4 Ways To Prevent Your Company From Losing Money

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There is no denying that the pandemic has taken its toll on businesses of all sizes worldwide. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), nearly one-third of all UK businesses have less than three months left cash reserves. Therefore, it is more crucial than ever to prevent your business from losing money and keep it afloat. If you want to know more about averting enterprise financial loss, consider the points below.

Provide outstanding customer service

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According to the 2017 Ombudsman Services report, UK businesses lose about £37 billion annually due to poor customer service. Customers are the lifeblood of business, and without them, your company will cease to exist. Therefore, it is crucial to offer outstanding customer service that satisfies your clients, reducing the likelihood of spending their cash elsewhere. Luckily, losing clients due to poor service is always avoidable and redeemable, so you can simply look at aspects of your client interactions to see what you can improve. For instance, you can record customer calls to see how your receptionists and sales staff interact with clients and pinpoint what they can do better. Also, outline your customer service expectations from the beginning, and train your team to be highly responsive to customer needs so you can impress your clients easily.

Get insured

It is no secret that insurance is a popular and potent way to protect individuals and businesses from losses. Fortunately, there are numerous types of insurance you can take out to protect your business in diverse ways. Therefore it is prudent to think about which option will be the most valuable and appropriate for your business type. However, a great employer’s liability insurance policy is a no brainer to keep your business from financial losses. It isn’t uncommon for employees to take legal action against companies, and you may have to pay out hefty compensations if they have top-notch legal representation. Therefore, this policy is worth having to help you pay your legal costs if an employee sues over a work injury or illness and wins, preventing financial loss to your company.

Invest in your staff

For a company losing money, it may appear counterintuitive to spend more. However, the long-term advantages of investing in your workforce far outweigh any short-term costs you may incur. For instance, investing in employee training, paying more money for highly qualified staff, and outsourcing your recruitment to a professional service can drastically improve your staff’s quality and productivity, saving you money. Also, prioritise investing in improving your team’s skills to lower employee turnover. Hiring and training new staff is more costly than providing better support and benefits to existing employees, so upgrading your workers’ skills is a sure way to reduce turnover and avoid wasting money.

Get your pricing right

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Overcharging your products and services is a bad idea because it will drive customers away. However, undercharging will drain your profits in the long run, so it is essential to get your pricing right to avoid any losses. You can set prices based on cost and how much your competitors charge. However, do not shy away from pricing based on quality because patrons are often more than willing to pay more for top-notch products and services.

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How To Improve Your Home’s Security

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The pandemic has made people a lot more willing to invest in their homes. That means the contents of the average home has probably increased since early 2020. With the pandemic receding, however, people are going to be spending more time out of their homes. Don’t leave your home an easy target for criminals. Here are some tips to improve your home’s security.

Secure your internet

Digital security and physical security have long gone hand in hand. Now, the connection is often tighter than ever. This is because many entry-level security devices (like intruder alarms) depend on WiFi.  

On the one hand, this is great because it’s made effective security affordable enough for homes and small businesses. On the other hand, it means that you need to be really careful to protect your internet.  

In addition to making sure that your digital security is up to standard, you also need to protect your internet infrastructure from physical tampering, especially from outside your property. If possible, put your cabling into some kind of protective covering.

Block off your parking space

If you have any sort of outdoor parking space, then you need to make sure that nobody can use it when it’s empty. For clarity, this includes informal/unofficial parking spaces like your driveway. If you own them, then you need to protect them. You don’t want to make life easy for burglars by allowing them just to walk out your door and straight into their vehicle.

Fortunately, you can now get “smart bollards” priced for the domestic/small-business market. Basically, these are smaller versions of the rise-and-fall bollards you sometimes see outside commercial premises. They’re discrete enough that they’ll fit in with any garden and they’re zero-hassle to use.

Park your car carefully

If you have to park your car in the open, always use immobilizers. At a minimum, put them on the wheel and the gearstick (if you have a manual car). You can do this from inside, so it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like. It’s even better if you can put a wheel clamp on as well. Even if you keep your car in a garage, it’s still worth using immobilizers for extra security.

This may seem excessive but the more security you pile on, the less likely it is that criminals will think you’re worth the effort. It’s also worth noting that there are a lot of security concerns about keyless locks. If you have a car that uses them, then you definitely want to max out on your other security.

Secure your doors

Solid entry doors are much more secure than glass ones. If you do have glass in an entry door, particularly a front door, put some kind of covering over it. Your best option is likely to be privacy film as this literally sticks in place.  

No matter what type of front door you have, put a viewing glass in it and back it up with a chain. Don’t rely on glass panes or smart doorbells. The reason you want a chain, as well as a viewing glass, is that it allows you to open your door a short distance without the risk of someone pushing it open or seeing too much. This is useful when you need to sign for deliveries.

Even though it’s risky to rely on smart doorbells, they certainly have their uses. Remember, however, that cameras only work effectively as long as there is plenty of light. Generally, a motion-sensitive light is your best option. These not only save on electricity but also act as a kind of alarm.

Ideally, have lights all the way from the public pavement to your door. If you use motion-sensitive solar-powered ones you won’t need to worry about cabling or electricity bills. These are convenient for legitimate visitors but very inconvenient for criminals.

Have a parcel drop-off point

While the rise of independent delivery companies has been great for e-commerce, it has created a security problem. Basically, anyone can present themselves as an independent courier. This means that somebody claiming to have a parcel to deliver is probably legitimate but if they’re not and you open your door to them, you could be in a lot of trouble.

The solution is just to have a place where a courier can put a parcel. Then you can wait until they’re well on their way until you collect it. If you really can’t organize a drop-off point, then just have them leave it outside your door.

Use alarms wherever you can

At a minimum, put intruder alarms on your front door and downstairs windows. Ideally, put one on your back door as well and on any outbuildings. For clarity, you still need to keep your doors and windows locked as much as you can. Again, it’s about layering on security to make yourself more hassle than you’re worth to attack.

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Veo World

This post contains gifted products:

I have recently been trying out a selection of products from Veo, they are a lifestyle platform that supply a really good range of independent and sustainable brands. Their main aim is to offer good quality products that are cruelty free and natural. They offer anything from skincare to food and even clothing but I went for a selection of beauty/skincare products.

I have been trying out:


This balm can be used on your lips or on your face as well as being used on your hands or any dry patches on your body. It’s a good multiuse balm and is really hydrating and leaves your skin glowing without being greasy. It contains 5 organic essential oils so is really good for your skin and also smells amazing.


This orange flavoured spray contains two important vitamins: D3 and K2. Being in a spray rather than tablet for it’s absorbed into the body quicker and it really helps with your immune system.


This soap has been cold pressed with a blend of organic oils so it’s super moisturising and it lathers really well. It’s a good sized bar and you don’t have to use much. It leaves you smelling really nice too.


I hadn’t tried a cotton scrunchie before and I am impressed how well it stays on my hair and doesn’t tangle or hurt when you remove it. It’s a lot kinder to your hair than a regular hair band.


I am a massive fan of rose toners right now and this has lavender in too so it smells so good. I find rose toners are a lot more hydrating and leave your skin fresher. This toner comes with organic reusable make up remover pads that are really soft and kind to your skin. They are easy to use and can be washed in the washing machine and used over and over again.


I love a good body scrub and this is the perfect consistency. it’s not too gritty but it’s rough enough that it works. It left my skin feeling more energised and a lot smoother.

Have you heard of this website before?

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How To Prepare Your Vehicle For An Epic Road Trip

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You have packed your bags and prepared your itinerary for your road trip. But is your car in the right condition to make the journey? If you, like others, are looking to get onto the road to travel through cities and towns after a long period of restrictions, then now is the ideal to go on an adventurous and spontaneous vacation. Your car is an important aspect of your road trip, and you wouldn’t want any problems in the course of your journey. Here is how to prepare your vehicle for an epic road trip.

Check your fluids

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Your vehicle fluids are vital for ensuring that you have a smooth road trip. Motor oil is vital to your vehicle’s engine health. However, there are various specialised fluids crucial for the performance and longevity of your car. This includes transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, and fluid for the windshield wiper. These fluids play a vital role by regulating your engine and protecting against vulnerabilities that can expose your vehicle to damages, for example, preventing your internal engine parts from rusting.

Tyre maintenance

The state of your tyres plays a significant role in ensuring you’re safe on the road. Therefore, you must take extra precautions to ensure it is adequately inflated and even treadwear and address any signs of defects. You must also ensure your tyres are of the right size and per your manufacturer’s specifications. Other maintenance considerations you should include checking your air pressure, tyre rotation and condition. Your rims are also vital for your vehicle by reducing friction and providing the proper leverage. You can check out https://www.ozzytyres.com.au/ for one of the best wheel and tyre packages to suit your driving style and trip.

Ensure you have the right road safety tools

There are various tools you must ensure your car has at all times. This includes a spare wheel, first aid kit, triangle, key and crane for any tyre problem, fire extinguisher and fluorescent vest. It is helpful to get other items like flashers and a spare set of bulbs for your headlights. It doesn’t matter whether you are country travelling or taking a trip abroad. You need these car safety tools as they are handy to avoid any inconveniences on the road, keep you and your passengers safe, and avoid defaulting traffic regulations.

Clean your vehicle

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Cruising in a clean vehicle doesn’t only make your driving experience more pleasurable but can significantly impact your fuel economy. Besides complete vacuuming and giving your vehicle a clean exterior wash, it is essential to remove any excess weight. It could be your sports equipment, laundry and your other daily tools. Remove any unnecessary items for your next trip. The psychological benefits of travelling in a clean vehicle with a refreshing smell can make your trip even better.

A thrilling trip requires a lot of time, money and work. Yet, it is better than having any surprises ruin your dream holidays. Every trip could inspire you to take another. Make this one count.

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How To Look After Your Car’s Paintwork

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The condition of the paint on your car can make or break it. You’re going to want to keep it looking pristine for as long as possible. Not only will it keep it looking great but it will also help your car retain its value if you’re looking to sell it at a later date. 

Here are some low maintenance ways to keep it looking showroom ready. 

Be careful where you park

When you’re away from your car, all types of things can happen to it. Sap from trees, bird droppings and salt from gritters can all degrade the paint on your car. Try and avoid parking it directly under trees and bushes, or under streetlights where birds might roost. 

At home, you should try and park your car somewhere out of the way such as a garage, or flyover carport which will protect it from a lot of potential debris. 

Wash regularly 

Over the week, your car can build up a lot of dirt, dust, sap and other debris, not to mention the damage from UV rays. But washing your car regularly can significantly prolong the life of your paintwork. 

Be thorough when you’re washing your car to remove all of the grime from it and dry it too. 

Use wax

After washing and drying your car, polishing it with a coat of wax will give it an extra layer of protection, making it easier to wash off the dirt next time. It also filters out UV rays which can fade your paint colour. 

There are many types of wax, from liquids to solid pastes and can be either made of synthetic or natural ingredients or a mixture of both. 

It will make your car look super shiny too. 

Use a specialist sealant

Wax is great for your car but it doesn’t last very long. So rather than having to do it every six weeks, you only need to do it every six months. When applied, it will have a glass-like shine that will last. 

If you’re planning on getting a specialist sealant on your car, then make sure that your paintwork is in good condition as the sealant will only highlight any scratches. 

You can apply this sealant yourself or spend a little bit more money having it applied professionally to ensure a flawless finish. 

Fix and scratches and dents

Everyone has a little bump or scrape now and then which can damage the paintwork. While it might be tempting just to leave it, not repairing it can cause a lot more damage as the water gets underneath the metal, causing rust. Once the car starts to rust, it’s a much bigger repair and it can be difficult to get a colour match on them. 

Final thoughts 

If you want to keep your car looking good, you’re going to need to keep on top of the maintenance of your car. If you get into good habits early, then you can keep your car’s paintwork looking amazing for years to come.

Sarah x

Finding more games to play online

When you start to think about online gaming you automatically think of the kind of games you play on Playstation or Xbox on a headset against your friends but there are so many other gaming avenues out there. I have recently been spending more and more time looking online to find some new games to play as I was getting bored of my Playstation.

If you don’t have a games console or you are getting bored of them you can find a great range of games to play online for free. I came across solitaire.org which is now one of my go to sites to play games online as they have a really good range of games to play, not just solitaire.

With the UK being in and out of lockdown for over a year we have all spent a lot more time at home and it has often left me in a very bored mood. Although I do have a good range of games consoles, playing the same things over and over can get very boring so I went online in search of some different games to play, which is how I came across this site.

Their site has lots of different games to pick from and they are constantly adding new games so there is something for everyone. I also quite like being able to play games on my computer rather than on a console through the TV as it means when I have been sat at my PC all day either at work in the office or working from home then I can play games during my break without having to move!

I like the variety of games they have. While their site primarily focuses on Solitaire games they also offer other collections of games including the following categories:

– Mahjong games

– Hidden object

– Card games (like gin rummy, crazy eights, euchre, hearts, etc)

– Connect 3 games (like zuma ball)

– Shooters or candy crush type games

– Other fun online games (like pacman, tennis, etc.)

My two favourite games to play online at the moment are:

Freecell Solitaire

I really like playing Freecell solitaire and they have so many different versions of solitaire, something to suit everyone.

Gin Rummy

Rummy is one of my all time favourite card games and we play it a lot as a family with my husband and his parents. Its fun to be able to play it by myself and brush up on my skills!

There are plenty of games to pick from and they have something suitable for all ages, I just wanted to share with you a glimpse of what I have been playing recently.

Do you ever play games online? What is your favourite games site and what do you like to play?

Sarah x