NeuroSkinFeeds – The MicroMilk

Contains gifted products:

NeuroSkinFeeds - The Micromilk

I have previously tried out the MicroOil from NeuroSkinFeeds but today wanted the share my thoughts on the MicroMilk.

It’s key ingredients are

• Aloe vera gel – hydrating; soothing and cooling; reduces inflammation and itchiness; known for its anti-bacterial and healing properties; easily absorbed. Contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. Helps to hydrate the skin without any post- application greasy feeling. Locks moisture into the skin whilst leaving it smooth and soft

• Karite (shea) butter – rich in fatty acids and vitamins to soften skin. Anti-inflammatory and healing, it conditions, tones and soothes skin. Rich in vitamins A and E, it has anti- inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

• Camelina sativa seed oil – a strong antioxidant due to high vitamin E content; acts as an anti-inflammatory, calming sensitised skin, whilst adding moisture; boosts the immune system; packed with omega-3 fatty acids; enhances skin barrier function- healthy barrier function is essential for survival, as it prevents bacteria from entering the skin; suitable for all skin conditions.

• Cannabis sativa seed oil + 1% CBD – intensively nourishes and regenerates sensitive and tired skin; reduces inflammation in the skin; calms skin and reduces redness; has antioxidant and regenerative qualities to help offset damage from the sun, pollution, and ageing; rich in vitamins A and E; deeply moisturises and improves skin structure; creates a barrier, helping skin retain its own moisture; relaxes skin and mind, ensuring nutrients are absorbed better.

There is a strong connection between what you put on your skin and your mood, this ensures that only good ingredients are used to help promote a better mood.

My thoughts

I have been using this regularly the last couple of weeks as my skin has been really dry due to the weather and having the heating on. It’s really helped with any dry patches I have and it also apples so nicely and smells nice that it really does put you in a better mood after using it!

The pump bottles makes it really easy to use and you don’t need much to really make a difference to your skin. It soaks in well and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or greasy which is a bonus.

NeuroSkinFeeds products are vegan, 100% natural and cruelty-free and suitable for sensitive skin. I would recommend both of their products I have tried.

Have you tried this before?

Sarah x

The English Soap Company

I have mentioned The English Soap Company before in a post here. I think they make the most beautiful, amazing selling soaps, I just keep wanting more!

This Lemon and Mandarin set is under £10 and would make such a great gift, for a friend, a relative, a co worker or even a teacher at school. Not only does the range smell divine, but their soaps always leave your hands super soft! You could even buy the set and give away two as gifts and keep one for yourself 🙂

I hadn’t heard of the Honey and Camomile one before but after just trying it in the bath, I love it so much. It has left my skin feeling nice and soft and I smell so good (If I can say so myself!). 

I think I need to invest in one of their candles to try 🙂

Sarah x



I recently came across the Janjira argan oil body range and I am IN LOVE.



Argan oil – sugar milky body scrub
This scrub is my new favourite. I have used it at least five times recently and the pot hardly looks like it has been opened. The smallest bit goes a long way! It leaves your skin feeling so soft and the whole range smells so rich and luxurious.



Argan oil – shower scrub
This scrub isn’t as harsh as the other one so this can be used more often I think it is very important to regularly scrub your body, as you do with your face. You need to remove all the dead skin cells in order to have clean fresh smooth skin!



Argan oil – shower gel
This smells amazing and leaves you smelling like a day at the spa. It is so nice to use and leaves you feeling so clean and refreshed.



Argan oil gift set:

gift bag, body butter, sugar milky body scrub, shower gel, hand and body lotion, massage oil.

This set is really good value at £25 as you get to try most of the products in the argan oil range. It is ideal for anyone that travel or even as a treat for yourself!

I think my favourite product in the set has to be the shower gel and I am so glad I have a full size one too! Not only does it smell great in the shower but it honestly left my skin feeling so soft I just wanted to keep stroking my arm! Haha 🙂

I love argan oil, I originally used it in my damaged hair as I had read online about all the benefits and how good it was bt I had never really tried any skin care with it in. I must say, I am very impressed!

Sarah x


Bodhi and Birch

I always get excited when trying new brands. Bodhi & birch are a great brand that don’t test on animals. Their products are free from parabens and sulphates and they smell so good!

The Neroli Luce revitalising facial oil has made a massive change to my skincare routine. I was always under the impression if I had oily skin I wouldn’t need to use a facial oil, but I was so wrong! Facial oils actually help to regulate your skin and by using it I find my face gets less oily naturally throughout the day.

I have also been using the Mint the bath and shower therapy. This left me feeling super clean and smelt amazing in the bath! It left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Sarah x 

Australian Bodycare

I have crazy sensitive skin and I am always looking for new products to try. Australian Bodycare offer a great range of tea tree based products that are kind and gentle to your skin but at the same time very effective.

I have been using the deodorant now for just over two weeks and I am getting on great with it. We don’t often think about what we use under our arms but the skin is just as delicate and sensitive as your face!

A few years go I developed an allergy to my deodorant and since then I have had to be very careful what I use or I end up with a rash and really dry areas. My favourite thing about this deodorant is that it smells lovely and fresh and you can just tell by the scent and the tea tree that it is good for your skin if that makes sense? It’s working great so far and I plan to continue using it 🙂 Oh and I forgot to mention its a roll on, which I prefer to a spray.

The other product I have been trying is the skin wash, I have been using this all over in the bath and again, knowing it has tea tree in the product and being able to smell the fresh aroma just makes me feel so clean. Since using this my skin is in better condition.

I suffer from mild acne on my back and shoulders which I have been dealing with for years now and it’s hard to find the right products. I find they either don’t work or they are too strong but this wash seems to have helped and my skin doesn’t look so “angry” which is great 🙂

I am planning to try some more products from this range as I have been very impressed with these!

Sarah x

Nip + Fab

Nothing beats a relaxing bath and pamper evening so I was extremely excited when these arrived at my house! I have two of their ranges to try: Yoga blend and De-stress blend.

I decided to use one variety for 2 weeks and then switch to the other for a further 2 weeks to see what the difference was.

The yoga blend has a lovely lavender, coconut and rose fragrance. This is a very relaxing scent and left me smelling very fresh.

The de-stress blend has a very calming and relaxing scent, when using the body wash it really helped me to unwind. It is made with frankincense, orange blossom and sandlewood.

Apart from the scent, both ranges worked in the same way. The body washes were rich, lathered extremely well and left me feeling soft. Using these combined with the body lotions literally left my skin feeling amazing.

The lotions left my skin feeling soft and supple, I preferred the de stress blend but only due to the scent.

Sarah x