I do love a good full body scrub now and again. It is important to get rid of any dead skin cells and to have an exfoliate at least once a week.

Hempz : Pomegranate sugar body scrub

My current scrub of choice is this beautiful smelling one from Hempz. It is harsh enough to give you a good ol’ scrubbing but not too harsh that it leaves your skin sore. In the past I have tried scrubs that just end up making you red and sore and you wish you hadn’t even bothered as your skin was better before but this one is just right. 

You feel so soft after using it it really does get rid of all the dead skin. I like the smell of this, it isn’t too overpowering and it leaves you smelling really good 🙂

Sarah x

I came across scrub love and just HAD to try it. I opted for the mint one as it sounded so good! It was slightly messy but what do you expect.

coffee scrub

As you can see below it is best to apply before running the water 🙂

This scrub contains coffee, tea tree, sea salt, peppermint, argan oil and aloe vera so it is PACKED with things that are great for you skin. After using it my skin felt amazing and was literally glowing!

coffee scrub

Sarah x


I am currently addicted to using the Glamour grit scrub by a brand called Urban Tan. This product is ideally used before you fake tan as you need to ex-foliate elbows/knees etc but even if you don’t fake tan it is a great product!

Glamour grit

The scrub smells great and is quite gentle on your skin. I often find scrubs are too harsh and leave my skin feeling sore but this one was great as it felt like it got rid of all the dead skin but it wasn’t too harsh!

Sarah x


So today I want to tell you about this fab website www.sniffywiffy.com who offer toiletries with a difference. Each product is handmade and includes information on how to check for breast or testicular cancer. I opted to try the aloe and cucumber scrub, and I could smell it even before I opened the box it arrived in!

The scrub itself was delightful to use, it had a fine but powerful grainy texture to it and I tested it out on my legs in the bath, they honestly were left feeling smooth and silky after I had dried. The scrub is available in a crazy amount of scents, you can find out more here! The great thing about this scrub as it left a slightly oily feeling to your skin afterwards so it felt even more nourished and soft 🙂

As you can see above, the label on the tub is a self examination guide to help you check for breast cancer. Girls, this is very important that you check your breasts regularly! The label is very detailed and you can see a digital copy of it here.

I think this brand is great as it can help both men and woman (obviously I opted for the female tub!). For every product sold the company actually donate a proportion to charity, If you want to know more about what charities and find out more about Sniffy Wiffy please visit this page of their website.

I recommend that you make a purchase from this site, whether its for yourself or a loved one!

Thanks again Sniffy Wiffy for leaving me smelling great and feeling soft 🙂

Sarah x