Time for a hair change!

I am forever changing my hair colour. I have used lots of different colours and brands in the past but one brand I always go back to is crazy color. I haven’t had pink hair in about 6 years, my last hair was red/pink/purple and before that was blue. I bleached my roots before this change but my hair was still tinged from my previous colours.

I decided to use the aubergine at the top and then faded it out to pinkissimo.

crazy color

Before applying the dye, as with any bright colours, I wash my hair with shampoo (I don’t use conditioner) and then towel dry. The dyes are easy to apply to damp hair and you can see your hair changing almost straight away. As you can see, I went for the ombre look, with a darker shade at the top.

crazy color

It is important when dying your hair bright colours that you then take care of it (presuming you want it to last and not fade!). I have been using one of the new shampoos that crazy color have, that are designed to prolong your colour. The red covers red/pink and you can get it various other colours too.

The shampoo is a bright red shade and it deposites a small amount of colour when you use it, making your hair look vibrant after every wash.

Sarah x