Maple Holistics

I have recently tried two products from Maple Holistics. First is a bath soak and second a lip balm.

The bath soak is a salt that can be added into your bath. I use about half a cup at a time. Its lavender, which is one of my all time favourite scents and as well as making my bath smell great, it leaves me feeling very soft. I find bath salts are a great treat to use once a week when you just want to lay in the bath and relax. They make a pleasant change to a bath bomb 🙂

I now take this lip balm everywhere with me. It contains vitamin e and cocoa butter and leaves my  lips feeling moisturised. I haven been wearing so much lipstick recently so I always like to have something like this on my lips.

Sarah x


M Botanicals sugar body balm

I have been trying this scrub for the last few weeks. It is a gentle exfoliator that leaves you super smooth.

The scrub smells great and it really helps to leave your skin soft and remove any dead skin cells and really rejuvenate your skin. I really like to scrub my legs in the bath before I shave as it seems to help 🙂

Sarah x