I need to stop changing my hair!

So after dying my hair to become a “mermaid” I soon realised if I wanted to wear extensions all the time I would need another set. The other ones were perfect but as soon as I washed my hair and it faded then my extensions didn’t match. I didn’t want to keep washing them every time I washed my own hair so really needed a set that would match my faded hair!

You can see above how much hair you actually get!

This set are from www.dolleduphair.co.uk and are very reasonably priced at £64.99, I went for the 18″ 160g in a blond so they were suitable to dye. I dyed them to match my hair and the result was perfect. They are thick, the perfect length and so easy to dye!

You can see above how easy it is to lay them flat and dye them. I diluted my dye with conditioner so it would match my faded hair. I dyed each strip one at a time until they were all covered and then I let them process.


They feel so soft and blend in really well! I am always please when I can find a product for a good price that is of such great quality. When I first wore extensions (about 10 years ago) I remember paying at least £150 for a set of clip ins!

Sarah x


yet ANOTHER hair change…

I am ALWAYS changing my hair and recently haven’t had any extensions to match. The last set I had were brown that I used about a year ago. Since then I have changed my hair about ten times! I decided I wanted pick/purple/blue hair and wanted to stick with it so decided to give Irresistible me a go. I ordered a set in blonde (I bleach my hair to blonde before I dye it these odd colours!)

The set arrived in a cute box and had two sections, One contains just one piece of hair (for you to test the colour) and then you can return them for exchange if it is wrong before you open the main section. 

Inside the pack contains a crazy amount of hair. A lot more than I would need!

I soon cracked on and dyed them to match my hair, now I look a mermaid 🙂

Here is before and after: 

They blended so well and I am really happy with them! It did take me a while to dye them though as they are so thick and because I had to dye them with three different shades to match my hair!

I was so impressed with the quality and thickness of them and they were so soft even after washing and dying them. 

The ones I went for were these in 20inch and 200grams, I probably could have done with a lot less in weight! 🙂

Sarah x


Trying out a new hair brand

So I decided to change my hair AGAIN. After having it purple for my wedding I really wanted to go for the blue/mermaid look. I hadn’t tried this hair dye before so wanted to see how long it lasted (I was getting fed up of having to re dye my hair every week to keep it vibrant!)

I used the turquoise all over, mixed in with the “mixer” so it wasn’t too bright and then went on to add purple to the roots to create a deep blue ocean like colour.

The end result : 

I am so happy with this. One of my favourite hair colour combinations to date! I have washed my hair 3/4 times since dying it like this and it has hardly faded (yay!). 

Time to decide what to do next with my hair… They have a great range of colours 🙂

Sarah x