We got a kitten!

So the reason I haven’t blogged as much recently is because of this little fella!

He has taken over my life as he wants to play ALL of the time. With such a cute face I can’t be angry at him when we play and he scratches me, or when I am trying to eat breakfast and he just wants to sit on my lap!

Slowly trying to get him used to the guinea pigs too 🙂

Sarah x


A treat for my babies

Sandy was doing a little research one day and came across the website www.barksandbunnies.co.uk and found out about the guinea pig boxes.

It didn’t take long for it to arrive in the post…

The box was full of treats for Sandy and Thierry, including lots of nibbles and a tunnel for them to play with..

They loved their new toy and the new additions to their food bowl

I had two very happy piggies!

The box is a fab idea for any pet as a treat

Sarah x