I am always on the look out for special or different gifts for peoples birthdays and I always end up checking out Prezzybox.

I got a couple of things I wanted to share with you as they are things I haven’t seen before!

Winegums -garden of love gift set


Regular wine gums are always good but how amazing do these ones look?!

You get 3 boxes:

Mango with raspberries

Elderflower with sour lemon

Liqourice with passion fruit

They all sound very unique and interesting. You get a lot in a box and they are all packaged together nicely. The 3 boxes are so cute and you wanted you could always split them up to give as separate gifts. I think anyone that likes sweets or wine gums would love to try these.

They are all vegan and gluten free so great for anyone with a strict diet or allergy to gluten/dairy. They are also free from artificial colours and flavours 🙂

Letterbox – Spanish rose wine


How amazing that you can buy wine that fits through your letterbox and it doesn’t have to be signed for?! This is ideal if you wanted to order wine for someone but you aren’t home to wait for a delivery or if you wanted it sent straight to them as it gets sent in a box that fits through the letterbox.

The bottle is made from plastic so no need to worry about it smashing. You can get red and white too and they also do a letterbox wine and chocolate set!

What is your go to website for gifts?

Sarah x

When it comes to gift giving, for certain occasions or certain people it can be nice to get something more personalised. www.ijustloveit.co.uk have a great range of gifts for any occasion.

My dad is getting married this month and I wanted to get him something special. I originally thought about an ornament or something with his and his wife’s name on but he isn’t one to have things out like that around the home so I went for a personalised bottle and chocolates, that way it’s something they can both enjoy now but also keep the bottle afterwards.

It arrived in a really sturdy box split into two compartments for the bottle and the chocolate. They have a lot of different options on the site with different wines and other alcohols but I chose prosecco.

You get to choose your own message for the bottle so I opted for their names and a small message saying congratulations. You could get a more specific date or write who it from on there if you wanted but I wanted to keep it simple.

It turned up really quickly and the label on the bottle looks so professional and the chocolates look really good! I love the box they are packaged in with the cute little bow too.

It can be difficult when picking presents, especially for wedding gifts but I think they are going to love this!

It will be nice to keep the bottle afterwards and use it as maybe a vase or put little fairy lights in it for decoration.

Sarah x

Whether you’re going vegan, hopping on the keto diet, or otherwise just a little concerned about how much of your diet could realistically be called “junk”, switching to a more natural, wholefood diet is always a good idea. Simply put, there’s a lot of stuff in our processed food that we would probably not put anywhere near our mouths if we understood what it was doing to us. Yet, to some, getting away from processed foods can seem like a gargantuan task. It doesn’t have to be, however.



Know exactly what you’re going to eat

Wholefood meals tend to be the most challenging part for some, since they require forethought, budgeting, and learning to cook. If only there were an app that could make it easier, right? Luckily, there is. Meal planning apps can help you choose meals throughout the week (including choosing meals that use the same ingredients, so you don’t have to buy more than you need), but they even have recipes and cooking guides to make it much easier to keep up with it.

Natural beverages are best beverages

If you’ve ever had carbonated drinks or processed teas as a major factor in your diet, then you will be aware they can be amongst the hardest things to quit, without question. Water and fruit juice can help. Finding a store that provides loose leaf tea and ordering in bulk can help you stop from going back to the bagged stuff, too. Find the natural beverage you love most and lean heavily on it, to avoid going back to processed stuff.

Find your go-to snacks

Grazing is a bad eating habit, one we should aim to stop, as we tend to lose control of our diet the more we fall outside of our laid out eating schedule. However, there’s nothing wrong with making room for a planned snack, you just need to ensure it’s a good. Wholefood snacks like cheese bites, unsalted popcorn, or even carrot sticks can help you manage cravings that might otherwise sway you back to the dark, processed side.

Know your ingredients

You’ve maybe heard this a lot, but it’s not overstated how important it is to be able to read the labels of what you’re eating. Identifying every single ingredient is impossible, but there are specific things that you should be looking for. If it has more than a dozen ingredients, ingredients whose names you can’t pronounce, or high sugar content, you should look for a healthier alternative. For a better idea of sugar content, device the grams by four to find out how many teaspoons are in a single serving. It will surprise you how much sugar is inside all kinds of everyday processed foods, not just sweets.

The tips above should help you make the switch, but you’re going to need some willpower, too. A lot of us have developed our worst eating habits from childhood, and those can take some effort to break. If you keep to the habits above, however, you should have a much better chance at actually making it.

Sarah x

At the International Cider Challenge 2019 proudly African cider brand SXOLLIE [pronounced ‘sk-olly’, like ‘brolly’ or ‘trolley’] walked away with the gong for ‘Supreme Champion’ of this prestigious annual competition. The cider that swept the board was the SXOLLIE Cripps Pink Cider, made from Pink Lady apples.

More than 400 ciders from around the world were entered in the International Cider Challenge 2019, with leading British brands competing alongside ciders from as far afield as New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Only freshly pressed apples – never concentrate or sugars – are used, fermented with champagne yeasts in stainless steel tanks to preserve the bright fruit flavours of sun-kissed South African apples. After settling the juice, careful filtration and delicate carbonation delivers a natural handcrafted cider entirely free from any artificial flavours, colours and additives. It’s suitable for gluten-intolerant cider-lovers, and is vegan-friendly.

SXOLLIE is one of the pioneers in introducing single-varietal ciders into the UK market, and today their Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and Cripps Pink have grown a cult-like following in bars, pubs, restaurants and retailers across the United Kingdom.

After being selected for the competitive ‘Future Brands’ portfolio, SXOLLIE is now available in most Sainsbury’s stores and online nationwide.

The Metropolitan Pub Company, Stable Pizza group, as well as a wide range of independent pubs and restaurants, have signed on with SXOLLIE this year. It is also the only cider served in Heston Blumenthal’s three-Michelin-star restaurant, The Fat Duck.

My husband is a massive cider fan so he tried these out and was so impressed. His favourite was the granny smith apple one. I will have to go and stock up!

I love the design of the bottles and the catchy/unique looking name. I think it is great that they are gluten free and vegan to appeal to more people and it is clearly labelled on the back 🙂

Have you heard of these?

Sarah x

Have you heard of teff? I hadn’t heard of it before trying this pasta from Lovegrass Ethiopia. Teff is a grain which is gluten free and high in protein.

What is Teff?
Ethiopian Habesha Teff is a naturally gluten free grain that’s high in fibre, iron and magnesium and is the only grain known to contain significant amounts of Vitamin C. The prebiotic fibre is an especially key benefit for IBS sufferers. The white and brown varieties of Teff are nutritionally exactly the same, the difference is purely down to the colour of the grain.

What is Teff Pasta?
Lovegrass Ethiopia has introduced the world’s first 100% Teff pasta. The Teff grain has been ground into flour, mixed with water and turned into delicious Fusilli Pasta that can be used in place of any of your favourite pasta-based dishes. Swapping to Teff pasta means you can enjoy a delicious, gluten free and nutritionally packed alternative to your regular brand.

Which dietary lifestyles is Teff pasta suitable for?

IBS Sufferers
Free from all 14 allergens
Low salt/fat/sugar
Free from artificial products/flavours

It is easy to cook, just like regular pasta and can be eaten plain or with a sauce. I am quite a big fan of plain pasta so enjoyed eating this by itself. It was a pleasant change from my usual pasta and a lot healthier!

Sarah x