New lipsticks

I recently came across 2true in my local Superdrug. They have a great range of affordable cosmetics. The lipsticks are £1.99 each and I think they are great quality for this price!

From top to bottom:

Colour drench lipstick shade 6

Glossy wear lipstick shade 5

Matte lipstick shade 2

Matte lipstick shade 6

The colour drench range are very creamy and easy to apply. I think the shade I used would suit most people as it is a very nude shade with a rich formula. The glossy wear shade I tried was almost glittery as well as being glossy, it applied evenly and looked like I was wearing a sheen gloss but it wasn’t stick at all.

The matte lipsticks are very well pigmented. I love the shade 6 as it is a beautiful almost berry colour and shade 2 is a lovely barbie pink. I plan on getting my hands on some more shades and as they are so affordable there is no reason not to stock up on more 🙂

Sarah x

My fave lipstick this month

You know when you buy something then it ends up in the bathroom cabinet right at the back and you forget you have it? Well that’s exactly what happened to this lipstick! Tidying my make up a few weeks back I stumbled across this beauty, hadn’t even used it before! I’m now addicted.

It’s an electric pink colour and it’s the brightest pink I own. It feels lovely when you apply it, but then all MAC lipsticks do! It’s a creamy texture with a matte finish. Sometimes lipsticks dry your lips out, but not this one, it almost feels like you are wearing lipsyl it’s that moisturising!

The pictures don’t do it justice. It’s one of those lipsticks you look at and ask yourself, can I pull it off? Surely it will come off after you eat? In my opinion everyone needs a bright pink and a bright  red lipstick in their collection 🙂 I can put this on in the morning and it’s still there at the end of the day without reapplying after meals.

For those of you interested it’s MAC and the shade is CANDY YUM YUM. It’s a matte lipstick but it also looks great with a pink or clear gloss over the top!

The question is, can I brave it and buy a blue lipstick next?!

Sarah x