The 3 Best Materials for Living Room Furniture

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If you are looking to design your own home you don’t have to knock walls through. You can purchase statement pieces that will completely reinvigorate the space. Furniture is one of those things that will automatically draw attention to the space, but also creates a different feel without having to redecorate. This is where the right materials are invaluable. With this in mind, what sort of materials can you use for living room furniture that freshens up the space?


Glass can be irresistible, making it the ideal choice for a coffee table or dining table. It looks elegant and has the ability to enhance the look of other materials around it. It is worth bearing in mind that, naturally, glass is high maintenance, not to mention fragile, so think twice before going down this route.


Metal is a durable material. The great thing about metal is that it will never show any sign of deterioration, as long as it is not allowed to rust. And due to its flame-resistant components, it is one of the stronger materials in the home.


Wood creates a fantastic rustic sensation but it doesn’t have to. With different types of wood out there, such as hardwood or mahogany, this can add a premium angle to your furniture. Conversely, pine is a cheap and lightweight wood that is fantastic for upcycling or home-style renovation projects. If you are looking to branch out into wooden furniture, you can check out the infographic below for some inspiration.

Infographic by Choice Furniture Superstore – Oak Furniture

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Winter flowers ft The Flower Shops

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Flowers always remind me of spring or summer as I don’t tend to have flowers around the house in the winter, they seem to be more of a bright summer thing for me so I haven’t really thought much about winter flowers before.

Some flowers are only available during certain seasons but most can be purchased all year round. Winter flowers makes me think of Christmas and a poinsettia plant or some sort of red flowers but there’s nothing stopping you from giving someone or even treating yourself to a colourful bouquet to brighten up your house.

The Flower Shops is an online network of over 200 florists across the UK, meaning that when you place an order they will automatically find your local florist they deal with to ensure they can get them to you quicker and fresher. You can even get same day delivery!

They have an amazing range of bouquets available and I love that they have a special winter flower section:

Some of these I would never have thought about for winter but something like the winter brights basket would really brighten up our living room or would make an excellent gift for someone. It can be hard with the UK being in lockdown to send gifts to people but why not treat a loved one to some beautiful flowers? It really could make someone’s day.

You can pick from lots of different flower options and also what size you require, you can always go for a larger bunch of required and you can also send a personalised message with them.

It’s also worth looking at flowers with Valentine’s day coming up! They have a couple of beautiful roses bouquets.

Do you have flowers in your home during the winter?

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4 Reasons to Design Your Own Home

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Searching for the perfect home can consume more of your life than you’re willing to admit, and even after all of this, you might not be entirely satisfied with the house you bought. Existing homes are convenient, sure, but they can also come with a share of problems that include a location that’s suitable, but not perfect, or even significant repairs that you didn’t realise until it was too late. Why not, then, design a home for yourself? If you’ve never considered this before, here are four reasons to go through with it.    

You Won’t Need to Make Repairs Immediately 

Home repairs are expected when you move into a new home. Sometimes, they are small, whereas other times, you have a significant job on your hands. But, if you work with a team of expert home builders, you can avoid all of this. If the job is done properly, you shouldn’t need to make any repairs for a long time, and this will save you stress, time, and plenty of cash.

You Can Make It Future-Proof 

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners, but installing this technology to an existing home is not as straightforward as you hope. If you want to fit your home with smart technology, you may need to rewire systems and upgrade cables to improve signal strength. If you opt to design and build your own home, you can include these specifications in the design. As technology improves at such a rapid rate, you can predict future trends, too, allowing you to upgrade the systems when the time comes. 

You Can Express Yourself 

It can take time, energy, and a lot of investment to transform a house into a home. Even though you’re happily moved in and have decorated the way you like, you still might not feel like this new home is yours just yet. With a personally designed home, you won’t need to worry about this. Instead, you can express yourself the way you want, and your specifically designed home will reflect who you are and what you love, making you feel at home and comfortable from the moment you step through the door. 

You Get Exactly What You Need 

Designing a home for yourself allows you to pick out exactly what you want from it. If you’re expecting children, include space for them to sleep or a playroom where they can have fun. Do you work from home? Make sure you ask the builders to reserve space for a home office. Are you someone who loves to entertain? In that case, you’ll need a living or dining room with enough space to welcome your friends and add the unique touches you need from your home to make it exactly how you envisioned it. 

The Home of Your Dreams 

Everyone knows that looking for the perfect home to grow your family is stressful, and while designing your own home is far from a walk in the park, it allows you to bypass the possible problems that come from purchasing an already-built home. The result? You get the home of your dreams, exactly how you envisioned it. 

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Warming Winter Workers ft Ideal Heating

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It can be difficult during these hard times to have time to relax or to treat yourself, especially if you are a front line worker or if you are working from home and feel like you are cut off from everyone.

Ideal Heating are giving away free coffee for hard working heroes this winter as a competition on their social channels. If you want to enter then I have included details below:

If you know someone who deserves an extra-special treat this winter, it’s really simple to get involved. All you have to do is head to the Ideal Blend social media posts on Ideal Heating’s Facebook or Instagram and leave a comment with the name of your hard-working hero.

They are giving away 100 bags of free coffee and handy travel mugs to keep those working hard through the winter months warm and cosy. The heating specialists have partnered with independent coffee brand, Maude to create their very own limited edition coffee brand – packed with comforting hints of chocolate, warming notes of ginger and a delicate touch of festive cranberry, crating a real treat for the senses.

I think this is a great competition and receiving a special coffee blend and mug could really brighten up someone’s day.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

Not only can coffee or other hot drinks really help to improve someone’s mood, you could also think about treating someone you love to other things that may seem simple but could really make an impact on their lives like a bar of their favourite chocolate, a new hot water bottle or even a planner. We take things for granted and during the winter and dealing with the covid outbreak it’s so nice to give back those hard workers we know.

Let me know if you have entered?

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Get Moving With These Life Tips

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One of the hardest things to do is to motivate yourself to get moving and exercise. You know that you need to do it, and you know that when you do do it, you’ll feel good for it, but getting up and getting out the door is not the easiest thing to do. Walking is the most effective exercise you could do to feel healthier and get moving every day, but you need a push. The good news is that we have all the tips you need for your life to be filled with movement. Let’s dive in and take a look at how you can get off the couch and stop being a potato.

Image Source: Pexels

– Challenge yourself with a walking event. There are so many ways to get out and walk but one of the best ways to do it is to pay for a walking challenge. You can sign up for challenge events and if you’re a beginner, choosing something “easier” like a 5K versus a marathon is the way to go. You need to train consistently to be ready for the walking event, but it is a good way to rev up the motivation and get out of the house! You’ll need to look for an event that is friendly for walkers and not just runners, and you can find that with a little search or two online and they are often local, too.

– Find a good walking workout. There are plenty of workouts out there that are designed around walking. You’ll start with specific times every day and you can get the ultimate personal trainer when you buy a dog. A dog will help you to get motivated to get out because they need to be walked twice a day at a minimum. You could invest in good dog ball launchers, too, and these will give you a chance to exercise as you throw hard over and over again. A walking workout is so much more interesting when you have a companion trotting alongside you, too!

– Get a fitness watch – any brand! You can feel like you want to get moving when you have a fitness goal to meet. 10,000 steps per day is the average that people aim for, and a fitness tracker also gives you the chance to connect to others who are looking for motivation and support, too. You can wear the device to count your steps and calories burnt, and you tend to pay more attention to the numbers on the watch.

– Bring a friend with you. The ultimate motivation for walking long distances is a friend who is willing to take on those distances with you. Chatting and walking often makes you forget what you’re doing or how long you’ve been walking for, which can help you to stay moving. You can, of course, join friendship and fitness clubs, but bringing one of your own friends can really help.

Walking will change your day, so why not keep it going and let it change your life?

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