I came across this great dairy free/vegan online shop called Dairy Free Triangle. I decided to put together a small order and try a few bits. They arrived quickly and it was packed with a cool pack to keep it chilled in transit.

What I tried:

Various cheeses – From £2

Spray cream – £2.20

Mayonnaise –  £1.80

Baked beans with vegan burgers – £1.79

As you can see, everything is so reasonable priced. Often vegan products or free from products can be so expensive, especially if you are looking at the free from section in a supermarket. It is so nice to find somewhere that has such a great range of products and at a good price and with such quick delivery. It turned up in a couple of days and I was so impressed.

They have such a great range of cheeses, that is one thing I really missed and so far most of the ones I have tried have tasted like plastic! Not heard of GreenVie before but really impressed with their two cheeses I have tried. I love cheese in a wrap with a meat alternative, on pasta or pizza, or in a toastie. I love the Mediterranean style one the best.

The mayonnaise is spot on, I bought one a few months back which wasn’t much bigger and was like three times the price and this one tastes exactly the same and exactly like I remember mayo to taste. Ideal for sandwiches and wraps.

I didn’t even know you could get vegan squirty cream so this has been a game changer for puddings in my house! It goes with everything haha.

The beans and burgers was a pleasant treat on toast one day for breakfast. I have been having regular beans but missed like beans and sausages and stuff so this was so nice to have.

They have lots of gluten free things too 🙂


Sarah x

Lazy day treats can be bought in lots of supermarkets. Not only are they vegan but gluten free too. I love products that are gluten free too as they are great for people with an intolerance. I worried that when I decided to eat a vegan diet that I would miss out on chocolate and tasty treats but that definitely is not the case!

The range are free from:





Hydrogenated fats

And suitable for Vegans and Coeliacs.

Since eating a vegan diet I have been a lot more aware of what is in foods as I have to check every label. My granddad has to eat a gluten free diet so I am always on the hunt for nice treats for him too so these are something we could share.

Most vegan stuff you can tell it isn’t like regular chocolate but these honestly you wouldn’t even know they were any different.

I love the tiffin the best, it is so good I had to refrain myself from sitting and eating the whole pack!

I think these packs are great as a treat or if you know anyone with any allergies get them some to try 🙂

Have you seen this brand or tried them?

Sarah x

Still continuing my plant based/vegan journey… I have been trying so many new foods the last few months and have been sharing a few with you guys. This week I have been eating a lot of patacones plantain chips. Ask me a month a go what they are and I would have said.. huh?…

These chips are made from sliced plantain, fried and then seasoned. They are a great bar snack and are advertised to go well with rum. I am happy to just sit at home and work my way through a bag!

They taste almost like fried batter but at the same time a really posh tasty pack of crisps. I am actually sat eating a whole bag as I type this! Why has no one told me about plantain before?!

Have you ever heard of these?

Sarah x

I have just come across a brand called the happy snack company, and oh yes, they made me happy! Their snacks are high in protein, low in sugar and gluten/dairy/nut free.

I think it is so great that there are companies out there producing foods with allergies/life choices in mind. A lot of people struggle with intolerance’s and a lot of people are vegan and don’t want to consume dairy.

The snacks are based around different flavours of broad beans. I myself eat a vegan diet and I usually consume a lot of nut based snacks but nut allergies are very common. It is so nice to be able to get something vegan, nut free, gluten free and basically anyone can eat!

They are the ideal snack to keep in my drawer at work or to throw a bag in my handbag if going out. They even do the little bags designed for kids. I can’t wait to try the chickpea snacks they are bringing out!

The pizza ones have to be my favourite. I pretty much poured the packet into my mouth as I was loving them so much haha. All the flavours taste so good though, the salt and vinegar are my second favourite.

Have you heard of them?

Sarah x

Recently, I am really into fragrance and oils. I am loving candles and also trying oils with a calming effect. Suffering stress related migraines can really knock it out of you and I have found that certain smells and products can really help to calm me down.

Kathleen sent me a roll on oil to try in the scent “tranquil fields”

“Top Note: Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most calming herbal oils and benefits the mind and body by reducing anxiety and emotional stresses, improving sleep and brain functions, relieving pain, and helping to heal burns and wounds.

Heart Note: Frankincense Essential Oil

The power of frankincense is extraordinary. Its sweet and woody fragrance is often used to promote relaxation, relieve chronic stress and anxiety, and reduce pain. It can build immunity, reduce inflammation, heal age spots, and help relax and calm the mind.

Base Note: Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is rated as one of the most relaxing aromas. Vanilla can be used as a sedative and body oil because of its properties as an antioxidant and antidepressant. Scientists found the smell of vanilla eases breathing problems and sleep apnea in premature infants. Warm vanilla helps bring an overall sense of balance and harmony to the body and mind.” – www.kathleennatural.co.uk

If i am feeling stressed or can feel a headache or migraine coming on, I like to sniff this roll on as well as applying a small amount onto my temples, my wrists and behind my ears. Sometimes I even rub a little just under my nose. The lavender really helps to calm, it is one of my favourite scents anyway.

The roll on is so easy to use and is great to carry about. It dispenses just enough without leaving your skin feeling oily and without being messy.

Do you have a favourite scent that calms you?

Sarah x