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Getting fit is hard enough but if the treadmill is boring you to tears and team games aren’t your thing, then finding something to get you active can be difficult. However, there are a few ways you can get fit – you just need to identify where your interests cross over with more active pursuits. 

For animal lovers, this is really easy. There are a few sports that include our favourite friends and the most obvious companions are horses and dogs. But you might like to read on for another tip for animal lovers too… 

Saddle Up

Horse riding is a brilliant way to boost your mood, increase your fitness and take in some fresh air while you’re at it. Of course, cross country riding is just one area of this sport and you could also try jumping or dressage if that’s more your style. 

To start horse riding, you don’t need to jump straight in and buy a horse with some land. Most riding schools will let you borrow a horse and teach you the basics too. Indeed, lots of owners look for partners who can take care of their beloved horse while they are away. So, get your riding boots on and give it a go! 


Dogs are the most wonderful companions and whether you have your own or you borrow a neighbour’s, they are bound to get you active. Going for long walks and playing together will increase your stamina over time and encourage you to get off the sofa for a little bit of time each day as dogs are bound to inject a bit of fun into your workout

Dogs also love running and make for brilliant workout pals. Because dogs are pack animals, they like to stay close by you and can spur you on to achieve better times and distance. However, it is important that you do a little training with your dog before you set out so that they don’t dash across busy roads or get distracted from your route! 


Fish might not be your preferred option for a workout buddy and they certainly won’t be coming along on a run any time soon. However, if you’re willing to join them in their habitat, they can provide an excellent distraction. 

SCUBA diving is a really good way to get fit because your weight is balanced for you and there’s no pressure on your joints. Plus, since you shouldn’t get out of breath, more people are inclined to give it a go. Swimming along with your equipment is a good way to very gently build your strength and fitness as well as maintaining your stamina. SCUBA has also been shown to decrease blood pressure and increase your sense of wellbeing. It’s no wonder fish always seem so relaxed! 

The animal kingdom puts us to shame when it comes to health and fitness but with a little help from our furry, hairy and scaly friends, we can enjoy the benefits of exercise too. The trick is to find the right activity for you. The rest is easy.

Sarah x

We are a nation of animal-lovers and with millions of us owning pets it is no wonder that many of us are tempted to get our first furry friend, or perhaps an addition to the menagerie. Whilst there is no doubt that pets can bring love and happiness to our homes, it is not always possible to have them. We know that before buying or adopting any animal we must ensure that we are doing what is best for them, which is why today we are sharing 3 things to think about before getting a pet. 

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Do you have enough time to give them?

This should be the first consideration when you are thinking of getting a pet. 

All pets will take up your time to some degree. This might be in cleaning them out and feeding them regularly or playing with them. It might be that they need daily exercise and animals like dogs enjoy having company around them, so will you be available for them? 

Whilst time spent with pets is very rewarding, you do need to be honest with yourself about how much time you can devote to them before committing to a new pet. 

Have you got the money to care for them?

Pets do not come for free, so you will need to think about the costs that you are likely to incur, both upfront and ongoing, to care for your new pet. 

Pedigree dogs can easily run to a thousand pounds and more and horses and ponies are likelt to be a similar amount. Of course at the other end of the scale you can buy pets such as fish or small rodents for around ten to twenty pounds. Buying the animal itself is only a very small part of pet ownership, though, as they are then likely to need items such as cages, aquariums, mobile field shelters, crates and beds. Add onto that equipment such as food and water bowls, bedding, toys and leads and it is starting to add up.

Pets will then need pet insurance, food and health care provided on an ongoing basis, so be sure to factor these in when you are running the numbers. 

Do you know enough about them? 

You need to ensure that you fully understand the needs of your pet. Carry out some research into the animal itself, what they will want from you and the best ways to look after them.

For example, if you are thinking of getting a dog, have you researched the health risks of the breed you are interested in? Do you know how much exercise they will need when they are fully grown? Do you know how to keep them cool in the hot weather? Do you know how to train them to walk properly on a lead? The list could go on and on, and whilst there will be plenty that you can and will learn once you have your pet, it makes sense to educate yourself prior to getting your pet so that you can best care for them and understand all that pet ownership will entail. 

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, then we wish you a happy life with your new pet!

Sarah x

Unlike you and I, your dog isn’t able to release heat through its sweat glands. While humans have sweat glands all over their bodies, your pooch only has them in areas that aren’t covered by fur. This means he or she has to rely on less effective methods to cool themselves off.

Panting and Vasodilation (dilating of the blood vessels) are the main ways your pup releases heat. As you can imagine these aren’t the most effective methods to turn down the heat! This is why it’s up to you to help keep your dog cool in the summer!

Try these five tips to keep your dog cool in the summer;

Dog Paddling Pool

If you’re short on space a dog paddling pool is a great alternative to a full-sized doggie pool. They give your pooch just enough space to lie down and cool themselves without taking up the whole back yard. Having a separate pool for your dog is more hygienic than sharing yours, which is a must if you have kids in the house.

This is one of the best ways to keep your dog cool and it’s a good choice for pups of any age. Older dogs will love having a chilly spot to lay about, while puppies will have fun splashing around. These pools are quite durable and are usually made from a tough polyurethane material. This means that bites, scratches, or playful nibbles won’t cause any accidental holes.

Offer Lots Of Cold Water

This might sound like a no-brainer but it’s extra important that your dog has lots of cold water in the summer. Try adding ice cubes to their dish to keep them cool and be sure to bring a collapsible dish when you take them for a walk.

At a minimum, your dog should have a cold drink every hour! But, in the summertime try to encourage more frequent visits to help your doggie keep cool. Your dog will enjoy the added ice cubes which make a great form of entertainment as they float by.

When you’re out, look for areas with a water fountain so you will have access to cold water. Or, buy a bottle of water to fill their bowl. This will be more refreshing than giving them tepid water you packed from the house.

Your Dog A Frozen Treat

Frozen treats aren’t just for humans, they’re an excellent way to keep your pup cool too! Try making a homemade popsicle just for dogs or another kind of icy delight. There are a ton of great recipes available and they’re easy to make. By adding real fruits you will make the snacks a healthy choice.

When you’re planning a long walk try bringing along some frozen treats in a cooler. This way they won’t unthaw too quickly. Any kind of insulated bag will do and there are plenty of purse-sized options available.

If you don’t want to make the treats there are several quality options you can buy from the pet store. Just be sure that the ingredients aren’t going to pack any extra pounds on your pooch.

A Shady Spot Will Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

Have you ever been so hot while you were at the beach that you’ve retreated to the tree line in seek of shade? Well, your dog would certainly appreciate a shady spot to lounge about while you bask in the summer sun. If there’s no shade in sight there are a few easy ways to improvise.

If you plan on spending the day at the beach be sure to pack an extra towel. When there aren’t any trees nearby you can use the extra towel to make a shady cave for your pup to enjoy. Try draping the towel over a log and securing the end with a book or even your beach bag.

Also needless to say a big umbrella could also do the trick if you wanted to bring one of them along with you as well.

Invest In A Handheld Fan

You’ve probably seen those mini handheld fans before?! Well, they are great for cooling off your puppy when it’s hot. Just like you enjoy a nice breeze on a warm day, your dog will love having the wind on their fur.

Take rests along your walk where you stop to fan them. Try fanning for at least 5 to 10 minutes to really lower their temperature.

Sarah x

Whilst browsing Prezzybox I came across an amazing selection of cat products, things actually for cats as well as things for cat fans like myself.

Cat Selfie


The cat selfie is an incredible idea. I always struggle getting photos with my cats so this genius idea clips on to you phone and has a dangling bell on to attract your cats attention so you can take a great pic! you can also put a bit of food on it 🙂

Personalised enamel cat bowl


I think these bowls are so cute, just hoping my cats can read and always use the correct one haha. I love how cute personalised things are and Prezzybox have a gift idea for everyone. I hope my vats realise how lucky they are!

The bowls are really well made and easy to clean. I love the cute little handles on the side too and the font for their names is really pretty.

Do you have pets? Do they have special food bowls or anything?

Sarah x

For Father’s Day I wanted to get a few bits for Nick from our cats, so I went online to see what I could create with Funky Pigeon.

They have a good range of Father’s Day Gifts from pets here and you can personalise them with your own text and photos. They also have such great products from actual children too haha.

Cat father photo mug


You can pick what photo is used on this as well as a name. It is so cute and it looks too nice to use! I love the colours used on this and this is perfect for Nick to take to work to have his coffee in.

Pawsome cat photo keyring


This is super cute and says “you are pawsome” on it as well as being double sided and having a picture of our two cats on both sides.

5 photo challenge – multi photo poster


You can create a gift with your 5 favourite photos and have it framed too. I mean how cute is this?! I think it is a great idea in black and white. It really shows up the cats features and is nice as Archie is a black cat. You can also add your family name at the bottom too. I like how the photos look like Polaroid pics as we have a collection of Polaroid pictures in our kitchen.

Really impressed with their range of products and how easy they are to personalise as well as how quick delivery is!

Do you buy presents from your pets?

Sarah x