Trying an at home peel by Monu

I recently came across this skincare system to give you a salon treatment but in the comfort of your own home.


The kit contains everything you need: Resurface and peel paste, resurface and peel lotion, hydrating moisturiser and an application brush.


Step 1 is to apply the paste evenly over your face

Step 2 apply the lotion, this then foams slightly on your face. Once this has been left for a few minutes you then rinse off with cold water

Step 3 apply the moisturiser, you need to make sure you use this a couple of times a day over the next few days!

My face felt SO smooth afterwards. It did like a little sore but what do you expect?! 

The next morning my face was literally glowing and it felt so clean and it honestly felt brand new, The great thing about the set is even though it is quite expensive (£70) you get quite a few uses out of it. I dread to think what this would cost to have done at a salon.

I picked a weekend to do it so I could be make up free as didn’t want to clog my pores straight after!

Sarah x


DHC : beautylift

DHC is a brand I have read about online but never tried anything before. I have been using the beauty lift essence for a couple of weeks now and wanted to let you know my thoughts.

beauty lift essence

First off, I LOVE the packaging, I know this wont affect the actual product but if it looks nice you are more likely to try it right?!

This is easy to apply and soaks in well, doesn’t leave you greasy but at the same time you can really feel that it has worked as it leaves your face feeling so plump and moisturised.

I quite enjoy using a serum as I feel it makes your face softer and more hydrated than a cream.

Sarah x


Trying some new Avene products

After falling in love with the Avene cleanance range I decided to try these products


They are PhysioLift eyes and PhysioLift night creams. I always think it is important to start using antui aging products to help prevent the signs of aging instead of waiting until they are visible and then trying to get rid of them.

The PhysioLift eyes helps the smooth and plump up the eye area and can help with puffiness and dark circles.

The PhysioLif night cream helps to plump up tired skin leaving you soft and refreshed.

Both of the creams seemed to help and I could see a slight difference after a few uses. 

Sarah x


Trying out new brushes

I have a crazy amount of make up brushes but I always love a new set. I hate cleaning my brushes so when it is time to do the deed I usually use it as an excuse to get something new to try!

I hadn’t really heard much of this brand before but came across them on the Superdrug website and wanted to check them out.

I tried the following:

Multi purpose brush £11.99 

Pro brush kit £18.99

foundation brush, buffing brush, contour brush, eyeshadow brush.

Genius brush kit £18.99

eyeshadow brush, crease brush, pointed eyeliner brush, brow & eyeliner brush, brow & lash groomer.

All of the brushes are great quality, The multi purpose brush I have been using for a few weeks now to apply my blush and it feels very soft on your face, it doesn’t pick up too much product and you can use it build up coverage.

The pro brush kit includes popular brushes to help you with everything you need. My favourite from this set was the buffing brush that I have been using to apply my powder to my face. It leaves your skin looking amazing.

The genius brush kit focuses on the eyes and includes everything you need to do you eyes and eyebrows. The eyeliner brush is very thin and I have been using this with a gel liner on my top lashes, it is easy to use and teamed with the eyeshadow and crease brushes you can create a great smokey eye.

Sarah x

Neals Yard

I recently had a chance to try some samples from Neal’s Yard. First up was the beauty sleep concentrate, and then the wild rose beauty balm.

The beauty sleep concentrate is a serum that you use in the evening (before bed) and it works its magic overnight. It is designed to hydrate your skin whilst you sleep. I suffer very dry patches on my face and after trying this once I could see an improvement on my face the next morning.

The beauty balm can be used as a cleanser or a moisturiser. I used my sample as a moisturiser and it left my skin feeling soft. It is often hard to tell things about a product if you only use it once but I could tell it made a difference! Have a look at more products here.

Sarah x