Perfect Pet Preparations for Your New Puppy

You have never been so pumped to be welcoming a new arrival into your home. No, it’s not an unexpected baby; it’s a perfect little puppy.

Bringing a furry friend home can be an exciting time, but there are so many important elements to consider before you get started. It’s a huge responsibility becoming a dog owner and there are many sacrifices you will need to make in order to make the process as smooth as possible. You need to make sure they are registered a your local vets, you have to create space for them and you should stock up on supplies before you bring them home. If you aren’t quite sure where to start then these ideas will give you a head start.

Seek Out Veterinary Care

When you welcome a new puppy into your home, you have to make sure they are in a safe environment and have a local vet to take care of them. Easipetcare will happily take on your new dog and provide them with everything they need. Whether you need to get them spayed or get up to date with their vaccinations, just visit your local centre and get the process started. You should also seek out reputable pet insurance too, in the unfortunate case that your little furry friend needs an operation. With insurance in place you will be able to ensure your expenses are all covered.


You have lived on your own for such a long time now that welcoming a dog into your home is going to be a big change. You need to make sure you create enough space for them to live and sleep firstly. Invest in a comfortable dog bed that is filled with toys and blankets for your new puppy pal to snuggle at night. Their bed should feel welcoming and cosy, so that they don’t wake up and disturb you every night. If you are training a new puppy you might also need some pads for their toilet training; you don’t want them doing their business all over the carpets.

Stock up on Food and Treats

Check with your vet what kind of diet and nutrients your puppy will need on a day to day basis. Stocking up on the right kind of food and treats will make it a lot easier for your new cute canine to settle into their new home. Make sure you don’t give them too many treats though otherwise they will become unhealthy.

Assess Your Finances

You might not realise this straight away but the cost of owning a dog is a lot more than you might think. You might need to make some sacrifices in order to make ends meet. You will soon get used to the additional costs of keeping a puppy, but make sure you are prepared and have some savings at the ready. The first month or so will always be more expensive because you are still working out what kind of supplies and toys they need. After that everything will start to settle down and you can enjoy the lovable company of your new, lovely loyal friend!

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  1. morgiereacts
    16/11/2018 / 16:41

    I’m saving this for when I hopefully get a puppy!

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    17/11/2018 / 18:05

    This is such a well timed post, we’re hoping to get a puppy x

  3. 25/11/2018 / 01:47

    This post is such a good idea. you deffo need to calculate the cost of having a dog

  4. 05/12/2018 / 23:16

    So informative and important to know!

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