Biotin – Does it really give you healthier hair, skin and nails?!

I have recently been taking these biotin tablets from Tranforme to try and improve my hair skin and nails. Due to over bleaching and dying my hair, my hair was in quite a bad condition, I am constantly cutting off the split ends, meaning my hair really struggles to grow. I have also been taken off my acne medication by the doctor as I was taking it for so long, my body became unresponsive to it. I thought now was a good time to start trying a supplement to see if it would make a difference.


I was going to take a before and after picture of my hair, but can you really see in pictures if the condition has improved? Considering I have changed my hair colour twice in the past month and also had an undercut done I wasn’t too sure if the picture would really show progress.

I have been taking these for 4 weeks now and my skin has started to clear up, it also feels a lot softer and my break outs aren’t nearly as bad. My nails seem to be growing longer and stronger, which is great as I used to bite them so I have only just started trying to grow them and take care of my nails. My hair is starting to feel softer, I can tell by my roots how much it is growing and it just feels a lot more manageable and looks a lot healthier.

I am really impressed that by taking these daily, it can make such a difference to my hair, skin and nails.

Sarah x


My Hair Jazz journey

I have been trying really hard to grow my hair after cutting it quite short due to damaged ends. A lot of products claim to help your hair grow and I have tried a few in the past, including products to put on your hair and tablets but this seems to be the best so far!

hair jazz

I have been trying the above three and have used the tshirt to show my progress.


hair growth

After (27/12/16)

hair growth

The pictures are taken 6 weeks apart and I am really impressed with the progress. I use the products every other wash and still have over half of them left, so it could easily last three months before you need to repurchase.

I have also noticed my hair is a lot softer and more manageable, the ends seems to look a lot healthier too.

Before using the range I struggled to brush my hair as it was so tangled, I just had to leave it to dry but now I can brush it and it looks really healthy 🙂 

You can view all of the products here and if you are looking for healthier longer hair I would really recommend this brand.

Sarah x


I regret cutting all of my hair off

I am always changing my hair colour and style. I recently cut half my hair off, literally. It was below boob length and it is now a long bob(with lots of layers!). This was because it was so damaged from all the bleach and dye and it was starting to shed a lot more than usual!

I do regret cutting it as shot as I have done but with the help of hair growth products I am hoping it will grow quickly!

I have been trying this hair growth product and wanted to share my results.

hair growth

Before (30/07/16)

As you can see I have a lot of random layers and quite short on top!

hair growth

After (03/09/2016)

hair growth

I think this product has helped my hair as even though I have changed my hair colour I haven’t touched my roots so I can see how much it has grown!

My hair feels in better condition and I don’t get so much shed when I was it or brush it.

I think hair growth products are fab, as I was started to worry with the amount my hair was shedding. I don’t really want to have to stop dying or bleaching my hair as I love expressing myself with crazy shades. I am going to try and grow my hair over the next few months 🙂

Sarah x


Do hair growth tablets really work?

Has anyone tried hair growth tablets?


I have been taking this for 30 days, did they work?


I wore the same tshirt 30 days apart so you could see by the stripes if they worked! You can see that my hair grew (I did actually give it a small trim and cut some layers after a week of taking them as I totally forgot I needed to take pics!)

I can feel my hair is in better condition and can tell by my dark roots that they really have helped. I’m going to buy some more so I can carry on taking them 🙂

The only thing was my hair didn’t grow all at the same rate so my bottom layer now looks a bit odd! Some of it seemed to grow a lot more than the rest! 

Sarah x