Whilst browsing Prezzybox I came across an amazing selection of cat products, things actually for cats as well as things for cat fans like myself.

Cat Selfie


The cat selfie is an incredible idea. I always struggle getting photos with my cats so this genius idea clips on to you phone and has a dangling bell on to attract your cats attention so you can take a great pic! you can also put a bit of food on it 🙂

Personalised enamel cat bowl


I think these bowls are so cute, just hoping my cats can read and always use the correct one haha. I love how cute personalised things are and Prezzybox have a gift idea for everyone. I hope my vats realise how lucky they are!

The bowls are really well made and easy to clean. I love the cute little handles on the side too and the font for their names is really pretty.

Do you have pets? Do they have special food bowls or anything?

Sarah x

I want to start sharing more home ware items with you so thought I would start off and show you all my new rug I got from Land of Rugs.

We wanted a red rug to go in our living room under our coffee table and this one was ideal.

To find the perfect rug I searched by colour and then once you haven’t selected the one you like you can then pick from a variety of sizes to suit. We went for one slightly longer than we needed so there was extra space at the side of the table if our cats wanted to sit on it as it is super soft.

As you can see it is a great fit and really brings the perfect amount of colour into our living room. This particular rug comes in 10 different shades and in a variety of sizes:

80 x 150cm [2’7″x4’11”] 120 x 170cm [3’11″x5’7″] 160 x 230cm [5’3″x7’6″] 200 x 290cm [6’6″x9’6″]

We went for the 80x150cm one. I am really impressed with the price as I always thought a rug would be a lot more expensive and this one is so soft and the cats love it! Delivery was free and it arrived in only a couple of days.

They also have a lot of other rugs to pick from and colours/sizes to suit every room. This stripey one is really cool! I am thinking of getting another rug to go in our bedroom.

Do you have a rug in your bedroom or living room?

Sarah x

All Candles Wholesale are a fab website to buy cheap/bulk packs of candles. They have such an amazing range to pick from, so whether you want a few its for around the house or are planning a wedding or party they have something for you!

This cute set comes with a reed diffuser and a candle, the perfect treat for yourself or gift for someone. The scent I went for is lily and bamboo. There are 5 other scents to pick from for this set:

Ceder wood & vanilla

Jamine & vetiver

Kiwi & beramot

Petitgrain & sandalwood

Pomegranate & mango

It is great value at £21.55 as both products are great quality and it comes presented in a beautiful box.

I love the scent, you can smell it as soon as you open the box! Was really impressed with the size of the products too.

Sarah x

When you want to upgrade the look of your backyard, but you don’t have enough money to spend on expensive services, you hold back. Creativity can never be sacrificed for the sake of money and upgrading your backyard as per your choice doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend big bucks and neither it is time-consuming. Little tweaks in your home backyard can make a big difference to the overall look of your backyard. When you look at the makeover tv shows, you envy the look of your backyard and really want it in your house. Here are a few projects you can take on to upgrade your backyard even on a small budget.

1. Install an Espaliered Tree

Espaliered trees are very common and a cheap mean to decorate your backyard with the greens. It’s a cheap plant that makes up a good fence. Espaliered trees take time to grow into the pattern. Then you can train it to grow into the shape you want it to grow. It can give beauty to a blank wall to create different shapes.


2. Install a Feet Washing Frame

Your feet get dirty with all the soil and dirt after enjoying in your backyard. You don’t want those dirty feet in your house. Adding a feet washer with a waterproof frame can add beauty to your backyard. Pipe or a shower to make all the muck and mud go away is helpful. For décor, you can add flat stones which will feel good under your feet. Don’t forget to place a doormat to rub the wet feet off and into the house.


3. Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is considered by many people when they don’t have much space in their backyard and really want to upgrade their garden. Vertical gardening is cost-effective and easy-to-maintain. They make most of the small space and you can use recycled material to build it as well.


4. Repainting the Yard

You can make your yard to look modern by painting it with vibrant colors. Walls, chairs, tables and other stuff in your backyard might need some touchup. Painting is the most cost-effective way of making changes to your backyard. Make use of old paints that may have been left and use them to your advantage to keep yourself in the budget even more.

5. Repair Instead of Replacing

Replacing your outdoor supplies can cost you a lot. You may not even consider it when you are on a budget. Simple fixes for your furniture can help you revive them in a way that is as good as new. DIY techniques sure do a lot of help.


6. Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has been debated on whether it is the most cost-effective product for your backyard. It would seem that although, artificial turf is quite expensive, it is a long term investment for your backyard. It doesn’t need any watering or gardening maintenance cost, neither will it get withered nor get rooted out. The recent development has included polymers and nylons which make this artificial turf look very close to the real grass.

Sarah x

I love coming across cute home ware websites, this one also does clothes and they have the cutest cat items!

Kittens cushion


I love this design and I love how it is two cats as we have two cats that are best friends and are inseparable so it reminds me of them. I think the bow feature is so cute. The cushion is a good size and a neutral colour scheme so would go with any colour scheme.

  • Dark grey base fabric
  • 40% wool felt
  • Applique embellishment
  • Velcro back
  • Comes with cushion pad / inner (polyester filler)
  • Measures approx 35cm in diameter


Claudette cat t-shirt


This t shirt is so so comfy and a great oversized fit. I love light grey clothing and it looks great with leggings. It is so cute but not too in your face. The bow is super cute too. I went for a M so it would be longer.

  • Grey marl T-shirt
  • Loose fitting silhouette
  • Round neck with rib trim
  • Short, rolled up sleeves
  • Cat embroidery / applique
  • Light green bow detail
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton


  • Small = UK 8-10
  • Medium = UK 12-14
  • Large = UK 16-18
  • X Large = 18-20
  • XX Large = UK 20-22

Bright side cushion


This cushion is so bright and cheerful. I love the contrast of the bright colours on the black cushion. It will certainly brighten up any room!

  • Black base fabric
  • 40% wool felt
  • Applique embellishment
  • Velcro back
  • Comes with cushion pad / inner (polyester filler)
  • Measures approx 40cm x 40cm

Have you heard of this website before?

They have such a great range of home ware, gifts, clothing and also bags! Really worth checking out 🙂

Sarah x