You may have seen my previous post here where I shared my thoughts on the Anatomical tooth brush and tooth paste. I have also been trying a few other of their products as I am falling in love with this brand.

I have been trying:

Your taps are going to be turned on fruity bath gel

Oi you throbhead headache relief balm

The buff stuff citrus body scrub

What I like most about the bath gel is the fruity scent. You only need to pour a small amount under your running tap and it creates lots of fruity bubbles. It leaves you feeling fresh and clean, without a lingering scent. I like to team this with the citrus body scrub as the scents work well together and when you have finished washing you then smell like the scrub 🙂

The scrub is gentle on your skin, sometimes scrubs can be a little too harsh but this one is just right. It smells pretty damn good too.

Saving the best til last.. the headache relief balm. I suffer with migraines and have done pretty much my whole life and I had been using some sort of cooling muscle gel that was helping but now my go to (as well as ibuprofen!) is this relief balm. It has peppermint and lavender in which are both known as great oils to apply to your temples if you have a headache. The smell reminds me of deep heat but I really like it and find it soothing and calming. A big thumbs up from me and I will be putting this in my handbag for when I next get a headache/migraine!

Sarah x

You know me, always testing new skincare to try and banish my acne for good. Nearly 30 years old, I would really have hoped to have grown out of acne by now! My latest product I think is helping is this serum from Spa marine skincare:

It is described as “A multi-functional anti-inflammatory concentrate of hibiscus flower and green tea acids fortified with salicylic acid to gradually exfoliate skin, even tone, smooth wrinkles and fine lines and decongest pores. Ideal for the treatment of most skin conditions. Flower Peel comes in a soothing seaweed based gel which prevents any skin irritation.” –

This sounds great for acne, anti aging, pigmentation, whatever your skin concern is!

I have used it a few times over the last couple of weeks and can honestly say I have noticed a difference. It really helps to remove dead skin cells on the top layer of your face and leaves your skin looking fresh and brighter. Usually things like this can be a little irritating but I had no problem using this.

It is easy to use, I was expecting to wash it off as it was described as a peel but you actually just apply it after cleansing your face and leave it to soak in. I like using it before bed a couple of nights a week. You can use your moisturiser after you apply the serum if needed and I can see a difference when I wake up.

Things like this I think they seem to work better if you only use 1 or 2 times a week as if you start using something daily your skin will become used to it and it wont work, this is why I always switch up my acne routine.

Really impressed with this and it looks like they do a lot of other great products from looking online, they are all vegan too!

Sarah x

When getting a tattoo, it isn’t something you do and then forget about. It is important you take care of it during the healing process and then for as long as you have it. When exposing your skin to the sun, you should always wear sun cream and it just as important, if not more, that you protect your tattoos.

Eco cosmetics have created a sun cream specifically for this. It is important you use a high factor to prevent your tattoos fading. I only have three small tattoos (one on my finger and one on each of my feet) but I want them to look dark and sharp for as long as they can. We all know they fade over time but if you can help prolong them by taking care in the sun then why wouldn’t you? I have also had my eyebrows micro bladed so it is important I protect these from premature fading by using a good sun cream.

This sun cream is 100% natural which is a big plus for me as I suffer heat rash/sun allergy/sun cream reactions. I have the worst rash when exposed to high heats so I am very fussy about what sun creams and products I use on my skin whilst on holiday or in the hot summer heat in the UK.

I used this sun cream a couple of times over the last month when we were having hot spells and I wanted to sit in the garden. It doesn’t have the usual sun cream smell, it applies easy and is kind to your skin whilst protecting it from the sun. What more could you want?!

Do you put sun protection on your tattoos?

Sarah x

I got my hands on a couple of products from Nia and wanted to share my thoughts with you. I hadn’t heard of this brand before but spotted them on Amazon. They two products I have been trying are:

Wash & Glow

This is a cleansing foam that will remove all signs of make up and impurities from your face. You only need 1 or 2 pumps and can use it once or twice a day, however often you wish. I have been using it in the evenings to remove the days make up/dirt. What I like most about it is that it doesn’t leave your face feeling tight as most face washes seem to. You feel really clean but without that tightness. I have been getting on really well using this.

Fake Awake

This eye gel is great to use if you have tired eyes. It soothes the area around your eyes and can be used at night if you have had a long day or in the morning to brighten your eyes. It feels quite cooling and soothing as you apply it and you feel a little more awake. It is great if you have a late night and wake up with tired eyes as it can de-puff the area and brighten underneath your eyes.

Have you heard of this brand?

Sarah x

I love subscription boxes, for beauty products or for food. The best ones are where you don’t have to commit to 12 months and where you know you are going to get things that you will love.

The Vegan Kind already offer a food/lifestyle box but now they have recently introduced a beauty box.

In the last few months you will know I have adapted to a vegan diet and I am also trying to introduce more vegan/cruelty free make up and beauty products into my life. A box like this was ideal for me to try.

The beauty box is a mix of skincare, cosmetics and beauty products delivered every two months and it is from £12.75 per box plus £3.15 UK p&p. If you join their newsletter you can get £5 off this (a pop up box will appear on their website offering you this!)

The August box contained:

Miss Patisserie Watermelon Bath Slab (RRP £5.50)

Sukin Paw Paw Ointment 25ml (RRP £6.99)

Harpers Candles Sweet Pea Soy Wax Candle (RRP £5.00)

Rawganic The Pure Hydrating 3-in-1 Facial Wipe (RRP £3.00)

GlitterEyes Goddess Glow ‘GlowUp’ Highlighter (RRP £7.99)

BONUS ITEM: Utan and Tone Tan Gummies (RRP £18.00)

My favourite product in this box has to be the bath slab as I love bath products (massive Lush fan!). I love the colours of it and you don’t need much to create an amazing bath. It fizzes like a bath bomb and creates magical unicorn mermaid water 😉 Plus it smells delicious.

I haven’t burnt the candle yet but I took the lid off and had it next to the bed as it smells so good!

I have used a paw paw before, I like to use this kind of thing on my lips as well as a multi purpose balm to use on my hair and nails when on the go.It is great to tame fly aways and also good to use on your hands/cuticles.

The pressed pigment is super cute as you get the holder and you add it in to the holder yourself. It looks like a great colour and I look forward to trying it.

I am loving the wipes as I quite often like to use one in the evening to refresh my face if I haven’t been wearing make up and don’t want to do my full cleanse/tone regime. They are really delicate on your face too.

I must admit, I am intrigued by the tan gummies and not too sure what to expect from them?!

You can read more about this specific box here. I really love discovering new things!

Are you subscribed to anything?

Sarah x