Organic beauty week starts next week (15th-21st May) so to recognise this I wanted to share with you my favourite organic cotton wool balls/pads and buds.


I really enjoy using this range as they are kind to your skin and soft to use. You can find more about the range here.

The cotton pads felt really nice when taking off eye make up, as often my eyes get irritated as they are very sensitive. 

The cotton buds weren’t too fluffy which is good if you use them to clean out your ears as I often worry with the fluffy ones that the end my end up coming off and getting stuck in your ear (this actually happened to someone I know!)

The cotton balls were again, very gentle and soft to use. I think it is worth paying a bit extra and getting this range.

Sarah x


I have recently been taking these biotin tablets from Tranforme to try and improve my hair skin and nails. Due to over bleaching and dying my hair, my hair was in quite a bad condition, I am constantly cutting off the split ends, meaning my hair really struggles to grow. I have also been taken off my acne medication by the doctor as I was taking it for so long, my body became unresponsive to it. I thought now was a good time to start trying a supplement to see if it would make a difference.


I was going to take a before and after picture of my hair, but can you really see in pictures if the condition has improved? Considering I have changed my hair colour twice in the past month and also had an undercut done I wasn’t too sure if the picture would really show progress.

I have been taking these for 4 weeks now and my skin has started to clear up, it also feels a lot softer and my break outs aren’t nearly as bad. My nails seem to be growing longer and stronger, which is great as I used to bite them so I have only just started trying to grow them and take care of my nails. My hair is starting to feel softer, I can tell by my roots how much it is growing and it just feels a lot more manageable and looks a lot healthier.

I am really impressed that by taking these daily, it can make such a difference to my hair, skin and nails.

Sarah x


I LOVE things from The Body Shop. Their tee tree range is one of my favourites and their body butters are just amazing. I always love trying new releases from them. The newest one is the Almond milk and honey range which I have recently been using.

The Body Shop: Almond Milk & Honey

This range is great for anyone like me that has sensitive or dry skin. I often struggle with body products as a lot of them irritate my skin but this range is so gentle and hydrating.

The soothing and caring cleansing bar is a great product to use in the bath or shower if you want to feel clean but are worried about drying out your skin with regular soap. As this cleans you, it leaves you super soft and moisturised.

The shower cream is very similar to the above but instead of a bar it is more of a shower gel(some people prefer this to a bar). It smells great and leaves your skin feeling really soft.

The calming and protecting hand cream is a great size to carry around with you or leave in your desk drawer. It soaks in quickly and really nourishes your hands.

The body butter, one of my favourite products. It is great for any dry places, knees elbows etc and really does soak in quickly and leaves you feeling moisturised.

Sarah x


I really love trying out different make up products and Nu Skin have recently become one of my favourites for lip products.

I have previously tried the lip glosses and I really love using them. Not only are they hydrating for your lips but as they are contouring lip glosses, they make your lips look fuller 🙂

You can see my my review here.

NuSkin: Lips

Right to left: 

Tender beige, Sweet pink

NuSkin: Lips

I tried quite a few different shades of their Nu colour lipsticks. I think this is a great range as all of the shades are highly pigmented and seem to last for ages. They are non drying and feel great on your lips!

NuSkin: Lips

Shades, from left to right:
Champagne kisses
Berry glaze
Petal pink
Antique rose
Cha cha red

The swatches above are just one thin coat of each shade, some are more sheer than overs but they are all really bold and such a great selection of colours 🙂

Sarah x


Soap and glory are a brand I always associate with body products, I always forget they do make up too!

I have recently been using their blush and powder and I love them.

Peach party is is a multi colour blush, It looks very shimmery but when you apply it, it gives an amazing natural glow to your skin. It is great as you can create your own custom shade by choosing what colours to pick up on your finger or brush. The very light shade you can also use as an under brow highlighter.

The one heck of a blot powder is a translucent mattifying powder and comes with a puff. It leaves your skin matt and an almost velvet finish. It is great as it is the kind of product you can reapply without looking cakey.

Both compacts come with a built in mirror so they are perfect for on the move applications 🙂

Sarah x