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If you ask most people, they’re likely to agree that having pets is a great thing. Not only are animals loyal and playful, but they’re just a lot of fun to have around and they really bring a certain energy and joy to a home, especially one that’s filled with a family.

However, having a pet is a big responsibility that too many people simply underestimate, so it’s important that you really think your decision through before getting a pet since a lot of animals end up homeless or in shelters where they’re often killed after someone decided on a whim that it would be cute or fun to get a puppy or kitten and then realize that they’re actually totally un-equipped for life as a pet owner and can’t manage the responsibility of one.

So, in order to hopefully prevent further tragedies like those mentioned above, then in this post, we’re going to share with you some things to consider before getting a pet.

If you actually want one:

This may sound a bit crazy at first, but especially where children involved or one person likes the idea of a pet more than the other, then there can be a bit of pressure involved, and whilst it’s always good to have some level of compromise in family decisions that don’t just involve you, it’s also not responsible to agree to get a pet just because that’s what someone else wants – yes, even when that someone is your child. In fact, often that’s even less of a reason because you’re likely going to end up caring for the pet and could feel resentful, so it’s important to make sure that you really do want a pet for the right reasons and aren’t just backing down for the sake of pleasing others.

If you have the time:

Pets are a big commitment, so if you have a busy life such as work and an active social life, then it’s really worth evaluating whether or not you actually have the time for a pet or not since this can mean that they’ll be on their own a lot and this really isn’t good for them since they do need a lot of attention and care.

If you can afford it:

Many people seem to massively underestimate just how expensive pets are, but this is definitely something you should be taking into consideration before getting one. Even when adopting a pet, you’re going to have to pay for things like burns dog food, toys, vet bills, insurance and just other costs that may crop up from time to time, so it’s really worth seeing if you can afford it because it’s not fair to a pet to get one if you’re barely able to take care of yourself.

If your lifestyle is suitable:

Just like having time is something you’re going to need when you have a pet, your lifestyle also has to be suitable. For example, if you’re someone who has to travel for work a lot or simply enjoy traveling, then it’s really not going to be fair to keep a pet.

Sarah x

Now that I am slowly introducing dairy back into my diet I am coming across so many snacks I never knew existed! I got my hands on a couple of treats from Popcorn Shed and I honestly don’t know how I didn’t eat them all in one go!

“Popcorn Shed are rewriting the rules of snacks, in the UK and beyond!

If I am honest, I only ever really had sweet and salty before or toffee. You can eve get cheese flavour?!

The two that I tried were Salted caramel and Berry-licious.

The salted caramel ones were so good! They had milk chocolate on them too and were so moreish.  You could really taste the difference between this brand and your regular supermarket own popcorn. They are so luxurious and would make a great gift for someone as well as a nice snack/treat for yourself!

I have never tried or imagines berry popcorn before but I was pleasantly surprised. It is great they are gluten free, this is the kind of thing my grandad would love but I often struggle with little bits to buy him as he has to stick to a strict gluten free diet.

I really want to try more of their range, the cheese one sounds interesting!

Their whole range is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians which is great.

Do you like popcorn? What is your favourite flavour?

Sarah x

I have been trying out different types of tea from Shibui tea. I decided I wanted to explore the world of tea and see what other flavours I might like.

Shibui leaf tea very kindly sent me out 8 samples to try:

English breakfast

Early grey

Rooibos & orange organic

Chocolate & ginger

Tropical green

Matcha & sencha organic

Mulled spice organic


I usually drink english breakfast and occasionally have green tea or peppermint so i was excited to try some other options.

The teas I tried were from the pyramid bag range and easy to use. I have tried loose tea before and never really go on with it so I much prefer when it is in a bag!

I really enjoyed trying the different flavours. I gave the last two to my mum to try as I am not a gingerbread or mulled spice fan and she really enjoyed them. Out of the others I really liked the tropical green and the matcha & sencha best.

What is your favourite tea?



If you follow my blog and read it regularly you would have seen me post a couple of times about Femmeluxe. They are an online clothing store with a great range of dresses, jumpers, loungewear etc at such a great price.

I ordered all of the items in a small/medium which is a UK 8-10 or a size 10 if there was no S/M option and I find this is the best size option for me and they fit really well.

Red slinky ruched split leg maxi dress – Mariah

Size 10


This dress fitted really well, I love how bright it is too! The straps are adjustable like bra straps are so you can adjust to suit. It is a good length and the material is very soft and stretchy.  I love the split down the leg.

Red slinky square neck ruched bodycon dress – Cristbal

Size 10


I love the wide square neck. It would look great if you had a necklace you wanted to show off! The colour is a beautiful bright red and again it is very soft and stretchy. The length is good and it is very comfortable. I really want to get this in black too if they do it.

I was unsure how it would look once on and I worried my underwear would show but I just put on plain knickers and a strapless bra and you couldn’t even see underwear lines or anything through the dress, really impressed!

Grey crop jumper loungewear set – Deanna

S/M (8/10)


All of their longuewear sets are super comfy. The material is quite thick for a longewear set and I love anything in a light grey colour. The trousers fit perfectly and I love having a cropped top to go with it. Ideal for wearing around the house or to wear when working out.

I think to get two items of clothing for this price is so good. You can either wear them together or wear them with anything else really. The trousers would look good with any hoodie/jumper or top really, they don’t necessarily have to be worn as the set. The set is ideal if you want to wear sportswear but look a bit nicer if you know what I mean.

Mustard extreme polo neck oversized jumper – Amber

S/M (8/10)


You can’t go wrong with a jumper, especially from this website. All of their jumpers are well made and are comfortable and this one fits really well and I like the style of the neck. It is good quality and perfect for this time of year as it is quite thick but not too thick that you would get crazy hot in it. It is ideal for this time of year when you want to be warm but don’t want too many layers on as you get too hot when the heating kicks in! It would look great with jeans or leggings.

As I previously mentioned, the prices are so reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. They really do have choices suited for everyone.

The delivery was super quick too which is great, as I hate having to wait ages for online orders to turn up!

Have you tried anything from Femme Luxe?

Sarah x

I have recently been trying more natural skincare products and things that are kinder to your skin. I never realised until I looked into it properly how bad some deodorants can be for you.

incognito natural crystal deodorant is infused with essential oils and is moisturising whilst being free from chemicals. It is also vegan and cruelty free. The company also donate 10% of their profits to various charities.

It is non sticky with a citrus fragrance and naturally repels insects and mosquitoes so is ideal to wear on holiday as well.

It is easy to apply and dries quickly. I always end up with deodorant marks on clothing but with this I didn’t seem to get any. It is best to apply it straight after the bath or shower to damp skin.

I was impressed with this and it kept me feeling dry the whole day and night.

incognito deodorant retails at £4.49 and is available from Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Harrods, Duchy of Cornwall Nurseries, independent health stores and

What deodorant do you use?

Sarah x