If you follow my blog and read it regularly you would have seen me post a couple of times about Femmeluxe. They are an online clothing store with a great range of dresses, jumpers, loungewear etc at such a great price.

I was so impressed with the grey jumper that I previously got and reviewed here that I wanted to get a few more knitted items.

I ordered all of the items in a small/medium which is a UK 8-10 and I find this is the best size option for me and they fit really well.

Black ribbed knit extreme turtle neck bodycon mini dress – Saski


S/M 8/10

This dress fits really well, I have never tried anything like this before, I usually go for oversized jumpers so never tried a tight fitting jumper dress. It is really soft and comfortable and you can’t see your underwear through it which can often be a problem with tight fitting dresses. It would love great with or without tights and would look good with high boots or normal boots and also if you wanted a bit more causal look you could wear it with plimsolls or trainers.

Black ribbed knit leggins – Amara


S/M 8/10

The quality of these leggings is great. Often leggings can be thin and show your underwear which isn’t ideal but they have enough coverage so you can’t see through them. They are quite thick so ideal for the winter and teams with a jumper it makes a really comfortable outfit but still looks like you have made an effort to dress up. Ideal with boots of trainers depending what look you are going for and really soft and comfortable to wear.

I might get another pair and add these as staple piece to my wardrobe. Black leggings go with anything!

Grey animal snake print long sleeve crop jumper – Sienna


S/M 8/10

This jumper is so cute and I love anything animal print. It looks great with leggings or jeans and even though it is cropped it is long enough to cover yourself. It is the perfect length if you are looking for a cropped jumper. They also have it in other colours. The pink/red one looks so cute but would clash with my current green hair so went for the grey one. Animal print is really trendy at the moment so this is a great wardrobe staple. It would be great to wear later in the year when the weather gets nicer but you want to still be comfortable in the evenings when it gets chilly.

Neon lime knitted oversized polo neck jumper – Polly


S/M 8/10

I love the colour of this jumper. As I currently have green hair I am quite limited to what colours I wear. Obviously black and grey and neutral colours are ok but if I want to wear anything bright I have to be careful about what option I go for so it doesn’t clash with my hair. This lime green is a great option and makes a change from wearing black!

It fits really well and I like the style of the neck. It is good quality and perfect for this time of year but not too thick that you would get overheat.

As I previously mentioned, the prices are so reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. They really do have choices suited for everyone.

The delivery was super quick too which is great, as I hate having to wait ages for online orders to turn up!

Have you tried anything from Femme Luxe?

Sarah x

Hunkemoller have released the new Doutzen Kroes sportswear range and I got my hands on one of their hoodies.

I went for the HKMX hooded sweater doutzen in pink which was £37. I went for a medium as I wanted it baggy and I am so impressed with it. I love love love the ribbon detail on the hood. The whole of the inside of the hood is the same colour and material as the ribbon, so it is so soft and luxurious. The inside of the rest of the hoodie is really soft and it is so comfortable.

Being so soft, it would be ideal to put on over a sports bra, you wouldn’t need to worry about wearing a t shirt or anything as it feels really nice against your skin.

Have you bought anything from this website before? I have reviewed a pair of their PJs before.

Sarah x

I previously tried out a few dresses from Femmeluxe, you can find my review here. I was so impressed with the price and quality of them I decided to look and see what other items they had that took my fancy.

This time I picked up a jumper and a few two piece loungewear/exercise sets. 

Black With White Stripe Off Shoulder Loungewear Set – Shani


This one I went for a S/M which is an 8/10. This set feels very soft and feels really comfortable. The trousers fit me really well round the wait. The top is designed to be worn on one shoulder but I prefer to wear it more like a wide neck and on both but you have the option of one shoulder if you prefer. 

What I like most about the sets is you could mix and match if you wanted. I think the dusky pink trousers would look good with the black and white top.

I think to get two items of clothing for this price is so good. You can wear them together or wear them with anything else really. The trousers would look good with any hoodie/jumper or top really, they don’t necessarily have to be worn as the set.

I love loungewear as it is great to wear around the house, we have gym equipment at home which we use so its ideal t them wear to work out in too.

Khaki Crop Jumper Loungewear Set – Deanna


This one I went for a S/M which is an 8/10. This set is the same material at the black and white one so it also feels very soft. The size I went for fits very well and it it very comfortable. If I didn’t want to wear a cropped top then i would wear the trousers with something else. The set is ideal if you want to wear sportswear but look a bit nicer if you know what I mean. 

The trousers have an elasticated waist so I would say the small/medium would fit a size 6-10 which is better than having to pick just one size as I am usually in between an 8 and a 10.

Dusky Pink With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set – Lexi


This one I went for a 10 as it came in individual sizes. I prefer to go to a 10 than an 8 if there is a choice as I am often between sizes and an 8 can often be slightly tight, especially in a top. The top fits perfect and the trousers are slightly loose, but not too noticeable. The material on the set is slightly different from the two I meantime above, it doesn’t feel as soft and feels a but more like a dress material, it is still really comfortable just feels slightly thicker than the other sets.

Grey Knitted Oversized Polo Neck Jumper – Polly


This one I went for a S/M which is an 8/10 and it fits perfectly. It would look great with jeans or leggings as pictured. I love how you can fold down the neck to suit. It is quite thick but not too thick that you would get crazy hot in it. It is ideal for this time of year when you want to be warm but don’t want too many layers on as you get too hot when the heating kicks in!


As I mentioned in my previous review, the prices are so reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. They really do have choices suited for everyone.

The delivery was super quick too which is great, as I hate having to wait ages for online orders to turn up!

Have you tried anything from Femme Luxe?

Sarah x

I don’t often dress up, I am usually at home in my pjs or if I go out I wear black jeans and a nice top.

I decided I wanted to make more of an effort as I had a few events coming up that I wanted to look a bit more glamorous for, so I got my hands on a few bits from Femme Luxe.

Femme Luxe is a website that I had seen a lot about on Twitter and Instagram and everyone seemed to comment on how cheap the dresses were and what good quality they were so I decided it was worth checking out.

Femme Luxe Femme Luxe

Black Bandeau Split Leg Ruched Maxi Dress £22.99

I ordered this in a size 8, I usually wear a 10 in clothes but I like mine baggy, so opted for an 8 as these type of dresses are meant to be fitted and being strapless I don’t want it slipping down! It fits perfectly and I love the split down the leg. The length is perfect too and it looks good with flat shoes or heels.

I was really impressed with the feel of the dress, the material was soft and stretchy. I think this would look beautiful in red too, may clash with my green hair haha so maybe might get one when I change my hair!

Femme Luxe Femme Luxe

Black One Shoulder Ruched Slinky Midi Dress £19.99

As with the dress above, I went for this in a size 8. It fits really well and is similar to the material of the other dress. It is quite tight and stretchy so I was unsure how it would look once on and I worried my underwear would show but I just put on plain knickers and a strapless bra and you couldn’t even see underwear lines or anything through the dress, really impressed!

Femme Luxe Femme Luxe

Grey Knit Block Colour Jumper Dress £13.99

I got this in a small/medium which is an 8/10 and I love the style of it. It is more casual and on the baggy side so is a bit more of my style. I liked it so much I got it in the grey and the black. They also did it in pink.

It is knitted and is such great quality for the price, you oils normally pay a lot more for something like this. It is so cosy and you can wear it with bare legs or with leggings/tights if it was really cold.

This knitted dress would also look great with any shoe options, little dolly shoes, boots, or even knee high boots!

Femme Luxe

Black Knit Block Colour Jumper Dress £13.99

This is the same as the dress above, just in a different colour. I really like the contrasting sleeves and neck.

I don’t usually opt of knitted dresses and jumpers as they are often quite itchy but these are really soft and comfy.

The thing I like most about this website is that they have so many choices and something for everyone. I’m not a massive fan of tight revealing dresses and prefer to be covered up a bit but everyone has their own taste and they have such a wide variety of styles.

The prices are so reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. I am always sceptical about ordering clothes online as you can’t feel them to know the quality but these are so good and for the quality I would have expected them to be more expensive!

The delivery turned up in only a couple of days and they were all packaged individually. I liked one of them so much I ordered it in two different colours! Most of the dresses had multiple colour options. I don’t tend to wear anything bright or it clashes worth my hair so black and grey are a great option.

Which one is your fave?

Sarah x

Acdria jewellery is all inspired by nature. It is designed and handmade in England. The pieces I am sharing with you today are from the planets range. I personally love anything designed around stars, planets the galaxy etc so this whole range really caught my eye. They also have a beautiful range of butterfly designs which I think is absolutely stunning.

Earth necklace

Jupiter necklace

Moon necklace

Saturn necklace

They are so reasonably priced at £15 each and you can get the cutest earrings to match too. I love how they can look different depending on the background, if they are on your bare skin or if they are on a black t shirt or white t shirt. When you look up close you see the true beauty of each piece.

Do you like jewellery things like this?

The company also does bespoke things too if you had something in mind!

Sarah x