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If you are trying to change the look of your property but there’s not much money to go around you’ve got to do one room at a time. But the question is which one do you do first? When you are trying to transform the feel of a space you’ve got to look at the rooms where you spend the most time. If you and the family spend a lot of time in front of the television the living room can be transformed in so many different ways to alter the feel of the space that you can do it for relatively little cost.

Change The Focal Point

For most people, the focal point in the living room is either the couch or the television. By swapping things around you are changing the layout which gives you a completely different feel. You can naturally invest in a new sofa which can help to dictate a new direction, style-wise. If you’re looking to create something a bit more classical there are furniture builders like Old Charm Furniture that get inspired by the Tudor and Elizabethan era. Incorporating something historical into your living room can inspire you to go in a completely new direction. Once you start to change the focal point you make the space feel completely different.

Incorporate A Gallery Wall

If your living room is full of blank spaces a quick way to inject it with personality is to add a gallery wall. It can become a new focal point but it’s also the perfect opportunity to use old photos and prints, giving your space a contemporary feel while still being homely. If there is a blank wall going spare and you want to inject more of your style and personality, all you need to do is add a few photo frames. If you want to get some inspiration as to what it would look like there are websites like Art Steps that can help you to arrange your prints on a virtual gallery wall so you can see how it will look.

Change The Floor

If you are struggling to make a massive change to your living room but you don’t have much money you’ve got to concentrate your efforts on the floor! If you’ve got carpet ripping it up can easily transform the space. And you can very easily get laminate flooring that slots together meaning that it won’t take long to lay down. Or if you’ve got rustic floorboards underneath the carpet you can paint these over the course of the weekend with minimal cost. At the moment, a rustic look is very popular and if you don’t want to change your living room around but make it look different this is the best approach.

Shaking up your living room can make the space and the house feel completely different. But when we don’t have much money and we’ve got to prioritise our renovations we’ve got to go for the room where we spend the most time. Renovating a property can take a long time but when you’ve only got a weekend, trying these options can make a big difference. 

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Are you currently struggling financially? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. At one point or another, we all struggle with our finances, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The fact is that adult life doesn’t come cheap, and sometimes that can mean that your finances suffer as a result. 

While it can be extremely upsetting and frustrating struggling financially, it’s important to remember that the situation is only temporary, and things will quickly change. Of course, when you’re in serious need of some fast cash and you’re not sure how you’re going to raise it, it can be really stressful. 

If you are finding managing your funds difficult at the moment, don’t panic – there are plenty of little things that you can do to give your finances a boost. 

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Sell unwanted items 

When you’re finding managing your finances difficult, it’s important to remember that there are options for raising some extra cash. If you have any unwanted items in your home, from clothing that you no longer wear to electrical items, you could consider selling them to make some extra cash. For instance, you could sell your iPad to Mazuma for cash, or advertise your old smartphone on Facebook Marketplace. There’s also the option of using second-hand selling sites like eBay to make some extra money. The fact is that there’s no point having old and unwanted items lying around your home – you may as well make use out of them. 


Not making enough money to get buy at your job? Have you thought about the possibility of doing some freelance work on the side? Whatever industry you are in, there are always a number of freelance roles available, most of which can be completed remotely. If you want to source some extra work, take a look on sites like Freelancer and LinkedIn, to see what openings are available. You could also put a post out on your social media channels, to see if anyone knows of any suitable work that is available. 

Complete online surveys 

There are a number of online survey websites that pay well for simply answering surveys. If you have a few spare hours each week, you could supplement your income by filling in online surveys. There are a number of reputable sites online that pay people to complete online surveys. While it’s not amazing money, it’s better than nothing, and if you put a few hours into the work, you have the potential to earn a steady monthly income to help give your bank account a boost. Just make sure to use reputable survey sites that are known to actually pay. 

It’s never easy when you’re struggling with your finances, however there are steps that you can take to get things back on track. The truth is that when it comes to needing extra funds, it can become stressful feeling like you’re always struggling. However, the tips and ideas above, should help you to give your bank account a boost and make things a little easier. 

Sarah x

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Most people set themselves goals in life and have things that they want to achieve by a certain time. For most of us, one of those goals comes and goes every year and we never really get round to achieving them. The summer body goal is the one that we have in mind. Pretty much everyone goes on one holiday a year, and it’s usually to some beach resort to soak up some sun and forget about the troubles of the world. But we don’t always feel confident going out there and getting out bodies into a bikini. Body confidence is such a hard thing to master, and because of social media and the other pressures in life, it can seem like we’re never going to get the body that’s as perfect as the ones we’re seeing on the internet. Yet we dream of this summer body every single year, and might even put some effort into achieving it, but only for the month leading up to the date of the holiday. So, we’re going to show you how this year can be the year of getting your summer body because you have to start now! Dig deep and find that determination, and follow the tips we have in this article.

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Gym Balance

The mistake people make is failing to be consistent with the gym and fitness, and getting the balance wrong. We would highly recommend getting into the gym if you do want to get the body of your dreams. But rather than spending 10 minutes on the treadmill and sneaking out hoping that nobody saw you leave so quickly, do a mixture of cardio and weights. A nice incline walk for around 15 minutes will burn around 120 calories, and get the blood pumping. If you’ve taken a pre workout supplement this should feel like nothing to you. You can then go onto weights to tone your body up, as well as burn those calories. Experts say that the perfect mix in the gym is to do weights and cardio. There are apps you can download that will give you a structured gym routine to follow.


Consistency is key if you want to get the body that you want. As we said, most people decide to get off the sofa and do something with just a few weeks to go until the holiday. Que a terrible diet full of minimal calories. The way to do it is to be consistent from now until the summer. Make sure that you’re doing the same thing week in, week out, and we promise you’ll get some of the results that you want to. They say that it takes around six weeks to get into a new health and fitness routine if you don’t already have one. That sounds like a lot, but what are six weeks of keeping your head down and sticking to a healthy eating routine? Even if that routine means you keep the weekend as cheat days and have a few bad meals to keep that balance. After the first two weeks, you’ll notice a minor weight loss and improvements to your mentality. After the six weeks, you should be fully engrossed and committed to what you’re doing. Those six weeks are a small price to pay for the summer body that you want.

Sarah x

I recently published my Valentine’s Day gift guide but I never really spoke about what the day means to me. To many of us it is a special day to spend with our partner, to others it is a day to celebrate friendship or even just any other regular day.

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner it can be hard if you don’t get to see them. Lucky for me I will spending the whole of Valentine’s weekend with my husband and we plan to go out for a nice meal and then maybe watch a romantic film in the evening.

I wanted to share some more gift ideas with you, all from Moonpig. I love this site for gifts as they really do have something for everyone!

You can celebrate the day whether you are sat right next to your loved one or if they are the other end of the country or a different country!

Moonpig have a great range of letterbox gifts that are designed to fit straight through the letterbox and don’t need to be signed for. This is great if you want to send someone a present that you can’t give them yourself.

This American candy box is the perfect gift to send any sweet lover. It is something different and american sweets always seem to taste better than english ones so this is a great idea and a great selection! They have a lot of different sweet/chocolate boxes that are part of the letterbox gift range.

If you are looking for another sweet idea and you can give it in person or have it delivered to your love one then this sweet like you jar is perfect. It is full to the brim with pink and red love themed sweets. There are so many different sweets in here and this is great for anyone with a sweet tooth.

If they are more of a chocolate lover then you can pick from one of many chocolate gifts, they do a lot of personalised ones as well as a wide selection of popular chocolate brands. These montezuma top dog truffle collection are such a tasty selection of truffles and will be the perfect gift for any chocolate lover.

If they prefer alcohol then why not get a bottle of their favourite beverage? They have a wide selection of gin and the sibling gin is currently on offer! If you order any bottles from Moonpig they are always really well packaged and they always seem to have a selection on offer!

They have a great selection of alcohol and chocolate sets like this rosé and truffle set. It comes in a super cute box too!

If you wanted to get something more personal and something they can keep then one of the animal night lights are super cute! This cat one is a perfect gift for my husband as we can have it next to the bed to use if one of us wants a small light to use to read at night and we both love cats and have a lot of cat related products already at home.

The melt my heart set is a really lovely gift idea as it is a bath fizzer, lip balm and cooling eye set.

You may be looking for something to do Valentine’s evening or over the weekend so this couple’s board game is the perfect fun activity!

If you aren’t into staying in and playing games but are struggling for ideas you could always use the date night idea dice to help you pick and you can also set up a date night fund in a super cute jar.

As you can see, they offer such a wide variety of gifts whether you are seeing your loved one or want to send them something in the post! They also have an amazing range of cards that you can personalise and have delivered to yourself or straight to someone else! I am not a massive card giver so will be re using last years one to Nick! I like to give him a cute and romantic one but there are so many funny and rude ones you can get too.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?

Sarah x

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I wanted to share my latest finds from Femmeluxe. I have had quite a lot of products from them before and always been so impressed with their range and the price.

I usually order all of the items in small/medium or a size 10 and I find this is the best size option for me and they fit really well. This time I picked out a range of dresses, from a hoodie dress to a satin dress. What I like the most is that when you look at the products on their site it tells you what size the model is wearing so you can see if it comes up tight or baggy.

I hope in the future that they have a larger range of sizes to be suitable for more people as their clothes are really nice but not ideal if you are smaller than an 8 or larger than a 14.

Black Belted Long Line Hoodie Dress – Theo

S/M (8/10) / Black


This hoodie dress is so comfortable. It is an elongated hoodie with a tie belt(you can remove the belt if you want) and it is a really soft hoodie material. It is the perfect length to wear without trousers or if you prefer you could wear it with tights or leggings.

Black Satin Draped Mini Dress – Tatiana

10 / Black


This satin dress is so soft to wear! The top half is a baggy draped design with the skirt part more fitted. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that all the creases shows, a good iron could sort that out though! The size fitted well and I think black dresses are classics.

Black Mesh Organza Mini Shirt Dress – Sadie

S (8/10) / Black


What I love more about this is that it comes with a dress to wear underneath! The dress underneath is like a long vest top and ideal for more see through pieces like this. You could wear whatever you wanted underneath so could always opt for a coloured dress to turn it into something different. I like the dot design on the organza and you can tie it in at the waist too if you want it more fitted.

Stone High Neck Bodycon Jumper Dress – Esmelia

S/M (8/10) / Stone


This jumper dress is super cute and can be worn with bare legs or with tights/leggings. It would look really good with knee high boots. It’s really soft and comfortable, not usually my colour choice but as I have said before, I am trying to step away from all black clothes and stone/camel colours are really in fashion at the moment.

Delivery is always super quick and I am always impressed as the clothes turn up in a couple of days, great if you need a last minute outfit! They are all packaged well and bagged individually.

Sarah x

*This post contains gifted items*