Gus & Bella Beach Pawty Cat Box

This post contains gifted items

Gus & Bella are an amazing cat themed subscription box company that create amazing boxes you can buy either as a regular subscription or a one off box.

I reviewed, with the help of my cats, the beach pawty box which is their August box.

The box included lots of treats for me and my kitties:


Made from Bamboo fibre, this box will degrade naturally.

Retail value £10.

This super cute lunch box can be used for either storing cat treats or for me to take to work with my lunch in.


Exclusive to Gus & Bella, this Purrmaid Lagoon soy wax candle, scented in cherry, plum and vanilla, has up to 40 hours burn time and was hand-poured in the UK.

This candle smells amazing and I love the colour!


My cats love toys on a string so this is a big hit!


Now your cat can join the summer fun with this catnip-filled handmade toy by Little Miss Delicious.

Retail value £8.

This is really cute and a big hit with my cat Archie


Try freezing the creamy sticks to make delicious ice pop treats for your cat to try!

Both my cats love treats and it is great you can freeze these in the warm weather.


Newly launched fishy flavours, by Blink. Suitable for adults & kittens. Blink’s complete meals contain premium, shredded fillets and are made in Northamptonshire. Contain no added sugar, grains or salt. All their meat fillets are sourced from British farmers.

These didn’t last very long! My cats love wet food 🙂


Made with real british chicken, baked in a woodfired oven. Have fun spelling your cat’s name with the aphabet shapes.

These are awesome and they went down a treat.


If your cat is feeling anxious or stressed, try rubbing a Pet Remedy wipe over your cat’s neck. This should instantly sooth them. Ideal for vet trips, taking medication. fireworks nights, moving house, or tension with other family pets.

These will be idea for the next vet visit!

I have the following discount codes for anyone interested:

TRADEMARK – 20% off first monthly or bi-monthly subscription (£26.95 + delivery)

TRADEMARKGIFT – 10% off one-off gift boxes (£30 + delivery)

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Discussing All Things CBD For Your Dogs

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These days people are opting for the healthier version of products, they are reading the labels on the backs of products, checking the origins of manufacturing and enquiring about the treatment process involved in the production of these items. We want to live a long, full life and if it means doing a bit of extra reading then so be it.

We look after our homes, our family members and this most certainly includes our pets, if we’re all eating well and make nutritionally sound changes then they need to get on board, am I right? And a healthy pup is a happy pet.

So how can we take care of them better than we already are? Well, in recent years the extraction of what’s known as CBD oil which is found naturally in the wild growing hemp plant, has been a medical success in aiding the body’s ailments organically.
The process of extraction is quite complex to ensure it’s done as chemically-free as possible and to obtain the purest possible form that contains little to no THC (the psychoactive component of the oil), to see more of the method click here

Introduce CBD into your pets’ diet

There are various items and methods of adding CBD oil into your dog’s meal, some of which we will discuss in this article, and some you may have already tried.

For dogs, giving them the medicine of sorts is not always as easy as it looks in the movies where dogs practically ask for the drops. We need to be innovative and sneak it in without them realizing, basically what I do with vegetables for my kids who are ‘allergic’ to anything vegetable related. Queue the rolling eyes from my side.

One blog I came across when looking into CBD for my dog was where a woman had made home-made doggy treats and biscuits for her pup, and as they were cooling she dropped a few spots onto each biscuit so it could soak into the treat before it was completely set. And when she gave them to her ‘Bobby’ all he saw was a treat and he was none the wiser. Brilliant.

Other options are to simply mix it into the main meal in their bowl or make doggy gummies which seem to surprise and excite them at the novelty. For some great CBD recipe ideas and to brush up on your chef skills try something new this weekend and shock your pup with a unique treat.

What to look for in a CBD product

The extraction and manufacturing process of any product, CBD or other, is determined by whether chemicals were added in the collecting, processing and bottling stages, these will react with the oil and ultimately alter the purity of the final liquid. This will determine the difference between a high and low-quality commodity.

Try to find out where the hemp is sourced, most countries and especially in the States, have heavily regulated farming bill compliances that need to be followed and make for ethically produced products.

A big factor that industries are trying to push is adding flavorings and GMOs into the products thinking it makes them more appealing to consumers, and for some, it works but for the majority of people they are looking for natural organic items.

We want a substance that Mother Nature herself brings into the world, not something man-made and certainly not one that’s been overly tested in the lab and tweaked to what the industry thinks is the best version. Take a look at a knockout post on all products CBD and the blog articles related to its uses and effects.

The safety of CBD

If you’re buying a 100% pure hemp product then yes it is safe to give to your dog, with no traces of THC your pet can get all the benefits of a naturally great product and none of the harmful side-effects related to the psychoactive part of the plant, this is why it is vitally important to check that it is 100% bio and sourced with the environmental factors considered.

Your dog will be feeling his usual self in no time and isn’t that all we want from our ‘children?’

Sarah x

The Best Ways to Deal With Dog Hair

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It seems that everywhere you look these days, there are people raving about dogs. You can hardly blame them; dogs are cute, they’re friendly, and they’re a perfect companion that has been proven to improve their owners’ mental health. You’ve probably considered getting a dog yourself – there’s just one major drawback. The hair. If the only problem holding you back from having your own gorgeous pet dog is the worry that your home will be overrun with unpleasant smells and piles of dog hair all over the couch, read on. Here are some great tips to dogproof your home so you can enjoy a furry companion without worrying about the domestic consequences!

Choose Your Species

The first and easiest way you can avoid getting dog hair everywhere is by choosing the species of dog you want to own very carefully. If hair and cleanliness is a big issue for you, then you won’t want a species with long hair that is going to moult in the summer – so steer away from sheepdogs, Newfoundlands and terriers! You can find lots of advice online, but some dogs that don’t moult as much include poodles, dalmations, greyhounds and bulldogs. A great side effect is that these dogs also tend to by hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about any allergic reactions to dog hair either!

Get A Good Hoover

Of course, there will always be some inevitable dog hair, and this is where you’ll want a high-quality hoover. This will make your life so much easier if you can quickly suck away any stray hairs. Electrolux is a great brand for cordless vacuums (which are particularly convenient here) and you can even get electrolux cordless vacuum repair parts easily online, so you’ll never be stuck in the lurch if your vacuum gets broken or clogged up.

Invest in Training

One easy solution to dog hairs on the sofa is to not allow them to get on the sofa! If you do get a dog, training it thoroughly is a must. Puppy school is a great way to do this if you don’t have time, and you can ensure your dog knows exactly what areas are off-limits, for example, sofas, beds and kitchen tables. If your dog has a dedicated doggy-bed to sleep in, this will help lower the spread of dog hairs across your house and mean you have a much smaller area to hoover.

Dedicated Grooming

If you have your heart set on a long-haired dog such as a husky, a terrier, or even a Bernese mountain dog, don’t despair. You can still solve the problems of moulting easily by creating a regular grooming schedule for your dog. By using a towel and brushing your dog over the towel, you’ll collect a lot of the hair that might have naturally fallen out all over your house – plus it’s a great bonding routine, and your dog will absolutely love all the attention. If you can’t manage this, there are a host of doggy salons that have sprung up which will help keep your dog nicely in trim, and help to lessen the amount of hair around your home.

Sarah x

Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

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As all doggie lovers would know, taking care of your pooch takes a lot of work. When you first thought of getting a dog, you may not have fully considered what is required to keep it happy, healthy and strong. Then afterward, you realise that dogs are just like children – they need to be fed, loved, exercised and even entertained. When you decide to stop paying attention to any of these elements, your dog suffers – then you (and your home/furniture) pays the price. But when it comes to keeping your dog healthy, with a long, happy life, absolutely nothing should be compromised. Here are the top three ways of keeping your pooch healthy and in tip-top shape every day of its doggie life.

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Protect Your Pooch From Parasites 

There’s nothing worse than your dog being in a state of constant discomfort due to parasites. There is literally a whole host of pests that at any point in time, can bother your pooch. Apart from fleas, there are also mites, heartworms, ringworms, tapeworms, ticks, lice and much more. Each of these pests causes damage in their own particular way, with worms causing internal damage, whereas the other pests are more focused on the external skin and fur of your dog. If left unchecked, the result includes hair loss, weight loss, diarrhoea, vomiting, coughing, and even death. The best way to protect your furry friend from these pests is to give them parasites control and prevention products that can be bought from any suitable website or over the counter at local stores or pharmacies. When administering these products, ensure that you pick the right one for your dog’s weight, as these medicines come in different strengths depending on the size of your dog.

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Your Dog’s Diet

After you’ve protected your dog from those pesky parasites, your next big focus should be your dog’s diet. It is essential that you research the best diet for your dog’s breed and size as not all dogs are the same. You also need to bear in mind the volume or portion of food that you administer to your dog. Be sure not to overfeed or underfeed, as both have bad health consequences for your pooch. The best diet for dogs should be high in protein with a lower proportion of carbohydrates and vegetables. You have the option of canned food, kibble, and you can also prepare their meals from scratch at home. Either way, be sure that your dog’s meals are well-balanced and nutritious enough to support their immune system, heart, digestion, muscles, bones, skin and fur.

Exercise Is Essential

Now that your dog is eating right, he should be full of energy and will need to be exercised daily, in order to keep his muscles and bones in good shape. Apart from keeping your dog entertained, exercise also stimulates blood flow throughout its body and wards off diseases such as obesity. It is excellent for your dog’s entire well-being, which includes it’s mental and emotional health – which is sometimes ignored by owners. Exercise does not always have to be aggressive and can still be done indoors if the weather is not suitable. Daily walks, playing fetch, running up and down stairs or even a doggie treadmill are all great examples. The best thing is that exercising your dog also exercises you in most cases, so it’s a win-win situation for all.

Apart from these tips, there are also many other ways to keep yourself healthy and happy. Do not forget the importance of your dog’s dental hygiene as well as vet visits, regular grooming as well as offering your furry friend lots of rub downs and cuddles.

Sarah x

What You Need Know About Using CBD for Dogs

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What You Need Know About Using CBD for Dogs

Dogs have been long associated with humans in many different ways and help to perform many different roles including herding, hunting, protection, load pulling, police assistance, and in the military. They are also useful for companionship and aiding disabled persons. They are trainable, loyal, and are always there. This is why they seem indispensable and are aptly referred to as man’s best friend.

For the love of their dog and for its usefulness, any owner will do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe and healthy. This will include feeding them, bathing them when needed, providing whatever they need, taking them to vets when necessary and administering any drugs and medication they require. An effective drug to administer to your dog either for maintaining their wellbeing or for treating a number of its ailment is CBD or cannabidiol. This is one of the many compounds found in the hemp plant along with terpenes and flavonoids. It is extracted from its stem, flowers, seeds, and leaves through various methods including C02 extraction.

CBD can come in many different forms for animals but the most prominent of these is the oil, pills, and treats. Other forms may also include soft chews. As oil, it can be administered through tinctures under the tongue of your pet or topically on the skin directly. It can also be mixed into your dog’s food. As a pill, it can be administered like any other drug by placing it on its tongue. Treats are like biscuits and they can act as dietary supplements for your dog.

What CBD Can Do For Your Dog

Regular usage of cannabidiol will keep your pet healthy. For animals with medical issues such as rabies, distemper, leptospirosis, cancer, arthritis, seizures, and epilepsy or any form of pain and inflammation, CBD will help to normalize their bodily functions and heal them of whatever ailment they have. This is why it has become increasingly popular. You can see some more of its benefits to your dog here.

Dosages are applied based on different factors including the size and weight of your pet as well as whatever ailment it is being used to treat. You can get this from the retailer you purchase your product from or you can get dosage guides and calculators online.

How CBD Works

Every mammal from humans to dogs has an endocannabinoid system often called ECS. This is a system that is very important to the body as it helps it balance and regulate its functions that are essential to life and living. The ECS handles functions such as an appetite for eating, mood, sleep, memory, reproduction, etc. It does this by naturally producing needed substances like anandamide and 2-AG to help the body function properly.

Humans and animals get sick when this system does not function as it should. For any different number of reasons, the ECS may not be able to produce the essential substances needed to make it work as it should. Fortunately, this system contains cannabinoid receptors which listen to conditions outside the cells and transmit needed information about these conditions to the inside of the cells, making the cells take appropriate measures.

When CBD is administered to your pet, just like natural endocannabinoids will do, it binds to these receptors and kick starts the process of transmission to the cells. The ECS responds positively and it is able to produce the necessary substances it needs to function. By reason of these, your pet can enjoy good health and wellbeing. You can learn more about the ECS here.

Buying CBD

CBD products are available from several sources both offline and online. Due to the United States Farm Bill of 2018, it became legal as well as popular and it opened up the market. This has also resulted in the proliferation of many poor quality products. For this reason, there is a need to be careful and to conduct personal research before purchasing. Thankfully, there are some trusted and reputable sources you can buy from.

Endeavor to check labels when purchasing. You can also go further and request for the lab report of the product you want to purchase. Reputable companies will be able to provide this for you. One indicator you can use to know if it’s a quality product is the price. When it is very cheap, it is most likely a poor product containing additives that may be harmful to your pet. This is not to say that every product with a high price automatically qualifies as a good one. You still need to take appropriate measures to find out.

Sarah x