Mother’s Day gift guide 2021

Contains gifted products:

If you have been a reader for a while you will know that I love putting together gift guides.

With Mother’s Day approaching, it can be difficult to decide what to buy, especially if you have multiple people to buy for. For me, I usually have to decide on presents for my mum, my step mum, my mother in law and my grandma. It can get difficult trying to pick what to buy everyone.

I know shopping is difficult at the moment with Covid restrictions in the UK but all of the ideas I have mentioned can be purchased online and if you don’t live with the recipient you can simply get it sent direct to their house.

Food & Drink

Britain Loves Baking – Baileys Red Velvet Chocolate Fudge & Prosecco


All the ingredients in the box are weighed out for you:

Makes 600g of fudge & a bottle of Prosecco  

50ml of Baileys Red Velvet (this has been decanted into)

1 Tub of condensed milk from sustainable UK farms

1 Bag of Belgian White Chocolate

1 Bag of Belgian Dark Chocolate

1 Bottle of Vanilla extract

1 Bag Dehydrated mixed berry powder

1 Recipe card

1 75 cl  Prosecco 

I think this is a great idea as you can either gift this as a box so your loved one can make the fudge/you can make it together or you can make it yourself then give it as a gift. It’s such a unique idea to be able to give something you can make as well.

The instructions are easy to follow and it really does include everything you red to make delicious fudge as well as a bottle of prosecco.

Il Gusto Miniature Limited Edition Gin Gift Set (Pack of 8 x 40ml)


8 bottles including:

Elderflower Gin (26%)

Strawberry Gin (31%)

Cherry Bakewell (31%)

Rhubarb Gin (25%)

Violet Gin (25%)

Turkish Delight Gin (26%)

Blood Orange Gin (31%)

Pink Grapefruit Gin (31%)

If she likes gin then this set is ideal. Il gusto have such an amazing range of gins and other liquors as well as vinegars and oils so there is something for everyone. Their variety boxes are a great way to try different flavours or if there is a particular flavour she likes then you can get a variety of shaped bottles with just the one flavour in.

Prezzybox – Personalised Mothers Day Favorites Box – Caramel


This is such a lovely idea as you can pick her favourite Cadbury chocolate bar and get a whole box personalised with Happy Mother’s Day on and you can also have your name put on it. I think it’s a cute design and such a great gift idea as who wouldn’t want a massive box of their fave chocolate bar?!

Stirling Distillery – Lockdown Virtual Tour and Tasting



Virtual Tour of the Distillery hosted by our Team and Founders Cameron and June McCann

4 x 5cl minis (Stirling Gin, Battle Strength Gin, Raspberry Red Cap Liqueur & Bramble and Mint Green Lady Liqueur)

2 x Bottles of Fever-tree mediterranean tonic

1 x Orange (dried orange)

1 x Cocktail Recipe Book

1 x Small Bottle of Hand Sanitiser

What’s great about this gift is not only do you get a great range of liquors to try, you also get a virtual experience of the distillery and get to learn more about how the drinks are made. Educational and tasty!

Flawsome – Mother’s Day Gift Box


This box includes two bars of galaxy uniquely wrapped in Flawsomes creative packaging to spell out words inspired by famous chocolate wrappers as well as some little chocolate hearts. You can pick from a large selection of words and they have some really great rude ones to pick from as well!

Mandira’s Kitchen – Chicken Biriyani


Mandira’s Kitchen create a great range of authentic Indian food to be enjoyed at home. They have lots of dishes that can be stored in the freezer and are simple to heat in the oven. This dish tasted so good and the portions are ideal as it’s for two but it’s split up so you can cook separately if needed. This would be a great alternative to a takeaway for your mum.

Mandira’s Kitchen – Vegetable Samosas


Alongside the main you can also get a good range of sides and the samosas are really tasty! This pack will do a couple of meals as well as they are easy to heat up.

Mandira’s Kitchen – Naan


An indian meal isn’t complete without naan bread and these are easy to heat up and taste so nice. They are so much nice than ones you get from a supermarket and a good size too. There are three in the pack so quite good value.

Mandira’s Kitchen – Pineapple Chutney


This is a pleasant change from mango chutney and can be enjoyed alongside a curry. It tastes good and you get quite a lot in the jar.

Really impressed with the range and think it would make a nice treat for someone this mother’s day.


SOS H20 Day Serum


This is a really luxurious vegan and cruelty free serum packed with antioxidants to reduce wrinkles and to help protect the skin. This would be a great gift for anyone that likes to take care of their skin. It can be used as a daily serum and contains SPF.

Sugar Coated Leg Hair Removal Kit


Kit includes:

200g wax, 3 spatulas (2 big & 1 small) and 15 re-usable strips 

This is a really great leg hair wax and it’s vegan and cruelty free. It’s easy to use and contains rosehip oil to soothe your legs. It really helps to prevent ingrown hairs and leaves tour legs super soft.

Prezzybox – Gelato Bath Melts Collection


This set contains four lovely handmade melts that are shaped like tasty cupcakes and have iconic ice cream scents such as Mint Chocolate Chip, Raspberry Ripple, Lemon Sorbet and Cookies & Cream! They are so luxurious and smell amazing. A must for any bath lover!

Perry’s Bath Bombs – Mother’s Day Box


1 x huge No 1 mum glittery bath star (scented in beautiful dreams)

1 x small neroli bath bomb

1 x small be calm bath bomb

1 x moo free chocolate bar

This box is a great idea for anyone that loves bath bombs. They are all handmade and smell amazing. I use bath bombs from Perry all the time and her scents are so lovely and the bombs are made with such loving care. The box also comes with a chocolate bar as an added bonus.

House Of Purple Rose – Regenerating Gold Concentrate Serum with Gold Flakes


This serum is made from a blend of pomegranate, bearberry, papaya, turmeric, hexylresorcinol and vitamins. Including natural botanicals and pure 23 carat gold flakes this is a really great product for your skin. It provides a range of powerful anti-aging benefits, including firming, moisturising and tightening of the skin. A great gift idea for anyone that wants to take care of their skin.

House Of Purple Rose – Brighten and Clarify Cleanser


The Clarifying Cleanser is boosting with Caviar lime, Acerola, Papaya which work together to fade blemishes, combat dark spots and promote an even skin tone.

It is also infused with Green tea and Silk amino acids which offers antioxidant protection against damage caused by pollution making skin feel instantly smooth, silky and healthy looking. It is a great cleanser to use and would make a great gift.

Newport Gifts – 24 Soap Flower Heart Box


Soap flowers are something I had never even heard of but they are such a unique gift idea. You simply add a one or two roses to your warm bath, relax and watch the cute flowers dissolve right before your very eyes. It creates a beautiful colourful water and great scent. It leaves your skin soft, silky, and smelling wonderfully fresh.

Newport Gifts – Flower Bouquet


This is another variation on the above but is displayed as a bouquet so you have a variety of different flowers to add to your bath. I think this is a really cute and fun gift idea as they can go on display as flowers until they are used. They look too nice to use and could be kept for display if you wanted and they smell so good!

Their website is currently under construction so you can message them on Twitter to purchase.


Tribal Unicorn – Nova Candle


Tribal Unicorn candles are inspired by London Life. From the sweet pineapple and jerk vibes of Notting Hill Carnival to the candlelit hip hop yoga classes in Shoreditch. Using the highest quality perfumes and clean burning wax available. Their vegan-friendly, luxury candle brand is the answer to boring, lackluster, shop-bought candles.

They use organic, ethically sourced soy, rapeseed, and coconut wax and every candle purchased helps them to support our two chosen charities. Fareshare and Women’s Aid.

I love the scent and the colour of the Nova candle, it looks like galaxy print! It is a rich, floral accord of bluebells and hyacinth enhanced with notes of galbanum, rose and jasmine.

Cutch Company – The Self Embrace Candle


The name ‘cutch’ is a variation of a spelling of cwtch , which is a Welsh word for a special kind of hug or a cuddle. They brand have created a candle based around Embraces . There are 3 within this range – Friendship, Self and Lovers. They have also just released A Loving Cutch just for Mother’s Day .

Cutch Company use soy wax, recyclable materials and essential oils and paraben free perfumes in their candle scents. All candles go out in the post snuggled up in tissue paper which has been fragranced using their scents. The unwrapping experience is a very pleasant one and you know you have been sent a Cutch.

The self embrace candle smells so good! Powerful lavender oil calms the heart and encourages peace and healing, whilst herbaceous eucalyptus and rosemary help clear the mind, giving strength and renewed courage for the coming day. Warm, nutty supporting notes of clary sage add reassurance and warmth to this hand blended candle, poured with love. Light, relax and press the reset button.


Chewie Cat – Coco Teething Necklace – Black


Chewie Cat specialise in teething necklaces, designed to be both fashionable and practical.

They designed these silicone teething necklaces for stylish mummies who are looking for some baby proof jewellery. They are non-toxic and safe for baby to play with or chew when teething, helping to soothe baby’s sensitive gums. It can encourage early motor skills when baby grasps this necklace.  

The necklaces are made with strong satin cord and a breakaway safety clasp. The silicone beads are made from high quality food-grade silicone which has been safety tested and free from all nasties.

Josie Dom – Lums Mum Book


Lum’s Mum – the perfect gift from a toddler to Mum. The book is all about Lum missing his Mum, with lots of love and adventure going on, and a ‘guaranteed’ hug for Mum at the end. It would make a great gift for mother and child to read to together or for your child to read and give you peace and quiet until they have finished.

Leo Charley and Me – Cherry Stone Warming Pillow


If they suffer from regular aches and pains these cute cherry stone pillows are just the thing you need to buy.

Using heat or cold therapy can really help to ease the pain caused by muscle tension, arthritis and sprains.

These little pillows are filled with cleaned and dried cherry stones which heat up easily and rapidly in the microwave and will stay warm without the dangers associated with traditional hot water bottles. They can also be chilled in the freezer and used like a bag of frozen peas on injuries or for headaches.

They come in a variety of designs and this dog one is super cute.

I hope I have given you some good ideas!

Sarah x

6 Motivations Go Green With An Electric Fireplace

Collaborative post:

With the arrival of winters, the fireplace becomes an indispensable part of every home. There are mainly three major options that fall under fireplaces: wood-burning, gas, and electric fireplaces. Most people choose the wood-burning or gas fireplace to save power bills. Keep in mind, wood-burning fireplaces produce methane which is not safe for humans and the environment. Whereas gas fireplaces emit nitrogen dioxide, which is harmful to the respiratory system.

Going with an electric fireplace is a fantastic option for smart homeowners. It gives them warmth and comfort under a budget. Let’s know 6 reasons why eco-friendly people choose an electric fireplace over others;

1. Fits at every place

Whether you are looking to install a fireplace at home, condo, apartment, or recreational vehicles, it adds value to every place. It does not produce any smoke, therefore there is no need to fret about the chimney. Therefore, you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace with less installation and maintenance costs.

2. Easy To Install

Easy installation is one of the best features of an electric fireplace. All you need to read a large electric fireplace insert guide by the manufacturer. Your purpose will be solved in just a few steps. The best part is that there is no need to demolish the wall and build special space. Just a plugin helps you to enjoy the warmth of heat.

3. Safety is The Biggest Concern

The electric fireplace keeps the room warmer but is safe when touched. Therefore, you can let your kids and pets play in the same room without worrying about health hazards. For more safety, you can increase or decrease temperature and prevent overheating.

4. Gives You Lots of Options

The modern electric fireplace comes with stylish functional options. Therefore, whether you have a contemporary or traditional house, you do not worry about the architectural style to decorate your home. As it fits into every home interior. Moreover, features like brightness, flame color, flame speed, and much more work as complementary to cheer your mood. The best part from the bathroom to the basement, it can settle everywhere.

5. Energy Efficient

If you choose an LED fireplace, these allow you to heat the room you need. You can easily turn off the fireplace once your room temperature reaches the desired level. Notably, there is no deforestation involved to produce energy. While comparing the cost, an electric fireplace takes your power bills to 8-12 cents an hour whereas a gas fireplace running cost involves 17-19 cents an hour.

6. Low Maintenance Cost

When there is no wood, no ash, no soot or chimney means you do not need to bother about much maintenance cost. All you need to do is just relax and sit on the chair to enjoy the warmth of your favorite device. You have a remote to control all the features of the fireplace. Moreover, electric fireplaces have a longer life-span than traditional fireplaces.

Bottom Line

An electric fireplace becomes a need for an hour if you want to experience a luxurious house. Not only in winters, but you can also use led fireplaces in summers too. Just switch off the heating mode and enjoy soothing lightning at night to balance your mood.

Sarah x

4 Tips of Planning a Successful Spring Home Renovation

Collaborative post:

After a long and cold winter, everyone of us wants to embrace the spring with a fresh look. Not to mention that, we have been used to spending much time at home for leisure and work. When we take a deep look at the space we use everyday, we always come up with new ideas to spruce it up. No matter if you need new windows and doors, an open kitchen or a nice backyard, you can make it happen. Now it is the best time to start our home renovation project, and here are 4 important tips to bear in mind.

Sort out the must-dos

Everyone can have a long list of dream touch ups, but we can’t do everything all at once. We are restricted by time, money and energy. So it is important to discuss with family members to figure out the most necessary parts for the spring renovation.

Plan early

Most of us have to work every day to support our family, so we usually procrastinate the less important things in life. However, spring is so short and precious. The best thing to do is to plan early in winter. You need to understand that planning is only the first step. It takes much more time to get a done deal with the contractors, and the contractors need to book materials and schedules — everything takes time.

Meanwhile, most people forget about the cleaning work after the projects. It can be a great mess if not taken care of. Some people may book a dumpster bin rental service early to avoid keeping the trash in the backyard. When you have a thorough plan at hand, you will have more confidence to get an ideal look for your house.

Budget wisely

Like we said before, we can come up with a long list of fancy stuff, but we have to cut off the unnecessary details to serve the most important renovations. For example, a leaking bathroom is more urgent than beautifying a balcony. We have to spend money wisely to achieve the optimal results.

Make arrangements for family

Construction can be disturbing for everyone. When you figure out the projects that your contractors will be performing, you need to make arrangements for family members as well. For example, is it possible to live in your parents’ house for a couple weeks? Or send kids to a summer camp? After all, a construction site can be chaotic, so it does not hurt to be careful.

Final Thoughts

Rejuvenating a house is exciting, but we need to plan and execute wisely to ensure the smooth transition. It is always recommended to talk to professionals to seek great ideas.

Sarah x

Is Your Home Making You Miserable? Here’s What To Do!

Collaborative post:

Do you feel less than happy when you’re at home? Some people don’t realize that their home can be a huge source of their unhappiness. If you feel like your home could be making you miserable, take a look at the advice below. You’ll find plenty of things that could perk up your home and make you happier – so read on to learn more:

1 – Get Serious About Taking Care of Your Clutter 

Being surrounded by clutter is not a fun way to live. If we want to be happy at home, everything needs a place, and we need space to luxuriate and relax. Getting serious about taking care of your clutter is key. Here are some pointers that could help you:

  • See if you can go paperless with your bills and other documents.
  • Sort letters out and decide what to do with them as soon as you get them. Putting them to one side only encourages you to leave them and deal with them at a later date. 
  • See if you can get rid of one thing, no matter how small, each week, or even day. 
  • Don’t hoard. If you haven’t used something in 6 months or more (unless seasonal), you are unlikely to use it again. 
  • Keep your surfaces clean and pretty, perhaps place flowers on them. This will encourage you to keep them free from clutter and avoid using every available surface as a dumping ground. 

2 – Get Rid of Toxic Products 

If there are toxic products in your home, you could potentially be making yourself ill without realizing it. Certain cleaning products and even candles contain toxic ingredients! See if you can use more natural ingredients, perhaps even homemade. Soy candles tend to be healthier than traditional candles. Look into healthier alternatives to anything you already use. 

Keep an eye on toxic mold that can grow in certain rooms in the home, too, especially damp rooms such as the bathroom. 

3 – Keep It Clean and Hygienic 

Keep your home clean and hygienic. If you need to hire somebody to come in once a week and do it, it’s worth it if you don’t have time to do it yourself. Dust, allergens, and other issues in the home can end up making you ill, irritating your sinuses, and causing other problems. Don’t let this happen to you! Many people don’t have time to keep their space perfectly clean, and this is nothing to feel guilty about. If you have a full time job, it’s hard to balance everything. Take a weight off your mind by hiring somebody else! 

4 – Try A New Color Scheme 

Colors have moods associated with them. Try a new color scheme in your home and you might just find that you feel happier day to day. Orange and yellow are particularly happy colors, but you might make your mind up based on the rooms to be painted and how you want to feel in them. You can mix up colors too, but you should use a color wheel to ensure that your choices either match or clash perfectly. 

5 – Surround Yourself With Things You Love 

If you want your home to make you happy, you should surround yourself with things you love. If you don’t love something already in your home, get rid of it! Be more picky about the things you bring into your home, too. Avoid impulse purchases and instead think about items for a considerable amount of time before parting with your hard earned cash. 

Image Credit

6 – Let In More Natural Light 

Natural light is one of the most important things we need as humans. It helps to improve our mood due to the increase in happy hormones and vitamin D. Many of us don’t get enough time outside and vitamin D as it is, so letting in as much natural light as you can is key! You can do this by swapping out your window dressings for something that allows you full control of the light, or by getting rid of window dressings completely – just keep your privacy in mind. You’ll also want to consider whether you need to change your doors or windows to allow for more natural light. You can get an idea of what is available on this homepage. If you want to let more light into your home with new doors and windows, try choosing a door that has a little window for extra light! 

7 – Purify and Beautify

Purify and beautify your space with lots of plants. Plants can be another great mood booster, and they also purify the air! The more you add, the more beautiful your space will look, and you’ll boost your health to boot. Just make sure you choose plants that you know you can care for. Snake plants, for example, are a wonderful way to purify the air in your home without having to spend too much time keeping them alive. Remember that each plant needs different light levels and amounts of water. 

8 – Use Mirrors To Reflect Light And Space

Mirrors can help you to enhance smaller rooms, and even light up dark corners when strategically placed. They are great for reflecting light and space, and even adding some character to your home if you pick an unusual style or shape. 

9 – Show Off Your Tastes 

Your home should be a reflection of you, so make sure it shows off your tastes. Show off any collections and souvenirs that you’re proud of, and put up artwork that makes you happy. Generic artwork can sometimes look tacky, but artwork that has been commissioned or even found in an antique store can look incredible! You could even create something yourself if you’re arty and want to show off your skills. 

 Image Credit

10 – Make Your Bed Every Morning 

Perhaps your unmade bed is making your grumpy when it’s time to climb back into it at night. Some experts believe that an unmade bed could actually be healthier, as it airs it out in between uses. However, making your bed first thing in the morning can help you to get into a good frame of mind and feel accomplished first thing. You’ll also feel much better when it’s time to climb into it at night! 

11 – Give Away Unused Hobby Supplies

Do you have unused hobby supplies laying around your home, reminding you of the things that you thought would be your next favorite thing, but didn’t stick with you long enough? Do yourself a favor, and give them away or sell them. Be honest with yourself. Are you likely to use them again? If not, make some extra money with them and free up your space. Don’t let them make you feel bad any longer! 

12 – Make Sure It’s Safe 

Making sure your home is safe will give you peace of mind and ensure you don’t feel scared when home alone at night. Install CCTV, but up signs, make sure your locks are sturdy, and don’t advertise when you’re away on social media. There are plenty of other things you can do too, such as installing the correct alarms and making sure it’s lit properly. Don’t procrastinate on this, or you’ll wish you had done something about it sooner. 

13 – Think About What To Do With Childhood Keepsakes 

Childhood keepsakes can be great, but if you have nowhere to store them, it could be time to let them go. Rather than make us reminisce over our childhood, they can actually make us miserable because of the mess they make. 

What are you going to do to perk up your home and your mood?

Sarah x

Can Creepy Crawlies Really Damage Your Home?

Collaborative post:

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It’s no secret that there are a lot of creepy crawlies in the world that love having the chance to access the place you call home. Just like humans, the bugs you find outside love to spend their days in places that are warm, dry, and safe, and this makes the complex network of tiny holes in your home very alluring to them. Of course, though, aside from the unpleasantness that insects and other small animals bring, can they actually damage your home? Let’s take a look at some of the most destructive bugs out there, giving you an idea of what they could do to your home.


Woodworm has been making life hell for homeowners for thousands of years. These small insects are able to burrow and bore into hard and softwood, eating it and leaving tiny holes as they go. While this damage can seem minimal at first, woodworm can damage the structure of a home to the point that it has to be demolished, making it well worth learning what you have to look out for when you are worried that your home might be infested with woodworm.


Termites are usually found in remote places, with their large mounds being too imposing to be found in most gardens. In some cases, though, these creatures can get onto your property, causing huge amounts of damage to your home’s foundations, the wood inside, and even ruining your garden. It’s not too tricky to get rid of termites and they aren’t venomous like ants, making it easy to initiate termite damage control with the support of an expert.


People generally have a fear of wasps, and this makes a lot of sense. These small creatures are beautiful to look at but are well known for their aggression and willingness to sting people when they get too close. This will be even worse when they are trying to protect a nest. Wasps won’t cause damage to your home on their own, but their nests can, leaving a lot of moisture and often being very hard to remove.

Bed Bugs

Finally, as the last creature on this list, it’s time to think about bed bugs. These tiny insects love to live inside beds, biting the occupant and making their lives hell. Long-term exposure to bed bugs can cause severe health problems, including infections and mental health issues, making it well worth watching out for the signs of these bugs before they deal too much damage. Bed bugs can be very hard to get rid of, making it worth talking to a professional for help with this.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of keeping your home from being damaged by creepy crawlies. You can usually wait until you have an invasion before you take action, but it will be worth doing this quickly to avoid permanent damage.

Sarah x

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

This post contains gifted items:

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to share some gift ideas with you. No matter who you are buying for, whether it is your partner, future love interest or a friend(for those that celebrate Galentine’s), I have you covered!

I know shopping is difficult at the moment with Covid restrictions in the UK but all of the ideas I have mentioned can be purchased online and if you don’t live with the recipient you can simply get it sent direct to their house.

Food & Drink

Il Gusto Pick n Mix

£28 for 3 bottles

If you want to get someone the gift of spirits but aren’t sure what they may like then Il Gusto is worth checking out as they have a great range of pick and mix bottles that stack together. You can pick from vodka, gin or a creamy liquor and then pick out your different flavours. They have so many great flavours to pick from and you can even have your own message written on the bottles.

I have always been impressed by the quality of Il Gusto products and have tried various things from them in the past. They also do a great range of vinegars and oils in special bottles.

Prezzybox – Personalised chocolates


These personalised chocolates are a great idea. You can pick you own photo to use on the little card that comes with them as well as a message. These are a great gift that can be shared. I know by giving this to my husband he will end up sharing with me! The picture is removable as well as is a nice little keepsake to keep hold of after the chocolates have been eaten!

Prezzybox always have a really great range of presents and most of them can be personalised.

The Edible Museum – Chocolate human heart


This is amazing. How else would you show your loved one you care than by giving them a heart? I think this is a brilliant idea and it looks so cool.

The heart is formed to look as realistic as possible to a human heart and is made completely out of chocolate and to scale. Each one is hand painted with chocolate to look as realistic as possible. It is such a unique gift!

Push Chocolate – Valentine’s Day box

£4.99 per bag usually, packaging is an additional cost:

Two pouches £9.99

Three pouches £13.49

Four Pouches £16.99

All the prices above include UK P&P.

This box is a great gift for any chocolate lover. It contains a bag of chocolate buttons in a flavour of your choice, wrapped in valentine’s themed paper as well as a beautiful fake rose.

All of their ingredients are natural with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or any other nasties. Their chocolate contains 50% less sugar than mainstream chocolate and is boosted with plant proteins, which help to provide the essential building blocks keeping your body healthier as part of a balanced diet. Those chocolate is vegan and suitable for people who are intolerant to lactose, gluten and soy.

They have so many different flavours to pick from!

For the love of the land – Cook book


Another great idea is a cookery book. Forty fantastic farmers from all over the British Isles share their recipes and stories about what British farming means to them. It is a great way to find out new recipes and also a must have book for anyone that loves cooking and spending time in the kitchen! If your loved one enjoys cooking then this is a really useful gift idea.

Heart of Hearts – Mini prosecco


Say it with champers is a company that creates personalised champagne and prosecco. They offer a variety of sizes and you can pick whatever label design and text you want. The heart of hearts label is perfect for the occasion and you can add your own message. They will even send you over a copy of the label before printing if you want to check what it will look like. I think this is a thoughtful gift with a message on.

Mooze botanical spirit

£19.99 for 70cl

Mooze 12% is a crisp, lower alcohol botanical spirit, distilled by international award winners in Essex, filling the gap for when you want to drink, but less units and calories.

Mooze contains 6 delicious Botanicals: Juniper, Cucumber, Orange, Clementine Zest, Coriander and Macadamia Nut.

It is a great alternative to regular spirits as it means you don’t get that awful hangover or feel as drunk but still get the taste of a nice alcoholic drink, the perfect gift for anyone that likes a drink or two!

Orriss & Son sauces

£7.25 each for a 200ml bottle

These sauces are a good source of protective antioxidants plus vitamins and minerals, chillies are a great addition to a nutritious, balanced diet. All in all, these three carefully crafted chilli condiments combine authenticity and deliciousness with ultimate convenience and health benefits. Choose from:

‘Even Flow’ – the one that started it all. Orriss & Son’s original recipe hot sauce, based on fiery and fruity habaneros plus red and smoked chillies, tomato and apple juices to deliver that defined ‘hit’.

‘My Wave’ takes inspiration from the heat of the classic and now familiar piri-piri seasoning. Fresh and dried chillies are combined with red peppers, tomatoes and cider vinegar along with the traditional lemon, bay and garlic, to bring a fresh piquancy and balanced salinity to a host of dishes.

‘Fresh Tendrils’ is based on the subtle heat of fresh green jalapeños, balanced with green peppers, apple juice, earthy nettle and mint to impart a vibrant acidity in a tasty green sauce.

They all taste really great and a donation from the sale of each bottle also goes to a water aid charity which changes millions of lives every year, working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.


Sharkie and Bear – Heart studs


These beautiful earrings are lead and nickel free stainless steel with a heart pattern on, they are such a cute gift idea for valentine’s and they have so many different designs to pick from in studs or in dangly earrings. They also have a good range of non heart related ones that are worth checking out. They are so well made and a really good price for something so delicate and lovely.

Trendhim – Freek Black Knitted Cotton Gloves


These black knitted mens gloves feature touch screen capability on the thumbs and forefingers so are great for anyone that uses a phone or tablet regularly.

They are crafted from 100% recycled cotton, they keep the heat in without trapping sweat, really soft and come in a variety of sizes but also slightly stretchy to be more accommodating. The gloves are great quality and a really good gift idea.


Asda – Photo canvas

From £12 depending on size and design

Asda have such a good range of photo items from cushions to blankets or mugs as well as wall canvases. You can personalise them exactly how you want, from the size to the border to the colour scheme. I created this absolutely massive one to go on our wall in the living room complete with 4 wedding photos, two in black and white and two in colour. It came out so well and the pictures look so clear on it. It comes with small wooden blocks if you want to stretch the canvas further but I didn’t need to.

I have always been impressed with the Asda photo products as they are always such great quality and are affordable compared to other photo companies. Their website is so easy to use and I designed the canvas from my phone. You can upload your photos and use their tools to crop and resize as well as change the colour hue.

Crosskey Avenue – Ischia scented candle


I think candles make a great idea as a gift, whether they are for your loved one or if you wanted to treat yourself. Crosskey Avenue have a good range of scents but the one I have been burning is Ischia which is freshly picked lemon, red rose and tomato leaf combine with Mediterranean cypress to produce this zesty yet floral perfume redolent of the Italian island of Ischia. It smells beautiful and even after burning for a while you it still lets off a powerful scent without being overpowering.

Each candle is wrapped in minimalist matt white glass and presented in a beautiful gifting box embossed with the signature Crosskey Avenue keyhole. It has approx. burn time of 38 hrs and the packaging is sustainable.


Prezzybox – Men’s wellness collection


This is the ideal gift for anyone that likes to pamper themselves as it contains:

Mr Tea Bath Tea Bag, Mr Melt Bath Melt, Mr Smoothie Shower Smoothie and 50g Lime and Cedarwood Shaving Soap.

It is a lovely set all packaged together in a blue themed box aimed for men and I think it’s a really good idea as some men love using different bath products but don’t go out of their way to get them so to receive this as a gift is a really nice thought.

Neves Bees – Everything looks rosey gift box


Neves bees have the most lovely range of products made from natural bees wax, blended with pure, sustainably sourced plant oils and butters and fragranced with natural essential oils and packaged in recyclable tins, card and linen packaging.

This everything looks rosey gift box contains 1 Rosey Hand Salve in a 30ml tin and 1 Rosey Lip Balm in an 8ml Slider tin. I love their hand save and use is regularly especially in the colder months and when washing my hands more frequently. I love the quality of their products and the packaging is really cute.

COSRX – Acne pimple master patch


This is a great idea to treat yourself to if you are preparing to look your best for valentine’s day, whether you live with your loved one and are having a takeaway or having a virtual date with someone over zoom, you will want to look and feel your best.

These patches work so well overnight by reducing inflammation and redness of spots whilst protecting them and helping them heal. I am really impressed with these patches and surprised how well they work on pesky little spots.

Embryolisse – Hydra serum


If you want to treat yourself or your loved one to skincare then Embryolisse is a great brand and their products are so kind to your skin, whilst really working, especially good for the colder months when your skin needs extra love.

The hydra serum is great to replenish moisture without leaving your skin sticky or greasy, it soaks in well and really helps to hydrate your skin.

Embryolisse – Hydra cream light


The hydra light cream is designed for people that don’t like heavier creams or serums. The lightweight, ultra-nourishing moisturiser sinks into the skin in seconds to provide hydration that lasts all day long. The refreshing texture doesn’t feel heavy and protects the skin’s natural barrier against external aggressors. It helps to give you glowing, healthy looking skin.

Lane 44 – Rose gold razor

From £26 depending on blade supply

This beautiful razor is designed to be an affordable sharp and plastic free design. You can buy it with a 1, 6 or 12 month supply of double edge blades and the 6 or 12 month options come with a free blade bank.

By using a single blade razor you can get a close cut shave without irritation and ingrown hairs. It’s so easy to hold and use and is already the perfect weight and size so you don’t have to apply pressure. This would be a great treat to yourself or for someone you love that suffers with sore skin after regular shaving.


Mood cards – For me and you


These are a set of 20 practical activities to get couples into a positive mindset and enhance their connection. They are the perfect Valentine’s day gift, designed to encourage partners to grow and have fun together, to understand and support each other better, to share mutual appreciation and complicity.

They can be used together or in turns, so works well as a gift they can be sent directly to the recipient with a free message and fit through the letterbox.

The cards are printed on FSC paper and have a bio lamination, which makes them compostable and 100% plastic-free. They come in a lovely tin box that is reusable too.

Smart screen – Antibacterial cloth


This is a great gift idea to treat yourself to something useful and give your phone or tablet some love. This lifestyle accessory, though produced predominantly for phone and tablet use, can also be utilised for reading glasses or camera lens cleaning thanks to its versatility. It’s so handy to have and I have used it on all my devices as well as my glasses to keep my screens clean and clear.

It’s available in six different colours (Navy Blue, Saffron Yellow, Slate Grey, Powder Blue, Polar White and Camel Brown)

Loving small business box

From £17

Loving Small Business have a monthly subscription box that supports independent small businesses and charities. All of their box contents are a surprise which subscribers love. Their previous boxes have included handcrafted jewellery, natural beauty products and home fragrance, this is an example of what a box may contain.

I think this is a great idea as a gift or a treat for yourself and a really good way to try out products you wouldn’t usually buy or haven’t heard of. The boxes have a great mix of products and you can view previous boxes on their website if you want an idea of what people have received in the past.

They have a continuous offer of 30% off the first box for anyone who subscribes to their newsletter!

Have you bought a gift for anyone yet?

Sarah x