I recently came across a brand called OppoSuits and they have such an amazing range of christmas suits for both men and women. You can go for something simple or something a bit different. I chose the Lumberjackie as I love tartan print, it is so fashionable right now and it really does remind me of christmas.

It arrived really well packaged in a box and had instructions on how to wash it. i was really impressed with the price and the quality. This particular one was about £55.

They have so many great options for men too, I love the one that looks like it is covered in $ bills. Really funky if you have an event you want to wear something snazzy to.


  • 1 Inside pocket
  • Back slit
  • Front flap pockets
  • Fully lined
  • Padded Shoulders


  • Back slit
  • Button and zipper closure
  • Elastic side panels for a custom fit
  • Fully lined


  • Iron at low temperature
  • Machine Washable
  • Open woven fabric

I went for a size 10 as it comes as a suit the jacket and skirt are both the same size. I usually wear a 10 jacket and an 8/10 skirt so this was a perfect fit. Teamed with a plain black t shirt I think it looked really cool!

Would you wear a two piece suit? Would you go for something more plain or more daring?

Sarah x

I have sauce with everything and I have been loving the crucials range. Some are vegan and some aren’t but as Nick does not eat the same diet as me, we have a large variety of food at home.

Our favourites as pictured are:


Extra hot chilli

Peri peri

Sweet chilli Thai style

Mint sauce


Garlic and herb

Spicy mayo

Sour cream and chives

Salad cream

They do so many more but these are the ones that we tried. The best thing about these sauces is they are usually only £1 each. I usually get them in Asda or somewhere like B&M or poundstretcher.

Really impressed with their range and how there is literally something for everyone. I love the chilli ones in a wrap and Nick thinks the garlic and herb one is amazing. I find the consistency of the sauces is good, they are quite thick, but not too thick that they are hard to get out the bottle!

I am excited to work my way through them and next time will try some different ones. They really help to spice up a meal and you can change the flavour of your dinner so easy by adding one of the sauces.

For anyone that sticks to the slimming world diet, I know my mum loves these as they are really low in syns 😉

What is your go to sauce?

Sarah x

Really impressed with Home Bargains Halloween range. Here are a few bits I picked up:

Halloween eyelashes – these are great if you are wearing fancy dress or even if you want to dress regularly and just go for a more dramatic eye make up or complete face make up look.


Hallow-scream make up set – great to either go for more dramatic make up or to completely change your face if you are going in fancy dress. Everything you need and lots of colours to use.


Skull glass and straw – I plan to use this all year round, I love anything with skulls on so halloween items are great!


Bopper headband – a simple but effective addition to your everyday outfit. Maybe you are working on halloween and cannot go as fancy dress but you can get away with this headband?!


Hanging skeleton – not too sure where I plan to hang this, but again, pretty sure it will stay up far past halloween….


Feather mask – great addition, like the headband, if you are wearing normal clothing.


3 metre bunting – who can go wrong with bunting, I plan to put this up around the ceiling in my living room.


Happy halloween bunting – more bunting! This would be great in the conservatory.


10 printed balloons – if you are having a party then balloons are a must have!

Window decoration – I am not sure if i want to put this on the living room window for the neighbours to see or maybe in our conservatory. They stick easy to glass and the little pumpkins are cute.

And of course it is worth checking out what Halloween sweets they have for trick or treaters(and yourself!)

Do you decorate your house for halloween?

Sarah x

With Halloween coming up, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to dress up or not. I pretty much use October as an excuse to crack out all my skeleton clothing anyway. Rather than dressing up I wanted to make a simple change and just go for dark make up and a gothic look wig.

I got myself the Vixen wig from Hot hair for £19 which I think is an absolute bargain for a wig. It was on offer reduced from nearly £50! They have so many great wigs, for any occasion, whether you want to wear one daily or if you want to wear one as part of a costume.

I have tried wigs before, I put a wig cap on before putting this on. It fitted really well and felt secure. I may trim the fringe slightly though and if I ever change my mind about the length of the wig I may cut it into a bob!

I feel like I have Wednesday Addams/Morticia vibes with this look, but I am digging it.

Have you tried a wig?

Sarah x

Pep & Lekker seed snacks are vegan and gluten free. They are over 40% seed based so are a great source of fibre and are naturally filling.

The three flavours are:

Fennel and sunflower seed

Rosemary and pumpkin seed

Cumin and nigella seed

You can either eat them by themselves or use them with a dip, like hummus or even have them to accompany soup in the colder months. You could even crumble them onto a salad or something.

Snacks like this I just eat straight out of the packet if I am honest! I have had them with hummus, but that is easy to just grab the pot out the fridge. They taste so good together!

I think it is great they are gluten free as a lot of people have intolerance’s to gluten or dairy and sometimes both so this is ideal for anyone avoiding those two food groups.

I think my favourites were the rosemary and pumpkin seed based ones, I love pumpkin seeds, especially on porridge. Ok, typing this is making me hungry and has just given me the idea to crumble up the ones I have left on my porridge for breakfast tomorrow!

I hope you enjoy that I am posting more food reviews on my vegan journey 🙂

Sarah x