Trying out a new razor

I recently included this razor in my Christmas gift guide. I wanted to write a bit more about it as I was truly amazed how great it was to use!

Philips razor

It can be used wet or dry and can be charged in only 5mins which is pretty amazing! 

As mentioned in my gift guide, I have tried IPL at home and epilating before but I always end up going back to shaving and I find a shaver like this a lot easier to use than the normal in shower wet razors. 

I also love the fact I can shave without cutting myself with this one!

After using this on my legs they are so smooth its crazy, and I just really cant explain how easy it is to use 🙂

Sarah x


Getting ready for my honeymoon

With my wedding and honeymoon this year I’m frantically trying to sort everything out. Hair and make up etc had been my priority and certain things have been pushed to the back of my head.

Usually I shave my legs but I always end up cutting myself so I am going to try and wax them for the first time and see how I get on!

I decided to try this leg waxing kit from sweet ease. It includes 20 ready to use strips so there is no faffing around with hot wax and mess.

The pack includes instructions, which is great for someone like me that doesn’t really have a clue! They were really easy to use, you simply warm them up slightly in your hands and off you go. I expected it to really hurt but it wasn’t too bad, the strips are a decent size so before I knew it I had waxed up to my knee.

These are great for first time waxers and I am very happy with the results.

Sarah x