Do you wear false eyelashes?

mink eyelashes

I used to wear eyelash extensions all the time, they would last for weeks and you didn’t have to worry about them on a daily basis. I never really got the hang of false lashes as I always found them difficult to apply. 

I decided to give them another go and the best ones I have found are these ones by Mink.

mink eyelashes

These are the Lace lashes and have an RRP of £24.99. They are worth the money as they are handmade a cruelty free. hey can be worn up to 25 times which is great!

They come in a handy box that you can store them in 🙂

Sarah x



The I have previously reviewed Lilash (the product that made my lashes grow like crazy!). Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on their new eye silk products.

The set comes with the lilash eyelash serum and three shades of the eye silks: Beach bronze, Lilac and Gunmetal.

They are very easy to use, just like a creme eyeshadow. They are very pigmented and you don’t need a lot, so they will last ages 🙂

The shades are as below:

I tried to create a look using two of the shades on my eye to show you (they work very well together). There are instructions on the box to show you what colours to put where etc but I just got on with it!

You can buy them from

Sarah x


Lilash started 23/12/14

Some of you may have seen my giveaway at the beginning of January. I was so impressed by the products I offered two lucky readers a set each!

The reason it has taken me so long to publish this blog as I wanted to try the products for at least 8-12 weeks before showing my results. I started seeing a difference after only week and I was so amazed!

In my before picture you can see my eyebrows were a mess, I over plucked them when I was younger and I had been trying to grow them back in what seemed like FOREVER. I hadn’t plucked them as wanted to try to grow them back fully before I went ahead and shaped them. My eyelashes weren’t long, I would say they were an ok length but needed a ton of mascara to look half decent. I used to wear false eyelashes everyday, the ones in small clumps that you could leave on for weeks at a time. When I took them off I would be left with less eyelashes, I would then put them back on to hide the fact I hardly had any lashes and it turned into a vicious circle for about two years. Nearly a year ago I stopped wearing them, my eyelashes eventually grew back but not as full as they once were. You can see from the picture there are areas missing lashes and they are all different lengths. I needed a miracle!

WOW is all I can say. Lilash has changed my life! Half the time I don’t even wear mascara and I am constantly asked if I have eyelash extensions on or if I am wearing mascara people want to know what it is. I could honestly use the worst mascara ever and they would still look great!

Here is a picture of my eyelashes with just one coat of a cheap drug store mascara:

I always thought products that claimed to make your lashes and brows grow were just an online fad that wouldn’t work but when Lilash offered to send me some products to try I though to myself, lets give this a go!

My eyebrows have grown back and I am planning on going to have them shaped next month for the first time in years. I am so happy I will now feel happy and confident on my wedding day 🙂

I would recommend this product to anyone and I am quite aware I sound like one of those silly internet ads where you think yeh yeh I bet that doesn’t work but trust me and see the pictures. If you have any questions please comment below or tweet/email me 🙂

Sarah x

Lilash giveaway

I have recently been trying two new products in the attempt to grow my eyelashes and eyebrows. I will be posting a full review after 6-8 weeks. I started using both products on 23/12/14 and I can see a difference already! My brows are thicker and my lashes are definitely a lot longer! Before and after pictures will be included in my review. 

Most of us are victims of overplucked eyebrows or eyelash loss due to the overuse of false lashes. If this describes you then please read on! 

Lilash and myself would love to give two of you a chance to win this fab set:

The set includes both products and a beautiful mirror. I will be hosting two giveaways, one on Instagram and one on Twitter so enter both to increase your chance of winning!

Twitter, look out for my tweets as below and retweet them:

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Instagram, follow the instructions underneath the picture. 

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3 Repost/regram the image with the hashtag: #iwantamazingeyes

Please note this giveaway is open internationally. I will choose a winner at random and then pass on the details to Lilash who will ship the prize direct from their warehouse. 

I feel so excited being about to offer these products and being able to share the results with not just one but two lucky people! 

Sarah x