Goldfaden MD

My acne has been causing me all sorts of grief recently. I had it under control and cam off my acne medication and cut down on dairy in my diet and my skin was looking really good but then it just got really bad again. I am having so many make up free days now as I am trying to help it recover but I wasn’t even sure if that was working.Not matter what skincare I was using it either didn’t do anything or it was too harsh and made it worse. i decided to stop messing around trying lots of different things and gave the Goldfaden facial wash a go as well as the facial detox mask.

Goldfaden MD

I have been using these two for a good few weeks now along with a couple of other products that I have always used, so these are the only things I have changed.

After using the facial wash for a few days I started to notice I wasn’t getting any new breakouts and my skin was feeling really soft and clean from using this just once a day. It feels really kind and gentle to your skin as often acne specific products can be really drying and harsh but this was just what I needed.

I also used the detox mask twice a week to give my face that extra deep cleanse. It really soothed my skin as well as getting deep into the pores to give my skin a good deep clean and to help get rid of dead skin cells and blocked pores.

I am so impressed by these products and so glad I found them as they really have helped with my skin.


Sarah x

Delight touch

I have recently been using the organic troubled skin cream from Delight Touch. This is a moisturiser aimed for spot prone skin.

Delight Touch

I always thought by having bad skin that it was because I had too much sebum and therefore I didn’t need to moisturise as it would make my face more greasy. I was so wrong!

Since moisturising my skin is ten times better and I have noticed it doesn’t get too oily, it turns out my skin was only so bad as I never moisturised it was over compensating for this.

It is important to find skincare that your face agrees with. The skin on your face is very delicate and it is important you take care of it.

I use this cream at night before bed and it really has made a difference 🙂

Sarah x


Trying an at home peel by Monu

I recently came across this skincare system to give you a salon treatment but in the comfort of your own home.


The kit contains everything you need: Resurface and peel paste, resurface and peel lotion, hydrating moisturiser and an application brush.


Step 1 is to apply the paste evenly over your face

Step 2 apply the lotion, this then foams slightly on your face. Once this has been left for a few minutes you then rinse off with cold water

Step 3 apply the moisturiser, you need to make sure you use this a couple of times a day over the next few days!

My face felt SO smooth afterwards. It did like a little sore but what do you expect?! 

The next morning my face was literally glowing and it felt so clean and it honestly felt brand new, The great thing about the set is even though it is quite expensive (£70) you get quite a few uses out of it. I dread to think what this would cost to have done at a salon.

I picked a weekend to do it so I could be make up free as didn’t want to clog my pores straight after!

Sarah x


My new skincare routine

Suffering with acne and blemish prone skin is really annoying, you live in hope as you get older that you will grow out of it, but for me, I didn’t. At 26 I still suffer with bad skin, I take antibiotics on a daily basis as well as using medicated products and I even tried blue light treatment on some of my acne. 

I started using Avene Cleanance expert a few months ago, not just on my face but also on my shoulders as I suffer with spots there too and this product changed my life. I decided to give the whole Cleanace range a go!


The products I have been testing out (from left to right) are:

Micellar water

Mattifying toner

Cleansing gel

Mattifying emulsion



I ditched everything else I was using and concentrated on only sticking to this range to see how it worked. I am so in love with the mask it is unreal. My face is so much softer and clearer and that was my favourite product.

I don’t want to bore you with a description of every product as most of them are pretty obvious by their name but if you want to know anything please tweet me (@sarahtrademark)

I can definitely recommend this range. As I switched all the products at once I cannot really tell what one made the biggest difference or if I would have had the same results by just using one or two products, all I know is that my skin is A LOT happier and looks so much better. Massive thumbs up to this range. I am slowly going to cut out one product at a time to see how this affects my skin as I have lots of other products I like using 🙂

Sarah x