Christmas Gift Guide 4 of 8: Haircare

This year I have put together a Christmas gift guide, they could be presents for a family member, a friend or even a treat for yourself!

I have put them into categories the best I can and I have put very short reviews on each product. If you want to know more about any of the products tweet me @sarahtrademark and we can have a chat 🙂


Paul Mitchell Make It Vibrant

Paul Mitchell Make It Vibrant


This set includes:

Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo

Ultimate Color Repair Conditioner

Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue

 This set is great for anyone, like me, that has dyed hair and is fed up of it fading so quick. Since using this range I have noticed my hair hasn’t faded so quick and it looks more healthy and shiny. It is important to use a mask or something to help your hair if you have bleached it or dyed it a lot so this kit is great as it has everything you need.

Sukin Protein Hair Treatment

Sukin Protein Hair Treatment


Sukin are a great affordable brand that also produce body and face products. They use natural products and you can really see a difference when using them. This hair treatment has really improved my hair. I have been using it once a week for the last few weeks and my hair is in a better condition and it has really helped with my split ends. This would be great for anyone that wants to give their hair a treat. 

Osmo haircare


Deep moisture


This is a leave in product, almost like a leave in conditioner. It really helps to use something like this if you have damaged hair. My ends are very dry, but the condition of my hair is getting better and is noticeably different when I use this.

Thermal defence


This is a great heat protector . I don’t use heat to style my hair as much as I used to and I have noticed a difference in my hair, but when I do want to I ALWAYS make sure I use something to protect it.

crazy color shampoo

Crazy Color 

Red shampoo


This is specifically designed for red hair, you can get it in different colours too. I always struggle to keep bright hair fresh, so something like this is great. It helps maintain the bright red between dyes so it doesn’t fade so quick. 




This is a pre shampoo treatment that leaves your hair feeling so soft and manageable.  It revitalises damaged hair and is great to use on hair extensions too.

You get two sachets in the set which is really good value if you think about how much a hair treatment costs in the salon!

Dermalogica haircare

Dermalogica daily cleansing shampoo


This shampoo helps to remove daily build up and leaves your hair so clean and soft. It is sulphate free so won’t damage your hair and you don’t need to use much to create a good lather.

Dermalogica daily conditioning rinse


The conditioner helps to restore a bit of life into dry damaged hair and leaves it silky smooth.Using this along with the shampoo above is a great combo to restore your hair and to leave it really clean and manageable.

Sarah x






Paul Mitchell – because you’re POLISHED


The set contains:

Super Skinny Daily Shampoo 300ml

Super Skinny Daily Treatment 300ml

Super Skinny Serum 150ml

This set is ideal for anyone with frizzy/damaged hair (like me!). It helps to smooth your hair and makes it look in a lot better condition. The serum really helps your hair. It is like when you use a facial serum, you can really feel and see a difference, your hair is similar to that. You need to nourish your hair and look after it if you want it be strong and healthy.


Osmo Blinding Shine Hair Shampoo & Conditioner


These two come as a set and are quite a good size for the price. These also help to smooth your hair and leave it looking shiny and clean. I found you didn’t need to use much shampoo to get a good lather and I love the smell of both of them.


Osmo colour saviour
This includes:
Colour Mission Colour Save Shampoo 300ml
Colour Mission Colour Radiance Mask 300ml
Blinding Shine Illuminating Finisher 125ml
This set is great for anyone with coloured hair so ideal for me with my pink/purple/blue combo! The worst thing about bright hair is how quick it fades so I always try to use a “colour safe” shampoo and conditioner. This set is a great price and although I haven’t used the finisher yet I am getting on great with the shampoo and I really like the mask. It is important for me to use a mask at least once or twice a week as bleaching and dying my hair has left it in a bad condition.


Joico colour endure set
£22.85 (Worth £26.90)
The Set Contains:
Joico Color Endure Shampoo (300ml)
Joico Color Endure Conditioner (300ml)
This is a great set for anyone with dyed hair, it works better on red hues so is great to keep my pink vibrant (This seems the be the shade that fades the fastest usually!). The shampoo foams well and gives your hair a proper clean without fading your colour. The conditioner left my hair really soft 🙂



Swell ultimate volume shampoo

I had read some amazing reviews about this brand on their website, you only have to click the link above to see what I mean. Originally I thought it was quite expensive for the size of the bottle but once I started using it I soon realised you need literally the smallest amount ever to get a decent lather. One bottle can last up to 6 weeks! It cleaned my hair well without fading out my colour (I have pink/blue/purple hair and hate it when it fades too quick!). My hair felt super clean after using this and I love the pump bottle, so easy to use!



Swell advanced volumizing conditioner

Again, this is in an easy pump bottle. It left my hair feeling soft and manageable (I have very damaged hair that gets tangled so easy and is often hard to brush). After using this it seemed easier to brush through my hair and it also had a great shine and it definitely had more volume to it, making it not so flat to your head if you get what I mean.



Swell advanced root nutrient complex

I hadn’t heard of anything like this before but it is part of the Swell 3 step system so whilst I was using the shampoo and conditioner I decided to give this a go. Recently I have had a lot of fall out when I brush my hair(probably because I have dyed it about 27 times this year, not even exaggerating!). We all know healthy hair comes from the root, but how many people actually put things on the roots or scalp, apart from shampoo?! This precious baby helps to give you root volume and has really helped my hair, it is in better conditioner after using this for only a couple of weeks. I even think it might have helped it grow quicker which is a bonus.


Wet detangle brush 


Everyone needs a good hairbrush, and the fact this one is gold is just amazing. I usually use a tangle teezer but sometimes I find them hard to use as they don’t have a handle. This brush is designed for de-tangling and does just what is says on the packet! It is easy to use and helped to keep my hair nice and it also looks great, What more could you want?!


H2D Magicurl Grand
First of all, I think this is a really good price for a curling want, usually they are way over £100! The last one I bought was £120 I think so this is nearly half the price. I have attempted to use straighteners to curl my hair before but it never works and my old wand broke after about 4 year so I have been using this one recently. It has a good size barrel and is so easy to use. It leaves your hair with perfect curl but also leaves your hair feeling soft and makes you feel like a Disney princess 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it has helped to inspire you for gift ideas!

Sarah x



Please note the items featured are a mixture of things I have purchased myself, things I have won(I enter lots of competitions!) and PR samples.