Creative Max

I LOVE new make up brushes. I have been trying some from a brand called Creative Max

The ones I have tried are: foundation wand, concealer brush set, brush and eyebrow set and blusher brush, they are all beautiful and the packaging is pink and black (two of my favourite colours!)

Creative Max

My favourite one is the foundation wand as it is similar to using a beauty blender.sponge but a lot easier as it has a handle and I find it much more hygienic as with the hand held blenders you end up touching the part you then put on your face.

The blusher brush is very soft and is great to use with blusher or bronzer, I don’t always wear these products but when I do I fond this brush helps for an easy application.

The brush and eyebrow set is great as you can use the brushes for either your eyes or eyebrows. I found the angled brush good to apply eyeshadow/powder as an eyebrow product as it helped to leave it looking neat and tidy.

Lastly, the concealer and brush set are perfectly designed and shaped to help conceal blemishes on your face as well and around your eyes and nose(sometimes these are hard to reach and end up looking messy). Using both of these brushes together you can really make the most of your make up.

I always find it hard to know what brushes to buy or what brand as there are so many out there but from what I have tried so far from this brand they are really good and I would highly recommend! You can buy them on Amazon and the pricing is so reasonable 🙂

Sarah x


The perfect set of brushes

I wanted to take pictures before I started using them and they became dirty! This set is beautiful and comes in such a cute box! You can buy them here for only £34.99 and it contains literally every brush you need!

The set includes:

1 Large Face Brush (Superior Quality Goat’s Hair) 

1 Medium Face Brush (Superior Quality Goat’s Hair) 

1 Angled Blush Brush (Luxury Synthetic) 

1 Large Foundation Brush (Luxury Synthetic) 

1 Detail Concealer Brush (Luxury Synthetic) 

1 Foam Eye Shadow Brush 

1 Angled Eye Shadow Brush (Luxury Synthetic) 

1 Eye Liner Brush (Luxury Synthetic) 

1 Eye Brow Brush/Eye Lash Comb 

1 White Leather Croc Print Cylinder 

Each brush feels so soft and they are really easy to hold too. In the past I have spent up to £15 on just one brush but you really don’t need to spend that kind of money to get a good quality product.

My favourite in this set was the medium face brush as I used this to apply my mineral powder foundation and it was so quick and easy to use 🙂

The only bush I haven’t tried is the eyeliner one as I only really use pencil but other than that, the whole set is good quality and easy to use. This would be an ideal set for anyone just getting into make up or someone that doesn’t have many brushes and wanted to experiment a bit more!

Sarah x


Trying out new brushes

I have a crazy amount of make up brushes but I always love a new set. I hate cleaning my brushes so when it is time to do the deed I usually use it as an excuse to get something new to try!

I hadn’t really heard much of this brand before but came across them on the Superdrug website and wanted to check them out.

I tried the following:

Multi purpose brush £11.99 

Pro brush kit £18.99

foundation brush, buffing brush, contour brush, eyeshadow brush.

Genius brush kit £18.99

eyeshadow brush, crease brush, pointed eyeliner brush, brow & eyeliner brush, brow & lash groomer.

All of the brushes are great quality, The multi purpose brush I have been using for a few weeks now to apply my blush and it feels very soft on your face, it doesn’t pick up too much product and you can use it build up coverage.

The pro brush kit includes popular brushes to help you with everything you need. My favourite from this set was the buffing brush that I have been using to apply my powder to my face. It leaves your skin looking amazing.

The genius brush kit focuses on the eyes and includes everything you need to do you eyes and eyebrows. The eyeliner brush is very thin and I have been using this with a gel liner on my top lashes, it is easy to use and teamed with the eyeshadow and crease brushes you can create a great smokey eye.

Sarah x

Ecotools complexion collection

I am a sucker for new brushes, especially when they look as beautiful as this! I want to share my thoughts on the mattifying finish brush. 

I love new products but I don’t like opening them all at once as I feel it is better to try them one at a time to really appreciate them. I will share my thoughts about the other brushes with you at a later date!

The mattifying finish brush does exactly as it’s name suggests, it leaves you with a beautiful finish when you set your powder with it. The brush itself feels so soft against my face and I really enjoyed using it so I am looking forward to trying the skin perfecting brush.

Sarah x