Valentines Day gift guide: Part 1

Some people celebrate Valentine’s day, and others don’t, it is a personal preference. If you are looking to get your special someone a gift, I have put together a few ideas.


mad beauty bath fizzers

Mad beauty bath fizzers


I LOVE Mad beauty, they have such an amazing range of gifts, not just for Valentine’s! The bath fizzers are a great gift, for anyone that loves to pamper themselves (I am a massive bath bomb fan!). I love the packaging for this range as it is multicoloured hearts and it is just such a lovely gift.

ren moroccan rose body wash

Ren Moroccan rose body wash


The Ren moroccan rose range has got to be one of my favourite body ranges out there. I love the scent and have used the body lotion and oil before and just adore them.

Ren have teamed up with McQueens florists for this limited edition body wash. It is a great size(500ml) and I just love the design on the label.

jurlique rose body oil

Jurlique rose body oil

I love the whole of the Jurlique rose range, the formulas, the scent, how gentle it is to your skin and how simple but beautiful the packaging is.

I have used a Jurlique facial oil before to help my acne and really helped. Even though the rose body oil is only 100ml it literally will last forever!

The oil is so luxurious and lovely to use after a relaxing bath, you don’t need to put it all over, you can use it wherever you like and it really is moisturising. It sinks in quickly so doesn’t leave you feeling oily which is a bonus 🙂

Amphora aromatics

Amphora Aromatics – Love it gift box

This beautiful set contains a bath oil, massage oil and a body lotion. The bottles are a good size and this is really great value.

The bath oil smells so amazing, it contains lots of great oils that are good for your skin and the bottle contains enough for up to 8 baths. The massage oil can be used either on yourself or your partner and I like that is isn’t too oily if that makes sense. The body lotion is very hydrating and leaves your skin so soft and leaves you smelling divine!



urban decay vice lipsticks

Urban Decay vice lipsticks

£15 each

I have been a massive fan of the vice range since it was first released, I have recently added the above three to my collection and wanted to add them into my gift guide as I think they would make great gifts.

The lipsticks are so pigmented and easy to apply, they last ages and come in a range of what seems like a gazillion colours.

From top to bottom:



Morning After

I think the names in the range are great too 🙂

blank canvas brushes

Blank Canvas dimension series brushes
Prices range from £6.50 to £14.50

These brushes are every mermaid/unicorn wannabees dream (including mine!). The colour is just beautiful. Why wouldn’t you be attracted to something so shiny and pretty and champagne pink?!

I am lucky to have got my hands on the F08 dome buffing brush and F06 bevelled foundation/contour brush. They are both such great quality and so lovely to use. A good brush really does make a difference and to your make up routine.



how to marry a millionaire perfume

How to marry a millionaire perfume
Can be purchased from most major perfume retailers.

One of the coolest perfume bottles I have a seen, a massive diamond ring!
This perfume is inspired by the film starring Marilyn Monroe and smells really sweet.



Jurlique rose moisturising cream mask

Jurlique rose moisturising cream mask

I have used the rose water balancing mist and face cream before so to add this cream mask into my beauty regime was really exciting. You can either use it as a mask for ten minutes or if your skin really needs saving, you can leave it on overnight.

It has so many great natural ingredients in and leaves your skin super hydrated and looking fresh and far more awake!



deborah lippmann nail set

Deborah Lippmann nail varnish set
Available from February 2017 online at Harrods / Lookfantastic / Feelunique / Selfridges

This set contains 6 beautiful rosy nudes and wold be great for any nail polish fan or even someone that prefers natural looking nails as the colours are all very neutral.

I have always been a fan of this brand as they are easy to apply and seem to last ages. The packaging is gorgeous and I just love the names of them: life is rosy, the look of love and a trail of petals to name a few.

mad beauty hand cream

Mad beauty hand cream


Another one from mad beauty.  This hand cream is also within the same eye catching packaging. It is the perfect size tube to carry around with you and I mean, you can’t have enough hand cream can you?!

Jurlique rose hand cream

Jurlique rose hand cream

I have been using Jurlique hand creams for a few years now, a couple of Christmas’s ago I got a set of four different scents and instantly fell in love. Keeping in the theme of rose I wanted to include the rose hand cream.

This hand cream is the perfect size to carry around with you and with its non greasy formula and beautiful scent you can use it whenever you are in need. Particularly with the cold weather here at the moment hand creams have been a massive savour for me.

Crabtree & Evelyn - hand therapy

Crabtree & Evelyn – hand therapy

I love their range of hand creams.  At only £6 each they are great value and the perfect size to leave in your desk, bag, car, pocket, wherever you may need one. They come in such a variety of scents and would make the perfect gift for any women(or man!).

They smell great and soak in quickly, what more would you want from a hand cream?!

the english soap company

For the one I love soap


As I have mentioned before, I love a good bar of soap. A great smelling soap is pretty good gift for anyone at any age.

I love the quality and luxuriousness of the soaps from The English Soap Company, you can really tell they take pride in their products and have put a lot of effort into the scents and delicate packaging.



Crazy Color conditioner for coloured hair

Crazy Color conditioner for coloured hair

Products like this are a godsend for coloured hair. I have previously used the shampoo in this range for red hair but now my hair is multicoloured I cant use a specific colour product, so this is meant for any colour 🙂

This would be the perfect gift if your loved one has coloured hair!

Osmo matt salt spray

Osmo matt salt spray
£8.99 in Sallys

This salt spray is great to use to get the beach wave look. This is a great gift for male or female that loves their hair and likes to style it.

It is easy to use and you don’t need much, meaning the spray will last a long time!


I hope I have inspired you with some of my gift selections 🙂

Keep your eye out for Part 2 tomorrow 🙂

Sarah x


Christmas Gift Guide 5 of 8: Hands and Nails

This year I have put together a Christmas gift guide, they could be presents for a family member, a friend or even a treat for yourself!

I have put them into categories the best I can and I have put very short reviews on each product. If you want to know more about any of the products tweet me @sarahtrademark and we can have a chat 🙂

Hands and Nails

Library Of Flowers Hand Cream

Library Of Flowers Hand Cream


Everyone loves a good hand cream. This one comes packaged in a cute little box with a cool design on. The hand cream smells great and it absorbs into your hands quickly. It has a great non greasy formula and is perfect to carry around with you!

Disney Quotes hand set

Disney Quotes hand set


This set contains:

Cheeky cherry moisturising hand sanitizer

Cheeky cherry hand cream

Re-usable hand warmer

The scent is so lovely and this set is great for any Disney fan. I really like the hand warmer as it is handy to have in these colder months. I always like to carry a hand cream and sanitizer in my bag so this set is great for anyone that does the same.

Chameleon glitter

Chameleon glitter

Sparkle dust £4.50

Glitter £3.75

Both products are designed for your nails. The glitter can be used on top of polish or even mixed in to create a really lovely glitter nail. The sparkle dust is similar as it can be put on top of polish or mixed in but this is a lot finer and can be used to create that iridescent mirror look when placed on top of polish. They are both great value as you get a lot in the bottle and they are also easy to use. They can be mixed with normal polish or even with gel polish.

Deborah Lippmann Ice Princess

Deborah Lippmann Ice Princess


This fab due contains two complementing colours in this beautiful icy packaging. I have always been a fan of glitter polishes so this set is great. The pink is a very natural colour but you can really bring it to life with the glitter on top, either over the whole nail or as an icy ombre. I find this brand last well and doesn’t chip too easy. A set like this is great for any nail polish fan.

Impress - Press On Manicure

Impress – Press On Manicure


These are so easy to use, you literally find the correct size nail to suit the size of your own nail, peel off the back, press it on and you are done. I have tried a couple of sets and each have lasted 5-7 days which is great. It can take less than 5 mins to stick on a whole set, and if you think how long it would take to paint your nails and how quick they can chip. I think these would be great for any age as there is such a varied choice of colours and designs.

Kiss - Acrylic nails

Kiss – Acrylic nails


These nails are really good too, you use them with nail glue and they lasted about 2 weeks on me. I like this design as it is natural. This would be good for people that aren’t comfortable wearing bright nails.




This is so cool. You wear it on your finger when you paint your nails to hold your nail polish! I often used to paint my nails and try to balance to polish between my knees or end up holding it and nearly tipping it up!

Gem Duo

Gem Duo


This cool looking set includes a hand cream and a lip balm, This is great for any make up addict and looks amazing if you put it on your dresser/desk.

Sarah x


Trying out a new hand cream and foot cream

I have recently been using the balm for active hands and the balm for active feet from

 balm for active hands and the balm for active feet

The hand cream smells so nice and soaks in really well. It isn’t greasy and it makes your hands feel super soft, it really is designed for people that use their hands a lot and need that extra care.

The foot cream is very rich, this also soaks in well and I have been using it before bed and putting socks on so it works it magic overnight! If you know anyone on their feet all day this would be great.

At only £8 I feel that they are both great value and would be a nice treat for yourself or to buy someone that you know suffers with dry hands or feet!

Sarah x


My new fave hand cream

Trying to make sure my hands look perfect for my wedding day I have turned to the Crabtree & Evelyn pomegranate ultra moisturising hand therapy to try and sort them out!

This hand cream now goes everywhere with me, as I know on the big day there will be lots of people wanting to look at my ring (and I will wan pictures too!) so I need to make sure my hands aren’t dry.

As the box says, it is ULTRA moisturising and I definitely agree with this. It is great as it contains lots of things great for your skin: shea butter, argan oil and many other great ingredients.

The size is perfect to carry around in your bag or leave next to your bed and the cream isn’t greasy at all. It smells lovely, it is hard to describe as it has a hint of citrus, so go and try it yourself!

Sarah x