With summer and the good weather coming it isn’t just bikinis and summer dresses we need to invest in, it is important to take care of your skin and protect it from the suns harmful rays.

I am quite particular about what sun care I use as I have quite sensitive skin and I usually end up with a heat rash if I go out in the sun!

We had a lovely weekend a couple of weeks back and I used that opportunity to try out a new sun cream from Delph which can be purchase from Chemistdirect.

I always use factor 30 for my body and for my face I will use 30 or 50. I also always try to use an after sun or a cooling gel to soothe the skin after sun exposure.

Delph sun care is all vegan and is one of the UKs cheapest sun care ranges starting at £2.79

The sun cream was easy to apply and didn’t really smell like that normal sun cream smell which was nice. I sat out in the sun for a few hours before re applying and it seemed to work well and I didn’t get a rash. The after sun gel was very cooling and soothing to use. I will be getting some more to take on holiday with me!

Have you tried this brand?

Sarah x

I have been trying a couple of products from Oil Immanuel the last few weeks and wanted to share my views with you.

Face Butter with Frankincense Patchouli and Myrrh

This face butter feels so luxurious to use. I have been using it every other night along my usual skincare routine and have noticed it has helped to heal my acne scars around my jawline. It is not too thick and it soaks in nicely. I always look extra moisturised the morning after using this. I like to use things like this at nighttime before bed.

Body Oil with Frankincense

This body oil smells great and I have been using it on my dry elbows and ankles as well as on my legs and it is so lovley to apply. I use it as a treat after a pampering bath and feel so soft after applying it. A little goes a long way and I really like using an oil over a mousturiser for my legs.

Sarah x

With Mother’s Day coming up I wanted to share a couple of cute items from the pretty little treat company. They make beautiful handmade products that would make a great gift.

I think the packaging on both of these are so cute. I love the ribbon and the flower details. Even the lids have beautiful lady design on them too.

The hand cream comes in this lovely little pouch that says “mum” on it.

The hand cream is lovley and rich, it smells quite fruity and it would look great on a dressing table. I really do love the jar, it is something you could keep after you have used up the product and put earrings or something in!

The sea salt body polish is quite bitty which is what you want from a body scrub! Again, the packaging is so cute it can be re used.

You can personalise a set if there are more than one product you want to get.

Sarah x

I love having a relaxing bath whether it is with bath salts, a bath bomb or bath oil. Nothing relaxes me more and makes me happier than a good long soak in the bath.

I recently discovered BioCeramica Boosts aromatherapy bath powder from Living Energy which contains frankincense, orange & lavender essential oils and pink himalyan salt. So many of the ingredients are good for you in different ways.

You only need to add a small amount to your bath (the bottles says 2 spoons) so it isn’t that much. It makes the bath smell so good and you finish the bath feeling so relaxed.

A few interesting facts given to me by the brand:


BioCeramica is a ‘smart’ ceramic made with a base of clay from the Mount Ena region in Japan and glazed with a compound of special minerals, which is then

fired into a pellet or disc shape, or pulverised into powder to be infused into nets, cord or cosmetics.


The interaction between the clay and mineral glaze makes the ceramic ‘smart’ because it has a special ability to excite the micro-structure of water via far-infrared energy. When BioCeramica is applied to water (or any water-based substance such as foods, oils or cosmetics) it stimulates the energy of the water molecules within helping achieve energetic equilibrium and reducing impurities.


Using BioCeramica, you can be sure everything you are consuming or using is at its finest natural condition of health, vitality and life-giving potential. Today, many products are made with ‘dead’ or over-processed water and can cause negative effects to the body at the point of use or consumption. BioCeramica can purify and reenergize things by amplifying the far infrared energy. For example, water will be purer with fewer impurities (Independent lab CERAM tested the effect of BioCeramica and found that levels of sulphite and chloride were reduced when it came in to contact with tap water, and the ph was closer to the ideal level for ‘living’ water). Fresh produce will be juicy and tastier, aromatherapy oils will be smoother and more fragrant, chocolate richer and softer. BioCeramica can reduce the bitterness and processed aftertaste of many foods and drinks.

Do you ever use bath salts or have you heard about these?

Sarah x

I have recently been trying more natural skincare products and things that are kinder to your skin. I never realised until I looked into it properly how bad some deodorants can be for you.

incognito natural crystal deodorant is infused with essential oils and is moisturising whilst being free from chemicals. It is also vegan and cruelty free. The company also donate 10% of their profits to various charities.

It is non sticky with a citrus fragrance and naturally repels insects and mosquitoes so is ideal to wear on holiday as well.

It is easy to apply and dries quickly. I always end up with deodorant marks on clothing but with this I didn’t seem to get any. It is best to apply it straight after the bath or shower to damp skin.

I was impressed with this and it kept me feeling dry the whole day and night.

incognito deodorant retails at £4.49 and is available from Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Harrods, Duchy of Cornwall Nurseries, independent health stores and www.lessmosquito.com

What deodorant do you use?

Sarah x