Cool desk storage

Saw these cool things online and just had to try them. They can be used for literally anything in your house!

Below is the “Beauty Pack” which contains: Hot Iron Holster, Lil’ Holster Mini and Lil’

Holster Skinny.

Beauty Pack

I have been using all of mine on my desk upstairs where I sit and do my make up and hair. There is one specifically designed for your hair straighteners which is amazing! I never know what to do with one when they are still hot as don’t want them burning my wooden desk so this is amazing! 


Lil holster is great to put a couple of make up brushes in, like the ones I use daily so they are all together and then I know what ones I have been using so I can sort them out to clean easily.


You can even use them on a mirror, I put one up to put my tangle teezer in 🙂


More info can be found here and they come in a variety of colours 🙂

I may have to invest in some more to use around the house!

Sarah x