Christmas Gift Guide Series 2021 : Technology / Books & Cards / Activities

This post contains gifted products:

Every year I like to put together a gift guide for Christmas. It can often be hard to buy for some people and I always struggle with thinking of ideas for certain people so like to plan ahead and share my ideas if anyone else is struggling!  


Anker Nano II 30W Fast Charger Adapter


High-Speed Charging: Charge a 2020 MacBook Air at full speed, charge the iPhone 13 series up to 3× faster than with an original 5W charger, and charge the latest Samsung phones at full speed with Samsung Super Fast Charging. Downsized Design: At 59% smaller than an original 30W USB-C charger, Anker Nano II takes up less space while giving you just as much power.

This is such a handy charger and ideal for anyone’s who phone always runs out of battery.

Soundcore by Anker Life P3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds


Pocket-Sized Pop of Color: Life P3 noise cancelling earbuds come in 5 eye-catching colors to pair with your personal style. And the ultra-compact case fits effortlessly in small bags or pockets.
Fueled By The Beat: Life P3 noise cancelling earbuds’ thumping sound is produced by custom 11mm composite drivers. Activate BassUp mode in the app to further intensify bass in real-time.
Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling: Sync the noise cancelling to your location for an optimized experience. Transport, Outdoor, and Indoor modes are each tailored to block out irritating background noises in each environment.

They are so comfortable to wear and work so well with my ipod so I can just switch off from everyone and listen to my music.

eufy by anker, HomeVac H11, Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Lightweight and Compact: Completely cordless, weighing just 1.2lbs, and being roughly the size of a wine bottle. Cleaning is made effortless and storage is made simple.
Dust Devouring Suction: With 5500Pa of power, you can suck up every spec in seconds when everyday mess is made.

Super handy as it charges with a usb and works well to clear up pet hair off the carpet or if you spill crumbs in front of the sofa.

eufy Security, SoloCam E20, Wireless Standalone Outdoor Security Camera


See Every Detail: Capture everything that’s happening around your home in crisp 1080p resolution.

No Hidden Costs: SoloCam is a one-time purchase. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. Everything is done on-device for complete security and transparency.

Know Who’s There: The on-device AI only alerts you when people walk into view, reducing false alerts triggered by passing animals or swaying tree branches.

100% Wire-Free: SoloCam is completely standalone. There’s no need for HomeBase. Simply set it up and you’re good to go. And because it’s 100% wire-free, it’s a breeze to install anywhere in your home.

Ready Rain or Shine: With an IP65 weatherproof rating, SoloCam shrugs off rain, sleet, and snow, while also standing strong against both extreme heat and cold.

This is great if you want to keep an eye on who knocks on your door or keep an eye on the outside of your house when you aren’t home.

Books & Cards

Maini Books – Nutty The Squirrel: Dare To Be Different


Poor little Nutty just wants to do what all his brothers and sisters do – work in the family nut factory. But that’s just not possible. One day, his Grandad comes up with a bright idea and Nutty finds a way to fit in. Dare to Be Different is a series of stories aimed at helping children understand that it’s OK to be an individual. This is a rhyming book and is a fun and easy read for both children and parents, but deals with nut allergy in a fun but realistic way. It helps children with Nut allergy realise that they can be involved and don’t have to worry, while educating all children on the issues that others face. In the Dare to be Different books, each character overcomes their own problem, enabling children to manage issues that might affect their lives such as food allergies, other health conditions or different beliefs.

A really great book to explain to children what different issues others may face so that they understand.

Pop-Up Pigeon – Christmas Pop-Up Card Multipack


Santa Pop Up Card Cadillac

This intricate piece of card art features a 3D Cadillac, driven by a waving Santa with a pile of presents in the back. The inside of the card is white and features cut-outs of snowflakes. The front cover features a cut-out of Santa in a Cadillac with the words Merry Christmas. One of the quirkiest designer Christmas cards on the market.

Christmas Cracker Pop Up Card

The card features a Christmas cracker with the words Merry Christmas exploding out. The letters are decorated with tiny baubles, stars, a candy cane, and mini crackers. The inside of the card is white and features a red, orange, and yellow explosion with scattering stars. The inside front cover has laser cut-out snowflakes while the front of the card, is decorated with a cut-out cracker image. A real treat in this Christmas cards pack.

Christmas Wreath Pop Up Card

This card features a 3D wreath made of holly leaves and decorated with beads, gifts, berries, candy, and a cute snowman. The inside is white and features cut-outs of sprigs of holly and ribbons.

A really great range of pop up cards.

Destination Fashion Gift Bags

From £1

They have a really good range of Festive-themed gift bags from the renowned Jan Pashley range of products. Lots of them include dogs or cats which are ideal if you are giving a gift to an animal lover. Make them smile with a cute gift bag before they even open their present! The bags are well made and come in a good variety of designs and sizes.

My Fulfilled Life Planner


The planner includes monthly and quarterly reviews, in tune with the equinox and solstices. Running from January to December, you can focus on your business as well as your life as a whole.
There are three key exercises that enable you to:
– reflect where you are in 8 key categories of your life or business today
– activate law of attraction and multi-sensory techniques to design how you would like your life to be and manifest it with ease
– visioning exercises to transform your dream into a detailed goal and plan of action, with an annual, quarterly and monthly milestones and metrics trackers to review your progress.

This is a really thoughtful gift and would be great for anyone that likes to be organised.

My Chronicle Book Box


Crime & Mystery monthly book subscription box.

Always have something worthwhile to read. From cosy crime to gritty crime thrillers, amateur sleuths to experienced detectives, fast paced and action packed to intricate puzzlers. You will find excellent reads from top authors to love in every crime and mystery monthly book subscription box. 

Each monthly box will contain a signed hard copy first edition new release, 1 – 3 bookish goodies and author exclusive content. It’s a great way to discover new books.


Mud & Bloom

From £12.95 per box

A Mud & Bloom box is a monthly subscription box delivering seasonal nature crafts and gardening activities to your door. Each box contains four seasonal growing and craft activities along with instructions, nature news and games to teach children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall. Our craft activities have been designed to get children outside in nature – finding materials themselves from their walks and using these objects imaginatively.

The boxes have been developed by qualified teachers and support the national curriculum with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education. They are perfect for kids when you have run out of ideas of things to do with them.

I hope I have given you some inspiration 🙂

Sarah x

What To Buy A Tech Obsessed Friend For Christmas

Collaborative post:

The dreaded “C” word is just around the corner, which means that Santa is wanting to know what everyone wants for Christmas. So, if you have some friends who like their gadgets and tech, you might want to give them something that they would like. Here are some ideas to help you fill out their stockings.

Image credit: Pexels from Pixabay

Ugly jumper

Is it really Christmas without a jumper? The traditional Christmas jumper has had a revival in recent years as people have fallen in love with the retro look. The great thing about the jumpers is how they work well for game designs. It is so easy to knit your own (if you have the time and patience) but there are many places that have a wide range of geeky patterns. You don’t have to look too hard to find them, there are plenty of places that have them in stock. All you need to do is find out which one they would like the most.

Model kits

Model kits are not the same as they once were. The models that were glued together have started to come back in fashion. If your idea of tech is making models of some of the finest machines that history has seen, then a model kit might be in your future. Sure, you can still get some pretty awesome vintage kits, but they have evolved. Now, you can get your mitts on ones that have simple rubber band motors that allow them to move without batteries. Of course, you can also get the fancier models such as R/C cars if you think they would prefer something with some speed. The range that is available for models is a lot, and there is a wide price range to choose from too. 


Model aeroplanes are cool and all, but are they as cool as a drone? If they don’t already have a drone, why not get them one for Christmas? Once upon a time, you needed to slap down a lot of money to afford a basic drone. Now, they are affordable and easy to use. DrDrone is the place to go if you want the right information about the drones that are available. But, if you have researched and found that you would like a drone, you could treat yourself to one. We won’t tell them if that was meant for their Christmas tree.

Superhero gadgets

This is in no way tech-related other than you could potentially pick up an item that looks like the tech that superheroes use. But that isn’t a bad thing. Some of the coolest items we have seen are gadgets and toys that have been modelled on superhero gear. Of course, some of them fall short of the mark because it is hard to get Batman’s Tumbler on a budget. However, if they do manage to make a working Iron Man suit, we will be first in line to buy one. Until then, you will have to make do with lightsabers, shields, and toys that make cool sound effects. There is a small selection of items that are amazing and are worth a look at.

Blu-ray collection

We know that there are countless streaming services available, and we know that your friends probably have a hard time working through the content on there. But, you only need the internet to go slow or *shudder* stop working completely to appreciate the humble DVD and Blu-ray disk. If you know that they have a soft spot for old horror movies, they would probably love a collection. The thing is, streaming services have a tendency to change their content and you are at the mercy of your download speed. With a hard copy, you never have a deal with slow connections or removed content again. Besides, it is a nice present to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Children’s toys

Why, oh why is this on the list? Let’s start with this thought, there is probably a toy that they wanted as a child that they didn’t get. An informal office poll showed that a Slush Puppy set was top of the list around here. However, there are a lot of children’s toys that are WAY too expensive for kids. Lego and Playmobil sets are very pricey. Just take the Ghostbusters or Back To The Future kits. Those prices are not for kids. Besides, they will love opening a present that they never got as a kid. You might be surprised by the quality of some of these toys and the joy that they will bring your loved ones.


After the last 18 months in various stages of lockdowns, the world is opening up again. This means that the conventions and shows will be back on again. Do they have a favourite technology show that they would love to attend? Now might be the time to order them their tickets so that they can see the newest tech with their own eyes. Tickets might seem like a strange gift but you are giving them an experience that they will hold dearly for years to come. Don’t be afraid to ask them if this is something that they would like because you need to be sure that you pick the right show for them. You could even get two tickets and go with them.


The world of technology is always changing and it can be hard to keep up with what your friends are using. If you have a general idea of the technology that they are using, you could give them some accessories. We are not talking about USB powered dancing dogs (but they are really cool though) we are talking about cleaning kits, covers and protectors. This is the practical end of the list and are the “boring” items that they will probably get the most use out of. Getting them something practical might seem strange but they will appreciate the amount of use that they will get out of them.

Sarah x

Do you play online games?

When you think of online gaming you automatically think of the kind of games you play on Playstation or Xbox on a headset against your friends but there are so many other gaming avenues out there. I spent a while looking online to find some new games to play as was getting bored of my Playstation.

Image credit: Pixabay

If you don’t have a games console or you are getting bored of them you can find a great range of games to play online for free. I came across which is now my favourite site to play games online as they have a really good range of games to play.

With the UK being in and out of lockdown for over a year we have all spent a lot more time at home and it has often left me in a very bored mood. Although I do have a good range of games consoles, playing the same things over and over can get very boring so I went online in search of some new games to play, which is how I came across this site.

Their site has lots of different games to pick from and they are constantly adding new games so there is something for everyone. I also quite like being able to play games on my computer rather than on a console through the TV as it means when I have been sat at my PC all day either at work in the office or working from home then I can play games during my break without having to move!

I like the variety of games they have and a lot of them have well known characters like Powerpuff girls, Danger mouse and Mr Bean as well as classics like solitaire and pinball.

My favourite games I have been playing so far are:

Playful Kitty Yarn Ball Rolling Logic Puzzle Game


With this game you have to break bricks or wood boards in the correct order to get the ball of yarn to roll into coins and make its way to the kitten

It is really fun to play as you have to think logically about what bricks you need to break to then get the ball of yarn to the cat so it helps to keep your brain active whilst being a nice game as you see how happy the cat is. I love cats and have two of my own so love playing cat related games!

Its quite funny the emotions the cat goes through when waiting to play!


Smurfs Counting Game

This game is designed for children or adults where you have to count how many smurfs are on the screen. It is quite an easy game but I like games like this as I feel it helps to keep my brain going without being too hard.


Spongebob Squarepants Word Blocks Game

I love SpongeBob and with this game you have to  click on a set of letter tiles which spells a word to get the other tiles to fall into place to make other words & repeat the process until there are no tiles left.

The words are related to SpongeBob and his friends so it helps to have watched the show for this one, it can still be challenging though!

There are plenty other games to pick from and they have something suitable for all ages, I just wanted to share with you a glimpse of what I have been playing this week.

Do you ever play games online? What is your favourite games site and what do you like to play?

Sarah x

5 Ways to Improve Your Customers eCommerce Experience

Collaborative post:

Ecommerce sales have boomed in recent years. No thanks in part to the way covid-19 has changed the way people shop. The shift to a more digital life is happening all around us, and it is no surprise that many businesses are creating e-commerce sites to boost their sales.

Image Credit

So how can you improve the functionality of your e-commerce site and help you to improve sales?

Treat Your Customers

Recent stats attest that retaining your customers by an extra 5% can increase sales by 25%. Great ways to retain customers include offering discounts for their next purchase. Offering bigger discounts for spending more money or offering loyalty points for repeat customs, or entering all sales into a customer prize draw.

Improved Customer Service

People shop at all hours of the day and night. Especially if you offer international shipping options, they could have queries that need addressing when you aren’t able to be online. Chatbots can help you to respond to enquiries or requests for information when you can’t answer them.

AI chatbots can be programmed to answer simple queries and ultimately direct people to someone who can answer them during working hours. Additionally, adding live chat support can help you to respond to a person. In fact, over 71% of people prefer to use a live chat option if available. Click here to find out more.

Free shipping

Or, indeed, anything free. Customers like gifts, and oftentimes, the offer of free shipping can be the difference between a successful checkout or an abandoned cart.

Incentives to complete the sale or free items in their orders can help to boost your reputation and increase customer service increasing the likelihood they will continue to shop with you.

Integrate Social Media

Share what you do, share your offers and new products online for your followers to see. Build a community of existing customers via secret groups on Facebook and build our community online by increasing your presence on social media to encourage sales. Emails are an essential part of your social media campaign, too, so create a subscriber ist and make it as personal as possible.

Be confident in replying to customers and followers to help build a rapport with people and encourage them to engage and interact with you to convert into sales.

Personalise It

We live in the age of personalization. Personalized emails are no longer enough. Throughout the buyer’s journey, you must personalise the shopping experience based on various variables. Utilise recommendation engines to provide personalised product recommendations based on the user’s location, shopping, and browsing history.

Aside from that, eCommerce stores can use exit intent pop-ups, discounts, abandoned cart messages, and other methods to ensure that their customer experience game is on point.

In Conclusion

Think about what makes you return to your favourite e-commerce sites and look at how you can adapt this approach to your own e-commerce site. Viewing it from the customer’s perspective can help you to one your site and how to see how others interact with it when shopping.

Sarah x

How To Avoid Security Problems With Your Phone

Collaborative post:

People are more aware of online dangers these days and hopefully, you already know you shouldn’t click any suspicious links you get in emails in case you accidentally download a virus. However, people don’t pay the same attention to security on their phones and there is a general consensus that you aren’t likely to get viruses on your phone. That isn’t the case at all, and this is a big problem, especially as things like online banking apps become more common. Luckily, there are some simple ways you can protect your phone from viruses. 

Image Source – Pixabay

Download Apps From Legitimate App Stores

When you are downloading apps, make sure that you only download from legitimate places. People often jailbreak their phones so they can download more apps or they download from third-party sites, but this is always risky. Downloading verified apps from the official app store is the safest way to go. However, if you want to use other app stores to get more apps, use reliable options like Altstore. Use this Altstore download from Kubadownload to make sure that you get the legitimate version. When you use a legitimate app store, it’s far less likely for malicious apps to slip through the net. However, they are still around, so be cautious about what you download at all times. 

Be Careful Where You Get Your Phone Fixed 

If you are the kind of person that is constantly dropping their phone and smashing the screen, you should probably invest in a better case. But you also need to be very careful about where you get your phone fixed. You’re handing it over to a stranger that could easily access everything on there. So, try to stick to manufacturer-approved places and always read reviews before taking your phone in to be fixed.

Be Cautious About Suspicious Texts

People are very aware of suspicious emails but not everybody realizes that text messages with malicious links can be just as dangerous. These messages often look very legitimate and claim to be from a company that you have had dealing with, so it’s easy to be fooled. But if a message ever asks you to click a link, think twice. In many cases, it’s best to contact the company directly and ask whether it is legitimate or not. 

Don’t Ignore Updates

If your phone pops up with a notification saying that it needs to be updated, you probably just ignore it. But even though it can be a bit annoying, it’s important that you do updates right away. When you update your phone, it irons out small problems but it also fixes any gaps in security to prevent viruses. Hackers are constantly changing their methods and finding new ways around security systems. Your phone is constantly being updated to plug gaps and keep you safe, so don’t ignore them.

There is a lot of personal information on your phone and if you use it for things like banking, it’s vital that you protect yourself from viruses. Stick to these simple rules and you can avoid any security problems.

Sarah x

Christmas Gift Guide 2020

This post contains gifted items:

Every year I like to put together a gift guide for Christmas. It can often be hard to buy for some people and I always struggle with thinking of ideas for certain people so like to plan ahead and share my ideas if anything else is struggling!


Asda Photo Blanket

57″ x 37″


I love the personalised photo range from Asda and have had cushions, mugs and photo slates from them before but never knew they did throws before! it would make an amazing gift, especially for the winter. You can pick what size the throw is and what photos you want to use as well as the colour of the throw on the front and back. I was amazing at how soft it was and even though I knew the size it seemed a lot bigger than I thought! Great for using on the sofa when watching a film and I went for pictures of my cats with a paw print design on.

Prezzybox – Crazy Cat Lady Mug


This mug is the perfect or should I say purrrrrfect?! present for any cat lover, whether they drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate it is a brilliant gift. The bottom of the mug looks like a cat paw and has a paw design underneath as well as having the crazy cat lady design on the side in pink. If they don’t drink hot drinks it would also make a great pen pot or something to put fake flowers in for decoration.

Pankhurst Gallery- Ronald Junior Mug


Pankhurst Gallery have a great range of mugs, all designs are from paintings by Julia Pankhurst. They also have a great range of prints and canvasses. I think mugs with prints like this on look so unique and make a great gift. It’s not something you would usually pick up when looking for a mug so having a piece of art printed on the mug makes it special. It is printed on the mug really well and the mug is really great quality.

Edit – Self Care Co Candle


Candles make a great gift, especially this time of year. It’s warm, it’s spicy and encapsulates top notes of wild orange, middle notes of spicy cinnamon and clove, followed by a warm yet earthy base make a great Christmas candle. It is soy based and has been hand poured with pure essential oils. It has an approx 60-80 hour burn time and smells amazing. The candle is vegan and eco friendly.

HD Mirrors – Malibu Hollywood Mirror


The Malibu portable makeup Mirror is 19 x 25.2 x 2.4cm and weighs only 625g. It is perfect mirror to either use at home or to carry around in your bag if travelling.

I love the fact it has a built in light as it really helps to illuminate your face of using to pluck your eyebrows or apply make up.

It has full surround lighting in a portable solution with a USB rechargeable 1000mAh battery. The lighting can be full brightness, with the option to dim by holding down the power button.

Carfume – Luxury Car Air Freshener


This is the perfect stocking filler or gift for that one person who spends lots of time in their car, whether that’s commuting to work or driving the family around, make sure their car has a long-lasting aroma. 

They come in a variety of scents and colours so there is something for everyone. They last at least 4 weeks and aren’t too overpowering.

They are donating 5% of profits to CALM throughout the month of November.

Moonlight Melts – Wax Melts

£1.99 per pack of 3/4 depending on shape.

Moonlight melts create a vast range of different scents and shapes of max melts. You can order personalised ones or the standard packs of 3/4 in different scents depending on what you require.

Wax melts are basically scented wax candles without a wick and all you do is melt them in a wax burner. The melts are heated by the tea light and fill the room (or whole house) with beautiful scents.

They have such a great range of scents from Orange spice to Christmas pudding!


Photography Courses & Gift Experiences

From £250

A great gift for any aspiring photographer, these photography courses and experiences give an opportunity to progress and improve the recipients photography by spending time learning with a professional photographer. These aren’t your ordinary photography courses though, you can choose between photographing a mermaid on a beach, armour wearing knights in a forest even take part in a storytelling photoshoot where a model is floated out into a lake on an airbed.

Through these photoshoots and training days you’ll learn how to master your camera settings, improve composition and storytelling as well as all the small details that goes into putting on a larger scale photoshoot.


Neve’s Bees – Bee Happy Lip Balm Set


Neve’s Bees are made by in West Oxfordshire, blending their own beeswax with pure, natural and sustainably sourced plant oils and butters and essential oil.

This lip balm set contains:

1 Lemon & Lime Lip Balm, 1 Sweet Grapefruit Lip Balm and 1 Honey Vanilla Lip Balm each in an 8ml Slider tin in their ‘Brown Paper Packaging’ gift box. They are so lovely to use and keep your lips really soft. The set would make a great gift.

Neve’s Bees – Hand Salve


This item includes their ylang ylang and patchouli hand and skin cream in a linen eco-friendly gift bag with “You’re Lush!” gift tag. I love the packaging and think the bag is so cute and their labels and designs are so bright and cheery. This hand salve is great for on the go and is perfect for winter hands.

Neve’s Bees – Cuticle Butter


This item includes their bestselling cuticle butter in a linen eco-friendly gift bag with “You Nailed It!” gift tag. This is ideal for anyone that wants to take care of their hands or regularly has their nails done and wants to keep their cuticles nice. It doesn’t leave your hands greasy abs the tin is perfect to carry around if needed. Again, this has their super cute design on the tin and tag.

Beauty By Jas – Jasmine Joy Bamboo Face Scrub


Beauty By Jas products are handmade, vegan and not tested on animals. This face scrub smells great and I love the packaging, it has been so well designed.

“Anti-inflammatory, clarifying and healing. This gentle scrub is naturally antibacterial with protective jasmine oil and enriched with the hydrating benefits of silica found naturally in bamboo and which supports the production of collagen in the skin. Additionally soothing with the skin-repairing, intensely nutrient-dense properties of moringa seed oil.”

Beauty By Jas – Happy Himalayan Body Scrub


This body scrub also has a beautiful design on the label and is packaged in a similar pot. It smells really good and is really enjoyable to use.

“Purifying and refining this smoothing polish is packed with the protective goodness of himalayan salt crystals to gently detox and soften the skin and boost moisture retention to prevent excessive dryness.”

SheaMoisture – Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Body Lotion


This body lotion is so good for this time of year as it really does help to keep your skin soft and is great to use after a bath or shower. Teamed with the body wash its a great way to keep your skin hydrated.

SheaMoisture – Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Body Wash


I love this brand for body products and haircare. Shea butter is so good for your skin and smells really good too. This wash and lotion would make a great gift for anyone that loves to pamper. This range is great for dry skin and the body wash leaves you feeling really soft.

SheaMoisture – Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Energising Bath, Body And Massage Oil


I love oils like this as a bath oil and this is great as you can also use it on your body after the bath too or as a massage oil. For anyone that love pampering this would be a great gift. Bath oils can often be really expensive but this one is 237ml and I think you get so much for the price Massage oils can also be really nice, whether you use it with your partner or rub it on yourself it can really help to relax! The fruit cushion scent is lovely and it’s great how many uses this has.

Perry’s Bath Bombs – Cosmic bath bomb

Adult size £3.50

Child size £2

For homemade bath bombs they are so well priced, considering how much you might pay if you went into Lush! They are great quality and on par, if not better than ones I have bought in stores before. The thing that impressed me the most is how well they fizz and the scent doesn’t fade, even if you are in the bath for an hour or longer the scent stays strong and you feel so soft and smell great when you get out.

I also love the fact they don’t stain the bath!! The whole range is cruelty free and vegan. It is also great that they come in different sizes too.



This amazing creation is the original tweezer sharpener. How many of us have had to replace tweezers that we love when in-fact you can just sharpen them?!

The tweezerfile is so easy to use and would make a great gift for anyone that is into beauty products and tools.

The small pocket-sized beauty file allows you to bring your favourite tweezers back to life. No need to throw them away and buy a new pair.

Now blunt, useless tweezers are a thing of the past – keep Tweezerfile in your beauty bag and your tweezers will always be in tip top condition.

Mettalife- Pure Savvy Overnight Radiance Serum


Mettalife is an eco-friendly vegan online marketplace bringing together a range of over 100 different brands. The two products I have tried are from the brand Pure Savvy.

This serum has so many great ingredients and is so good to help your skin. It really does leave your face looking smoother and brighter.

Hyaluronic Acid – protects the skin from UVB rays and provides a protective barrier on the skin to lock in moisture

Willow Bark Extract – multi-tasking botanical powerhouse rich in anti-oxidants, helping to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and balance skin and reduce redness in skin

Papaya Fruit Extract – natural enzymes gently help to remove dead skin leaving the skin looking fresher and brighter

Spilanthes Acmella – plant-derived extract proven to restructure, firm and smooth the skin with a noticeable effect

Mettalife- Pure Savvy 3 in 1 Miceller Water

£8-24 depending on size

Miceller water is great for your skin whilst cleansing it. It is enriched with snow mushroom with its unique, hydrating properties, this refreshing and soothing Micellar Water removes make-up and cleanses and tones gently and effectively.


Squatsnotsweeties – Medium To High Impact Black Signature Sports Bralette


I am so impressed with this brand, their sportswear is so nice and the material is really stretchy and comfortable. A bralette or leggings would be a great gift to anyone that enjoys working out. Often activewear can be tight and uncomfortable but this bralette is not only really comfortable but it’s also really stylish by having the strap features. It also has removable pads so you can decide if you want them included or not.

Squatsnotsweeties – Black Signature Leggings


These are honestly my new favourite leggings as they are so comfortable and really flattering too. There is also a small pocket if you had a locker key you wanted to keep safe. I think I will be wearing these as everyday leggings and not just for working out as I love them so much. They are such a great material and really would be a great gift. The fit is great and they are true to size.

Food & Drink

Cake & Handle – Cake Box

From £3.99

This box is a great idea if you are planning to make or buy a nice cake for someone. It is a great invention to be able to carry a cake without it getting squashed or ruined. Their boxes provide practical elegance and durability for both the amateur and professional baker. Compatible with most height extenders, each pack comes with one box with a lid and handles.

Il Gusto – Star Liqueur Set


This great set of vodkas comes in lots of different options, the ones I went for are:

Pink/Blood Orange/Sour Cherry

It is a great way to try out different flavours and they come in the cutest little jars. You can also pay an extra £1 to have them arrive in an organza bag.

Il gusto have a really good range of different liquors in a variety of flavours and different bottle options. I think they look great on display too. Not only do they offer alcohol, they also have a great range of oils and vinegars too.

Eh-co Chilli Oil

From £3.99

This basil infused oil is perfect for any chilli or oil fan. It’s a great accompaniment to salad or to drizzle on chicken as well as having it as a dipping oil for bread.

Etinde House Chilli Oils deliver the best of provenance; made with sustainably grown extra virgin/cold pressed Rapeseed oil (UK Grown), Habanero chilli, Carolina Reaper Chilli, Basil & Rosemary.

Their range is all vegan, dairy and gluten free.

Mockingbird Spirit – Miniature


This alcohol free spirit is inspired by tequila by using authentic Mexican Blue Weber Agave, allowing you to have all the margaritas you want without a hangover! It is also great mixed with tonic water or any type of flavoured soda.

I love that there is an option to have alcohol free spirits as not everyone can drink alcohol so this means they won’t miss out on different cocktails.

Prezzybox – Personalised Marmite


I think this is an awesome idea that you can personalise your own marmite jar! Marmite is one of those things people with love or hate and my dad Tony loves it! He has a marmite sandwich as a snack all the time so I think this is not only a useful present but also a really special one being personalised. Once it’s empty it can be cleaned out and used for decoration too.

Nutritional Ninjas Bake Box

From £7.99

The Nutritional Ninjas Bake Box is a baking box to help children learn kitchen skills at home. It is a subscription box where you can select how many months you wish to purchase. Each month, children receive all of the pre-measured dry ingredients they’ll need to cook a tasty treat as well as recipe cards, activities and a collectible sticker. They also get access to the online cookery classes so that they can cook along with the teacher, meaning a stress free experience for parents at home. 

This is a great idea for children and also includes a prep checklist to check they have washed their hands and cleaned the surfaces etc. It comes in a box that can fit through a letterbox too!

Social Stories Club – Ethical Gift Box

From £16.50

Social Stories Club, a socially impactful gift-box social enterprise has decided to make this Christmas as socially conscious as possible, they have curated a campaign to have ‘Christmas with an Impact’. Social Stories Club have been shining a light on social enterprises and their incredible stories of impact for two years, through their exciting gifts supporting lots of social causes such as creating social mobility for the Dalit community of India, supporting reforestation, and providing education for girls. This Christmas they are asking the UK public to buy a socially impactful gift and make this Christmas as Impactful as possible.

They have a great range of different boxes to choose from or you can create your own depending on your budget. It is also a great way to try new things!


Always Personal – Wireless Phone Charger


These wireless bamboo phone chargers make lovely gifts as they look great on desks, bedside tables, kitchen counters and anywhere in your home. They can be personalised with any message and I think they are great value as often wireless chargers are really expensive. The engraving is great quality and they charge your phone quite quickly.

Books & Games

Victoria’s Torton Tales – Story Time Bundle


Victoria’s Busy Day: Volume 1

Pop Comes to Sewards’ Yard: Volume 2

Roser and Tanner Steam Roller Friends: Volume 3

Victoria and the Teddy Bear: Volume 4

This story book bundle has four separate books, they can all be purchased separately too. Each of the stories have lovable characters, charming settings, and themes of friendship, doing your best and helping one another.

The first two stories in the series were written by Wendy, for her children when they were 2 and 5 years old, and are based around the adventures of their real steam traction engine, Victoria. They then decided to publish the stories in 2016 and since then have added 2 more stories to the series, with more to come. 

Victoria’s Torton Tales- Early Learning Counting Book


This is a great, fun book to help children with counting. Let’s Count with Victoria 1 2 3 is filled with lots of fun colourful animals and objects to count, and pictures of the real Victoria the traction engine to enjoy.

The Dark Imp – Coaster Games


This is a set of 6 different games on cardboard coasters:

• Letter Market – a word game for 2+ players.

• Sleuth Box – a deduction game for 2 players.

• Alien Farm – an action-selection game for 2-4 players.

• Ice Cream Truck – a risk-management game for 2+ players.

• Treasure Split – a cooperative game for 2 players.

• Free the Frog – a party game for 2+ players.

On each coaster the game is on one side and the other side has the game rules. They are easy and fun and great to use at parties and by having them on coasters they are easy to take with you to gatherings and look really cool!

Prezzybox – Learn Something New Everyday About Cats


This roll of tickets is the perfect gift for any cat lover. You pull a ticket out each day to learn a fun mew fact about cats. You can get lots of different ones of these for different topics but this cat one is amazing. It contains 100 tickets which you can pull out daily or once a week, as often as you like but 100 will last a while! Such a fun and unique present.

You could also put together a small gift bag or basket containing free stuff which is a really thoughtful gift if you don’t have any money to spend. It’s a great way to try out different samples of products. There are always lots of beauty and perfume samples available to apply for online.

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet?

Sarah x