Trying to whiten my teeth

I have recently been using white glo. As I have mentioned before I am always looking for ways to whiten my teeth without harming them. I have a few false teeth at the front from an accident as I child so I am unable to use most products as they will not work or are too harsh.

whiter teeth

I used the white glo toothpaste for two weeks to see if it made a difference. I was going to include before and after pics but once I uploaded them I noticed you couldn’t really see a difference. In real life I could see that my teeth looked a shade or two whiter but nothing drastic. I think this may be because I was using a whitening toothpaste before this one so my teeth were used to it and probably as white as they were going to get!

My husband used this along with me(he wasn’t using a whitening one previously) and we noticed quite a difference with his teeth 🙂

I used the brush that came with it and after cleaning my teeth I did notice they felt extra clean to normal if that made sense. They felt nicer if I ran my tongue over them and I also used the flosser toothpicks. I cant use normal floss as I have a brace on the back of my bottom teeth so these were really good to get between the teeth at the gums.

I would use this again if I wanted something to keep my teeth as white as I could 🙂

Sarah x