With summer and the good weather coming it isn’t just bikinis and summer dresses we need to invest in, it is important to take care of your skin and protect it from the suns harmful rays.

I am quite particular about what sun care I use as I have quite sensitive skin and I usually end up with a heat rash if I go out in the sun!

We had a lovely weekend a couple of weeks back and I used that opportunity to try out a new sun cream from Delph which can be purchase from Chemistdirect.

I always use factor 30 for my body and for my face I will use 30 or 50. I also always try to use an after sun or a cooling gel to soothe the skin after sun exposure.

Delph sun care is all vegan and is one of the UKs cheapest sun care ranges starting at £2.79

The sun cream was easy to apply and didn’t really smell like that normal sun cream smell which was nice. I sat out in the sun for a few hours before re applying and it seemed to work well and I didn’t get a rash. The after sun gel was very cooling and soothing to use. I will be getting some more to take on holiday with me!

Have you tried this brand?

Sarah x

Raising a litter of healthy puppies is expensive and time consuming, and is something that absolutely should be left to the professionals. However, sometimes accidents do happen. Maybe your dog escaped from the garden, or bolted off on a walk. She might have just disappeared for a few minutes at the dog park and encountered an over friendly male. A few weeks down the line, you notice that your female dog is looking a little round at the middle and suspect you know what’s gone on. It’s not ideal but it can happen, and if you’ve found yourself in this position- here’s what you need to do.

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Go to the vet

First things first, if you suspect your female dog could have caught pregnant then you’ll need to speak to the vet. They will be able to do an ultrasound to confirm it, and if she’s carrying puppies can provide you with specific advice. This could include what to feed her, what to do when she starts presenting with labour symptoms and what kinds of things you’ll need to buy. This includes items like a whelping box, and puppy milk and bottles to hand feed the pups if your dog starting struggling. They will be able to check that your dog is in good health so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Find good homes

It really is your duty to ensure that good homes are found for the pups. The last thing you want is for them to end up in shelters later down the line, which unfortunately happens all the time. You should consider homechecking anyone that wants to adopt a puppy and find out what their situation is. For example, if someone is renting their home you’ll want to check if they have permission to own a dog. That way, it won’t get passed from pillar to post if the landlord finds out and forces them to get rid of it. Once the puppies are born, use collars or this branding idea with puppy bandanas to distinguish between them. That way, anyone interested can choose their pup and ensure they’re collecting the right one once they reach eight weeks old. Finding the right home can be a process, don’t just give them away to the first people that show interest.

Have your dog neutered

Once they have had the puppies and have fully recovered, be sure to go and have your dog neutered. It’s easy to think that the same mistake won’t happen twice, but it’s so not worth risking. You might have found good homes for your puppies but it doesn’t take away from the fact that far too many dogs already exist in the world which is why shelters are so full. Do your bit by making sure it doesn’t happen again. Along with preventing accidental litters, neutering dogs has numerous benefits to health and behaviour and is something well worth having done anyway.

Raising puppies, even to eight weeks old where they can leave for their new homes, is expensive. So many see this as a money making scheme, but between vet bills, food, microchipping and other costs, chances are it will actually cost you money. But go about things in the right way so that you can ensure the pups are happy and healthy and go to forever homes.

Sarah x

All Candles Wholesale are a fab website to buy cheap/bulk packs of candles. They have such an amazing range to pick from, so whether you want a few its for around the house or are planning a wedding or party they have something for you!

This cute set comes with a reed diffuser and a candle, the perfect treat for yourself or gift for someone. The scent I went for is lily and bamboo. There are 5 other scents to pick from for this set:

Ceder wood & vanilla

Jamine & vetiver

Kiwi & beramot

Petitgrain & sandalwood

Pomegranate & mango

It is great value at £21.55 as both products are great quality and it comes presented in a beautiful box.

I love the scent, you can smell it as soon as you open the box! Was really impressed with the size of the products too.

Sarah x

I am always changing my hair colour and it is always fun to do but this time I wanted to change things up a bit and try hair extensions.

I have tried a wig and clip in extensions from Hair grade before but didn’t realise they did tape ins. The ones I tried were the wvl tape in hair extensions – 20 pieces / 4cm wide. You can get these in a variety of colours but I went for a light blonde so they were a good base to dye.

I will be showing you the steps I took. This is my hair before I did anything:

I had been trying to fade out my existing colours and you can see there was still a lot of colours in there and my roots needed doing. I always just use a box blonde to do my roots and drag it down slightly to lighten the ends if needed.

I didn’t need to go white blonde I just needed to get the brown out and bleach it to a mid/light blonde.

I then split my hair ready to dye it. I wanted to dye the top colours first before fitting the extensions.

I mixed up the colours and put them in plastic pots all ready to go.

I then used the pink and purple as the top two shades and dyed my natural hair.

It was then time to move on to the extensions. They were so soft and long and I was really impressed with them. I went for three packs but only ended up using 2 and a half but I have really thick hair and a lot of it so I think most people would just need two packs.

The top of the extensions have the tape strip attached. I was concerned about dying the tops so instead I used permanent marker to colour them in so I wouldn’t have to try and dye them.

It didn’t take too long to fit these extensions and they were very easy to use. You sandwich a piece of your own hair in between two extensions so once they are fitted the sticky strips are back to back with the sticky holding them in place with each other and your natural hair.

Once they were fitted I made sure they were all secure and then went on to split my hair in two again and finish dying my hair and the extensions. It was a lot easier to dye them in my hair so I could blend them better.

I am so pleased with the final result and I feel like a mermaid. Tape ins should be better than clip ins as they will fade at the same rate and I can re-dye them when needed. I didn’t put them too near my hairline so I can still tie my hair up and you cannot see where they are taped in.


Have you tried hair extensions before? What type have you tried?

Sarah x

I love trying hair care products but there are a lot I don’t try as they are aimed for shorter hair/different styles to what I have so my husband has been trying the new Structure by Joico range and is sharing his thoughts:

GLUE “for a fierce style that lasts” – better suited to shorter hair, sold and robust hold and easy to apply.

SHAPER “subtle, natural looking textured style that holds yet remains flexible” – soft texture, easy to use and you can reshape through the day without leaving residue.

BEACH “tousled salty beachy waves” – the opposite to the glue, better suited for longer hair that wants the wavy beach look. It is quite light and leaves the hair soft and manageable.

STYLEMAKER “soft, shapeable touchable hold and a style natural shine” – easy to apply as it sprays on and you can reshape it. It leaves your hair flexible and durable.

PASTE “just out of bed, lived in firm style, matte finish” – firm long lasting hold and leaving the hair in position for over 12 hours.

My favourite one to use was the shaper and I will definitely buy another one when I finish it.