Can You Dye Wet Hair?

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When dyeing your own beautiful hair at home, the instructions usually urge you to apply the color while still in the shower; however, when coming to the salon, the color is typically applied after the hair has dried completely.

What is the reason behind this? And what exactly is the distinction? It all comes down to the sort of color we’re utilizing in the final analysis. When it comes to dyeingour hair, wet or dry hair is a little issue that is easy to forget about.

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To be honest, there are certain advantages to applying dye to wet hair.

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Can You Dye Wet Hair?

Yes, you can color your hair while it’s still damp.

Wet hair application is totally accepted in many situations, including those in the salon, but is frequently not known by the general public.

Once your highlights have been completed, you will be taken to the shampoo bowl, where your foils will be removed, and bleach will be rinsed. The remainder of your color will be applied while your hair is still moist in the shampoo bowl.

Simply said, our hair color is applied to damp hair more often than we think, and we may not even know about it. So, what exactly is the difference, you might wonder?

The Advantages of Dyeing Your Hair While It’s Still Wet

There are a few advantages to using it to wet hair that should be noted:• Economical and effective: The extra moisture from the added water enables the color to spread evenly. When dyeing dry hair, on the other hand, you’ll need to pay much closer care to make sure you’ve completely soaked every strand with the coloring solution.• Protection: A squirt top bottle and a mash of all of our hair together until it lathers in the shower is far less time-consuming than the accuracy necessary for a brush and bowl application of hair color.• Convenience: When it comes to so many at-home hair color products, it’s a bit of a relief when the instructions say to apply to damp hair. 

The Drawbacks Of Dyeing Wet Hair

These are some of the disadvantages of applying makeup on damp hair:• Inconsistent color distribution: While the extra moisture may aid in the distribution of color, the result is a less accurate color application. It is preferable to devote more time and effort to a comprehensive dry hair application if you want a more dramatic difference in the end result.• Water could potentially dilute your color: If your hair is really dry and damaged, it will be parched and in desperate need of moisture, which might potentially dilute your color. This is because your hair may have absorbed so much water that there isn’t enough area left for the dye to reach the cortex of your hair in this situation. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of success, but your results may not be as vivid or long-lasting as you had planned.• Prone to more other damage: If your hair is damp and delicate, you should avoid using heat, harsh brushing, and towel drying. These are just a few of the little measures you can take to assist give your hair a little extra tender loving care (especially after doing a color treatment).

What Hair Dye Works Best In Wet Hair?

Now, this may seem like yet another disadvantage, but dyeing your wet hair does not always result in successful coloring. Permanent colored hair usually have dye applied to dry hair to be effective. This might imply a lighter or deeper shade of makeup.

For the accurate application of bleach, you’ll need dry strands when you want to lighten your hair, which is accomplished with the help of the chemical. Use dry hair while coloring your hair if you’re using permanent color to darken them so that the color may penetrate your hair and affect its state on a deeper level than simply the surface.

That being said, here are some color possibilities for dyeing wet hair that you should consider:• Semi-Permanent Color

Semi-permanent colors do not include any ammonia or peroxide developers, as do permanent colors. These colors are designed to be applied directly to your cuticle.

Given that their primary function is to subtly improve or modify your hair’s tone and offer a more subtle alteration with a shorter life span, the formulas of these products are not significantly impacted by the presence of water. These colors look great on wet hair since they aren’t lifting the hair or considerably changing the hair in any long-lasting way.• Demi-Permanent Color

The primary difference between a semi-permanent and demi-permanent color is that demi-permanent colors penetrate deeper into your hair shaft than a semi-permanent color, which is only a coating.

Demi-permanent color will last you far longer than a semi-permanent color because of the greater absorption of the pigment. Regardless of the presence of ammonia, it is still considered a temporary color, and applying it to damp hair will not have a significant impact on the performance of your color.

Your hair has the ability to absorb more water and less dye than usual, which might dilute your color formulation a little and shorten the expected longevity of your color by a couple of washes. It isn’t something significant, but it is something to be aware of!• Other Temporary Dye Alternatives

It’s true that those fun bursts of bright pink and other highlighter and pastel-hued tones, as well as the toners used to neutralize your highlights at the washbowl, are not considered semi- or demi-permanent dyes. Still,they are classed as temporary dyes and are safe to use on wet hair.

A simple rule of thumb to remember is that as long as the color change you wish to achieve is temporary and not permanent, a wet hair application is a fool-proof solution that offers several advantages.


It is possible to color your hair while it is still moist; it is highly advised. Wet hair application is entirely acceptable in many situations, including those seen in salons, although the general public usually overlooks itin these instances.

Once your highlights are finished, you will be escorted to the shampoo bowl, where your foils will be removed, and the bleach will be rinsed out of your hair and scalp.

If you don’t apply it right, you might be prone to hair dye hair loss.


Sarah x

Scandinavian Biolabs Haircare

This post contains gifted products:

The last few weeks I have been trying out a new brand of haircare, Scandinavian Biolabs. I have been looking for a while for new hair products to out to try and help my hair grow.

I bleach and dye my hair a lot so it has always been really damaged and as I don’t like to cut it much either then it just doesn’t seem to be growing. I am making a conscious effort to trim my ends every month or two and have been using these different products on my hair.

You can buy these three individually or as a set: Hair growth routine for women

The products have the following benefits:

✓ Naturally-Derived & 100% Vegan
✓ Reduce Hair Shed & Stimulate Growth
✓ Strong & Durable Hair
✓ Improve Hair Density
✗ No Sulphates | No Parabens | No Harsh Chemicals

Bio-Pilixin Formula hair strength shampoo

As this is sulphate free it doesn’t lather as much as regular shampoo but it still cleans just as well. It helps to prevent the build up of product without stripping out all of your natural oils and doesn’t coat your hair in chemicals so gives it a chance to absorb your natural oils over the next few days after washing. It smells really nice and you only need a small amount.

Bio-Pilixin Formula hair recovery conditioner

This smells really nice too and feels very rich and nourishing when you apply to the ends of your hair. You only need to apply to the ends of your hair and you don’t need much. It’s advised to leave on for 2 mins but I usually leave it for about 5-10 and it makes my hair really smooth and so easy to comb through.

Bio-Pilixin Formula hair growth serum

This serum is designed to go directly on your scalp rather than on the ends of your hair so it’s great to use on the evening before hair wash day! You only need a couple of drops and you massage it into your scalp to help promote healthy hair growth. it does tingle slightly and feel a little warm but that means it’s working!

I find using all three together I have noticed my hair is a lot more manageable, not as frizzy and does seem to be growing!

All in all, I have been really impressed with the products I have been using and will be buying more when I run out.

Sarah x

Trying out a facial razor and more plastic free haircare

This post contains gifted products:

I have recently been using a facial razor as well as trying out some more plastic free haircare products.

I have been testing out the No Mo-stache Facial Razor to help shape my eyebrows as well as using it on some peach fuzz on my face. Derma planing has become a big thing over the last year and it’s great you can give it a go yourself at home. Using a razor like this on your face helps to eliminate peach fuzz whilst also exfoliating the top layer of your skin. It’s so easy to use and I think it’s a great price too.

The No Mo-stache Facial Razor is available exclusively at Cult Beauty at for £6.50

The plastic free hair products I have been using are from Biovene and are £3.99 each:

Biovene argan oil and mint hydrate repair solid shampoo

Biovene argan oil and mint hydrate repair solid conditioner

Solid haircare is easy to use and you would be surprised how little you actually need! The argan oil and mint range contains: Argan oil, Peppermint, Macadamia oil, Beeswax and Shea butter.

This range is ideal if you are looking to improve on the shine of tour hair and all require hydration. Antioxidant-rich Argan oil helps combat hair fall, maintain a healthy scalp and repair damaged hair caused by color and styling.

The bars are suitable for all hair types. They are dermatologist tested, plastic free, pH-balanced, vegetarian – without sulfates, parabens and palm oil and not tested on animals.

Have you tried any of these?

Sarah x


This post contains gifted products:

I have been trying out a shampoo/conditioner bar the last couple of weeks. The Naturtint bars come in three different varieties depending on what you require.

The one I have been using is:

Naturtint shampoo/conditioner bar – strengthening which is ideal as my hair is quite weak at the moment due to over bleaching and I am trying to repair it.

• Naturtint 2 in 1 strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner bar contains 99% natural origin ingredients that strengthen, protect & condition hair. Certified cosmos natural by Ecocert

• Specifically formulated for weak and thinning hair, to strengthen, revitalise and restore

• Plastic free. Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Shampoo and conditioner, saving at least 3 plastic bottles for every bar. Sls, paraben and silicone free

• Using a naturally derived and powerful base with coconut, cocoa butter and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, the bar gently cleanses the hair and hydrates the scalp with a creamy and luxurious foam

• Slide the shampoo bar through wet hair several times. Massage hair and scalp and work lather through from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly. In between uses, allow bar to dry and store away from water

It is currently available at Amazon with a £3 discount

The bar is easy to use and I can see it lasting a long time as you only use a small amount during each wash. It smells really good and is easy to use. I keep mine in a small box in between uses but you can also use a soap tray or a shelf in your shower etc.

Have you used a shampoo/ conditioner bar before?

Sarah x

Justice haircare

AD – This post contains gifted products

I have recently been trying out some new hair care products from justice hair care. I am always on the lookout for new haircare products to try as you probably know from reading my other posts, I change my hair quite a lot and my hair is unfortunately quite damaged from doing so.

I have been using the following products from Justice haircare the last month and wanted to let you know how I have been getting on:

Conditioning shampoo

Repairing conditioner

Smooth & groom 

Detangler spray

Argan oil

My hair is really damaged at the moment from too much bleaching and dying, so I gave it a break and didn’t do anything to it for the last month and just concentrated on using a good hair care regime and trying to repair it and allow it to grow.

The problem I usually have is that my roots get really greasy but the ends of my hair are so dry and damaged I don’t want to wash my hair too often to make the ends worse but I don’t really have much choice. I used to wash my hair every other day but I have been trying to do it every 3/4 days and tying it back or using dry shampoo if needed in between.

Since using this shampoo and conditioner, my hair doesn’t get greasy as quick and I have noticed it is growing and not breaking off so much.

I love that the shampoo and conditioner are in pump bottles so they are easy to use. I use 1-2 pumps of shampoo and 2-3 of conditioner depending on what I feel my hair needs. The bottles still have a lot left in them and I am really impressed with how soft they leave my hair and they smell good too!

My hair seems a lot easier to brush after washing since using the detangler and I alternative between the smoothing cream or the argan oil. 

I am really impressed with the quality and the price of the range. Once I run out I will be buying more to use as I really like the smell and how my hair has reacted to the range. It is a lot more manageable and my split ends seem yo be getting a lot better and it finally looks like its growing.

It’s important even if you think you have greasy hair to still treat it with creams and oils especially if the ends are damaged, it makes such a difference to your hair.

What are your favourite hair care products to use at the moment? 

Sarah x

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

AD – This post contains gifted products

I thought I would share with you some ideas I came up with for Father’s Day this year. I buy for my dad, my father in law, my step dad, my grandad and sometimes my husband from our pets so have quite a few presents to buy! These are also ideas for any upcoming birthdays or anything and also great ideas not just for men!

Gameboy alarm clark


Gameboy inspired homeware is amazing. I think a lot of guys(and girls!) would appreciate any of the products that Prezzybox have to offer when it comes to retro games. This alarm clock is so cool and would look great next to the bed. It is shaped like an old school gameboy and you can wake up to the official Super Mario Land theme tune!

Gameboy colour changing glass


Also in the Gameboy range is this colour changing glass. The glass on its own is so cool but the fact it changes colour too just takes it to the next level. When you fill it with something cold it shows the game screen like you are really playing a game. This would be perfect for any gamer.

Personalised football book

From £39.99

If he is a football fan then these books are such a great gift. You can personalise it with any name and message and it also comes in a gift box. It includes every newspaper article for the team. I went for Fulham as thats my father in laws team and it goes back to 1908!It is made so well and looks so impressive. It is great to be able to relive old articles if you are a football fan and I love how it transitions from black and white to colour over the years!

Mummy Meagz Sea Salt and Cinder Toffee Rocky Road bars

£1.49 each

This rocky road bar is vegan and gluten free so this is an ideal treat for anyone that is eating a vegan diet or has a gluten or dairy allergy. I love the design on the packaging and it tastes so good! I am a big rocky road fan and this is the perfect size as a treat and they have so many different flavour bars to pick from. This is the second flavour I have tried and they are so good, I gave one to my boss as she is vegan and she liked them so much she bought a whole box! It can be hard to know what to buy someone vegan or gluten free if you want to get them something as a treat to eat but you cant go wrong with these.

Genie plates

£19.99 for a pack of 2

These plates are amazing. They are perfect for a BBQ or for using in front of the TV as they have somewhere to put your cutlery and as they aren’t flat, things wont fall off the side. They really are a great idea and if your dad is into BBQs as much as mine is then this would be the ideal gift to buy a pack of these. They aren’t too heavy and I love the curved design of them too.

Asda photo personalised mugs

From £7

The personalised mugs from Asda are a really great quality. Their online tool to customise the layout/size of the photos is so simply to use, I designed and ordered both the mugs straight from my phone. The pictures came out really well and the mugs look really good!

I went for one of my mum and step dad and edited it on the asda photo site to black and white and cropped it slightly. I think it came out so well and didn’t lose any of the quality.

I also went for one of me and my half sisters from a few years back as I thought this would be a nice gift for my dad as we don’t have many pictures of us all together.

Asda photo personalised jigsaw puzzle

From £10

My grandparents love a good jigsaw so I decided to get a personalised one made of the two of them. I went through all my pictures on my phone to find one of my favourite photos of them to have it made. It was so easy to resize it and create it online, it also shows you how it will turn out. In the box when it arrives it has the finished photo but it may be more fun to take this out to give it to them so they don’t know what it is?! Haha.

American Crew Acumen – Daily thickening shampoo and nourishing cream pomade set


This can be purchased from Selfridges, Amazon and many other online retailers

If you wanted to treat him some hair care products then this set is great. It includes the thickening shampoo for those that are concerned about hair loss and also a water-based pomade with medium hold and shine that provides texture and allows to restyle.

The shampoo helps the thicken hair and reduce breakage and comes in a beautifully designed brown and navy pump bottle. The pomade is a decent sized pot in the same design.

Shea Moisture – African water mint & ginger detox body wash


This is a great detox body wash, so for anyone that has skin exposed to the elements a lot or suffers with body acne then this is great. It smells so good and with the design and colours used on the bottle it isn’t gender specific. It is 384ml so quite a large bottle too.

I usually pick up this brand in Superdrug but you can also buy it online at a lot of places.

I hope you found this useful and got some ideas 🙂

Sarah x