I came across this great dairy free/vegan online shop called Dairy Free Triangle. I decided to put together a small order and try a few bits. They arrived quickly and it was packed with a cool pack to keep it chilled in transit.

What I tried:

Various cheeses – From £2

Spray cream – £2.20

Mayonnaise –  £1.80

Baked beans with vegan burgers – £1.79

As you can see, everything is so reasonable priced. Often vegan products or free from products can be so expensive, especially if you are looking at the free from section in a supermarket. It is so nice to find somewhere that has such a great range of products and at a good price and with such quick delivery. It turned up in a couple of days and I was so impressed.

They have such a great range of cheeses, that is one thing I really missed and so far most of the ones I have tried have tasted like plastic! Not heard of GreenVie before but really impressed with their two cheeses I have tried. I love cheese in a wrap with a meat alternative, on pasta or pizza, or in a toastie. I love the Mediterranean style one the best.

The mayonnaise is spot on, I bought one a few months back which wasn’t much bigger and was like three times the price and this one tastes exactly the same and exactly like I remember mayo to taste. Ideal for sandwiches and wraps.

I didn’t even know you could get vegan squirty cream so this has been a game changer for puddings in my house! It goes with everything haha.

The beans and burgers was a pleasant treat on toast one day for breakfast. I have been having regular beans but missed like beans and sausages and stuff so this was so nice to have.

They have lots of gluten free things too 🙂


Sarah x

Image Source: Unsplash

If you are looking to add some colour and texture to our home decoration, art deco is an ideal style to include. This glitzy style emerged in France shortly after World War One and soon encompassed the world, influencing the design of almost everything, and with some careful purchases, you can brighten up your home décor with this glamorous style.

Bold Geometric Shapes

Art Deco is all about bold geometric shapes and rich colours, so you should have a base foundation that employs such designs. You can source online dealer of fine art deco furniture with a simple online search and this will help you to source desired items. Incorporating rich colours and strong geometric shapes into your home décor can make any setting look brighter and by enlisting the help of an online antique dealer, you will have no problem sourcing specific items.

Image Source: Unsplash

Limit Your Art Deco Pieces

There is a real danger of overdoing it with art deco and with the rest of the room neutral, the art deco items add the right amount of colour and depth. One should limit the number of art deco pieces to 3 or 4 in a single room and they should be of the right colour and shape to complement the existing décor.

Online Inspiration

For many homeowners who wish to incorporate art deco into their home, searching online for some inspiration is always a good idea. It can be hard to visualise how a specific item would look in your home setting and a Google image search will give you many fine examples of how art deco can be successfully incorporated into a room’s settings.

Neutral Pallets

If you base the room on neutral colours, adding some colourful art deco items with shiny and rich fabrics will give the room that balanced look. Art deco style wall art is a perfect way to do this, with prints and even hanging fabrics, which go a long way to bringing that much needed colour and depth to an otherwise neutral setting.

Image Source: Unsplash

Be Selective

Art deco comes in many forms and while there might be a few items that “seem to fit”, you really should be selective in what you actually add to a room. Rather than settling for something that looks okay, source items that look like they really belong, which can be done if you browse a few online antique dealers’ websites. If you forge an alliance with one such dealer, you can ask them to source specific items to order and with their extensive connections, finding the right items should never be an issue.

If you need some inspiration, there are informative articles available online that offer interior designing tips for the homeowner, which might help you with your selection.

Vases and other ornaments make for the perfect features in a room that offers a hint of art deco style and by choosing your colours carefully, you can achieve an overall balance.

Sarah x

Lazy day treats can be bought in lots of supermarkets. Not only are they vegan but gluten free too. I love products that are gluten free too as they are great for people with an intolerance. I worried that when I decided to eat a vegan diet that I would miss out on chocolate and tasty treats but that definitely is not the case!

The range are free from:





Hydrogenated fats

And suitable for Vegans and Coeliacs.

Since eating a vegan diet I have been a lot more aware of what is in foods as I have to check every label. My granddad has to eat a gluten free diet so I am always on the hunt for nice treats for him too so these are something we could share.

Most vegan stuff you can tell it isn’t like regular chocolate but these honestly you wouldn’t even know they were any different.

I love the tiffin the best, it is so good I had to refrain myself from sitting and eating the whole pack!

I think these packs are great as a treat or if you know anyone with any allergies get them some to try 🙂

Have you seen this brand or tried them?

Sarah x

I LOVE having gel nails and doing them at home is so easy and cheap compared to salons. I first tried doing my own gels a few years back but the only downside I found was it did damage my nails slightly when removing them. You need to soak in acetone to remove them or if you are inpatient like me you would end up picking them off and removing the top few layers of your nail with it!

I was so excited to hear that Sensationail had bought out a new product which is their Peel off strip gel base coat, meaning you can gel your nails and when you have had enough of them you can literally just peel it off without damaging your nails.

The base coat will work with any of their colours so if you already have a kit you can simply buy the new base coat to try. You can peel it off after 48hours and it can last up to 2 weeks like the previous base coat.

I haven’t done my nails in ages, so was excited to try the new product. I got the starter kit which includes:

  • LED lamp with USB lead & mains adaptor
  • StripGel Peel Off Base Coat
  • Buffer
  • Cleanser & Wipes
  • Raspberry Wine Gel Polish
  • Mystery Bonus Gel Polish colour
  • Non Wipe Top Coat

I think for £59.99 it is such a good price. I remember years ago when you pay that just for a lamp! If you get your nails done regularly you could save so much money. I think that is maybe the price of two trips to the salon?! I think you could easily do your nails twice a month for a whole year with one kit. When you run out you can just buy the product individually and you can pick up additional colours from £10.

The kit is easy to use whether you have used gel kits before or not, the instructions are easy to follow. It took me about 30-45mins to do a whole set, but I was really taking my time. The great thing about gels is once they are done you don’t have to sit there helpless for an hour afterwards like you do with regular nail polish!

I kept my gel set on for about 10 days and then I ended up catching one of them in the corner so I decided to remove them. It was so easy to peel them off and my nails looked absolutely fine underneath. I am so impressed with this as I was a little worried as it was peel off that maybe it wouldn’t last as long as the usual top coat but it didn’t make a difference to the wear time.

Do you get your nails done professionally or do you do them at home?

Sarah x

When purchasing something, whether it is something small or something large that costs more money, you will always want to get it for the best price. Some items can be so expensive that even if you can save £20-30 on them it is worth it!

I love checking out websites like Latest Deals when looking for something as you can often get things a lot cheaper by shopping around and checking out deal sites like this. Their aim is to put together a list of the best deals around and do all of the bargain hunting to save you time and money. Who wouldn’t want this kind of help?!

When moving into our own home, we needed to buy all new appliances for the kitchen: a fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer etc. I was actually really surprised at how expensive things like this were! I didn’t even know where to begin when looking. Where was best? Curry’s? Argos? John Lewis?

Latest deals had so much information and offers that it made it really easy and more affordable. They have some great deals at the moment on washing machines which are definitely worth checking out if you need one. The page is so easy to navigate as it shows you the brand/model and how much it is selling for as well as the RRP so you can see what the saving is, as well as a picture. It has all the information of where to buy the particular washing machine from and also shows older deals so you can see if there have been better deals in the past and maybe judge from that if you want to wait and see if the prices go down again.

The great thing about this site is that it is updated regularly, so for example if you wanted to get a washing machine, you can check the page every few days over the space of a month and get a real overview of the kind of deals that are out there. It is important though to realise that some deals may have an expiration date or may end when stock is sold etc.

It can be daunting having to buy electrical items, especially a washing machine. How was I to know what size drum I needed and how many spin cycle options? Another great thing about the site is that you can see how many people have liked each deal so if you are struggling making a decision you know to look at the deal that 20 people have liked vs the one that only had 2 likes!

Have you ever used latest deals?

Sarah x