Loving my new Seizmont Moment Watch from Trendhim

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I had been wanting a new everyday watch for a while and I had received a few pieces from Trendhim for my husband before so decided to check out their watch range to see if I could find one I liked.

They have so many great watches to pick from, a good variety of colours and styles. I really wanted a watch that could be worn everyday and be causal but at the same time look smart enough I could wear it to meetings for work or smarter events.

Trendhim have a really great range of watches to choose from and they supply lots of different brands. They have a lot of leather strapped watches as well as metal ones and so a great range of pocket watches. I decided to filter by metal straps to try and find the perfect one.

Trendhim is an award-winning men’s accessories brand established in 2007 by Co-Founders Sebastian Petersen and Mikkel Andersen in Horsens, Denmark.

Their mission is to inspire all men to express themselves by offering a diverse range of fashionable and affordable men’s accessories. That’s why they have a diverse product portfolio with products ranging from suit accessories and jewelry to bags and wallets.

Their range includes a total of 13 house brands only available through Trendhim, and their products are shipped to a total of 28 countries around the world.

The house brands are:
● Waykins
● Lucleon
● Fawler
● Sidegren
● Seizmont
● Arkai
● Otsu
● Bohemian Revolt
● Lazy Bear
● Salt & Hide
● Northern Jewelry
● River Grooming

I went for the Seizmont Alfred Moment Watch which I think it’s absolutely stunning and just what I was looking for. It’s a mens watch but can be adjusted to fit most wrist sizes so suitable for women too!

– Water resistance: 3 ATM
– Japanese quartz movement
– The strap is interchangeable

This watch is comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to fit my wrist. I like how good quality the watch is and how expensive it looks.

I have always been impressed with things from Trendhim. They always have great deals and free delivery over £29

Sarah x

A few new clothes

This post contains gifted products:

If you read my posts regularly you would have seen me mention Femmeluxe before and I had recently picked out some really great co ord sets, as well as tracksuit bottoms, knitted loungewear, tshirts and jeans. I wanted to pick up some more loungewear and a jacket. They always have so many great things to pick from but for now I wanted to get some more comfortable pieces.

Red With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set – Lexi


These can be worn separately or mix and match making them great value sets. They are really comfortable and soft, which is what you want from a tracksuit. These type of sets are ideal when working from home through the cold months and can also be worn when going out to exercise.

Sage High Waisted Seam Cuffed Joggers – Roxy


I love wearing joggers, either to lounge around the house in or to go for a walk in as well as if I need to pop to the supermarket for anything so these are a great staple for my wardrobe. I prefer high waisted ones and love the cuffed detail. They fit well and are very comfortable.

Grey & Black Reversible High Neck Zip Up Sleeveless Padded Gillet – Dani


This is a really comfortable padded gillet and my favourite feature is that it’s reversible so can be worn as either grey or black so it’s a good investment rather than buying two jackets in different colours. It fits really well and keeps me really warm especially in this cold weather.

The delivery is always really quick from them which is great, it only takes a few days to arrive. I hate having to wait ages for online orders to turn up! The prices are always really reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. I like to size up in the clothing from Femmeluxe as I find they come up slightly small.

Sarah x

Christmas Gift Guide Series 2021: Accessories

This post contains gifted products:

Every year I like to put together a gift guide for Christmas. It can often be hard to buy for some people and I always struggle with thinking of ideas for certain people so like to plan ahead and share my ideas if anyone else is struggling!


Trendhim – Lawson Red Foldable Bum Bag


If this belt bag could talk, it would tell you how it began life as a pile of used plastic bottles. Every bag is the beginning of a story – the ending is up to you.

The fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic. Responsible, eco-friendly fabric aside, this lightweight bum bag is designed for tossing in your gear and heading out for the day. Fitted with 4 zipped pockets that’ll hold your phone, keys and wallet – the trifecta of daily must-haves.

The adjustable, buckled strap is great for when you want to go hands-free, and it wears comfortably across the body or around your waist. When travelling or not using the bag, fold it inside the inner zipped pocket.

Primaberry – Fashionista Crew Socks


The blend of the fresh colours of nature, the vibrant touch of crimson and the presence of a cute cat who loves fashion make this crew socks a must-have to add an extra splash of personality to your look.

These socks are so soft and I love that they look like my tabby cat.

Primaberry – Serenity Freedom Crew Socks


Designed for cat lovers who want to venture beyond the classic black and white socks, these colourful socks combine the peacefulness of royal blue with the luxurious softness of bamboo.

Bamboo socks are so soft and considering the quality of these socks and the detail of the designs they are really good value.

Life Less Ordinary- Heart Bracelet


Ethically crafted from tagua nut

Band made from comfortable, durable waxed cord

Adjustable up to 28cm around

Handmade in Brighton, UK

This beautiful bracelet can be personalised with any initial, so why not get one for your loved one with your initials on?! Easy to put on and is adjustable, I wear mine all the time and it’s so comfortable I forget it’s on.

Engravers Guild – Myri London Swarovski Birthstone Heart Necklace – Silver


Swarovski birthstone crystal on heart personalised necklace made in solid 925 sterling silver. A classic but contemporary piece from MYRI London which complements any style, this silver heart should be a staple item in any jewellery collection. Smooth curving lines define this item, offering gentle sensibilities and the crystal birthstone adds an additional personal touch. The broader shape makes the perfect stage for a beautiful personalised engraving, and all engraving is carried out with the finest diamond-tipped cutters.

The silver drop heart engraved necklace hangs on an adjustable chain of either 16 or 18 inches. The pendant measures 15mm x 15m. This necklace is so beautiful and you can have any name and birthstone on it to really make it personal to whoever you are buying it for. It’s well made and good value.

Manners Made – Black Canvas Classic Bag


The Classic crossbody bag is the ultimate bag for functional, everyday use. Big enough to fit everything you need inside, whilst still being handsfree, it’s the perfect companion for any occasion. Every bag is handmade professionally with the utmost care and intention of durability and quality by Maisie in London.

This black canvas fabric is a deadstock fabric, meaning that it is has been re-directed from landfill and given a new lease of life.

The bag is fully lined with an inner zipper pocket and features chunky double zips which allow it to be worn on either shoulder and have your zips at the front.

The black canvas classic is a staple bag that is restocked monthly. It is perfect for professional and casual occasions, and a great unisex option too.

Really impressed with the quality of the bag and you can tell it’s been made with love. It’s such a good size and is comfortable to wear.

Socks Mad – Ladies Heat Machine 2.3-Tog Fairisle Brushed Thermal Socks


Ladies Heat/Machine 2.3-tog Fairisle socks with Advanced thermal technology and easy top welt are brushed inside to create a super soft cosy lining for warmth, comfort and durability all day long.

The specially constructed Easy Grip top ensures socks give day long comfort and fit to your ankles. The unique construction offers a thermal insulation layer that not only adds warmth but also adds comfort and support to your feet.

High density yarns are used along with the extra thick construction to create a super soft brushed thermal barrier to keep warm air close to the skin.

Socks Mad – Ladies 4.7 Tog Thermal Socks Baby Pink with X Pattern


Ultimate Heat Thermal Socks are brushed inside for warmth with a soft, cosy lining to ensure comfort and durability all day.

Ultimate tog rating – 4.7 tog rated

Socks Mad – Ladies Decorative Knit Short Thermal Soft Wool Boot Socks


Ladies decorative knit short thermal soft wool boot socks have comfort cuff and beautiful design knit for style and comfort. The natural thermal properties of wool make them ideal for hiking, trekking, hunting, fishing and equestrian activities.

Socks Mad – Ladies 1 Pair Warm Brushed 1.6 Tog Light & Thin Thermal Socks


These ladies warm and toasty lightweight 1.6 tog thermal socks are brushed inside to create a super soft cosy lining to ensure warmth, comfort and durability all day long.
These thermal socks are thin enough to fit into your casual shoes, but thick enough to keep your toes toasty!
The unique construction offers a thermal insulation layer that not only adds warmth but also adds comfort and support to your feet.

Jenerous Fashion – Watercolour Pink Floral hand block printed cotton scarf


This pretty pink floral scarf is made from light weight cotton.  It has been hand block printed by artisans, and sewn in their Fair Trade factory in Bangalore, India. This scarf is made from reclaimed deadstock fabric, abandoned by brands in Jaipur, India, with profits going back to help support local communities and preserve the art of traditional crafts.  It is so soft and the pattern is really pretty.

ChibiChiDesign – Personalised Makeup Bag


Who wouldn’t love a completely unique makeup bag that tells them just how special they are? With the name definition personalized makeup bag, you can write your own meaning based on their personality, or if you need some inspiration ChibiChi can help you draft the perfect quote.

I hope I have given you some inspiration 🙂

Sarah x

A Brief History Of Bracelets

Collaborative post:

Image Source: Pixabay

Bracelets are a common form of jewellery that is highly popular today and has been popular for thousands of years. Archaeologists have found bracelets from various civilisations and made them by using numerous materials, showing humans have worn this type of decoration for a long time. Below is a brief history of the different kinds of bracelets, so you understand the origins of the jewellery you wear.

The Earliest Bracelets

Archaeologists have found evidence of bracelets that can date back up to 7,000 years, and these early bracelets were different to what is worn today. The earliest bracelets were made using tree limbs, shells, and grasses, and it was quite a while before metal was used to create them. The oldest ones have been found in China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, and it was not till after the Bronze Age (2000 to 1400 B.C.) that you find precious metals being used, such as gold and silver.

Reserved For The Privileged Few

We find that the earliest bracelet designs from metal were often only available for people with a certain status, such as royalty. The skill and work required to create intricate bracelet designs meant that most people could not afford them. As a result, the poorest people continued to use natural materials such as wood and grasses to make their bracelets. In contrast, the fewer, more privileged people had beautifully intricate designs of antique bracelets created from precious and semi-precious metals.

A 17th Century Revival

When the 17th century came along, metalworking techniques had improved immensely, and it was now much more affordable to have intricate jewellery created. However, it was still out of reach of many of the population, so although they did have metal bracelets, the designs were often plain and simple. It would be a couple of hundred years before bracelets can be produced efficiently and at less cost, opening the doors for the masses.

All these antique bracelets can still be valuable today. The beauty of these pieces of jewellery is that when they’ve been well taken care of that most of their original parts are still intact, they can be sold at a higher price today. If you think you have one, you may wish to have a professional check it out for you and see its value.

The 20th Century

With the 20th century came a significant increase in technology, which also affected the available jewellery. In addition, the mining for the precious metals and gems used in the bracelets had increased, which meant more materials were available. The skill of the artisans creating jewellery also improved, and with an abundance of materials, lower costs, and increased demand, many more people started to wear beautifully designed bracelets.

As you move towards the latter half of the century, jewellery started to become mass-produced, flooding the market with affordable jewellery. However, the quality of the jewellery went down considerably, and many people still prefer handmade jewellery, especially those crafted prior to the 20th century, as these pieces have more character. 

Modern Day

Image Source: Unsplash

In the modern age in which we live, we now have many choices when looking to purchase beautiful bracelets. There are many types of mass-produced jewellery available to buy, but there is also an increase in skilled artisans creating beautiful handmade designs. 

Many people still love antique designs over modern ones, which means there will always be a market for them. For more information on the history of bracelets through the ages, a search on Google should lead you to more articles that talk about this topic.

Sarah x

First Class Watches

This post contains gifted products:

First Class Watches are one of the UK largest online retailers for designer watches. They are authorised distributors over 150 different brands!

I am really impressed by how many different styles and brands of watches they stock and most of them are a better price than buying elsewhere. They offer free delivery and if you are ordering a watch on a bracelet style band they will adjust the sizing for you for free too.

They also offer a price match service so if you see it cheaper elsewhere you can send them a request to match it! They also have a lot of codes dotted around the site, the one I chose had a code just for that brand for 10% off but if not there was a pop up to get 10% off your first purchase.

I had wanted a new watch for a while but couldn’t justify buying one as I wore my Apple watch most days but I wanted something cool to wear when I wasn’t wearing it. I don’t usually go for typically feminine watches so the one I picked out was this Nixon Time Teller in this stunning galaxy print. It would be suitable for both men and women.

Here are some details about the watch I went for:

Core Features of a Nixon Time Teller Watch:

Nixon watches are created through a collaborative effort between the brand’s designers and artists and athletes around the world.

The Time Teller watches are inspired by minimalism.

24-hour markers are placed on the inner bezel for easier access to military time.

Water-resistant up to 100 meters or 10 bars.

The watches are powered by a quartz movement.

Model Specifications: A327-2336-00

The tonneau 40 mm case of the model is made of acetate with splashes of blue, navy and black.

Securing the watch is an acetate strap with the same design.

The black dial is contrasted by white-coloured indices and hands.

Placed at the 3 o’clock position is the brand’s name.

Functions of the watch include hours, minutes and seconds.

Overall I am really impressed with the look of the watch as well as the quality but also how quickly arrives and how well it was packaged. It arrives wrapped up like a little present!

Sarah x

Are you looking to start your own fashion business?

Collaborative post:

Many people have taken the time during the UK lockdown to take up new hobbies or even start a new business. I have seen lots of people wanting to start their own fashion business but they just don’t know where to start. It can be hard if you have no where to turn to for guidance.

Image credit : Pexels

I wanted to share with you some tips I have put together on how to start a successful fashion/ clothing business without breaking the bank with additional start up fees and being able to take it slowly.

The first thing you want to do is pick a name and design a simple logo, this can be done on Canva or you can often find free websites that you can create a logo on. You can then sign up to an online store website to manage your shop or sell your products on Etsy or Ebay if you don’t want to set up your own website.

You may want to start off selling wholesale products to get into the swing of managing online sales before you venture into selling your own designs. A good place to start would be to find a reputable supplier of wholesale shoes online where you can get your stock from.

This would give you a great range of shoes too ok sell on your website or online shopping account and means that you have a guide price of what to sell things for when you want to start selling your own designs too.

One way you can raise some money to get yourself started is by setting up a kickstarter account. You could offer a free item or accessory to anyone that donates to a kickstarter fund and promote it all over your social media.

Have you ever thought of starting your own fashion brand?

Sarah x