Crate British is a subscription box service that provides you with British sweets and snacks. Not only do they ship within the UK but they also offer worldwide shipping so anyone can enjoy these British treats!

You can choose to order a one off box if you wanted to try one box to see how you got on or if you wanted to buy a box as a gift.

You can then also subscribe for 3,6 or 12 months. Price will vary depending if you are in the UK or outside of the UK. It is between £9.99 and £9.08 a month depending on your subscription type for UK customers.

The box I received contained:

Maynards Bassetts soft jellies – wild safari

Hannah’s Jazzles

Candy factory – zoo pop

Pombear potato snacks – cheese and onion

Dairy milk freddo

Nestle lion – white chocolate

Terry’s chocolate orange


Pick n mix –  sugar coated glow worms

As you can see it was a mix of sweets, crisps and chocolate and a good variety of things to try. I am excited as a few of these things I have never had before! It is a great way to try new treats.

You can also view previous boxes to get an idea of what is included!

I think it such a great idea and I will be taking my box to work with me to keep in my drawer and work my way through!

Sarah x

I have always steered away from false eyelashes as they seemed far too much hassle for everyday wear but there would always be a special occasion I wanted to have more extravagant make up for. supply a beautiful range of Unicorn lashes and I tried out a couple of different styles. They have so many different styles to choose from and you can even get a handy tool to help you apply them!

The tool was really useful and easy to use. The lashes themselves are reusable which is great, you just need to keep them clean in between uses. I used the Revlon clear lash adhesive it is was quite simple to apply yo the lashes and seemed to hold them in place really well.

The lashes come in a clear box which is so handy to store them in between uses.

Do you wear false lashes?

Sarah x

The Eve Appeal is launching their Get Lippy campaign again for May in collaboration with some gorgeous beauty brands who have committed to donate a percentage of sales to fund vital gynaecological cancer research and prevention.
Having more open, and anatomically accurate, conversations is believed to save lives through earlier diagnosis.
Lead partners once again are Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) UK and Tesco,
whose fantastic list of partner products includes Vaseline Rosy Lip Therapy limited edition Get Lippy 20g tin and EOS lip spheres in flavours including Strawberry Sorbet, Coconut Milk and Chai. The beauty brands are donating 10% of RRP from a nominated product to raise money for vital Eve Appeal research.

The Eve Appeal is the only UK national charity raising awareness and funding research in the five gynaecological cancers – ovarian, womb, cervical, vaginal and vulval. It was set up to save women’s lives by funding ground-breaking research focused on developing effective methods of risk prediction, earlier detection and developing screening for these women-only cancers. The charity has grown and developed in parallel with its core research team, the Department of Women’s Cancer at University College London (UCL), taking place in 31 institutions across 15 countries. It has played a crucial role in providing seed funding, core infrastructure funding and project funding in addition to campaigning to raise awareness of women-specific cancers. The world-leading research that we fund is ambitious and challenging but our vision is simple: A future where fewer women develop and more women survive gynaecological cancers.
Please let me know if you have taken part in #getlippy today?
Sarah x

The last month or so I have been using a new shampoo and conditioner from Neogen. I am always switching about my hair care as although my hair is on the oily side with dry ends I like to switch it all about depending on what stage I am with my colour and if I am trying to prolong it or fade my hair for a change.

I recently dyed my hair split rainbow and want to keep in the colour as much as possible so wanted something to be kind to my hair, to help with my split ends but also something that wouldn’t fade my colours.

I really like the smell of this range and with the shampoo I noticed you didn’t need to much of it. It was easy to use and didn’t fade my hair too much which was great. The conditioner has really tamed my ends and they feel a lot better now. It took about a week of using these two products to notice a difference. I was washing my hair every other day. I think they have helped improve the texture and it doesn’t feel or look as damaged.

I really want to take care of my hair to help it grow. I also don’t think my scalp is getting so greasy and I may start trying to wash every third day instead.

A big thumbs up from me!

Sarah x

The last few weeks I have been enjoying meals from Mitch’s kitchen and wanted to share my thoughts with you. I am honestly so impressed with the range and flavours.

Mitch’s kitchen is not only 100% vegan but the meals are also free from: gluten, nuts, palm oil, refined sugar and pesticides.

This coming was set up by husband and wife, wanting to create plant based ready meals for people that don’t have time or don’t want to make meals from scratch but still want the goodness from a home cooked meal.

All packaging is sustainably sourced, non-toxic and either biodegradable or recyclable.

The meals come packaged in a chilled environment to keep them frozen.

It is amazing that you can have frozen meals delivered to you at home using special chilled packs.

There are 9 different meals to pick from and I went for the following 6:

Sunkissed Pasta

Moroccan Tangine

Spanish Tapas

Buckwheat Jambalaya

Chocolate Chili

Coconut Kathal Masala

The meals are so easy to cook, you simply remove the card packaging, pierce holes in the lid and then you ca cook in the oven or microwave. I cooked mine in the oven and once ready just serve:

You can see how delicious they are. I have only tried three of them so far and been so impressed. I loved the masala so much! They re great if you have allergies or if you are vegan or even like me if you just want to eat better.

The meals themselves taste incredible, better than anything I could create myself! it is honestly so handy having these in the freezer for when you want something healthy and don’t have the time to prepare it or the correct ingredients. You can pick from single or double portions. The single portions were quite big and I did struggle to eat a complete portion so depending on how much you eat you could even share a single.

Have you ever tried them?

Sarah x