For the last couple of weeks, the weather can’t seem to decide if it is still summer or if winter is coming. When going outside I always want to make sure my face is protected by the suns rays. I use prescription acne gel at night which makes your skin so sensitive to the sun to it is important I limit sun exposure to my face. I have been using the Vitage skin defence SPF30 as my go to face moisturiser if I know I am going outside.

I hate applying normal suncream to my face as they are always so thick and greasy but this one is a super lightweight moisturiser as opposed to a full blown thick cream. It soaks in well and leaves your skin matte.

It is quite hydrating too so is ideal if you have any dry patches on your face. You can also use it on the back of your neck or chest, anywhere you need it really but it is gentle enough to be used on your face.

Really impressed with it as an everyday moisturiser with SPF and it protects against UVA and UVB as well as other environmental stresses.

Do you use sun cream or a moisturiser with SPF on your face?

Sarah x

During the summer I always wear more open shoes and sometimes flip flops or sliders so I want to make sure my feet look good! I always like to keep my toe nails painted if they are likely to be on show and I like to take care of my feet all year round but more so when they are on show. In the winter they often get dry but in the summer I sometimes struggle with dryer patches from wearing socks/shoes all winter that may have rubbed my heal.

I have been trying out the Dr Anders range of foot care products and have been getting on really well. The things I have been using are:

Intensive rescue balm

Conditioning nail treatment

Nourishing daily therapy

Dr Judith Anders has been a podiatrist for over 20 years so to have a range created by her and using her knowledge is amazing.

The intensive rescue balm is a rich cream which soaks in quickly and leaves your feet feeling really hydrated and soft. It is suitable for all skin types and it helps to break down any hard skin and helps with any cracking. I like to use this once a week before bed.

In between using this I like using the nourishing daily therapy as this is quite a lightweight oil to help with dry skin. It soaks in quick and is easy to use as it is a spray. I use this every few days or as needed.

The conditioning nail treatment can be used to help strengthen your nails and stop them being so brittle. It also helps the appearance of them.

Do you use any creams or anything on your feet?

Sarah x

Arbonne have just released an overnight jelly. I have tried creams, serums, oils etc before but never anything jelly like! The RE9 Prepwork overnight jelly is packed full of beauty boosting ingredients such as vitamins C and E, antioxidants, omegas and phytonutrients.

Raspberry ceramide, a superfood with omegas 6 and 3, is at the heart of the hydro-sealing blend, along with the antioxidant vitamin E.

Sustainable lingonberry stem cell extract, containing vitamin C and E along with polyphenols, helps to improve the appearance of skin radiance and texture by conditioning the skin.

Mondo grass root extract, a plant derived extract, helps to replenish skin moisture and deliver long-term hydration.

Sustainably harvested Kakadu plum, with vitamin C, boosts and maintains moisture, resulting in an improved appearance of baby lines while restoring a natural, youthful glow.

RRP: £36.00 50ml, available to purchase from

I have really enjoyed using this as it is something different and feels a lot different applying it to my face than my usual skincare. I find it soaks in well and doesn’t feel sticky. It leaves your face looking very plump and hydrated as well as soft by morning.

Would you ever try a face jelly?

Sarah x

I am a big fan of AA Skincare and have recently been using their toner. They have just bought out a Cucumber & Elderflower Firming Eye Gel to help with tired eyes.

The gel is paraban free and is made with natural plant extracts so is vegan and it is suitable for any skin type. It also has aloe vera in it too to help soften the skin as well as reduce puffiness. I always find it important to use natural products around my eyes as they are quite sensitive.

It comes in a recyclable 50ml pot, with a pump dispenser and retails for only £6.95. You can but it online at

You only need a small pea sized amount to wake up your eyes and if you feel like you need an extra boost you can put it in the fridge so it is cold when you apply it!

This is great if you have had a late night or even to use to soothe your eye area during hayfever season!

Sarah x

Live in the light is a fab website for gifts, hair and body products as well as aromatherapy oils and a lot more. They have so many different products they supply and these are from the Pure Anada range.

Tropical coconut- Hand and body lotion 300ml

I love that the lotion and wash both come in pump bottles so they are easy to use. It is nice to have something in the bathroom you can use on your hands and body.

The lotion is great to use on your hands after you have washed them and also great to use after a bath or shower over the rest of your body. I love the smell as it reminds me of a holiday scent with the coconut.

Tropical coconut – Hand and body wash 300ml

This wash is great as similar to the lotion it can be used in hands and body. It can be kept by the sink to wash your hands or in the shower for your body. A little goes a long way and it leaves you feeling fresh and smelling great.

Cucumber mint shea hand cream 100ml

I love the size of this hand cream and it is going to last for a long time! Cucumber mint is such a refreshing scent and the cream is very rich so you only need a small amount. It is non greasy and it soaks in quickly leaving your hand really soft.

Sarah x