Eye Candy 3-in-1 Mega Lash Serum Mascara with Fibres

I have used lash serums in the past to try and improve the look of my lashes. I have also used mascaras with fibres to try and build up thicker, longer lashes but I have never tried one that does both at once!

Eye Candy 3-in-1 Mega Lash Serum Mascara with Fibres

This new release from Eye Candy is the  3-in-1 Mega Lash Serum Mascara with Fibres. Not only by adding the fibres does it make your lashes appear longer and thicker but because it includes the serum, over time your lashes will naturally be more healthy and the fall out rate reduced.

Serums are really good for your lashes and since using them regularly my lashes seem to grow longer and look much fuller, but I always forget to apply it at night, so by using a mascara daily that contains it cut out hat step in my routine (as long as I wear mascara daily!). I am really glad someone has come up with this all in one amazing eyelash concoction 😉

Eye Candy 3-in-1 Mega Lash Serum Mascara with Fibres

It really does make a difference and even with just one coat (you can apply more for a more intense/dramatic effect!) my lashes look much better than when I wear just a regular mascara.

You can see the difference between wearing it and not wearing any mascara.

You can buy this in boots stores or online for only £19.99, which I think is a really good price as growth serums alone are usually £40+ and fibre mascaras are usually a lot more expensive than your standard one.

I would recommend you try this if you want to up your lash game 😉

Sarah x


Loving Nuskin products right now!

Nuskin is a brand I have tried before but there are so many other products they make and I wanted to try some more.


I have been using the above marine mud mask once a week for the last few weeks and it has made a big difference to my skin. I love doing face masks weekly and with this one you can really notice a difference. It draws out all the impurities and I noticed my blackheads on my nose weren’t so visible after using this. Going to try is on my shoulders next time as I suffer with spots on them, I wonder if this will help?!


I also tried a few make up products. The curling mascara in black, contouring lip gloss and replenishing lipstick in cha cha red. I find their make up range is very high quality and I very impressive.

The mascara was easy to apply and made my lashes look long and thick without clumping. Sometimes I curl my lashes but this time I didn’t and the mascara created a natural looking curl.

The lip gloss is a clear gloss and it left my lips looking very plump. It wasn’t sticky and I found it looked really shiny in the light 🙂

The lipstick is a nice brick red colour, it applied easily and left my lips feeling moisturised. It was quite long lasting and I really like this colour!

Sarah x


How do you organise your make up?

I have a desk at home where I store most of my make up in acrylic boxes from Muji (like 90% of bloggers seem to! Haha) but I never know what to put in what section, should I keep all face products together and all lip things together?

Should I keep eye liners separate from lip liners?

I would love to see how you keep your make up! Tweet me with ideas or pictures (@sarahtrademark)

Here is a few pics of mine:

Sarah x



2true have recently become one of my favourite brands. They offer good quality make up at such a reasonable price. You may recognise their name from the stands in superdrug where their products can be as cheap as £1.99 each!

To create my look below I used these products:

WOW volume mascara in no1 black

Colour drench lipstick shade 5

8hr power lip colour in Uma

Pro bright touch concealer in no1 light

Brow fix no2 blonde

I would recommend if you haven’t tried any of their products yet that you pick some up next time you go shopping 🙂 you won’t be disappointed!

Sarah x