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Wax melts seem to be taking over, before this year I hadn’t even heard of them and I was just using regular scented candles but now I’m hooked on melts. There are so many great companies out there making them and I have been trying out some new scents from A Melt In Time.

I find wax melts hold the scent a lot better and it also smells stronger. With a lot of candles they lose the scent by the time you get half way down but with wax melts they smell good the whole time they are melting and can be reheated to melt again and still have a good scent.

The scents I have been trying out are:

Madam Coco – This is inspired by a perfume and it smells very fruity but also floral at the same time. It’s the kind of scent that reminds me of a posh hotel and it makes your room smell amazing. It would be great to melt if you were having guests over and wanted to impress them!

Bedtime Baby Bath – This has a really calming scent. A mixture of lavender and other floral notes it really is nice to melt before bed to help you relax and calm down after a stressful day and also set you up for a good nights sleep. I love scents like this in the bedroom to really make bedtime as relaxing as possible.

Spring Awakening – Inspired by that fresh washing smell this is a must have for anyone that loves that clean house smell. Perfect to melt once you have cleaned the house to make it feel extra fresh or just to have to freshen up and make it smell like you have just cleaned and hung a load of washing out! This would be a mother great one to use if having visitors.

They have so many other great scents and a lot are inspired by popular perfumes and familiar scents. I think they are really reasonably priced too at £3.99 a pack

They only use 100% natural wax, meaning every melt is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. All of their wax melts contain 6 Square Blocks, which will offer between 30 – 40 hours burning time.

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