I am always using exfoliaters whether it’s on my face or on my body. I can’t stand the thought of all of those dead skin cells lurking on the surface so always to keep my skin clean and smooth as much as possible.

I came across the exfolimate and was so intrigued I just had to try it. I firstly tried it on my body and as I got used to it I also used it on my face. It basically gently scrapes off any dead skin from the surface without it ratting it or making it feel sore like it often can with exfoliaters.

It comes with a handy strap so it is easy to use in the bath or shower. It was so easy to use and after using it  few times on my legs I think that it helped with ingrown hairs (I seem to get a lot when shaving usually). It makes sense though as it removes dead skin there is nothing to clog up your pores! 

You can pick one up easily from Amazon 🙂

Sarah x