3 Ways To Minimise The Symptoms Of Anxiety

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Anxiety is a difficult thing to experience, especially with all of the symptoms that come with it. Figuring out how to minimise the symptoms of anxiety, however, can be a daunting process. As recommended as medication and therapy can be, several other strategies can also be helpful.

Though you’ll still need to put the effort into learning and adapting your behaviour, things could be more manageable than you’d think. Several anxiety management strategies can be more than recommended for this, as they’re known to have a positive impact on anxiety symptoms.

There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from making anxiety manageable.

How To Minimise The Symptoms Of Anxiety: 3 Notable Picks

1. Challenge Self-Talk

How you think naturally affects how you feel. If you think negatively about yourself, you’ll feel negative. The same can be said for anxiety. If you start thinking anxious thoughts, you could start feeling anxious. Challenging these and consciously thinking positive thoughts can help prevent this.

If you’re going through an anxious situation, challenge the way you think about it and look at it from different perspectives. These can be much less anxiety-inducing, and you could feel less anxious and get through the situation more effectively.

2. Try CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the more effective ways of managing the symptoms of anxiety, although it still isn’t as popular as it could be, as people have certain misconceptions about it. When it comes to CBD oil and similar products, buying and consuming them is legal and provides a wealth of potential health benefits.

One of the more notable of these is that it provides a relaxing effect when taken daily over time. Within a few weeks – or even a few days – you could find yourself feeling much calmer than you did beforehand.

Since this takes a little time to have an effect, it’s worth implementing other anxiety management strategies alongside this. When you do, make sure you buy CBD oil that works for you.

3. Breath Slow

Breathing slowly can be one of the better-recommended ways to minimise the symptoms of anxiety for various reasons. Anxiety attacks and similar episodes are known to make people breathe faster, alongside increasing their heart rate. These can make the symptoms of anxiety get worse.

Breathing slowly, however, avoids this issue, but you’ll need to focus on it, which may be difficult. Putting as much effort as you can into breathing slowly is one of the most effective ways of combating the effects of an anxiety attack. Long, deep breaths are vital to this process.

Count to three as you breathe in and to three again as you breathe out is recommended.

How To Minimise The Symptoms Of Anxiety: Wrapping Up

If you don’t know how to minimise the symptoms of anxiety, they can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are more than a few ways you can reduce their impact on your life. While you mightn’t be able to get rid of your anxiety completely, you can reduce its effect on your daily life.

As much effort as that might take, it’ll be worth it.



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I think it’s a great selection and they are all good quality brushes and easy to use. The brushes are all labelled so you know which one to use for what if you are starting off and unsure. It’s a decent size bag to keep them in as you can add your everyday eye make up into the bag as well.



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Really impressed with this brand and how affordable the products are.

Sarah x

A Guide to Staying Sane Working Remotely: How To Work Remotely Like A Pro

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You love your job, but it’s a challenge to stay focused when you’re constantly distracted. You spend most of your day working remotely and while it has its perks, you miss the office camaraderie and feel disconnected from everyone else. 

There are distractions at home, distractions in the car, and distractions everywhere else. 

Working remotely is not easy. So, read along to find out how to work remotely efficiently and without all the hassles.

Create a remote working routine

The best way to stay focused and balanced is to create a routine for your remote working day. You need to create structure for yourself just as if you were in an office setting. 

Start each day with a morning routine, get your work done by following a strict schedule, and end each day with a recap of your accomplishments. 

When you have a routine, you don’t have time to think about other things that may be distracting you. And when you don’t have time to think about other things, the only thing you have time for is your work.


Don’t work from home all day

Picture by Firmbee on Pixabay

Working from home on a daily basis can be problematic. One of the biggest challenges is that you can get too comfortable and lose sight of yourself. 

This is especially important for individuals that have distractions at home. Say your house is undergoing a construction project and you find surrounded with construction products and all sorts of interruptions that affect your focus. 

Working from home every day can hinder your ability to work with others as well as your desire to work on higher-level projects. 

While you may be able to get a lot done on your own, when you start to feel like you’ve hit a wall, it can be difficult to get the motivation to keep going. Being in an office setting with other people can help you keep a clear head, stay motivated, and build relationships with others. 


Make working out a habit

Working out is one of the best ways to stay healthy, energized, and focused on your work. The health benefits alone make it worth it, but it can also help you combat some of the challenges of working remotely. 

Studies show that the physical and mental benefits of working out are more pronounced when working remotely. 

You don’t have to go to a gym to get the full benefits of remote working out. You can take advantage of the many types of workouts available on the internet. 

You can also create a home workout routine by following fitness plans designed for people who work from home. If you don’t have time to work out in the morning, you can also make working out a part of your afternoon routine or a part of your daily task list.


Take care of yourself physically and mentally

Working remotely can be tiring and stressful, especially when you don’t have a good routine to keep you on track. You may have to work on weekends sometimes or late hours, which can increase your risk of burnout. 

Try to take a break each day or do something to clear your mind. Working remotely doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it does require you to be more disciplined and responsible for yourself than you might be if you worked at an office setting.

Sarah x

Dr Botanicals

This post contains gifted products:

I have been trying out a couple of products from Dr Botanicals the last few weeks. They are a brand I had seen a lot online but I hadn’t tried their products before so I was excited to give these a go.

Their range of products are formulated with naturally derived ingredients to help rebalance, replenish and protect your skin every day. All of their products are cruelty free and vegan.

I tried one face and one body product:

Artichoke – Superfood Firming Night Moisturiser

The main active ingredients are:

– Artichoke is high in antioxidants and is shown to help with uneven skin tone, prominent pores, and firmness of the skin.
– Grape seed oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and C, E, and D vitamins that work to hydrate and nourish skin.

This cream is really lovely to apply to your face at night as it soaks in to your skin well and helps to moisturise your face whilst you sleep. I take a lot more care with my nighttime routine as products work better overnight. It smells pleasant and you don’t need much to use over your whole face.

Avocado & Cucumber – Natural Cleansing Bar

Avocado Oil is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids which will work to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. Almond Oil is also high in fatty acids to intensively moisturize the skin.

This bar is easy to use and is ideal for dry skin. It’s a lot nice than a regular bar of soap as it smells really nice and feels a lot more refreshing. It helps to clean your skin whilst moisturising it and it also gently exfoliates your skin too. It doesn’t drying out your skin like other soap bars can and leaves you feeling clean and soft.

Have you tried this brand before?

Sarah x

How to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

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Image credit : Pixabay

If you’re planning your first corporate event then you may be excited and apprehensive at the same time. Planning a successful corporate event can help you develop great business relationships and improve your business relationships

However, for you to get the most out of your event you need to carefully plan everything you are going to offer your guests. Here is a look at how to plan a corporate event from start to finish.

The Goal of the Event

The first thing you need to bear in mind is the goal of the event. Decide why you are hosting the event and what you hope to get out of it. 

Once you have decided the goals for your events you can then have a better idea of what type of event will be most appropriate for your audience. You will want the event to be entertaining yet meaningful at the same time.

Create Your Budget

Once you have selected a goal for your event and decided on your audience will be able to have a better idea of your budget.

To create the right budget you need to determine the location of the event, how many people you want to invite, and the type of food and drink that will be served. Bear in mind that food and drink can take up a large part of your budget. 

Deciding on the theme for the event also helps you to get a clearer picture of what your budget may be. You can buy liquor online at Cocktail Porter and you can also order food online from different caterers to make the process a lot easier.

You also need to hire professionals to deal with your music, decorators, photographers, and presenters. This is a lot to deal with so you need to make sure that you start preparing well ahead of time.

Promote and Invite

One important thing you will need to do is to make sure that the people who you wish to attend your event know about it. You can send out emails and physical invitations to those you want to attend your corporate event. Make sure that you tell them the theme for the event and outline your goals. 

This will help to incite interest in your event and get you more RSVPs. Remember to tell people to RSVP by a certain date so that you can have a clear indicator of how many people will be in attendance on the big day.

Get Ready for Your Event

Staging a corporate event is a big deal. You can wind up making new friends and networking with people that can play a key role in the growth of your business

If you are planning a corporate event you need to be aware of what you want to achieve from this event. You also need to make sure that you carefully plan out your budget so that you know how much you will spend. 

After that, you can send out invitations to see how many people will be interested in coming to your event.

Sarah x

Is Keeping a Horse as a Pet Practical?

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These days, people can have almost any kind of animal as a pet as long as it’s not cruel to the animal and is practical for the owner. For many people, horses are on the border of what’s considered a domestic pet such as a horse and something more exotic. Horses aren’t exactly the most uncommon kind of pet to have, but the conditions required to take care of a horse are certainly not common. For instance, you’re going to need a lot of space in a rural area, or you’ll need some kind of stables which can be difficult to find in a city environment.

But if you’ve always wanted a horse as a pet or are interested in retiring a racehorse, then here are a couple of tips to help you make keeping a horse as a pet practical.

Image Source: Unsplash

Get to know a local specialist to help with medical issues

It’s a good idea to look for a veterinarian near you that has experience working with horses. An equine vet specialises in diagnosing and treating a variety of problems that are unique to horses, but they also offer routine care like dentistry and vaccinations. This can be extremely important for horses that are retired or if you’re relatively new to keeping your horse as a pet. If you have no prior experience with horses, then it’s a good idea to speak regularly with an equine vet or someone that has a lot of experience taking care of horses before you decide to keep one on your property.

Having their emergency contact information is the first step to keeping your pet horse safe. Don’t hesitate to call them whenever something is wrong or if you’re experiencing something strange.

Understand what supplies they need to stay healthy

Whether it’s medical supplies, feed, or cleaning equipment, keeping a horse usually involves spending a bit of money on various items that they’ll need on a regular basis. There are businesses such as Copdock Mill, wholesale animal feed suppliers, that can help you keep a good stock of these products at home or on your farm. It helps to always keep a flowing supply of these items because they’re usually not available in typical convenience stores or supermarkets like cat and dog food.

You may also need medical supplies which your equine vet can give you. Understanding what they’re used for and how they’re used can mean the difference between a healthy horse and one that is suffering from many different conditions.

While getting a pet can be a huge decision for some, others find that choosing one is simply a matter of going with the animal they love the most. If you’re a huge fan of horses and have always wanted to keep one, then you should understand that it requires a lot of space, time, and also money if you want to keep them healthy. So while it’s not the most impractical thing ever, you certainly need to take good care of your pet horse.

Sarah x