I love trying out beauty boxes or bags as it is always a great way to either buy your favourite products for a fraction of the cost or to try new things you wouldn’t usually buy.

I wanted to share my thoughts on the Beauty Expert Collection: Icons Edition

The bag contains 6 iconic products worth £170:

Within the bag you receive the following products as well as a leaflet explaining more about each product:

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® All-Over Miracle Oil (100ml)

I have been using this oil for about a year now as it is a great multi purpose lightweight oil. I usually use it on my face every few evenings if I need an extra bit of moisture as some of my acne creams can be very drying. It is also ideal to use on your body, especially dry ankles or elbows! You can even put it on the ends of your hair. It smells fab and a little goes a long way. It was great to get one in this set as I had nearly run out!

Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gel (100ml) in one of the following: Heavenly Gingerlily/Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose/Suma Ginseng/Rhubarb & Rose

Molton Brown have always been a favourite of mine for luxury bath and home products. They can often be expensive but I usually treat myself to a body wash in the sales. This is a great way to try the brand if you haven’t before and you will receive one of the above scents. The bottle is a good size too.

NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12% (30ml)

I hadn’t heard of this brand or tried this before so was quite excited to give it a go. It claims to basically become a photography filter for your skin in real life. It helps to smooth your skin out and hide any imperfections and give you a natural radiance. You can wear it on its own if you are going for a natural look or you can put it on under your make up. I have used it a couple of times now and have been impressed with the finish.

Eve Lom Cleanser (100ml)

This is something I had wanted to try for a very long time but couldn’t justify buying it as it’s usually about £50-60 for a pot this size! It comes with a muslin cloth for you to try too and has been compared a lot to Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I have been using it for a week now and you only need a small amount to cleanse your face. It smells really nice and has left my skin feeling very clean and soft and I would love to buy it again when I run out so will probably look into getting a set where it’s included again!

Babor Skinovage Reactivating Eye Cream (15ml)

Not a brand I had tried before but now I am in my 30s it’s about time I started using an eye cream and more anti aging products. I am happy that this is a lightweight eye cream as I always worry about putting anything too thick near my eyes! It soaked in well and can be applied thinly at night or even in the morning if you need a bit of a boost when you have tired eyes.

NUXE Reve de Miel Ultra Comforting Face Balm (50ml)

Nuxe has always been a favourite brand of mine for skincare, I love their oil and was excited to try this face balm. It is a luxurious honey infused face cream that can be applied day or night and it smells so good! I was impressed how well it soaked in and by using it before bed the nights I don’t use my oil it helped to keep my face hydrated. I also put a small amount on in the morning too and it soaks in well and doesnt leave my face greasy.

I think this is amazing value for £79 and for a limited time if you use code SARAH_20 you can get an additional 20% off making it only £63.20!

Something else I love about Beauty Expert is that if you spend over £35 you get to pick a free gift too!

Have you tried anything from this set?

Sarah x

Giving away promotional gifts is a fantastic marketing tactic for businesses, both small and large, because it can help your company to convert both new and existing customers, while also building brand awareness. Of course traditional marketing, like business cards or flyers, is also an important element of marketing but branded merchandise can take your business that one step further. At the end of the day, promotional products make your brand more memorable and allow you to engage with your potential customers.

Perhaps you’re a small agency and you’re attending a client pitch meeting. This would be an ideal opportunity to take some promotional merchandise, like stationery, that they can have on their desks and use on a regular basis. This will help you establish a sense of loyalty and build a good relationship with them. Even if the client does not choose to work with you after your pitch, your brand will be given some additional visibility.

Maybe you’re a mobile beautician and you visit your clients each day. You could invest in some branded vanity kits or makeup bags to give to your loyal customers as a type of reward, like after their tenth appointment with you. Another option is to giveaway these items at special occasions such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, as a little thank you. Giving your clients a small gift like this will help you develop an allegiance. Just make sure that the promotional items reflect your brand.

If you’re attending a networking event or exhibition in the future, you could ask that all attendees wear branded clothing. What’s more, you’ll find that your stand will be far more popular if you are giving away a small gift, like a useful tote bag that people can use on the day.

Promotional merchandise is usually an affordable option and there are some many products available that you could personalise with your branding. You could also combine this tactic with other marketing tactics like a brand new web design.

Sarah x

Whether you’re an employee or a big boss, you should always be thinking about ways to help the company become more energy efficient and, in turn, save money. There are big projects that business owners can consider, such as improved insulation or solar power, but there are also lots of little things that all members of staff can think about to reduce your carbon footprint. Read on for some helpful tips.

How do You Commute to Work?

Business owners should think about introducing a cycle to work scheme, to do their bit for the environment. If walking or cycling isn’t an option, is there someone else that works in your office that you could carpool with? This will save both of you money on petrol and will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Think About the Lighting

Does the office have energy efficient LED bulbs or inefficient, outdated fluorescents? It might be time to suggest replacing the bulbs with something a little more eco-friendly. What’s more, it’s important to remember to turn the lights off at the end of each day, or if there’s enough natural light. Outdoor lights should be switched off during the day.

Switch Off Equipment

Lots of people are guilty of leaving their computers on overnight and simply switching off the monitors. This is a complete waste of energy and will also increase internal heat, which won’t be helpful in the summer time when you then need to blast the air-con to cool down the room.

Consider Your Printing Habits

Before you print something, ask yourself if it’s truly necessary to have a hard copy or if you’re going to be wasting paper. You could suggest that the business gets in touch with a print management company to help assess and direct the printing habits of all staff so that it is less wasteful.

Sarah x

I wanted to share my latest finds from Femmeluxe. I have had quite a lot of products from them before and always been so impressed with their range and the price.

I usually order all of the items in medium or a size 10 and I find this is the best size option for me and they fit really well.

Sometimes the 10 ends up being a large so if it is I always go for the bigger option. I do prefer my clothes to not be skin tight and I am usually an 8-10 so will go for a 10 or a in jumpers.

I hope in the future that they have a larger range of sizes to be suitable for more people as their clothes are really nice but not ideal if you are smaller than an 8 or larger than a 14.

Black Utility Mini Shirt Dress – Reggie

Size M (8/10)


I love the design of this shirt dress and how it comes with a belt. You can remove the belt and wear it without one or you can even add your own belt if you want. It fits well and is comfortable. It is a good length and the material is quick thick for a short and is good quality.

Navy Lace Crochet Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress – Tiffany

Size 10


I don’t often wear navy or blue so I got this to make a change from black! The dress fits me well and is ideal length. In the winter it would look good with tights and can also be work with a t shirt or tight jumper underneath if you want to layer. In the summer it will look great with bare legs!

Grey Knitted Turtleneck Mini Jumper Dress – Elmore

Black Knitted Turtleneck Mini Jumper Dress – Elmore

Size S/M (8/10)

£15.99 each

This jumper dress is super cute and can be worn with bare legs or with tights/leggings. It would look really good with knee high boots. It’s really soft and comfortable.

I went for it in black and also in grey as they are my most worn colours and go with everything!

Delivery is always super quick and I am always impressed as the clothes turn up in a couple of days, great if you need a last minute outfit! They are all packaged well and bagged individually.

Sarah x

Cracks and leaks are inevitable in older buildings, and newer ones too, if they are built on dodgy foundations. They are annoying and usually quite costly to repair, so homeowners should try their utmost to protect their home and avoid such inconveniences. Here are some tips from a signal foundations company.

Pay attention to your home; if there are problems with the foundations, you will soon notice the early warning signs. The earlier you spot the signs, the less time and money it will take to have repairs made. Here are some of the main clues:

Your doors start to jam or won’t stay closed
Your walls are cracking near doors and windows, or where walls meet ceilings
Your patio or driveway also starts cracking
Your windows start to stick
Your ceilings start to leak after rainfall

There are many things you can do to prevent damage to your home’s foundations, and therefore protect it from cracks and leaks. Firstly, you need to stop water from pooling near the building by ensuring you have a suitable drainage system. You also need to keep this from getting blocked with leaves and other debris. If the ground becomes too saturated, the soil will expand and increase the amount of stress on your walls.

Likewise, you also need to ensure the ground doesn’t get too dry, as this will cause the soil to shrink and your walls will move into the fresh gap. Even tiny shifts in your building’s foundations can wreak havoc inside your home. During warmer weather, be sure to keep the ground watered. You should also refrain from planting trees too close to the building, as they will soak up the moisture.

Leaks can also be caused by things like broken roof tiles, so it’s important that you keep an eye on parts of your home you might not normally think about. This will help you avoid more serious problems in the future, which could become significantly more costly to fix.

Sarah x