Everything You Need For The Perfect Playroom

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Are you looking for the right ways to create the perfect playroom in your property? Here are some of the key options that we recommend that you do explore here that could be ideal. 

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A room

First, you need to choose the right space in your home for a playroom. You might have a room in your home that is already free and isn’t in use. If that’s the case, then it makes sense to use this space. Alternatively, you might need to clear out a space in your home. You can do this by using a storage solution. They will keep your furniture and items safe until you need them again. This is useful if you don’t have additional storage space in your home. 

You could also think about converting an area of your home into a playroom. The attic or basement are both great options and the cost of a conversion like this may not be as high as you might expect. 


Playrooms are the perfect space for kids to let loose and get rid of some of the built up energy. They can also be a wonderful area where kids can get creative and maybe even be as loud as they like. If you are interested in ideas and possibilities like this, then sound proofing is highly recommended. The right soundproofing will guarantee that your kids can be as loud as they like and they won’t disturb you. The best way to soundproof is to add foam to the walls that you can get from any home depot store. 

Tech and Toys

A playroom needs to be entertaining. You should aim to set it up to guarantee that it’s the perfect space where kids can play solo or with another. It can even be an area where you can spend time with your kids. It largely depends on what you want to use a space like this for. To ensure this is the case, you need to invest in the right toys and tech. You should definitely consider adding a TV to the playroom. This can easily be fitted onto the wall. That way, you don’t have to worry about it toppling over when you’re not in the room.  

A beautiful design

Finally, you need to ensure that your playroom does have a beautiful design. You may want to explore the concept of colour psychology here. Colour psychology is the concept that different colours impact our mood in a variety of ways. For instance, red makes you feel angry. However, if you want to ensure that this is a great creative space for your kids, then, you should consider painting it green. Alternatively, pastel colors for a soothing, relaxing environment. 

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to consider when you are creating the perfect playroom for your kids. If you take the right steps here, then you will be able to guarantee that the room provides everything your children need and fits beautifully as a new part of your home.

Sarah x

A Melt In Time – Wax Melts

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Wax melts seem to be taking over, before this year I hadn’t even heard of them and I was just using regular scented candles but now I’m hooked on melts. There are so many great companies out there making them and I have been trying out some new scents from A Melt In Time.

I find wax melts hold the scent a lot better and it also smells stronger. With a lot of candles they lose the scent by the time you get half way down but with wax melts they smell good the whole time they are melting and can be reheated to melt again and still have a good scent.

The scents I have been trying out are:

Madam Coco – This is inspired by a perfume and it smells very fruity but also floral at the same time. It’s the kind of scent that reminds me of a posh hotel and it makes your room smell amazing. It would be great to melt if you were having guests over and wanted to impress them!

Bedtime Baby Bath – This has a really calming scent. A mixture of lavender and other floral notes it really is nice to melt before bed to help you relax and calm down after a stressful day and also set you up for a good nights sleep. I love scents like this in the bedroom to really make bedtime as relaxing as possible.

Spring Awakening – Inspired by that fresh washing smell this is a must have for anyone that loves that clean house smell. Perfect to melt once you have cleaned the house to make it feel extra fresh or just to have to freshen up and make it smell like you have just cleaned and hung a load of washing out! This would be a mother great one to use if having visitors.

They have so many other great scents and a lot are inspired by popular perfumes and familiar scents. I think they are really reasonably priced too at £3.99 a pack

They only use 100% natural wax, meaning every melt is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. All of their wax melts contain 6 Square Blocks, which will offer between 30 – 40 hours burning time.

Sarah x

First Class Watches

This post contains gifted products:

First Class Watches are one of the UK largest online retailers for designer watches. They are authorised distributors over 150 different brands!

I am really impressed by how many different styles and brands of watches they stock and most of them are a better price than buying elsewhere. They offer free delivery and if you are ordering a watch on a bracelet style band they will adjust the sizing for you for free too.

They also offer a price match service so if you see it cheaper elsewhere you can send them a request to match it! They also have a lot of codes dotted around the site, the one I chose had a code just for that brand for 10% off but if not there was a pop up to get 10% off your first purchase.

I had wanted a new watch for a while but couldn’t justify buying one as I wore my Apple watch most days but I wanted something cool to wear when I wasn’t wearing it. I don’t usually go for typically feminine watches so the one I picked out was this Nixon Time Teller in this stunning galaxy print. It would be suitable for both men and women.

Here are some details about the watch I went for:

Core Features of a Nixon Time Teller Watch:

Nixon watches are created through a collaborative effort between the brand’s designers and artists and athletes around the world.

The Time Teller watches are inspired by minimalism.

24-hour markers are placed on the inner bezel for easier access to military time.

Water-resistant up to 100 meters or 10 bars.

The watches are powered by a quartz movement.

Model Specifications: A327-2336-00

The tonneau 40 mm case of the model is made of acetate with splashes of blue, navy and black.

Securing the watch is an acetate strap with the same design.

The black dial is contrasted by white-coloured indices and hands.

Placed at the 3 o’clock position is the brand’s name.

Functions of the watch include hours, minutes and seconds.

Overall I am really impressed with the look of the watch as well as the quality but also how quickly arrives and how well it was packaged. It arrives wrapped up like a little present!

Sarah x


This post contains gifted products:

I have been trying out the exciting new product, Eco-PlantMilk from Nutribuddy along with their Breakfast shakes. Their Eco-PlantMilk is the first of its kind – A blend of powdered vegan milk.

This powdered vegan milk was designed as an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to regular vegan milks. By coming in powdered form it has a shelf life of several months, saving on food waste and energy used to keep vegan milks cold. Their vegan milk is made of locally-sourced gluten-free oats.

I have been trying out this milk alongside their Breakfast Shake – which is their best-selling wholefood shake made from a blend of nutritious oats and seeds. They have a great range of storage too so you can keep it in a reusable jar and then mix it in the mixer as needed.

I have been having this for breakfast for the last week and really have been impressed with how easy it is to make, it tells you exactly how many scoops you need vs how much water and it’s easy to shake up as the bottle has a shaker ball included.

I have also tried the milk on my cereal on days I didn’t want to make a shake and it tastes really good. I am impressed with how nice it is as I have tried a lot of vegan milks as I stuck to a vegan diet a couple of years back and I still drink milk alternatives regularly. I like the subtle oat taste and it is a lot healthier than normal cows milk or most of the other vegan milks out there. It is super handy in powder form as you could always put some in a small pot to carry about with you if you struggle finding milk alternatives when on the go.

The breakfast shake comes in different flavours and I really like this chocolate one. It’s easy to make and quite filling for a powdered shake.

Overall I have really been impressed by what I have tried and I love how they have the reusable jars as well as it makes it a lot more sustainable. All of the ingredients are ethically sourced and as well as being vegan they are gluten free so ideal for anyone on a strict diet due to allergies.

Sarah x

4 Tips For the Purrfect Pet-Friendly Home

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silver tabby cat on gray pillow beside clear glass window

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Getting a pet can feel like taking the next big step in life, especially if you and your partner are giving yourself a trial run before having kids. Everyone wants to bring in a cat or happy or healthy dog into their house, and they are certain to give it all the love and attention it needs. However not all homes are built with pets in mind, so you may need to adjust your house to make it as pet friendly as possible. If you’re a first-time pet owner, you might not know where to start, so here’s some advice. 

Make It Comfortable

Even non-pet owners know how much animals love to lounge and sprawl around the home, so one of the first things you’ll need to do is make the home as comfortable as possible. This starts with blankets, sofas, beds, and anything else you can think of. If you’re trying to keep your pets off the furniture, for the time being, look at which are the easiest fabrics to clean when owning a pet so you won’t have too many problems cleaning them should they find their way onto the sofa while your back is turned, even for half of half a second. 

Remove Hazards

Pets are curious creatures, especially when they are young. They want to learn everything they can about the world around them, but this usually manifests as trying to eat it. The problem with this is that there are many poisonous plants or small items that could harm your pet. As you won’t be able to keep an eye on them forever, you should try to eliminate as many hazards as possible so you are confident of their safety even if you aren’t at home.

Think About Your Surfaces

Hardwood floors are always nice to look at, and they definitely make it easier to clean up any accidents your pet might have while you are still house training them, but there are also issues. Pet claws can scratch and ruin the wood, and as there is not a sufficient grip for them, they could skid and injure themselves when they get too excited. Because of this, think about putting down large rugs that will give them better stability if you don’t want to install brand new carpets. 

Give Them a Place to Exercise

Being able to take your dogs for walks is one of the best parts of owning a pet, but they also need a place to exercise and burn off some energy during the rest of the day. You can look at the best advice for puppy and dog walking to get an idea of how much they need, while also considering how possible it is to give them someplace to play. A flat is not ideal for dogs, especially larger ones, but cats can usually get by fine if you install a cat tower to keep them engaged.

Pet Heaven

Sooner rather than later, your pet will become the liege of your home. There’s not much you can do the change this, but as long as it lives in the luxury you always wanted for it, do you really mind?

Sarah x

Are you looking to start your own fashion business?

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Many people have taken the time during the UK lockdown to take up new hobbies or even start a new business. I have seen lots of people wanting to start their own fashion business but they just don’t know where to start. It can be hard if you have no where to turn to for guidance.

Image credit : Pexels

I wanted to share with you some tips I have put together on how to start a successful fashion/ clothing business without breaking the bank with additional start up fees and being able to take it slowly.

The first thing you want to do is pick a name and design a simple logo, this can be done on Canva or you can often find free websites that you can create a logo on. You can then sign up to an online store website to manage your shop or sell your products on Etsy or Ebay if you don’t want to set up your own website.

You may want to start off selling wholesale products to get into the swing of managing online sales before you venture into selling your own designs. A good place to start would be to find a reputable supplier of wholesale shoes online where you can get your stock from.

This would give you a great range of shoes too ok sell on your website or online shopping account and means that you have a guide price of what to sell things for when you want to start selling your own designs too.

One way you can raise some money to get yourself started is by setting up a kickstarter account. You could offer a free item or accessory to anyone that donates to a kickstarter fund and promote it all over your social media.

Have you ever thought of starting your own fashion brand?

Sarah x