Loving my new clothes airer

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The last couple of months I have been trying to tidy up the house a bit and we got things like a new bathroom blind, a new wardrobe for the bedroom and a few new pictures to hang up. We have lived here for five years now and it was time to change some stuff about.

I had a clothes airer from costco which I bought when we first moved in and it’s massive with a hanging tail section on top and it was really wide and took up the majority of the conservatory and was impossible to move unless you took it apart. I wanted a more compact one and one that could be moved if needed.

The Everlasto 3-Tier Concertina Clothes Airer from Rope Source is the perfect size. As it’s a concertina one it doesn’t take up much floor space at all.

It is quite compact when folded up and not in use so ideal to slide under a cupboard or sofa or down the side out of sight. It is so easy to set and put down again.

You can fit lots on it, this was a whole lot of washing and there is still plenty of room to hang more. You can also use the sides to hang shirts on coat hangers as well.

The thing I like most is how easy it is to move when in use, I carried it out the back door into the garden full of washing with no issue. We don’t have a washing line outside so something like this is ideal as I can use it indoors or outdoors and if I have it outside and it looks like it’s going to rain it’s so easy to pick up and move indoors!

Do you prefer to hang your washing indoors or outdoors?

Sarah x

Converting Your Loft? These Ideas Will Inspire

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Converting your loft into a livable space is a great idea when you are looking for ways to increase space in your home or are looking for ways to get a return on your investment. Because you are transforming something unlivable into a place you may find yourself in all the time, it can be hard to visualize how it will all come together. If you are looking for some loft inspiration, these loft conversion ideas will help get the creative juices flowing.

Go For An Open-Plan

The open floor plan will make your space feel much more spacious and airy. Creating an open floor plan does not just include the actual floor; it also includes furniture and toying with different heights and materials. The goal is to look for things that create different areas within the room, but all cohesively work together.

Use Natural Light

Natural light is the one thing that will instantly open up a room. Natural light also includes things like considering the movement of light and the perceptions of space. Think about where you could include some full-height glazing or even a balcony or terrace. If you are looking for a more contemporary design, make sure you keep your sightlines to a minimum. Clean lines are important.

Make Sure The Loft Is Personal To You

When you are decorating something, go beyond what looks nice. Try to incorporate something that is unique. This is what gives the room personality while the design itself will give it flair. It could be anything from a piece of furniture, the materials you use or even the shape of the space. Make it your own and incorporate yourself into it.

Your loft can be anything you want it to be. If you love reading, transform it into a library with a reading alcove. If you love working out, transform it into a gym. If you just want a place where you can chill out and not be bothered, but all your favorite things there like a TV or video game.

Bring The Outside Inside

Well, not literally. Create some outdoor space as part of your loft conversion like a balcony or terrace you can sit on. It does not matter if your loft conversion is a master bedroom, guest room, office or playroom. Having some space outside will improve the look and feel of your conversion.

Transform Your Loft Conversion Into A Luxury Bathroom

If you did not get the bathroom of your dreams, you still have a chance. Turn your loft conversion into a luxury bathroom or a wet room. Make sure you measure enough headroom for the shower. The tub may not require as much headspace as the shower, so you can place the tub against any weird, sloping ceiling without losing its functionality. Equally important is incorporating an extractor fan for ventilation and extending plumbing and waste pipes into the loft.

Hopefully, these ideas helped you visualize the endless possibilities for your loft conversion.

Sarah x

Staying In Control Of Your Home

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Your home needs to be your place; it needs to be where you can relax and be yourself, totally and fully, surrounded by who and what you love. However, you can’t do any of these things if you’re not in control of your home. 

But what exactly do we mean by that? Well, if your home is a complete mess, and you don’t know where to start in fixing it, there’s a good chance your home is in control of you, rather than how it should be!

So, how do we turn the tables? Because it’s time you gained control over your home, especially if you’re stuck at home right now and are surrounded by things you wish you could change! Here are some pointers to get started with. 

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Don’t Limit Your Space

You’ve only got a set amount of space when it comes to your home, and no amount of storage boxes or bookshelves are going to fix that. Sure, they allow you to make the most out of your space, but unless you take the walls off and spill out into the street, you’re still working with the same space. 

So, what do you do? You sort through your possessions, and work out which can stay and which can go. Big items that are cluttering up your room corners, stacks of books you’re never going to read, clothes that you won’t wear again, etc., all need to go. And you don’t have to be cutthroat here – KeepSafe Storage has multiple storage solutions for homebodies like you who need a bit more space in their rooms. Be sure to reach out to storage companies near you for a good way to stay in control of your home. 

Give Yourself a Place to Work

Similarly, we’ve learnt that the home can be a place of many functions, and for many people, it’s their place of work as well as relaxing. And if you don’t have a space you can use to get to work in, when remote working calls for it, what are you going to do? 

Create a space for it right now! It doesn’t have to be dedicated, but it does have to be equipped right, and be a little more private than the rest of the areas in your home. You need to be able to beat distractions, after all. 

Keep Things Convenient 

And it’s important to keep your home functionally convenient. If you can’t be bothered to get out of a chair and put something in the bin, so you’re always leaving tissues around, why not fix it so the bin is much closer to where you usually sit and rest? Simply put, it’s time to rearrange your home layout, to ensure it’s working for you, and not just sitting there and looking pretty. 

Staying in control of your home will always require a little bit of effort, but rearranging your living space to suit you comes with a wealth of benefits. 

Sarah x

Protecting Yourself Throughout Your DIY Efforts

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Many of us know that improving and caring for our homes can be a full time job. However, for those with a real interest in maintaining their property, anyone can learn these vital skills. The outdated idea of the man of the house taking care of the DIY jobs is fading away, and no everyone with an interest in maintaining their property can do so with skill.

However, we mustn’t get overconfident. It’s important for anyone learning DIY measures to understand correct procedure, in order to avoid injuring themselves or even others with their well-meaning intentions. This is because a ‘bodged job’, that is DIY work that isn’t cared for, prepared well, and double-checked can sometimes lead to more expensive issues down the line. And of course, the most expensive cost you could ever pay is becoming injured.

When you protect yourself in your DIY efforts, you are taking the time to ensure you’re well protected, and that the best effort can be performed on your part. But instead of resting on platitudes, let’s help you get started with said preparations:

Inspect The Property & Use The Right Services

It’s very important that before conducting any maintenance within your own property that you inspect it appropriately. For instance, if working in your attic, the last thing you need is to find out you need wasp nest removal services by learning the hard way. Much better that you listen, inspect the signs, and then call these professionals to help you ahead of time. That approach can save you plenty of trouble, and the same goes for electrical or plumbing work.

Wear The Right Equipment

To the extent that you can, it’s also important to wear the right equipment on the job. Protective gloves, glasses that can protect you from debris, and sometimes even an N95 ventilator can help you avoid breathing in dust from your constructive or repair efforts. A spare pair of old clothes you can use to ensure you can get down and dirty will help you stay protected. Additionally, a good pair of steel-toe-capped boots can prevent you from encountering an injury if dropping something on your foot, and so that can be a fantastic place to start.

Maintain Your Tools

It’s important to maintain your tools well when engaging in DIY. The last thing you need is to deal with your hammer head falling off, or for your power drill to experience a short out due to being plugged into a faulty socket. Maintaining your tools can mean lubricating them after use, storing them correctly, and handling them with care. They are your trusty weapons in the fight against home degradation, and so the more you look after them, the more they’ll look after you. Additionally, continually researching the best tools for the job can help you avoid using a tool for a purpose it is not designed for, further increasing its shelf life.

With this advice, you’re certain to protect yourself throughout and despite your DIY efforts.

Sarah x

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

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I thought I would share with you some ideas I came up with for Father’s Day this year. I buy for my dad, my father in law, my step dad, my grandad and sometimes my husband from our pets so have quite a few presents to buy! These are also ideas for any upcoming birthdays or anything and also great ideas not just for men!

Gameboy alarm clark


Gameboy inspired homeware is amazing. I think a lot of guys(and girls!) would appreciate any of the products that Prezzybox have to offer when it comes to retro games. This alarm clock is so cool and would look great next to the bed. It is shaped like an old school gameboy and you can wake up to the official Super Mario Land theme tune!

Gameboy colour changing glass


Also in the Gameboy range is this colour changing glass. The glass on its own is so cool but the fact it changes colour too just takes it to the next level. When you fill it with something cold it shows the game screen like you are really playing a game. This would be perfect for any gamer.

Personalised football book

From £39.99

If he is a football fan then these books are such a great gift. You can personalise it with any name and message and it also comes in a gift box. It includes every newspaper article for the team. I went for Fulham as thats my father in laws team and it goes back to 1908!It is made so well and looks so impressive. It is great to be able to relive old articles if you are a football fan and I love how it transitions from black and white to colour over the years!

Mummy Meagz Sea Salt and Cinder Toffee Rocky Road bars

£1.49 each

This rocky road bar is vegan and gluten free so this is an ideal treat for anyone that is eating a vegan diet or has a gluten or dairy allergy. I love the design on the packaging and it tastes so good! I am a big rocky road fan and this is the perfect size as a treat and they have so many different flavour bars to pick from. This is the second flavour I have tried and they are so good, I gave one to my boss as she is vegan and she liked them so much she bought a whole box! It can be hard to know what to buy someone vegan or gluten free if you want to get them something as a treat to eat but you cant go wrong with these.

Genie plates

£19.99 for a pack of 2

These plates are amazing. They are perfect for a BBQ or for using in front of the TV as they have somewhere to put your cutlery and as they aren’t flat, things wont fall off the side. They really are a great idea and if your dad is into BBQs as much as mine is then this would be the ideal gift to buy a pack of these. They aren’t too heavy and I love the curved design of them too.

Asda photo personalised mugs

From £7

The personalised mugs from Asda are a really great quality. Their online tool to customise the layout/size of the photos is so simply to use, I designed and ordered both the mugs straight from my phone. The pictures came out really well and the mugs look really good!

I went for one of my mum and step dad and edited it on the asda photo site to black and white and cropped it slightly. I think it came out so well and didn’t lose any of the quality.

I also went for one of me and my half sisters from a few years back as I thought this would be a nice gift for my dad as we don’t have many pictures of us all together.

Asda photo personalised jigsaw puzzle

From £10

My grandparents love a good jigsaw so I decided to get a personalised one made of the two of them. I went through all my pictures on my phone to find one of my favourite photos of them to have it made. It was so easy to resize it and create it online, it also shows you how it will turn out. In the box when it arrives it has the finished photo but it may be more fun to take this out to give it to them so they don’t know what it is?! Haha.

American Crew Acumen – Daily thickening shampoo and nourishing cream pomade set


This can be purchased from Selfridges, Amazon and many other online retailers

If you wanted to treat him some hair care products then this set is great. It includes the thickening shampoo for those that are concerned about hair loss and also a water-based pomade with medium hold and shine that provides texture and allows to restyle.

The shampoo helps the thicken hair and reduce breakage and comes in a beautifully designed brown and navy pump bottle. The pomade is a decent sized pot in the same design.

Shea Moisture – African water mint & ginger detox body wash


This is a great detox body wash, so for anyone that has skin exposed to the elements a lot or suffers with body acne then this is great. It smells so good and with the design and colours used on the bottle it isn’t gender specific. It is 384ml so quite a large bottle too.

I usually pick up this brand in Superdrug but you can also buy it online at a lot of places.

I hope you found this useful and got some ideas 🙂

Sarah x