NSF – The MicroMilk

Contains gifted products:

I have previously tried out the MicroOil from NeuroSkinFeeds but today wanted the share my thoughts on the MicroMilk.

It’s key ingredients are:

• Aloe vera gel – hydrating; soothing and cooling; reduces inflammation and itchiness; known for its anti-bacterial and healing properties; easily absorbed. Contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. Helps to hydrate the skin without any post- application greasy feeling. Locks moisture into the skin whilst leaving it smooth and soft

• Karite (shea) butter – rich in fatty acids and vitamins to soften skin. Anti-inflammatory and healing, it conditions, tones and soothes skin. Rich in vitamins A and E, it has anti- inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

• Camelina sativa seed oil – a strong antioxidant due to high vitamin E content; acts as an anti-inflammatory, calming sensitised skin, whilst adding moisture; boosts the immune system; packed with omega-3 fatty acids; enhances skin barrier function- healthy barrier function is essential for survival, as it prevents bacteria from entering the skin; suitable for all skin conditions.

• Cannabis sativa seed oil + 1% CBD – intensively nourishes and regenerates sensitive and tired skin; reduces inflammation in the skin; calms skin and reduces redness; has antioxidant and regenerative qualities to help offset damage from the sun, pollution, and ageing; rich in vitamins A and E; deeply moisturises and improves skin structure; creates a barrier, helping skin retain its own moisture; relaxes skin and mind, ensuring nutrients are absorbed better.

There is a strong connection between what you put on your skin and your mood, this ensures that only good ingredients are used to help promote a better mood.

I have been using this regularly the last couple of weeks as my skin has been really dry due to the weather and having the heating on. It’s really helped with any dry patches I have and it also apples so nicely and smells nice that it really does put you in a better mood after using it!

The pump bottles makes it really easy to use and you don’t need much to really make a difference to your skin. It soaks in well and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or greasy which is a bonus.

NeuroSkinFeeds products are vegan, 100% natural and cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive skin. I would recommend both of their products I have tried.

Have you tried this before?

Sarah x

Beauty For Change By Niral – ft The Body Shop

This post contains gifted products:

Niral is an independent Body Shop consultant who has her own business called Beauty For Change By Niral, she started this earlier in the year after spending a lot of time perfecting her skincare routine as she wanted to help others that may be struggling. It can be quite hard to get to grips with the “perfect” skincare routine so it is great that she is now able to help others.

She has also recently set up a Facebook group called Nirals Skincare And Goodness Hub where she shares the latest products and offers available as well as customer reviews so you can see how she has helped people.

Niral has also taken this opportunity to donate a portion of her profits to support various charities and has been working closely with The Body Shop to support Children On The Edge.

She sent me out some of The Body Shops Christmas range to try and if you are interested in purchasing through her at all then you can get in touch on her Facebook page or Instagram.

The products I will be sharing with you are:

Warm Vanilla Duo

This contains a vanilla scented body scrub and a butter as well as a bonus body puff. I love the vanilla scent and it’s always nice to use products from the same range that complement each other rather than mixing scents.

The body scrub is easy to use in the bath as it’s in a little tub and a little goes a long way. It scrubs well but isn’t too rough and can be used with out without a puff. After bathing you can then apply to body butter to prolong the scent and leave your skin feeling extra soft.

Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel

Hand gel is a must have at the moment with everything going on involving Covid. It is so important to keep your hands as clean as you can at all times. I always used to carry one of these around in my bag anyway but now I end up with a few just incase. I have tried the strawberry scent one before but not the coconut and I am really impressed, it reminds me of being on holiday! It soaks in well and you don’t have to use much.

Winter Jasmine Hand Cream

With using so much hand sanitizer and washing your hands with soap all the time, it can dry out your hands so using a hand cream is a must. The Body Shop have a lovely range of hand creams in their normal ranges but for Christmas has bought out some new scents. a the winter jasmine one smells so nice and calming. With these hand creams you don’t need much and you would be surprised how much is in the tube. They last really well and soak in well, without leaving your hands greasy.

Festive Berry Hand Cream

This hand cream is a really nice scent and definitely reminds me of Christmas. As above the actually cream is great at soaking in without leaving your hands feeling greasy.

What’s your favourite product from The Body Shop? There is still time to get an order in before Christmas if you still have Christmas shopping to do!

Sarah x


This post contains gifted items:

Organii is a brand that I am a massive fan of anyway, I have tried so many of their products before abs always been really impressed so was excited to try their two newest products.

All Organii products are free from SLS, Parabens, Phthaltes, Silicone, Mineral Oils and have not been tested on animals and are vegan.

Hand gel

The hand gel contains alcohol to kill bacteria, as well as aloe vera and tea tree for added benefits. Aloe vera is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal and is excellent at hydrating and moisturising the skin, which makes this a very appropriate ingredient in hand sanitiser as often using too much can dry out your hands.

Benefits of this hand gel:

  • Helps kill germs
  • Effective cleanser
  • Doesn’t dry your hands out
  • Moisturising and hydrating ingredients
  • Quickly Absorbs without feeling sticky
  • A little goes a long way
  • Handbag size
  • Natural Ingredients

Surface spray

I think this is great to keep in your handbag or pocket to carry around with you as we are all using hand gels for our hands but surfaces can often be neglected. If you are using a door that other people have touched without clean hands then a spray like this is ideal to use before touching the door handle! It is also perfect fo using on the handles of shopping trolleys.

The natural formula of this surface cleaner includes alcohol and organic tea tree oil and is tough on killing germs. Tea Tree Essential Oil has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Benefits of the surface spray:

  • Helps Kill Germs
  • On-the-go cleaning
  • Small size

Do you carry around a surface spray as well as hand gel?

Sarah x


This post contains gifted items:

WooWoo is a British health, self care and pleasure brand made by women for women. Their range of natural, paraben free products have quietly been gathering cult status and a loyal fan club of beauty fans across the UK.

Tame it! Hair removal

Their hair removal cream is specifically designed to be gentle to use in your intimate area and is so easy to quick to use in the bath or shower. It leaves your skin smooth and soft as well as being hair free and doesn’t irritate at all!

Saddle sore! Soothing balm

This balm is great to apply after shaving to help protect the area. It’s easy to use and helps to soothe any sore areas after shaving. It keeps the skin moisturised and creates a barrier to protect it.

Cranberry wipes

These effectively do the same job as an intimate wash but are a lot easier to use on the go! These are great to pop in your bag and use as needed. I think something like this is great to use when you are on your period and want to freshen up down there. You can also get the wipes in chamomile and aloe vera scent.

You have to be careful what products you use on intimate areas so it’s important you only use things specifically designs for that area of the body.

Have you heard of this brand?

Sarah x

Trying out a facial razor and more plastic free haircare

This post contains gifted products:

I have recently been using a facial razor as well as trying out some more plastic free haircare products.

I have been testing out the No Mo-stache Facial Razor to help shape my eyebrows as well as using it on some peach fuzz on my face. Derma planing has become a big thing over the last year and it’s great you can give it a go yourself at home. Using a razor like this on your face helps to eliminate peach fuzz whilst also exfoliating the top layer of your skin. It’s so easy to use and I think it’s a great price too.

The No Mo-stache Facial Razor is available exclusively at Cult Beauty at www.cultbeauty.com for £6.50

The plastic free hair products I have been using are from Biovene and are £3.99 each:

Biovene argan oil and mint hydrate repair solid shampoo

Biovene argan oil and mint hydrate repair solid conditioner

Solid haircare is easy to use and you would be surprised how little you actually need! The argan oil and mint range contains: Argan oil, Peppermint, Macadamia oil, Beeswax and Shea butter.

This range is ideal if you are looking to improve on the shine of tour hair and all require hydration. Antioxidant-rich Argan oil helps combat hair fall, maintain a healthy scalp and repair damaged hair caused by color and styling.

The bars are suitable for all hair types. They are dermatologist tested, plastic free, pH-balanced, vegetarian – without sulfates, parabens and palm oil and not tested on animals.

Have you tried any of these?

Sarah x