I have seen so many people talking about rosehip oil and how good it is for your face and is ideal if you suffer with any skin concerns. I wanted to try it out to see if it would help with my acne and help to heal my acne scars.

The one I have been trying is from a brand called RosehipPLUS and you can buy their range on Amazon.

The oil is extracted from the seeds without heat, solvents or chemicals, guaranteeing the oil’s purity and quality. RosehipPLUS only use the seeds from the rosehip berry, but some other oils can have a dark reddish hue, this is mainly due to the flesh from the berry being used. RosehipPLUS are the only range to remove the flesh from the berry before pressing, hence it’s warm golden colour This one-of-a-kind technique means that the maximum levels of nutrients are retained, ensuring that skin gets all the goodness from Rosehip Oil.

You only need a few drops and I like to apply to my face after I have washed it before bed. It soaks in quickly and smells really nice. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed my face looks and feels softer and my acne scars around my jawline are improving. My medicated acne cream from the doctors can often be quite harsh and drying so using an oil like this is perfect to rebalance my skin and put that extra moisture back in.

I never used to use oils but I love them nowadays.

What facial oils do you use?

Sarah x

Shaving is something that the majority of us do, male or female. I wanted to get a shaving gel that myself and my husband could share. One that would be gentle enough to use on his face and one I could use for my legs.

We have been using the Milkman clear shaving gel and are getting on really well with it. It is advertised as:

  • The ultimate shaving lubricant for people with sensitive skin. Whether you use a razor blade or a wet electric shaver to shave, this soap-free gel will absolutely change your life and make shaving as exciting as the first time you did it.
  • Our lubricated gel has huge advantages over shaving soaps and creams because you can see what you’re shaving.
  • Moisturises the skin as you shave and saves water as it rinses off the blade easily.
  • No parabens or sulfates. Not tested on animals. Vegan friendly. Made in Australia. No soap. Aprox 100 shaves per bottle when using 2 to 3 pumps per shave.
  • Contains Aloe Vera and Menthol to soothe the skin as well as Rosemary oil for its anti-oxidants

When I shave my legs, I usually get really sore afterwards, so sore that I can’t even apply moisturiser but as this gel is moisturising I don’t have to worry and my legs feel great! I have also noticed less ingrown hairs since I have been using this to shave with. I love that it comes in a pump so it is so easy to use and not messy like a shaving foam where it is so hard to judge how much you are getting out of the bottle!

Nick has been getting on really well using this too and I think when it runs out we will probably get another one to share 🙂

It goes on nicely and spreads as a clear gel, making veg little mess and as it’s so shiny it’s easy to see what you are doing.

Have you heard of this brand before?

You can enter to win one here:

Win Milkman Razor Rail Shaving Gel #2

Sarah x

Another couple of skincare products I have been trying are these two from Dermaloch:

Intensive: natural skin nourishment spray

Rejuvaderm: natural skin moisuturiser

The intensive is a spray moisturiser and can be used on your face or anywhere else on your body. I love that it is a spray and it sinks in quickly so you don’t have to rub it in! It is so handy and easy to use. You can also apply this to your scalp if you suffer with a dry scalp.

If you don’t like the idea of the spray you could use their rejuvaderm moisturiser which is a great all around moisturiser and it very gentle on the skin and is great to use if you have a skin condition or a sore patch. I always end up with a small patch or dermatitis on my leg in the winter so something gentle like this is ideal!

Both products are non greasy and soak in easy, they are so kind to your skin and really help to hydrate.

Their range is great for anyone with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Sarah x

Lotil is a brand I had heard of before and seen it about a lot but never actually tried any of their products. I have been using the following the last few weeks and have been getting on really well:

I find that during the winter my skin is really dry, not just on my face but my ankles, elbows etc so I like to put a foot cream on before bed. I have been using the Lotil with aloe vera and it has really softened my feet. I put it on every few nights before my socks, before bed and my feet feel better by morning. You don’t need to use much either which is great as I hate that sticky feeling when you put too much cream on!

The original Lotil cream can be used for anything. I have been using it as a hand cream and on my dry elbows and it seems to have helped. Again, you don’t need much and it doesn’t leave you sticky!

I have really enjoyed trying the lip care as well, my lips get to dry in winter. It would be good for summer too as it has an SPF in. I use it before bed to help keep my lips hydrated through the night.

Lotil can be found in independent pharmacies and Superdrug and Boots.

Have you tried this brand?

Sarah x

Since changing my diet, my skin is so much better. I still suffer with acne but it has calmed down so much and doesn’t break out as often. I can now concentrate on trying different skincare products to perfect my skin routine and try and tackle any spots and scarring that is left.

I have been using the beauty in balance daytox volcanic mud wash and mask as a mask as volcanic mud is so so good for your skin.

You can use it as a wash by washing it off immediately or if you want to use it as a mask you can leave it on for 5 minutes. it helps to draw the impurities out of your skin and leaves your face so soft and clean feeling. I love trying out masks and love ones like that that you can really feel working!

You can feel see and fell how it detoxifies your skin using its active plant based ingredients. You can buy it from waitrose for £20 and they also do another mask I have heard great things about.

What is your favorite type of mask?

Sarah x