Another couple of skincare products I have been trying are these two from Dermaloch:

Intensive: natural skin nourishment spray

Rejuvaderm: natural skin moisuturiser

The intensive is a spray moisturiser and can be used on your face or anywhere else on your body. I love that it is a spray and it sinks in quickly so you don’t have to rub it in! It is so handy and easy to use. You can also apply this to your scalp if you suffer with a dry scalp.

If you don’t like the idea of the spray you could use their rejuvaderm moisturiser which is a great all around moisturiser and it very gentle on the skin and is great to use if you have a skin condition or a sore patch. I always end up with a small patch or dermatitis on my leg in the winter so something gentle like this is ideal!

Both products are non greasy and soak in easy, they are so kind to your skin and really help to hydrate.

Their range is great for anyone with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Sarah x

Still on the hunt to try more vegan snacks and I came across emily crisps. They are crisps that are good for you and one of your five a day as they are veg or fruit based. You can buy them in health shops as well as certain supermarkets and they taste so much better than a standard pack of potato based crisps!

I am literally in love with the sweet potato based ones! I tried the ones with chilli and lime as well as the salted ones and they are both amazing. I just love sweet potato but I had never tried them in a crisp form like this, yumm.

I think I prefer the veg based ones as I am not a massive fruit person anyway but the pineapple and apple ones were still really good.

My other favourite was the french beans and sugar snap peas. They were so crunchy and just tasted so good and healthy. I am literally hungry and craving these right now as I type this haha.

Really impressed with the whole range and will be adding them to my weekly shop for sure 🙂

Have you tried any of the range?

Sarah x

Since changing my diet, my skin is so much better. I still suffer with acne but it has calmed down so much and doesn’t break out as often. I can now concentrate on trying different skincare products to perfect my skin routine and try and tackle any spots and scarring that is left.

I have been using the beauty in balance daytox volcanic mud wash and mask as a mask as volcanic mud is so so good for your skin.

You can use it as a wash by washing it off immediately or if you want to use it as a mask you can leave it on for 5 minutes. it helps to draw the impurities out of your skin and leaves your face so soft and clean feeling. I love trying out masks and love ones like that that you can really feel working!

You can feel see and fell how it detoxifies your skin using its active plant based ingredients. You can buy it from waitrose for £20 and they also do another mask I have heard great things about.

What is your favorite type of mask?

Sarah x

One thing I have really missed since eating a vegan diet is having a whole box of chocolates to munch on. I know you can get so many different bars of chocolate and bags of chocolate goodies but I haven’t seen many proper boxes of chocolates. I came across Nouri online and just had to try their chocolates!

In their box of chocolates you get four different flavours: chocolate and hazelnuts, coconut and chia, matcha green tea and sesame & cardamom.

They are all vegan with no added sugar and are gluten free too. If you don’t fancy a whole box or want to just try one specific flavour you can buy a small pack of 3 or a pack of 10 of an individual flavour.

My favourite has to be the chocolate and hazelnut, I love anything chocolaty and nutty! The chocolates are very rich and tasty. They taste like a really posh box of chocolates and you can taste the quality and tell they have only used the best ingredients.

I can honestly tell you that these chocolates didn’t last too long as I ate them all within a few days they were so good!

Something like this would be ideal if you know anyone vegan or with a lactose/dairy or gluten allergy.

I love finding new vegan treats 🙂

Sarah x

Its that time of year where it is perfectly acceptable to have candles burning all the time and all over the house! I find with candles they can often be hit or miss, they can smell nice the whole time they burn or they can smell good when you first light them and then they lose the scent. I find it important to try and find a good quality candle that will smell good right until the very end! My favourite one right now is this grapefruit and Seville orange from visibly vegan.

I love the simple packaging as I am not keep on coloured candles, this way you can have it in any room in the house and not have to worry if it matches your colour scheme if you have one. It smelt great when I initially got it out the box and it is so lovely once you start burning it. I have been burning it every day and it is about a third of the way down now and still smells as great as when I first opened the box so I am really impressed. It fills the room with the beautiful scent and I love how long it is lasting.

If you buy one through and use code tradem18 you can get £5 off 🙂

What is your favorite candle?

Sarah x