What Kind Of Rave Masks Are Out There?

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Anybody who raves wants the best outfit so they can stand out in the crowd and have a great experience. If you are planning your next rave, then make sure you do not forget a mask. 

There are a couple of reasons you want to consider rave masks. It provides that feeling of being somewhat anonymous and allows you to let loose and self-express. 

The other reason is that if you get the right kind of mask, then it can bump up your outfit to the next level and add to the experience of what you are trying to create.

Today, everybody has masks hanging around from the pandemic. Leave those masks at home and consider a unique rave mask to accent your attire.

The possibilities are endless on the type of rave masks you can get. Below is a list of some of the popular onesthat work well at a rave.


• Animalistic

They will show the mouth and teeth on the mask. They can be grizzly looking or can be cute.

• Graphic design

Sky is the limit on what you want.

• Skull faces

They take your costume to the dark side and can look a bit scary.

• Superheroes

Fun if you are trying to create the superhero look

• Personalization

You can put your own words on it and say anything that you want.

• Bandana Style

You can find styles that come in psychedelic andvibrant colors.  


• Holographic

It has reflective material and reacts to light. Available in different graphics and designs.

• Light reactive

The masks will change colors at night.

• Light up Masks with LED

They are USB rechargeable and come switch up to 7 different face colors.

 • Technological sound activated with Led lights

The mask will change colors with the rhythm and the beat of the music.

Depending on how you rave, you can go for the Gas Mask style and put Vicks vapor rub inside to elevate your experience.

As you can see from the list above, these rave masksdo more than keep you ambiguous and looking great, it can add to your experience and everyone else’s experience with all the bright colors and flashy lights.

So, make sure you look spectacular when you go to your next rave. Do more than put together a great outfit for the rave. Be part of the rave itself.

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Things to Know About African Culture and Traditions

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The continent of Africa has a rich culture behind it with many traditions. From art, music, and fashion, you can learn many interesting things about the people and the vibe. Here are some things to know about African culture and traditions.

Storytelling Is an Oral Tradition 

When it comes to Africa culture and traditions, they’ve passed down the art of storytelling for generations to keep their history alive. It’s one of those things that keeps the mind sharp, and they’ve praised members of their tribe who have brilliant orator skills. Of course, listening is equally important.

They chose someone attentive enough to grasp the story and the dances to help keep the tradition going. Many tales and traditional dances have passed through generations because of word-of-mouth.

Music Sends a Message

The Call-and-response form is such an important part of African culture. In fact, it’s still used in modern music today, especially with artists who perform in concert and want to interact with their audience. Singing is important from the melody, rhythm, and how it captivates people.

Not to mention, it’s used as a ritual for birth, marriage, rites of passage, and even hunting. They also used songs to honor good spirits and to ward off evil ones. It helped them to pass down history while understanding the importance of staying on top of current events.

Music is much more than a form of entertainment. It helped to spread political messages and help keep everyone together.

The foundation of the music is the sound of the drum. It’s the heartbeat of the music together, but they also used it to gather people around when something important or fun happened.

Expressing Through Dance

Dance is one of the best expressions to convey emotion, whether it’s sad or happy. Not only is it about the movement, but there’s the symbolism behind it as well.

Different elements used in dance include gestures, costumes, masks, and even body paint. Various traditions pass down through dance. Special garments like handmade dresses show a bit about the fashion from the past.

Even necklaces and beads helped in a traditional African courtingprocess. From the dance to how people wore particular things for ceremonies, everything had meaning.

When it comes to Africa’s culture and traditions, sound and movement meant a lot to pass on information. Take time to get to know the foundation of this beautiful culture.  

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Save Money Each Month by Taking Advantage of Freebies

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During your regular everyday browsing activity, you likely see quite a few vouchers, coupons and other freebies. Do you take advantage of them? If not, you are missing out!

Companies provide free samples to customers for a variety of good reasons. They want to find new customers, and they want to work towards retaining their existing customer base. Many business owners know the power of freebies. Consumers enjoy the free gifts, and then they come back and buy in bulk. 

Freebies Help With Branding

A promotion featuring giveaways is great for launching new products and/or services. Product awareness is everything when you are trying to get your brand in front of people. Advertising is part of free enterprise. A business has to market itself in innovative ways in order to compete. Freebies draw people in and build loyalty and trust. Before you know it, your business is a household name.

The Opposite of Brand Uncertainty

Unfamiliarity and uncertainty about a brand make people look the other way. They need the knowledge to compare brands. If one company does a better job of branding itself, well, they have already won. Freebies help companies win the race, and they benefit consumers in a number of ways, too.  

Freebies in UK

Saving money is on everyone’s to-do list. Adults in the UK on average save quite a lot with freebies and similar promotions. In fact, taking advantage of freebies helps the average consumer in the UK save about 1200 pounds a year. You could save a ton by searching for free giveaways. 

Companies know that freebies get your attention. Consumers that take advantage of these giveaways know how they benefit as well. It is a win-win situation, so be on the lookout for whatever discounts or free samples comes your way in the near future.

Sarah x

What Are The Benefits Of Watching Sports?

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Playing sports has a lot of obvious benefits, including meeting like-minded people and being fit, healthy, and active. Watching sport can also have a few benefits, which often get overlooked. 

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Whether you follow your local football team or look out for Lions tour news, what are the benefits of watching sports?

Improved Relationships

Following a sport can bring people together from all walks of life, and can be a great way to meet new people. You can strike up conversations in the stand, knowing you already have something in common. If you already have friends who enjoy the same sport as you, you can attend games together as a bonding activity. 

The social side of watching sport is a real bonus, and watching a game together is a lot of fun. You can go to see live games, go to the pub to watch a game on TV, or take it in turns to host a viewing night in your homes. 

More Confidence

Being a sports fan can actually build your confidence. If you’re chatting to people in the stands or in the pub about your sport and engaging in debate about the sport, such as potential starting line-ups or strategies, you can build your confidence. Whether or not people agree with you, it’s good practice to talk to strangers, justify your opinions, and express yourself. 

By practising these skills like this, you can build your social skills for your everyday life or for at work, and become a more confident person. 

Makes You Smarter

Sports fans might not seem like the smartest people while they’re shouting at the TV, but in fact, watching a sport can make you smarter. Everyone knows a sports fan who can recite every statistic about their sport, team, or player of choice, or who can predict the outcome of a game. This isn’t always down to luck. 

Watching sports activates parts of your brain that enhance memory and language abilities. This comes from analyzing gameplay and studying the sport, without even realizing that you’re doing it. If you’re watching sports on a regular basis, you are watching all the details of the game, including things like referee choices, the crowd response, and how the manager is reacting. All these elements add up to a bigger picture, and doing this can make you smarter. 

Prevents Low Mood

Sports can be an escape, which improves your mood. When you feel as though you’re part of a team and have a network around you, you’ll feel happier. Noone’s team can always win, and even if this makes you feel sad for a short time, you can soon put it into perspective. Losses are a part of life, and having a supportive group of people makes you feel as though you’re in it together, which can lift your mood again. 

Of course, when your team are winning you’ll feel even better. The feeling you get when your team wins is amazing. When this happens, your brain releases endorphins that improve your mood.

Sarah x

Why Are Sports Important?

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We are often told that sports are important, and we have an innate feeling that this is true. When we play, we feel better, and when we watch, we enjoy ourselves. So it does seem to make sense. However, the question really is why? Why are sports so important? Read on to find out just some of the reasons why we all need more sport in our lives. 

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When we have sports in our lives, whether we play, go to games, or watch live sports like the British and Irish Lions tour, we will be able to make friends; we will be around people with the same likes and interests as us. This is crucial not just for children but for adults too, who often find it more difficult to make new friends as they get older. 

Friends in our lives mean that we can enjoy more social events, have someone to talk to when we need advice or simply a shoulder to cry on, and we know there is always someone we can have fun with, whether that relates to a shared love of sports or not. Studies have shown that those with friends are happier, healthier, and may even live longer than those without, or those who have very few people they can rely on. One of the many benefits of friendship that can help you in every stage of your life and in every situation is good self-esteem. 

Life Lessons 

Enjoying sports can teach us many life lessons as well. One of these is learning how to lose. Understanding that losses happen in life is important, no matter what you do for a living. If you’re a boss or an employee, if you own a business or work for someone else, if you are looking for work or have worked in the same place for a long time, knowing how to lose gracefully is crucial – you can have much better relationships and be more successful implementing this knowledge than if you always win.

You can also learn how to help others. Some sports are solo pursuits, but many are team games, and these are ideal lessons for showing people how to work together to be more successful. 

A Mood Enhancer 

Whether you are playing sports or watching sports, your mood will generally improve. Even if your team loses, you can still say that you enjoyed the game and the experience it offered you, and if you win, then that’s even better – a bonus to your good mood. 

Doing something you enjoy will release ‘happy hormones’ into your body. Serotonin is one of these, and it fights against cortisol, which is the hormone that can make people stressed. Therefore, the more you do something you enjoy – such as sports in whatever capacity most appeals to you – the better your mood and the happier you will feel. 

What’s really remarkable is that this happy feeling doesn’t only last for the length of the game, but continues for some time afterward. The more you get involved in your favorite sport, the happier you will be overall.

Sarah x

The Big Responsibilities That Come With A Big Dog

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Owning any dog is, naturally, going to come with its own set of responsibilities. Every breed is somewhat different in terms of their needs, as well. However, if there are any types of dogs that you should take more care to ensure that you’re ready for, it’s the big ones. Big dogs can overpower humans, and they can also take up a lot of room and resources that many owners aren’t prepared for. As such, here are a few tips on how to ensure that you’re ready to take care of an oversized pooch.

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Get ready for everything to cost more

With a big dog, you’re going to need bigger resources to help them meet all of their needs. This includes bigger beds, bigger crates (if you’re using them), bigger and hardier toys to deal with the fact that they bite with much more force. Then you have to consider larger doses of vaccines, pet medications, and more. Do your research into how much it costs to own a dog and expect to be on the higher end of the spectrum of those costs if you own a big dog.

They eat a lot more

Everyone wants their dog to be happy and healthy. However, in order to achieve that, you have to be ready to meet a lot of demands. With big dogs, people are often surprised how much they end up spending on food alongside all the other costs. A raw meat diet is often recommended for big dogs, but there are some trustworthy big dog foods. Don’t try to make it into any kind of guesswork, however. Talk to your vet about what foods they recommend and specific portion sizes that you should leave out for them.

They need more exercise and space

If you’re looking for an apartment dog, then you should not be looking at the bigger breeds out there. There are some people who can manage to live in a small space with a big dog but it’s not ideal. They need a lot of space to run around, to play, and to find spots to rest, even when they’re at home. Big dogs require a lot of exercise and you can get dog toys specifically for larger and more active breeds that can help you meet those needs. Of course, walking is where they’re going to get the bulk of their physical activity.

Walking is a challenge if you’re not ready

One lesson that most people are going to learn as their big dog grows is that the dog is stronger than them. As such, if you lose control of them when walking, it can be legitimately dangerous. Even if your dog isn’t aggressive, they can head out into the road or come into contact with dogs or people that are hostile. As such, a dog harness allows you to better control them without as much force and doesn’t have as much potential for harm as collars or chokers. Teaching them to heel on command is also essential, however, to make sure you’re not fighting them the entire way through your walk.

They all shed, they all need grooming

All big dogs shed. This is a truth that you’re going to find is nigh universal. As such, you had better ensure there isn’t anyone who is allergic to pet dander in the home. Furthermore, you’re going to want a dog hair vacuum to make it easy to scoop up that dander or you will find it sticking to everything you own. Frequent grooming is also a must to keep things from getting too messy to keep up with.

Training is essential

This isn’t to say that there is any dog that doesn’t need some training, in terms of listening to commands and socialising. However, big dogs are, as mentioned, stronger than most people, and have a lot of potential to cause harm or destruction even when they mean well. As such, it may be worth investing in professional dog training to make them more obedient and easier to control.

There’s nothing to say that owning a big dog is any less exciting, fun, or fulfilling than living with a smaller dog. You should simply be prepared for the additional effort and thinking that it can take. Similarly, very small dogs take a little extra prep and care to own as well. The lesson here is: know what kind of dog you’re getting and what you need to do to be a better owner to them.

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