Have You Considered Starting A Pet Therapy Business

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Pet therapy is not a new concept. A lot of hospitals and therapists are using pets to reach out to their patients. 

How does it translate as a pet-therapy venture when you don’t work in the healthcare sector? There is more than one way to help people cope with everyday obstacles and challenges. As a result, you don’t need to be a trained therapist to start your own “feel good” business with pets. Here are some ideas to get you started with a pet side hustle. 


A “walk my dog” business

The UK is a nation of dog lovers. However, not every household can afford to adopt a dog. For elderly people, for instance, adopting a pet can be too much of a hassle. Many feel uncertain on their legs in old age, and therefore worry that they couldn’t care for an animal. A simple walk-my-dog venture could help you reach out to lonely seniors and encourage them to go out for a walk. You can hold the dog on their behalf, but they would still benefit from the interaction with a friendly pup. Additionally, offering your dog’s services at a small fee can also help with the cost of owning a pet. You can schedule dedicated time with each of your neighbours/clients in the evening or during the weekend, making this the ideal venture when you’ve got a full-time job. 

A fluffy farming environment

Living in the countryside, or on the outskirts of large cities has its advantages. You can embrace the joys of a large backyard! When it comes to starting a pet therapy venture, countryside lifestyle allows you to work with different types of animals and even create your own farm environment. For instance, you may want to consider more unusual pets, such as buying an alpaca for sale. Alpacas have a gentle and soothing temperament, making them ideal companions for people who need emotional comfort. You could consider an open farm environment, where you can open facilities to welcome groups or manage small events. If you prefer to encourage people to join you for an afternoon of work at the farm, it can be easier to work with animals that are more common – this will avoid confusing or fear! Goats are not only highly intelligent, but they have been very effective with a variety of emotional needs and troubles. They are perfect for stressed-out individuals, small children, or even older adults. Besides, you can even encourage your visitors to make their own goat’s cheese! 

Visiting people and offices 

A lot of therapy animals tend to live in the countryside. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways of making animal therapy more accessible in an urban environment. Did you know, for instance, that small pets, such as rabbits or cats, have a lot to offer in towns? The growing popularity of cats coffees shows that urban dwellers crave the attention of small pets too. Why not consider a venture that lets you visit businesses? Employees will cherish the opportunity to pet a bunny in the middle of a stressful day! 

Starting a pet therapy business, as a side hustle or a full-time venture can be hugely rewarding. There’s an instant feel-good sensation when you work with animals. But you can also support people who are going through stress, depression or just feeling lonely. At a time of uncertainty such as now, animal therapy is more important than ever! 

Sarah x

Celebrating a lockdown birthday with Moonpig

This post contains gifted products:

Celebrating a birthday during lockdown is difficult and different. My husband Nick turned 30 this week and we had made so many plans to celebrate but we have had to cancel/postpone nearly all of them due to Covid and lockdown. It can be very upsetting and disappointing when you have something special like a big birthday and can’t do exactly what you want to but you have to try and make the best of the situation!

We both have had some time off work to celebrate together at home and I wanted to share with you some of the gifts I picked up from Moonpig to help cheer Nick up and make his day special.

Football scratch off poster


The 100 team poster is designed to be scratched off every time you watch a new team play. It’s fun and looks really good and a great way to discover teams and where they usually play. My husband has seen a lot of teams play so this was fun to scratch them off and hopefully one day will be able to scratch them all off!

Hogs Back Brewery Pub in a Box Gift Set


Box includes:

1 x 500ml TEA

1 x 500ml HOP

1 x 500ml RIP

1 x 500ml OTT

1 x 330ml Hogstar

1 x 330ml Little Swine

1 x 500ml Hazy Hog

1 x Hogs Back Pint glass

12 x Hogs Back Beer Mats

1 x Crisps

1 x Pork Scratchings

1 x Hogs Back Playing Cards

This is such a great idea to have a pub in a box set. With everything going on in the world right now it’s not so simple to visit a pub so why not bring it to you! This box has everything inside needed to create that pub experience, from the drinks to the snacks and your own glass and beer mat. It’s also a great way to try out different drinks in the comfort of your own home. This was a great box for Nick to enjoy over the last week!

Lindt Master Chocolatier Collection


This is the ideal gift for any chocolate lover as it’s a great selection of lindt chocolate. We shared these after dinner on Nicks birthday and it delft special as we wouldn’t usually buy a box of chocolates so it was really nice to have these. I was surprised how many you get in the box too!

Beer Hawk Happy Birthday Craft Beer Selection Box


Box includes:

1 x 330ml Magic Rock Dark Arts Can – Stout

1 x 330ml Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted Can – Pale Ale

1 x 330ml Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana Can – IPA

1 x 355ml Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale Can – Wheat

1 x 330ml Camden Hells Can – Lager

1 x Beer Hawk Aviero Tasting Glass

1 x Soffles Rosemary & Thyme Mini Pitta Chips

This is another beer selection box that Moonpig offers and contains a good mix of beers along with a glass and come snacks.

It is a nice way for Nick to try out different beers and also to be able to celebrate at home all week, he was able to try a different beer each night this week!

They also have an amazing selection of cards to pick from and you can also personalise them to include names, messages and pictures. You really can find something for everyone. You can also pick what size card you want as well and if you want it shipped direct to the recipient or if you want it sent to yourself for you to write something in.

I went for a football shirt style one and ordered it in a large size. I think it’s great that you can get them personalised and also pick the sizing. I decided not to go for a message inside so I can hand write it instead.

I am so impressed with Moonpig and the variety of gifts they have as there really is something for everyone, no matter what the occasion is!

Have you celebrated a big birthday in lockdown? What did you do?

Sarah x

NSF – The MicroOil

This post contains gifted items:

Tatu created The MicroOil (£49.00 for 50ml), the first product from NeuroSkinFeeds.

The antioxidant-rich oil is based on the camelina sativa flower and has a calming effect on both the mind and skin. Key ingredients include:

• Camelina sativa seed oil – a strong antioxidant due to high vitamin E content; acts as an anti-inflammatory, calming sensitised skin, whilst adding moisture; boosts the immune system; packed with omega-3 fatty acids; suitable for all skin conditions

• Plukentia volubilis seed oil – protects against the damaging effects of sun exposure; regulates oil production; maintains elasticity; soothes and prevents inflammation; promotes softness, smoothness, and suppleness; hydrates the skin without clogging the pores; helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines; gentle enough for all skin conditions

• Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil – skin-conditioner which helps soften, nourish and hydrate; adds nutrients including calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamin E; replenishes and reduces dryness in the upper layers of the skin; helps reduce fine lines, adds moisture and relieves itching; helps to minimise signs of premature ageing and create a glow

• Squalene oil – fights off skin-damaging free radicals which contribute to the signs of ageing; balances oil production; anti-inflammatory; helps with skin conditions such as acne and eczema; helps to boost blood circulation, promoting the formation of collagen for firmer, plumper skin

These oils were selected for inclusion in The MicroOil because of their skin benefits and their positive effect on mental wellbeing. The oils contain ingredients such as tryptophan, a precursor for serotonin. Serotonin is a feel-good hormone and neurotransmitter which helps us deal with stress and feel calm and happy. The omega 3 also reduces inflammation in the brain, as inflammation can cause mood shifts, headaches and more.

This oil is vegan and cruelty free as well as being suitable for sensitive skin.

I have been using this mainly on my acne scarring around my chin and my jawline for the last few weeks and have noticed that any dry patches or scarring are slowly healing and this leaves my skin feeling a lot more nourished. You don’t have to use much and it feels really nice to apply and soaks in well.

Do you use a face oil?

Sarah x

Hunter and Gather – Avocado oil garlic mayonnaise

This post contains gifted items:

“‘Optimal Health’ pioneer, Hunter & Gather has enjoyed meteoric growth over the last three years, going from kitchen table start-up to over £2.5 Million in expected retail sales! And yet, co-founders Amy Moring & Jeff Webster have long craved some strategic downtime to review, reassess and refine the umbrella identity and language of their rapidly evolving range, which has grown exponentially from 2 products to 10 products since the brands launch back in 2017.

Hunter & Gather is a dynamic, category leader with a far-reaching product range that contests a number of distinct yet intrinsically ‘set in their ways’ categories, providing superior, ‘Optimal Health’ choices, from clean-deck cooking oils and condiments to supplementary MCT oil, Collagen peptides and raw Icelandic lamb, real food supplements.  

According to co-founder, Amy Moring, ‘The recent lockdown provided the perfect opportunity for us to develop a dynamic and cohesive new look, strapline and hierarchy of messages that underpins our stance as an Optimal Health Brand that provides you with the tools you need to thrive.  

Since launching, Hunter & Gather we’ve forged strong ties with our customers, listening to their distinct needs, aspirations and ultimately pinpointing what they most love about the brand. It came back to the fundamentals of seeking optimal health products they could trust.

Our transition from small start-up to International operator and supermarket stalwarts has come a lot faster than even we could have anticipated, meaning it was imperative we spent time fostering a bold and clear identity, which heightens our shelf presence whilst amplifying key messages; such as our ongoing commitment to best-in-class, ‘real’ food ingredients & a sugar-free, grain-free, seed oil-free lifestyle.’

With YET further range innovation (4 new products!) and new stockists due to be unveiled this Autumn, this award-winning SME is proud to have bedded down a distinct brand identity that can effortlessly accommodate future range growth, whilst shining a light on their proud ‘free-from’ and ‘less-is-more’ ingredient pledges.” – Hunter and Gather

I have been trying out the avocado oil garlic mayonnaise the last few weeks and have tried it with a few different options and I love it! It’s great to use in a wrap or a sandwich as well as using it for a dip for crisps or with dinner for your chips. I am a massive garlic lover so love any kind of dips/sauces like this.

Have you ever tried this?

Sarah x

Some new joggers from Femmeluxe

This post contains gifted products:

If you read my posts regularly you would have seen me mention Femmeluxe a few times before and I have recently picked out some really great co ord sets as well as tracksuit bottoms, tshirts and jeans. I wanted to pick up a fewpairs of tracksuit bottoms to wear. They always have so many great things to pick from but for now I wanted to get some more comfortable pieces.

I went for three pairs of cuffed joggers, all the same design but in different colours and went for a size 12.

The size is spot on as they are baggy enough to be comfortable lounging in all day but not too big that they fall down or I trip over the bottom of them.

They have so many shades to pick from in the Lizzie style and I really like the shade of pink. I always usually go for black, navy or grey on tracksuits but fancied a changed and I think the pink is really nice to go with a black or white top.

Grey cuffed joggers – Lizzie

Size 12


Light pink cuffed joggers – Lizzie

Size 12


Sand cuffed joggers – Lizzie

Size 12


I wanted to pick up a few pairs of different colour tracksuit bottoms to wear with a plain black t shirt. These are really soft and comfortable. I really like the cuff at the bottom as I much prefer tracksuit bottoms that go in at the ankle.

They are true to size and I always find the loungewear from Femmeluxe to fit me well.

These are perfect to wear at the moment whilst at home but also will be great to wear if popping to the shops as I love the look of baggy tracksuit bottoms with a t shirt and a pair of high top trainers.

All three pairs are super soft and I have been wearing them a lot whilst working from home just with a baggy t shirt rather than staying in my pjs!

The delivery is always really quick which is great, as I hate having to wait ages for online orders to turn up! The prices are always really reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. I am always skeptical about ordering clothes online as you can’t feel them to know the quality but these are so good and for the quality I would have expected them to be more expensive.

Sarah x