Personalised skincare

Insitu create personalised skincare, not only can you tell them your problems and what you want to achieve from the product, it also comes beautifully packaged and has your name on it!


The product I chose was the purifying nourishing essential face wash with the options:Skin tone pale, blissful mood boost, combination skin and concerned about sebum control.


It is a great idea that you can get personalised skincare to suit you. I found this face wash really helped to control my oily tzone and it left my face feeling really clean as well as smelling great.

All of their products look great and I would recommend them either for yourself or as a gift!

Sarah x



One evening I came across a company on twitter offering a service where you can design your own product. I was very intrigued and wanted to know more!

The website is and you get to choose from the following options:

Favourite Escence : Almond ΜilkCaramel ToffeeCocoa ChocolateGardeniaGreen AppleHoney & VanillaMysterious JasmineRosebudsTropical CoconutWild Cherry 

Skin Concern : 24 – Hour Hydration 
Time of Application : MorningNight 
Favourite Texture : ButterCreamExfoliating Body WashGelGel – Body WashLotion 

I chose a cocoa body scrub with 24hr hydration to use at night. It is so easy to select the options and the best thing (apart from the fact you can customise your product to suit your needs) is that when it arrives it has your name on the bottle! I think this is such a lovely feature and really makes you feel special!

As you can see above, the bottle of body scrub* arrived in a very sparkly filled box and included a body puff and a couple of freshen wipes. I think this would be a great present for a relative or friend especially as you can design the product and have their name on it!

I chose the night time option as I always love a bath at night, not too sure what would have been different if I chose the morning version?! The first time using this product I was amazed by the scent. I thought I had walked into a chocolate factory! The scrub is very fine and I much prefer these types than the harsh scrubs you can get. The product foamed nicely and left me smelling like a little chocolate drop 🙂

Sarah x