w7 lip butters

I am so in love with these, after trying one of the shades a few months back I wanted to try more! These products are like a tinted lip balm, but with a crazy amount of pigment! They aren’t quite lipsticks as they glide on like a balm and leave your lips so soft its unreal 🙂

I thought the best way to show you all the shades would be like this :

In order left to right : 

Red Light / Pink Icing / Red Tulip / Candy Floss / Red Rose / Candy Coral / Racing Red / Pretty In Pink / Bordeaux / Red Dawn / Fabulous Fuscia / Very Berry

I really wanted to put them all on my lips to show you but I knew the pictures would come out rubbish as there is no way I could get the lighting and angle the same for 12 pictures! Here is a few though,,

These are the first 3 listed above

I love this range so much, they last for hours and your lips will never feel dry, it is a great way to add colour to your lips without committing to a drying lipstick.

Sarah x


Today's make up ft w7

I am forever trying new make up and was very happy to receive these w7 products to try. This is the first time I have tried any of their range and I am very impressed!

The lip butter is AMAZING. It feels like a lipsyl but gives the coverage of a lipstick. It is highly pigmented but at the same time it feels so moisturising. The mascara was easy to use, I only used two coats and it left my lashes looking long and thick without clumping. 

Trying to have foundation free days to improve my skin, so wearing a bold lip product and eye make up helps me feel a bit more acceptable going out in public.

The eye shadow shades I used were all from the top row. The top left I used just on my brow bone to help define my eyebrows. The middle shade I used in the inside corner to brighten my eyes and the second from the right I used on my lids. This shade is slightly glittery and would be great for everyday wear or to go out. You can layer the shades easily and apply a small amount or a larger amount depending what look you are going for. I have gone for the subtle look by next time may add in more colour!

Sarah x