Why do I blog?

This is just a quick post about why I blog. I started my blog as a hobby and I enjoy testing products and sharing my thoughts with you. It is something I can do a couple of hours in the week or the weekend and something I enjoy.

I have a full time job (not beauty or blogging related), I also have a house to keep clean and tidy and a husband to feed! Not everyone that blogs does it full time or wants to. To me it is just a hobby and something I enjoy. I don’t do it to make money, or because I want to be a famous blogger, I do it in my spare time as something I have fun doing.

As soon as you mention to anyone that you have a blog they automatically think you either earn loads of money or get loads of free stuff but that really isn’t the case.

Everyone has a different view on blogging/bloggers but at the end of the day if you do it as a hobby then you should write about things you enjoy and you should enjoy doing it!

Sarah x