom for necklaces or bracelets as well as multiple zip sections. It comes in a choice of colours and I love the grey.

It would make a great gift for anyone that travels a lot.

Sarah x