Argan Oil

I recently submitted a tip for 20 Essential and Effective Argan Oil Benefits & Tips From the UK’s Leading Beauty Bloggers, so wanted to first of all share that with you, but also write a review on a bottle of argan oil from The Body Source.

My tip was: Argan oil is amazing for your hair. You can put it on damp hair after you wash it or put it on your hair once it’s dry, it really does improve your hair and leaves it silky smooth. My tip is to take it in the bathroom with you and after you shampoo, before you condition put a bit of oil on the tips of your hair. Once you have done this you can condition as normal. This seals it into your hair and leaves it feeling and smelling great! You can always use more after your hair has dried if needed.


I have been using this specific oil for a couple of weeks now and I have seen a massive improvement in my hair. It is easy to use, you only need a small amount and it leaves your hair super soft and feeling nourished.

I have really enjoyed this oil and my split ends seem to be looking better and my overall hair condition is a lot better. I am hoping by helping my hair it may grow a bit longer, rather than breaking off as it is so damaged 🙁

Sarah x


I recently came across the Janjira argan oil body range and I am IN LOVE.



Argan oil – sugar milky body scrub
This scrub is my new favourite. I have used it at least five times recently and the pot hardly looks like it has been opened. The smallest bit goes a long way! It leaves your skin feeling so soft and the whole range smells so rich and luxurious.



Argan oil – shower scrub
This scrub isn’t as harsh as the other one so this can be used more often I think it is very important to regularly scrub your body, as you do with your face. You need to remove all the dead skin cells in order to have clean fresh smooth skin!



Argan oil – shower gel
This smells amazing and leaves you smelling like a day at the spa. It is so nice to use and leaves you feeling so clean and refreshed.



Argan oil gift set:

gift bag, body butter, sugar milky body scrub, shower gel, hand and body lotion, massage oil.

This set is really good value at £25 as you get to try most of the products in the argan oil range. It is ideal for anyone that travel or even as a treat for yourself!

I think my favourite product in the set has to be the shower gel and I am so glad I have a full size one too! Not only does it smell great in the shower but it honestly left my skin feeling so soft I just wanted to keep stroking my arm! Haha 🙂

I love argan oil, I originally used it in my damaged hair as I had read online about all the benefits and how good it was bt I had never really tried any skin care with it in. I must say, I am very impressed!

Sarah x


I LOVE this conditioner

I have been so impressed by this conditioner from Simply argan. It smells so good and it leaves my hair feeling so soft.

Simply argan

Argan oil is a big thing in the hair world, everyone swears by it and I have to agree, it definitely makes a difference to my hair. I probably shouldn’t bleach and dye my hair every few weeks as I know how damaging it can be but knowing there are products like this that can help means I can 🙂

Sarah x


Argan oil for your hair

Recently I have been trying lots of different haircare products as my hair is so damaged I’m trying to improve the condition!

I have been using this argan oil range from as it was only about £13 for all three products! You can find out more about it here.

I love using argan oil for my hair as it really help the condition, so using both a shampoo and conditioner that included it as well as an oil has made my hair super soft!

Do you have a favourite ingredient for hair products?

Using an oil has helped with my damaged hair as it got to the point I was going to stop dying it due to the poor condition but using something like this means I can carry on 🙂

The size of the products is great value for money and they really do work!

Sarah x