A must for your holiday

So with my honeymoon coming up I am starting to plan what I need to take with me. I really hate having to pack as I always go over the weight limit and try to take too much stuff!

When it comes to my hair I really don’t have room for a hairdryer, curlers and straighteners so need to make a decision what to do!

I came accross a range in Tesco called Total Hair Experts (THX) and saw the cutest pick hairdryer. It folds up which is great for travelling but it has the power of a proper hairdryer (not one of those pathetic travel ones that dont work.)

The hairdryer is only £18 which is great and weighs less than half a kilo 🙂

They do them in other pastel colours and you can also get straighteners in the same range.

I have decided just to take a hair dryer with me as I can always plait my hair to create curls and I can dry it pretty much straight.

I really like this hairdryer as it is easy to use and  it even has two speed settings 🙂

You can buy it online here.

Sarah x