“Lindisfarne Mead is made at St Aidan’s Winery on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, just off the coast of northern England. Lindisfarne mead has been inspired by the island‘s rich history, with roots in medieval days when monks have first inhabited the island of Lindisfarne. It is believed that mead was first produced and enjoyed on the island following the arrival of St. Aidan in AD687, who was brought to Lindisfarne island by King Oswald of Northumbria to establish a monastery. Lindisfarne Limited commenced producing Lindisfarne Mead in 1962, to help capture the deep-rooted historical and cultural overtones of this unique part of the world. Now it is sold throughout the UK and elsewhere.”

It is a unique drink with a lot of history and it is actually something I had never tried before but I was very interested to learn more about it and give it a go!

Lindisfarne Mead



“St. Aidan’s winery stands in the clear unpolluted atmosphere of this most beautiful island. It has an ABV of 14.5% and is a unique blend of honey and wine with the sweetness of the honey lingering on the palate.”

The best way to describe the drink would be to compare it to a white wine but with honey in. It is refreshing and different and you can actually get different variations too, they also do a spiced one if that was more of your taste!

Have you heard of this drink before?

Sarah x

I don’t usually post much about meals or recipes on here but I really wanted to share with you my favourite pasta dish.

Schwartz have gifted me an italian herb seasoning but all views are my own. I usually mix together my own herb selection but it is handy that you can get an Italian herb seasoning!

Most of the time I like to have a tomato sauce with my pasta, I usually make this myself with passata, herbs and garlic. I also like to grate some cheese on the top sometimes. Nick is happy to have pasta for dinner but prefers to have chicken with it too so I will be sharing with you a chicken based pasta.

What I used:

Chicken breast


Schwartz Italian herb seasoning



You can really just make it up as you along with regards to measurements as we all have different tastes! I am making dinner for two people(myself and Nick) but I won’t be having chicken so I have only used one breast.

I started off by heating the oven to 180 and I then seasoned the chicken with the italian herb mix and some garlic. I usually cook chicken in the oven for 30-40 mins.

Whilst this was in the oven I measured out the pasta. I always find it hard to measure it so roughly how for two handfuls per person.

I then started making the sauce. I used a carton of passata and I then cut up some garlic to add and also added in the italian herb mix. You can buy your own tomato based pasta sauces but I always prefer to make my own. You can also add salt and pepper if you wanted or add in some onion.

I usually boil the pasta for ten minutes and heat the sauce for about five so after everything is prepped I can clear up before I need to boil the pasta.

You can either mix the sauce in with pasta once it’s cooked or serve the pasta and add the sauce to the top. I like to put the chicken on the top to make it look more presentable. You can also add cheese or something else on top of you want. There are so many variations of this meal you can do and I live how easy the italian herb mix is to use!

Do you have a favourite pasta dish?

Sarah x

Last year I first tried Munchy Seeds and was so impressed with them. They recently re launched with new packaging and new flavours so I wanted to share my thoughts with you!

Nuts and seeds are so good for you and can be a staple in your diet if you are vegan. You can snack on them straight from the pack or mix them into meals.

Munchy seeds have a great variety, both vegan and non vegan.

The ones I have been trying are:

Savoury crunch

Salted caramel pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Mega omega roasted tamari seven seed mix

Sweet chilli roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Warm cinnamon roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

My favourite ones are the salted caramel roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds. These are my two favourite seeds to snack on anyway and it is nice to have a bit more added flavour to them! The mega omega seed mix is also really good as it contains seven different types of seeds and they are all really good for you and high in omega , protein and fibre.

Seeds are great for you as they are naturally gluten free too. A lot of people suffer with gluten intolerances and have to be so careful with what they eat.

Do you like seeds?

Sarah x

Cranes is a british brand created by brothers Ben and Dan and they are well known for their ciders. They have recently released a cranberry and blood orange liqueur which I think would be perfect for Halloween!

It is handcrafted from the highest quality cranberries sourced from Wisconsin USA and infused with natural blood orange juices & orange rind. There are 115 cranberries in each 50cl bottle!

I am not a massive drinker so I am not a cocktail pro but I do like one now and again to celebrate! I also think that even just mixing this with lemonade would taste fab and also keep the strong red colour if you wanted a “blood” drink for Halloween!

I plan to mix up a few different cocktails next week to celebrate 🙂

Cranes have an amazing list of cocktail recipes here. I want to try the love at first sip!

What cocktail would you make?

Sarah x

Liobites are award winning fruit crisps and smoothie bites created by Anna who wanted to create tasty, healthy snacks for her children. They have won the great taste award this year for 3 of the crisp flavours.

I am always looking for healthier snacks and ways to help me towards my 5 a day so wanted to give these a go.

They come in a variety of flavours:



Mango & Coconut Smoothie

Mango, Banana & Passionfruit Smoothie


Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

They are all 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, are one of your 5 a day and have no added sugar.

Sometimes it is not always practicle to have fresh fruit, so having some of these in the cupboard that you can easily grab is a great idea.

The smoothie crisps are a mixture of fruit purée formed into little crisps and taste really flavoursome. I liked the strawberry and banana ones best. They are just basically made of pure fruit but taste sweet and a little chewy. These would be great to encourage you to eat more fruit!

The fruit crisps are freeze dried fruit and taste really sweet. My favourite ones were the banana ones.

You can buy them online from Ocado 🙂

Have you ever tried these?

Sarah x