Protein World : 30 day challenge

At the end of January I received my package to start the Protein World 30 day challenge.  was excited and scared. I have put on nearly two stone since meeting Nick (almost four years ago) and it is about time I did something about it!

Protein World : 30 day challenge

I didn’t do this plan to become muscly and the next Instagram gym hero, I did it because I am unhappy with my body and want to get fitter.

I received: 

Slender blend powder


Hunger buster capsules

Fat metaboliser capsules

30 day challenge booklet

I tried my best to stick to the plan as much as I could, I didn’t do the exact exercises in the book as often I did not have time, or it was not something I felt comfortable doing, but instead I have been using my exercise bike most days.

Protein World : 30 day challenge

The first few days were difficult as I was really watching what I was eating and I was having the slender blend to replace lunch but I soon got used to it and after 30 days I managed to lose 7lbs, so half a stone. 

I am a lot happy as now my tighter trousers fit me and my stomach feels smaller and not so bloated. Even though I feel better I still have a long way to go and I don’t feel happy enough to do a before and after of my body.

I think this plan is a really good idea for anyone wanting to make that change. I have already bought another tub of the slender blend as I am quite enjoying having it for lunch! 

Protein World : 30 day challenge

The recipes/meal plans in the booklet are really good too, lots of great snacking ideas I never though of (I am now addicted to peanut butter as it isn’t actually that bad for you?!)

I would definitely recommend the chocolate flavour slender blend and porridge 😉 Having the porridge for breakfast fills me up until lunch time, usually I am snacking again by 9am! I think by having these high protein/low calorie replacements it really has helped, but I think you really need to work out too. I mostly did my exercise bike, but if I stuck to the plan in the book I think I probably would have lost more weight and became more toned but I just want to take it easy and slowly. I am in no rush, and it is easier to do slowly.

Protein World : 30 day challenge

I wasn’t too sure about taking the tablets if I am honest, I take enough medication from the doctors for migraines/skin etc I didn’t want to pump my body with more so I didn’t take them. A friend of mine decided to take them and let me know how it went. She said that she felt they made a difference, especially taking the hunger buster ones before meals, she then wasn’t wasting so much so they obviously work!

I am going to continue trying to exercise daily and to have the slender blend and hopefully notice more of a difference in another month!

At the moment you can buy this for £72 which may sound a lot but in reality it replaces two meals a day and if you think what you usually spend on breakfast/lunch I think it works out cheaper 😉 More info abut the chocolate one can be found here.

Protein World : 30 day challenge

You can also use the slender blend in different recipes, not just as a drink if you prefer, so you can pretty much tailor the whole plan to suit you.

Sarah x


Trying to maintain my *happy weight*

I have recently been using a few products from a brand called Forza, these can be used to help loose weight or in my case, to help maintain the weight I am happy at!


The stir it slim is a meal replacement drink, I have been trying the hot chocolate flavour. It is not always easy to cut out a meal so you really need something filling to replace it. I felt quite full after one of these, they are similar to the way a slimfast milkshake works but they are made as a hot drink.

The hydrotrim is a capsule you are meant to take before a meal, it helps to fill you up so in theory you then don’t eat as much. I was a bit sceptical about how this works but I gave it go. It did in fact work. I felt full easily but at the same time I am not sure if it was also slightly physiological! I used these for a month (you are meant to take them before every meal but I only took them before one meal as I wanted to maintain my weight, not loose it) and I actually lost a few pounds!

The multivitamins should be taken daily to help give your body everything it needs. I literally have a cupboard full of tablets I usually take (zinc for my skin, biotin for my hair, magnesium for my migraines etc) So I ditched all of those for a a few weeks and gave these a go. I noticed my skin and hair had improved, I was getting less blemishes and my hair looked a lot healthier. I am not sure if they affected the frequency of my migraines.

All in all, this range is great if you either want to maintain your weight or loose it. You can decide yourself how often you use the products depending on what you want to achieve!

Sarah x


So after two weeks of slim fast

I have managed to loose 5lbs. I maybe wasn’t as strict as I should have been but that is just due to the fact I am very fussy with my foods. As lovely as the recipes sound for the times you can eat a meal, I just couldn’t stick to them.

I was extremely surprised how tasty the slim fast products are. I expected them to taste a bit weird as they aren’t what I would call normal food, diet foods always taste odd. With the slim fast range I would honestly say that I would eat most of the snacks if I wasn’t on a diet! My favourite had to be the chocolate crunch meal replacement bars or the cheese snacks.

The milkshakes just taste like regular milkshakes (which I love), and I am pretty sad I have come to the end of my two week challenge as I will miss the snacks!

I am now going to try and eat healthy and continue to appreciate my body and keep striving to look my best.

Sarah x 

Slim fast

So over the next two weeks I am taking part in the slim fast challenge to help shed a few pounds coming up to my wedding and honeymoon. I know I am not very big to start with so please don’t think you need to diet if you are my size, I am purely doing this for myself so I will be happy and comfortable.

My aim is to lose only a few pounds from my waist/hips so I can feel happy with myself because this is the heaviest I have been and with my wedding this year I just really want to feel and look my best.

Over the next two weeks I will be eating slim fast snacks as well as their meal replacement options. They over a wide variety of options and I will let you all now my thoughts when I have completed the 2 week slim fast challenge.

Sarah x