The 3 Best Materials for Living Room Furniture

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If you are looking to design your own home you don’t have to knock walls through. You can purchase statement pieces that will completely reinvigorate the space. Furniture is one of those things that will automatically draw attention to the space, but also creates a different feel without having to redecorate. This is where the right materials are invaluable. With this in mind, what sort of materials can you use for living room furniture that freshens up the space?


Glass can be irresistible, making it the ideal choice for a coffee table or dining table. It looks elegant and has the ability to enhance the look of other materials around it. It is worth bearing in mind that, naturally, glass is high maintenance, not to mention fragile, so think twice before going down this route.


Metal is a durable material. The great thing about metal is that it will never show any sign of deterioration, as long as it is not allowed to rust. And due to its flame-resistant components, it is one of the stronger materials in the home.


Wood creates a fantastic rustic sensation but it doesn’t have to. With different types of wood out there, such as hardwood or mahogany, this can add a premium angle to your furniture. Conversely, pine is a cheap and lightweight wood that is fantastic for upcycling or home-style renovation projects. If you are looking to branch out into wooden furniture, you can check out the infographic below for some inspiration.

Infographic by Choice Furniture Superstore – Oak Furniture

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Winter flowers ft The Flower Shops

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Flowers always remind me of spring or summer as I don’t tend to have flowers around the house in the winter, they seem to be more of a bright summer thing for me so I haven’t really thought much about winter flowers before.

Some flowers are only available during certain seasons but most can be purchased all year round. Winter flowers makes me think of Christmas and a poinsettia plant or some sort of red flowers but there’s nothing stopping you from giving someone or even treating yourself to a colourful bouquet to brighten up your house.

The Flower Shops is an online network of over 200 florists across the UK, meaning that when you place an order they will automatically find your local florist they deal with to ensure they can get them to you quicker and fresher. You can even get same day delivery!

They have an amazing range of bouquets available and I love that they have a special winter flower section:

Some of these I would never have thought about for winter but something like the winter brights basket would really brighten up our living room or would make an excellent gift for someone. It can be hard with the UK being in lockdown to send gifts to people but why not treat a loved one to some beautiful flowers? It really could make someone’s day.

You can pick from lots of different flower options and also what size you require, you can always go for a larger bunch of required and you can also send a personalised message with them.

It’s also worth looking at flowers with Valentine’s day coming up! They have a couple of beautiful roses bouquets.

Do you have flowers in your home during the winter?

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4 Reasons to Design Your Own Home

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Searching for the perfect home can consume more of your life than you’re willing to admit, and even after all of this, you might not be entirely satisfied with the house you bought. Existing homes are convenient, sure, but they can also come with a share of problems that include a location that’s suitable, but not perfect, or even significant repairs that you didn’t realise until it was too late. Why not, then, design a home for yourself? If you’ve never considered this before, here are four reasons to go through with it.    

You Won’t Need to Make Repairs Immediately 

Home repairs are expected when you move into a new home. Sometimes, they are small, whereas other times, you have a significant job on your hands. But, if you work with a team of expert home builders, you can avoid all of this. If the job is done properly, you shouldn’t need to make any repairs for a long time, and this will save you stress, time, and plenty of cash.

You Can Make It Future-Proof 

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners, but installing this technology to an existing home is not as straightforward as you hope. If you want to fit your home with smart technology, you may need to rewire systems and upgrade cables to improve signal strength. If you opt to design and build your own home, you can include these specifications in the design. As technology improves at such a rapid rate, you can predict future trends, too, allowing you to upgrade the systems when the time comes. 

You Can Express Yourself 

It can take time, energy, and a lot of investment to transform a house into a home. Even though you’re happily moved in and have decorated the way you like, you still might not feel like this new home is yours just yet. With a personally designed home, you won’t need to worry about this. Instead, you can express yourself the way you want, and your specifically designed home will reflect who you are and what you love, making you feel at home and comfortable from the moment you step through the door. 

You Get Exactly What You Need 

Designing a home for yourself allows you to pick out exactly what you want from it. If you’re expecting children, include space for them to sleep or a playroom where they can have fun. Do you work from home? Make sure you ask the builders to reserve space for a home office. Are you someone who loves to entertain? In that case, you’ll need a living or dining room with enough space to welcome your friends and add the unique touches you need from your home to make it exactly how you envisioned it. 

The Home of Your Dreams 

Everyone knows that looking for the perfect home to grow your family is stressful, and while designing your own home is far from a walk in the park, it allows you to bypass the possible problems that come from purchasing an already-built home. The result? You get the home of your dreams, exactly how you envisioned it. 

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10 Unique Touches to Add to Your Home

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Your home should reflect a touch of your own unique personality. Decorating your place gives you so many opportunities to get creative and it can be a lot of fun. You can add personal touches that won’t break the bank and even create some of your own. Your home should be somewhere you feel relaxed and comfortable rather than a showroom. There are plenty of ways to add unique touches, however, without compromising on style. Here are some examples.


If you’re creative and enjoy a bit of DIY, then upcycling is a great way to add a unique touch to your home. The art of repurposing old furniture and household items is a growing trend and it’s better for the environment than buying new. You could try revamping old furniture with new upholstery, or find a new function for things you’ve got lying around in the attic. Try making planters out of household objects or storage ideas. The possibilities are endless.

Photo wall

A photo wall is a lovely way to add a personal touch to your home. Put together some prints of your family and friends and use them as a focal point in the room. You can think of your own unique way to display your photos. Arrange them into a particular shape or pattern. If you’re looking for other ideas to use or store your photos, check out this comparison. There are plenty of creative ways you can have fun with photos.

A touch of greenery

Plants make a nice addition to any room and there are several ways you can experiment with different indoor gardening ideas. You could use old drawers or boxes to build a mini flower bed for your indoor plants. Another idea is to set up an indoor herb garden and fill your kitchen with delicious aromas. The best thing about a herb garden is that it’s edible as well. You’ll have a constant supply for all your favourite recipes. If you have the space, you could also invest in some larger pot plants or small trees to create your very own indoor jungle. A touch of greenery creates a feeling of calm and is said to improve your mood. If you work from home, adding plants to your home office could even boost your productivity. 

Art work

If you’re the creative type, you could try your hand at making your own artwork. If you’re not feeling confident in your artistic skills, you could have a look for interesting pieces in charity shops or research local artists. Wall art is a fun way to add a unique touch to any room and you can choose something that reflects your own personal taste and style. Why not break the rules and hang up artwork in slightly more unusual locations? Try under the window, or on your doors. Art work is a great way to draw focus. You could even add whimsy or your own sense of humour with art.

Second-hand items

An economical option is to decorate with second-hand items. There are plenty of places where you can source these. Have a look at second-hand markets or in charity shops. You can also find plenty of second-hand furniture and decorations online. You’d be surprised what hidden gems are out there, and still in great condition. Going second-hand is also much better for the environment, and your wallet.


Nostalgia is another interesting theme. Whether it’s your own memories or vintage items, nostalgia definitely adds a unique touch to your home. You could use old photos and toys from your childhood to create a memory shelf. Display something that’s meaningful to you and that brings up positive memories. It’s up to you to be creative. If not, vintage posters are always in style. You could even look for interesting collections or novelty items.

Focal lighting

Use focal lighting to vamp up your living room. With new lighting, you can create the atmosphere you desire. Use lighting to highlight focal points in the room whether these are pieces of artwork or attractive architectural features. Lighting is a great way to draw attention to particular aspects of your decor, as well as being functional. 

Change the layout

Mix things up a bit with new and unique layout ideas. Create your own space that’s practical and suits your lifestyle. You might either want an open-plan space or to set up functional zones and areas, separated by furniture. Be creative with the layout of your home and find new ways to have fun with the space. Use accents to show off your new layout, by mixing textures and colours. 

Smart storage

It’s time to declutter with some smart storage ideas. Add a unique touch by repurposing household items as storage options. If you’re good at DIY you could build your own shelving units using recycled wood or pallets. Make the most of your wall space and store things virtually. You could also invest in racks and boxes to help organise your cupboards. It’s a good idea to have a mindful decluttering every once in a while as well, it can be very therapeutic and satisfying. You might find new items for upcycling or creating your own decorations as well.

Travel mementos

Travel mementos and souvenirs and a nice way to add a bit of culture to your home. They also bring back good memories of your holidays. Consider decorating your home with more fabrics and artwork you find on holiday, for example. That way, you’ll have something a lot more original. Each item will also have a story so they make great conversation pieces for when you have guests over. 

There’s no reason why you need to conform to the latest interior design trends if you don’t want to. Break the rules this year with some unique decorating ideas. It’s a great way to add a touch of your own personality to your home, and get creative. With a few unique touches, you can really transform any room.

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8 Home Improvement Ideas & Tips

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Your home should be your sanctuary and a place where you feel comfortable and secure. You may look around one day and realise that you’ve been putting off your home updates and enhancements for a while now.

Start by reviewing the following ideas and tips and then put your projects in priority order and begin a budget for each. Figure out what you can tackle yourself and in which areas you may need help from a pro to assist you. It won’t be long before you’re on your way to creating a more welcoming and charming home and loving the space you’re living in.

1.    Clean & Declutter

Cleaning and decluttering go a long way in helping to improve the look and feel of your home. It’s one of those projects that won’t cost you a lot of money to do but will take time and effort on your part. Go room by room and get rid of items that you no longer need and that are taking up space. Put what you’re not using away neatly into storage, and make sure each item you own has a place to reside that’s out of the way. Get into a regular cleaning routine, so you don’t become overwhelmed with keeping up with this task or put it off for too long.

2.    Improve the Lighting

Another aspect to pay attention to in your home is the lighting. Draw in as much natural light as possible by adding windows where you can or cleaning them thoroughly. Improve the lighting by investing in more of it and add new light fixtures and covers throughout your space. Lighting can set the right mood and tone throughout your house and make it feel homier and cosier. Include several lighting options in each room, such as fixtures, recessed lights on dimmer switches, and candles and lamps so you can create the right ambiance depending on the time of day and what you’re doing.

3.    Replace Old Flooring

Old carpet and out-of-style flooring will bring down the overall look of your home. Therefore, one home improvement tip worth considering is to rip out the stained and dingy carpet and floors and replace them with more stylish and modern options, such as luxury vinyl tile. It’s easy to care for and is good when you have kids and pets. When you replace your floors, it’s a wise time to check for any pests or structural damage. It may become obvious as soon as you rip the old stuff out. If you do have issues such as woodworms that are eating away at your wood and structure, then you should get it taken care of right away and contact a company that specialises in woodworm treatment. An infestation can cause severe damage to your home, so it’s best to get it taken care of immediately.

4.    Keep up with Home Maintenance

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to maintain your property. Keep up with seasonal maintenance projects to ensure it remains in prime condition over the years. If you put important tasks off for an extended period then you may end up with a more involved and costly issue to manage in the long run. Maintain a checklist of all the items that need to be addressed each season so you remember what needs to get done each year. You’ll not only be able to keep your home looking beautiful and turn it into a nicer place to live now, but it’ll be in better condition when you want to sell it one day in the future too.

5.    Create More Space

You may enjoy your home more when you have added space to move around in and use. There are several ways to create more space and get more out of your home. For instance, maybe you have an extra room that you’re not using, or that you’re using for storage and boxes currently. Clear it out and make it into a guest bedroom or home office for yourself. Other ideas include building a sunroom in the back of your home or refinishing your basement so you can have more square footage to use.

6.    Boost the Kerb Appeal

The exterior of your home also matters a great deal when referring to home improvement ideas and tips. Work on boosting the kerb appeal and making it more attractive on the outside by taking care of the landscaping, replacing a cracked driveway or old garage doors, and decorating your front porch. You may also want to consider adding a pop of colour by painting your front door and installing new shutters on your windows. Your goal is to make a good first impression right away when someone sees or approaches your home.

7.    Organise the Garage

One area of the home that people often neglect and ignore is the garage. Use that motivation you have to update your home to focus some time and effort on improving your garage by organising it. Take the time to go through items you no longer want and make room for storing items you actually use such as your tools and bikes or other recreational belongings. You’ll also enjoy the fact that you can pull your cars into your garage and that there’s plenty of room to park and store them when your garage is in order.

8.    Apply Fresh Paint

Paint is another idea for how you can make your home look more beautiful and attractive. It’s a cost-effective way to ensure it appears modern. You can tackle this project yourself if you’re feeling ambitious and have some fun doing it. Think about all the ways paint can improve your space, such as painting an accent wall, painting wood trim white, or adding a bold hue in an area like your dining room. Paint can also be used as a calming effect in rooms where you want to feel relaxed such as a living room or bathroom, and if you choose the right colour, it can even make a small room appear larger than it is in reality. 

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