I wanted to tell you all about my new electric toothbrush. I kind of gave up with my last one and had been using a manual but wanted to try an electric again. My new one is from www.ubersonic.co.uk

The great thing about the toothbrush is that its sonic, high speed movement is tested to remove bacteria and plaque 7x more effectively than a regular toothbrush.

It works as a subscription service so that you can have new heads delivered to you regularly.

More details:

Start Pack £19

Uber Sonic Toothbrush & Free Gel teeth whitening with first refill pack.

Delivered 6x / Year

£9 / package
With 2 refills. Shipping is free.

I think it is a pretty good idea that you can get new heads regularly, as lets be honest who actually makes note of how often you should change things like this and actually remembers?!

It also came with a tooth whitening kit. I won’t use this myself as I have quite a few false teeth so cannot use whitening products but I am sure my husband will give it a go. It looks pretty easy to use though.

I think it is a great price and I am really enjoying using my new toothbrush.

Sarah x

Sweets through the post, what a great idea! Kandy station offer a great range of sweets/chocolate you can have delivered to you or to someone as a gift. The Box of love contains 6 x 100g bags of sweets plus love hearts and a love heart dip 🙂 at £5.99 I think this is really great value.

You can see how great the selection is above and there are lots of other themes to pick from. As well as these sweet boxes they have a lot of other great things on their site including American themed sweets and drinks, yum yum!

They have a good range or dairy free/gluten free things too so if you have any food intolerance’s it would be worth checking them out so you don’t miss out on a sweet treat 🙂

Roll on payday so I can spend all my money on American sweets haha.

Sarah x

Hands up if you like cute stationery? Did you put your hand up?! Haha. This monthly subscription from Hello Paper Lover is only £10/month (the relaunch price will be £5/month) and last months pack had the cutest mermaid inspired card in!

Hello Paper Lover

In the pack you get a mixture of different sized cards and envelopes as well as a notebook. This theme was sea/mermaids and I loved it!

You can see some of the past packs here. The brand is re launching at www.hellopaperlover.com soon so make sure you sign up and give it a go 🙂

Sarah x

I LOVE trying subscription boxes. It is a great way to discover new things that you wouldn’t usually buy or thins you didn’t even know were out there to buy!

I had seen a lot of people talking about Dollibox online so wanted to see what the hype was about.



In my February box there was:

Nip & Fab Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads

I have seen so many people raving on about these, I was really excited to give them a go. I really like having trial sizes of things before committing to full size/large pack. They left my skin feeling so amazing and I really noticed a difference after the second use of them. My skin didn’t look so congested and looked a lot more glowing.

Miss Paisserie bath bake melt

This bath melt is super cute and looks too good to use! At the moment I am keeping it out on display in my bathroom and waiting to use it as a special treat 🙂

Dreamybath unicorn soap

I love unicorns, I wish they were real. This soap is just so cute and just like the bath melt, I can’t quite bring myself to use it (sad, I know!). I really do love bath products but when they look that beautiful it is such a shame not to keep it.

Pro range professional make up brush

I love trying new brushes, and even better when you get one in rose gold!! I love the look of this brush and I love how nice it is to use. The one I received was an eyeshadow brush, there were 8 possible brushes you could have received.  

MUA lipstick

It is always good to try a new lipstick shade or brand and MUA was a brand I hadn’t really tried much if before so I was quite excited to see if included in my box. It was a really bright red, so it currently matches my hair! The formula was nice and it lasted well.

As I only bought the 1 off box it was £10 plus postage, but like with most subscriptions, the longer you commit to it, the cheaper each box becomes. I think it is great value when you consider what is included and if you like something 🙂

I really liked that the box included a list of what was included and a bit more information about each product, as well as where to buy it from if you wanted to buy more.

Sarah x


I recently came across the Perfect Pamper Box, which is a subscription box that you can buy once, or subscribe to for 3 or 6 months. It is an amazing idea and I was so excited when my box arrived!

Perfect Pamper Box

It is so exciting opening something when you have no idea what is inside!

Perfect Pamper Box

It really is a pamper treat, fit for a princess. It came packaged so beautifully too.

Perfect Pamper Box

In my box I received:

Pomegranate and Vitamin E face mask

Blackcurrant blitz smoothie cube

Candyfloss and mallow handmade soap bar

Whole lot of love bath bomb

Luxury cotton face towel

Perfect Pamper Box

I think this is a great treat that you can buy yourself, or someone in need of a pamper session. There is such a variety of items inside and each month is different. You also receive a card explaining what everything is and how to use it.

My favourite product from this box had to be the bath bomb, I LOVE having baths and bath bombs,I think they are the best invention ever. This one looks like a rose and it smells so so good. 

The face towel came in really handy and it is something everyone will use. 

I really enjoyed using the face mask too, its another thing I like to do when having a pamper session. My skin always feels so nice after a good mask!

I haven’t used the soap bar yet as I want to use it for decoration in my bathroom as it is so pretty 🙂 I also haven’t had a chance to use the smoothie cube, but it sounds really cool, you jut rub it over yourself in the bath to make you all soft.

I would definitely recommend these pamper boxes, whether you want to get one for yourself or as a gift for someone else, for £12 you can’t go wrong 🙂

Sarah x