Dr paw paw

Dr Paw Paw is the most amazing multi use balm you can get, seriously. I have previously reviewed the red one which I used as a lip balm but the original can be used for so much more.

Dr paw paw

I have been using this as a lip balm, to tame flyaway hairs, I have used it on my dry elbows and even on my hand when I burnt it. For £6.95 you can’t go wrong. This is definitely a handbag essential!

The best thing about it is a small amount goes a long way 🙂

Sarah x



Make up

The Swag Bag

Small £9.99

Big £12.99

I was looking for a new make up bag to carry round in my handbag and this one caught my eye. They do lots of different bags, all different designs and slogans and also in a variety of sizes. This one is perfect for everyday use to carry round my essentials in my handbag.


Urban decay vice 4


I have only ever used the Naked palettes before so this was a pleasant change. The Vice 4 comes inside an eye catching bag and the packaging is multicoloured to match the eyeshadow shades. Since changing my hair to a crazy unicorn/mermaid combo this will come in handy so I can make my eyes more colourful too! The shades are highly pigmented and its worth investing in a more expensive palette like this as you cant really match the quality of Urban Decay eyeshadows.


Dr paw paw – tinted peach pink balm


I am a massive Dr Paw Paw fan, I reviewed the red one over a year ago here. I also love the original but this was my first time trying the peach. It is a great lip balm and really does make your lips super soft whilst adding a hint of colour. The original one can also be used as a multi purpose balm as it is not tinted 🙂


Charlotte Tilbury colour morphing eyeshadow pencil

Mesmerising mink


Charlotte Tilbury is one of those brands that everyone now loves, I hadn’t heard of them until this year but they do some great products. The colour chameleon eye pencils adapt with your eye colour and compliment your eyes. There are different shades depending on your eyes. I have blue eyes so the shade that was recommended for me is mesmerising mink, it really helps your blue eyes to stand out. I would love to know if anyone else has used these? The creamy texture is easy to apply and the product is long lasting 😉


China glaze mini mixers 


I adore nail products and Christmas is the best time to get hold of limited edition sets and also minis like this. It is a fab way to try lots of new shades as I hate paying for a full size nail polish and then realise I don’t actually like it once I have put it on. This set has 6 colours, a mixture of glittery, matte and shimmery. This set is from Sally’s and they often have the small gift sets on 3 for 2 nearer to Christmas so I would recommend going in store to have a look.


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it has helped to inspire you for gift ideas!

Sarah x


Please note the items featured are a mixture of things I have purchased myself, things I have won(I enter lots of competitions!) and PR samples.


So I came across this brand Twitter (www.twitter.com/drpawpaw), firstly I was attracted by the catchy name, so I decided to have a look and see what it was. I have decided to tell you all about the red tinted balm which I am currently using as a lip balm. It’s lovely to apply, it’s shiny but at the same time it isn’t sticky and it leaves a lovely red tint to your lips. It can also be used as a cheek tint, which I am yet to try! 

Excuse the bad quality picture, I really need to sort out my camera as I have been using my phone for all the pics!

I have had a look at their other products, they have a pink balm as well for lips and cheeks but the original balm is far more versatile. I haven’t tried the original balm yet but after doing some research it looks like it is a go to balm for anything : dry skin, lips, cuticles, prickly heat, nappy rash, primer, this list goes on! I think I will definitely have to try that one too! At the moment there is a 3 for 2 offer on their website www.drpawpaw.com as mine came with a lovely little card with this offer stated and also some of the uses for the various balms 🙂

Sarah x