I have been trying to use more natural skincare now that my acne has calmed down and have been trying lots of great things. I am really impressed with the naturaline range and have tried a few things:

Aloe vera/eyebright eye make up remover

I always like to remove my eye make up before I wash my face so using this on a cotton wool pad is eyedeal(see what I did there haha). I often get sensitive eyes so as this is more natural it doesn’t make my eyes sore when I remove my make up.

Cucumber/guava facial wash

This wash is great to use in the morning. I like to wash my face as soon as I get up to help wake me up and feel refreshed ready to start the day. The cucumber is so hydrating and refreshing.

Edelweiss day cream

I like to use a small amount of cream after I wash my face in the morning, anything too heavy and my face feels too greasy. This cream feels very soft to apply and I only use a small bit over my whole face to keep it hydrated all day but without being greasy.

Really impressed with this range!

Sarah x

Nutreelife have created a new selection of vegan and gluten free bars. They are all high in protein and plant based as well as being soy free/ dairy. I think it is great how many products you can get nowadays that are free from lots of things as so many people have allergies and it is hard to find snacks.

Each bar has a different formula depending on what you want to eat it for:

Detox – Our Activated Charcoal and Blueberry Bar is ideal to cleanse and support everyday health. The Activated Charcoal works to improve digestion by binding to certain compounds and reducing bloating, while the Blueberry provides essential antioxidants for a detoxing effect.

Recovery – Designed to aid recovery and increase energy levels the all-natural way, the Turmeric and Black Pepper Bar contain active ingredients as well as plant-based protein. Curcumin is the active ingredient found in turmeric, which has incredible anti-inflammatory benefits.

Energy boost – Containing plant-based protein crispies, Beetroot and Guarana, this bar is the ideal way to provide vital energy the natural way. Beetroot, which is rich in nitrates, helps to increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood, which can help in providing the body with a consistent source of energy.

Wellbeing – In a delicious pistachio flavour, the Cacao, Chlorella & Coconut is designed to support overall wellbeing. With three key ingredients, Chlorella is an algae that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals known to support immune system health. In addition, Cacoa is packed full of phytonutrients, which are a great source of magnesium. Finally, Coconut provides energy and improves digestion.

My favourite is the energy boost, not just for the fact that it helps to give you energy when needed but it is my favourite tasting one out of the four. I quite like the texture of the bars and that they are all peanut based as I love peanuts. I really do think its great they appeal to anyone that is gluten free as well as vegan/dairy free or soy free.

You can buy a mixed box or buy a box of just one variety, so if you want to try them all before you pick a favourite then you can. I love the chocolate brownies you can buy on their website too.

Have you tried these?

Sarah x

You may think that being dairy free/vegan will limit what chocolate and treats you can have but this really isn’t the case. It can be a pain checking every label and knowing what you can and can’t have but there are plenty of chocolate brands out there. Vegan Town have come up with the Vegan Treat Box, where they put together a selection of vegan treats/chocolate.

The box is £19.99 and you can also save money on this by subscribing to 3 months at a time. It is a great way to save the hassle of going shopping/searching online as to what chocolate is dairy free or vegan. It is also a great way to try new things you didn’t know were out there. I didn’t even know you could get vegan smarties!

Each box will vary, so this is showing what I received in mine. You can see there are several large bars, as well as smaller treats and there is a really good variety of things included.

My favorite items were the vegan smarties and the ichoc cookie bar. I love all of the ichoc bars and they are my favourite vegan chocolate apart from vegos.

I think it is great value for money as the box was jammed packed! This would make an amazing Christmas gift or anyone vegan or dairy free too 🙂

Who wouldn’t want a box of chocolate delivered to their door?!

Sarah x

Since adapting to a vegan diet I have also been more interested in trying to use more vegan or cruelty free products. It is always hard to know where to start with looking at ingredients and is so much easier if something is clearly labelled “vegan”. I was lucky enough to receive some vegan hair products from Biosthetique to try out.
You can view their range at HairCareShop online here. There are three main ranges you can select from: Gentle, balancing and intense.


To give gentle and mild care using ingredients such as ginko and lavender.


Free from perfumes the balancing range is especially gentle for your skin and hair. Using ingredients such as ginseng and jojoba.


This will inject some energy into your skin and hair care routine with energizing ingredients such as mint and lemon to lift and revive.

The products I tried were:

Balancing shampoo – this is great as I suffer with greasy roots and dry tips. It helps to balance the natural oils in your hair and is great for sensitive scalps. I always find that products designed to re-balance your hair or skin are a great addition to your bathroom.

Gentle conditioner – this is a leave in conditioner which works great on my damaged and dry ends. I always condition my hair when I wash it but always want to give it that extra moisture and leave in products are great. This doesn’t weigh your hair down and gives it the moisture needed.

Intense mask – I try to do a deep conditioning treatment or mask at least once a week as my hair is very damaged from dying it so much. This one only needs to be left on your hair for ten minutes and it really does make my hair feel more manageable and softer.

I also received some gentle tea which was really good 🙂
Sarah x

I came across this great dairy free/vegan online shop called Dairy Free Triangle. I decided to put together a small order and try a few bits. They arrived quickly and it was packed with a cool pack to keep it chilled in transit.

What I tried:

Various cheeses – From £2

Spray cream – £2.20

Mayonnaise –  £1.80

Baked beans with vegan burgers – £1.79

As you can see, everything is so reasonable priced. Often vegan products or free from products can be so expensive, especially if you are looking at the free from section in a supermarket. It is so nice to find somewhere that has such a great range of products and at a good price and with such quick delivery. It turned up in a couple of days and I was so impressed.

They have such a great range of cheeses, that is one thing I really missed and so far most of the ones I have tried have tasted like plastic! Not heard of GreenVie before but really impressed with their two cheeses I have tried. I love cheese in a wrap with a meat alternative, on pasta or pizza, or in a toastie. I love the Mediterranean style one the best.

The mayonnaise is spot on, I bought one a few months back which wasn’t much bigger and was like three times the price and this one tastes exactly the same and exactly like I remember mayo to taste. Ideal for sandwiches and wraps.

I didn’t even know you could get vegan squirty cream so this has been a game changer for puddings in my house! It goes with everything haha.

The beans and burgers was a pleasant treat on toast one day for breakfast. I have been having regular beans but missed like beans and sausages and stuff so this was so nice to have.

They have lots of gluten free things too 🙂


Sarah x