NuSkin make up

If you are a regular reader, you will know I really love NuSkin and I have been lucky enough to try a lot of their products in the past. I reviewed some of there lip products here.

Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on their brush set and also a blush duo and an eyeshadow palette.

The brush set contains 6 key brushes:

powder brush

foundation brush

blush brush

eyeshadow brush

blending brush

eyebrow brush

The brushes are so lovely to use, they are soft and they apply your make up flawlessly.

The eyeshadow palette is 02 violet breeze and contains 5 shades and applicators.

The blush duo is 01 peach cloud and contains the blush and applicator. You can see there is 2 shades int he blush itself so you can pretty much customise your perfect shade 🙂

Sarah x

NuSkin Ageloc Galvanic Body Spa

For the last month or so I have been using this interesting contraption from NuSkin. It is meant to help you get your skin ready for summer and reduce the signs of ageing/cellulite and give you smooth looking skin that looks firmer and more toned.

Even though it is called the Ageloc, it isn’t just for older people! I am 28 and I have skin concerns on my thighs, from where I have put on weight, I am worried about wrinkles on my face forming and all sorts. For me, it is more tackling the ageing process before it becomes too much of a problem.

NuSkin Ageloc

The Ageloc galvanic body spa machine is designed to be used with the Ageloc body shaping gel and in conjunction with this you can use the Ageloc dermatic effects daily moisturiser.

NuSkin Ageloc

 Ageloc body shaping gel helps stimulate cellular communication to help purify and refresh skin which in turn helps to reduce any signs of ageing and leaves your skin looking smooth and refreshed. It also helps your skin to be more firm.

Ageloc dermatic effects is a daily moisturiser (you don’t use this with the machine!). It increases cellular turnover to help renew your skin quicker and helps to smooth the appearance of cellulite.

I have been using all three products together to see how much of a difference it made. I am not going to show pictures ad the area I was targeting was my thighs and and my bum, and no one wants to see that on the internet! It is also very hard in pictures to often show any skin problems but to the naked eye you can really see a difference.

 I have also been using this on a scar at the top of my leg/bikini area where I had a mole removed when I was younger and it has really helped with the scarring.

I am still self conscious about my cellulite/stretch marks caused by recent weight gain, which is another reason for not sharing any pictures, but in time and using this regularly I feel it will help with my confidence .

This system is quite pricey at £420.98 for the three products but can you really put a price on confidence and feeling happy with your skin?!

It is so easy to use and comes with instructions. It basically uses pulsating technology and the conductive surface of the galvanic spa to ensure the body shaping gel works to the best of its ability. The current assists with delivering the key ingredients deeper into your skin. You only have to use it three times a week which I think is great 🙂

You can read the instruction manual here if you wanted to find out about more about how it works/how to use it.

Sarah x


NuSkin: Lips

I really love trying out different make up products and Nu Skin have recently become one of my favourites for lip products.

I have previously tried the lip glosses and I really love using them. Not only are they hydrating for your lips but as they are contouring lip glosses, they make your lips look fuller 🙂

You can see my my review here.

NuSkin: Lips

Right to left: 

Tender beige, Sweet pink

NuSkin: Lips

I tried quite a few different shades of their Nu colour lipsticks. I think this is a great range as all of the shades are highly pigmented and seem to last for ages. They are non drying and feel great on your lips!

NuSkin: Lips

Shades, from left to right:
Champagne kisses
Berry glaze
Petal pink
Antique rose
Cha cha red

The swatches above are just one thin coat of each shade, some are more sheer than overs but they are all really bold and such a great selection of colours 🙂

Sarah x


Trying some more Nuskin products

I was lucky enough to be sent a couple more products to try. I literally love this brand and all of the products I have tried so far!

They have a couple of new releases which are the contouring lip gloss in a few different shades and an eyelash treatment.

The shades I tired were Tender beige 05 and Sweet pink 04


As you can see, the lip glosses make my lips look quite full If you use the product regularly you will really be able to see a difference in the appearance of your lips!


I found that using the eyelash treatment before applying my mascara actually made my lashes look longer than just using mascara by itself. I have been using it quite regularly and have found on the days I don’t wear make up, my eyelashes look in a better condition.

You can also use the eyelash treatment to set your brows 😉

Sarah x