Reasons To Go On That Ski Trip!

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If you like adventure and partaking in new activities then it is always a good idea to try and incorporate this into your trip when going away for a holiday. One of the most popular activities to do whilst away is to go skiing. This article will provide you with the top reasons why ski holidays are so popular and, therefore, why you should consider booking one.

The first reason ski holidays are a favourite amongst people is that you do not have to depend on anyone else. By this, we mean it is a holiday which you can go on alone if you wish to do so. If no one else fancies skiing, then don’t worry about, it’s often considered one of the best adventure holidays for singles. It is not an activity which requires a group of people, and anyway, there will be a lot of other individuals there so it is a great chance to meet someone new. In fact, many people love going abroad alone, and this is one of their favourite types of holiday.

In addition to this, you don’t need a lengthy break in order to go skiing, in fact, a lot of people go away for a ski weekend. Therefore, it is a holiday which will require little time booked off work, and therefore if you enjoy it, it is something which you could easily do again in the same year. You may be thinking – we’re not made of money! But the truth is skiing holidays are relatively cheap and affordable to most. 

Plus, ski clothing is ultra-stylish today and so it is a great type of vacation if you’re looking for some new athletic clothing. Any excuse, right? Curves N Combatboots is a great place to start your shopping process for your ski trip.

In addition to this, there is a lot more to your holiday than merely skiing. So if you are a beginner and are worried you won’t like it, then don’t. Seeing the mountains themselves is certainly a stunning sight to behold, and thus there is a lot of sightseeing you can partake in. Furthermore, you can enjoy fine food and wine. And there are assured to be a lot more activities you can participate in and places you can visit. For instance, you could take a trip to the nearest village and see what the local towns have to offer.

Finally, there are so many places you can go skiing around the world, and thus you have a vast choice of holiday destinations. This is great because it means you can choose whatever country best suits your taste, and you can factor in other elements merely than skiing. Nevertheless, this also means that if you fall in love with the sport, you can go to a different destination each time you want to ski.

So there you have it; the top reasons as to why ski holidays are so popular, will you be booking your ski holiday anytime soon?

Sarah x


This post contains gifted items:

Organii is a brand that I am a massive fan of anyway, I have tried so many of their products before abs always been really impressed so was excited to try their two newest products.

All Organii products are free from SLS, Parabens, Phthaltes, Silicone, Mineral Oils and have not been tested on animals and are vegan.

Hand gel

The hand gel contains alcohol to kill bacteria, as well as aloe vera and tea tree for added benefits. Aloe vera is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal and is excellent at hydrating and moisturising the skin, which makes this a very appropriate ingredient in hand sanitiser as often using too much can dry out your hands.

Benefits of this hand gel:

  • Helps kill germs
  • Effective cleanser
  • Doesn’t dry your hands out
  • Moisturising and hydrating ingredients
  • Quickly Absorbs without feeling sticky
  • A little goes a long way
  • Handbag size
  • Natural Ingredients

Surface spray

I think this is great to keep in your handbag or pocket to carry around with you as we are all using hand gels for our hands but surfaces can often be neglected. If you are using a door that other people have touched without clean hands then a spray like this is ideal to use before touching the door handle! It is also perfect fo using on the handles of shopping trolleys.

The natural formula of this surface cleaner includes alcohol and organic tea tree oil and is tough on killing germs. Tea Tree Essential Oil has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Benefits of the surface spray:

  • Helps Kill Germs
  • On-the-go cleaning
  • Small size

Do you carry around a surface spray as well as hand gel?

Sarah x


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Georganics only use pure, natural and organic ingredients for all of their products. They are vegan and cruelty free and designed to be zero waste, with recyclable packaging.

I have tried the following:

Beech Toothbrush – Medium Bristles

Mouthwash Tablets – Spearmint – 180 Tablets

Natural Toothpaste – English Peppermint – 60ml

Natural Toothpowder – Activated Charcoal – 60ml

The toothbrush is made from natural beech and is really easy to hold. It works well and I always prefer medium bristles for a toothbrush. I used it along the toothpaste and tooth powder and was really happy with how it left my teeth and mouth feeling.

The toothpaste comes in a jar and can be used with a small spatula to ensure nothing dirty gets into the jar. Like with any normal toothpaste, you only need a small pea sized amount. It comes in lots of different flavours.

The toothpowder was quite interesting to try and I had never used anything like this before. You dip your clean, wet toothbrush into the jar and it will pick up the loose powder, you then use this to brush with. The charcoal helps with any stains and plaque and leaves your teeth really clean!

The mouthwash comes in tablet form and you dissolve this in a small amount of water to create the mouthwash. This would be ideal for traveling as they dont take up much room and you can then just mix when needed.

Have you ever tried mouthwash tablets or toothpowder?

Sarah x

Have you been wearing a face mask in public?

AD – This post contains gifted products
In the UK it has been optional to wear a mask in public for the last couple of weeks but it is now going to be compulsory when entering a shop to cover your nose and mouth. There are so many different masks options it can be hard to know what one to get. I have been trying out a variety of styles and designs from and wanted to share my thoughts with you.
They have a large range of different style: 1ply, 2ply and snoods and have a lot of different designs within each style. The ones I have been trying are:
Tiger – 1 ply
Zip – 1 ply
Pink Leopard – 2 ply
Black – 2 ply
Skulls and roses – Snood
The main difference between the 3 options is that the 1 ply masks are made from one piece of material, these have two ear holes either side so you can adjust it depending on the size of your face. The 2 ply are made from two seperate pieces of material, with a pocket so you can add a filter if you wanted and these have elastic that goes around your head so don’t put so much strain on your ears. The snoods are like a tubular scarf that can then be pulled up when needed and this is really comfortable.
My favourite are the two ply masks as I like the way the straps are and like that you then have the option to put a filter in.
What type of mask have you been wearing?
Sarah x

Ready For A Big Adventure? Moving Abroad Made Easy

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Moving abroad is one of the most exciting things that people can do. But it isn’t easy to start planning, or to even know where you want to go. If you have been away for more than a few weeks, you know how intoxicating it can be to be in a new place, soaking up the culture and enjoying the company of new people. 

Yet, once in a while, there is a little seed of an idea about how much you might enjoy living there – for a while, or forever.

Adapting to life abroad can be an adjustment, learning the language, the cultures of a nation and the food too. But once you are settled in, it might be hard to imagine you lived anywhere else. 

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Here are some steps to consider when you are discussing moving abroad. 


If you are a freelancer this might be pretty simple for you. You will need to register and do your taxes in your new country of residence, but in general much will remain the same. However, if other members of your household aren’t fluent in the new language, and don’t have a job, it might take a little longer to find work. Luckily in almost every country there are provisions and opportunities for people who aren’t native and don’t speak the language. Registering with expat networks and recruitment agencies is a great place to start. 


Some housing markets are hot and move quickly, with high prices. You may have to be prepared to travel back anf forth a few times. It is often a good idea to hire a moving expert – they can source housing, banks accounts and arrange school appointments too. Moving your household goods can easily be arranged with an international moving company like Chess Moving


Many countries will require you to have a visa, and sometimes that will depend on the working situation. If you have a certain amount of savings then often you can get a visa for a time, as you can support yourself. A work visa can take a number of months to arrive, which gives you time to pack and solidify other parts of your plan. 


Almost all countries require you to have some sort of health insurance. You need to bridge the gap between your home country’s health insurance and your new country’s companies. 

There are usually a few levels of insurance, you should carefully consider what level of cover you will need, and what you can afford. 


In many cases you will need to register yourself as living within the country or city. You’ll need to bring proof of identity, like your passport, a residential address, and a range of other supporting documents. 

Registering with a doctor and a dentist is something that you should do pretty quickly upon arrival. There are typically many medical professionals that speak a number of languages, and usually English is one of them. But you should try to learn some of the language so that you can get by in the early few months. 

And the most impotant thing is time. Give yourself plenty of time to move, and plenty of time to settle in when you arrive. 

Sarah x

The Selfie Bag

Have you ever heard of a selfie bag? Cotton bag co have created the perfect selfie bag.

The canvas bag is available is two different colour options: Black canvas or Natural canvas and can be purchased online for £11.99. It is the perfect bag for anyone that is into photography or loves taking a good selfie.

The bag is the perfect size to fit in your camera, selfie stick, portable ring light, tripod, and any props you may need to get that perfect photo. It also has a super cool design on it so it is super stylish!

The bag has the main pocket and then two pockets inside, one the perfect size for your phone and the other is a small zipped compartment if you needed to carry anything small like a spare camera battery or memory card. it also features a fold out reflective sheet which you can use to see your reflection, to adjust the lighting or even use as a cool background if taking pictures of small items.

The bag is a great size and as it’s made of canvas it is very durable and hard wearing. I think it would be great to store all my photography stuff in at home when not in use.

Do you think this would be useful?

Sarah x

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