Recently, I am really into fragrance and oils. I am loving candles and also trying oils with a calming effect. Suffering stress related migraines can really knock it out of you and I have found that certain smells and products can really help to calm me down.

Kathleen sent me a roll on oil to try in the scent “tranquil fields”

“Top Note: Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most calming herbal oils and benefits the mind and body by reducing anxiety and emotional stresses, improving sleep and brain functions, relieving pain, and helping to heal burns and wounds.

Heart Note: Frankincense Essential Oil

The power of frankincense is extraordinary. Its sweet and woody fragrance is often used to promote relaxation, relieve chronic stress and anxiety, and reduce pain. It can build immunity, reduce inflammation, heal age spots, and help relax and calm the mind.

Base Note: Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is rated as one of the most relaxing aromas. Vanilla can be used as a sedative and body oil because of its properties as an antioxidant and antidepressant. Scientists found the smell of vanilla eases breathing problems and sleep apnea in premature infants. Warm vanilla helps bring an overall sense of balance and harmony to the body and mind.” –

If i am feeling stressed or can feel a headache or migraine coming on, I like to sniff this roll on as well as applying a small amount onto my temples, my wrists and behind my ears. Sometimes I even rub a little just under my nose. The lavender really helps to calm, it is one of my favourite scents anyway.

The roll on is so easy to use and is great to carry about. It dispenses just enough without leaving your skin feeling oily and without being messy.

Do you have a favourite scent that calms you?

Sarah x

A new brand I have been trying is : whats in it for me?

I came across them on Instagram and saw how many people were loving their range so decided to try a couple of things myself. I have been using:

Body cleanser

I have been using the body cleanser in the bath and shower for the last week. it is easy to use as it is in a pump bottle and it smells really god. It has peppermint and rosemary oil in, so it has an ever so slight tingle as you wash. It leaves you feel invigorated, clean and smelling good, what more could you want?! You only need one pump for your whole body so the bottle will last ages!

Body scrub

I love body scrubs, I am happy weather it is fine or harsh, I am down for whatever in the scrub department. This one comes in a decent sized tub and it isn’t too harsh, it scrubs enough but doesn’t leave you sore like a lot of scrubs can, but at the same time it isn’t so fine it doesn’t feel lie its working. I think they have it pretty spot on if I am honest. Again, it smells great and leaves you feeling good so if you use both these products together you are on to a winner.

Have you heard of this brand before?

Sarah x

You may have seen my previous post here where I shared my thoughts on the Anatomical tooth brush and tooth paste. I have also been trying a few other of their products as I am falling in love with this brand.

I have been trying:

Your taps are going to be turned on fruity bath gel

Oi you throbhead headache relief balm

The buff stuff citrus body scrub

What I like most about the bath gel is the fruity scent. You only need to pour a small amount under your running tap and it creates lots of fruity bubbles. It leaves you feeling fresh and clean, without a lingering scent. I like to team this with the citrus body scrub as the scents work well together and when you have finished washing you then smell like the scrub 🙂

The scrub is gentle on your skin, sometimes scrubs can be a little too harsh but this one is just right. It smells pretty damn good too.

Saving the best til last.. the headache relief balm. I suffer with migraines and have done pretty much my whole life and I had been using some sort of cooling muscle gel that was helping but now my go to (as well as ibuprofen!) is this relief balm. It has peppermint and lavender in which are both known as great oils to apply to your temples if you have a headache. The smell reminds me of deep heat but I really like it and find it soothing and calming. A big thumbs up from me and I will be putting this in my handbag for when I next get a headache/migraine!

Sarah x

You know me, always testing new skincare to try and banish my acne for good. Nearly 30 years old, I would really have hoped to have grown out of acne by now! My latest product I think is helping is this serum from Spa marine skincare:

It is described as “A multi-functional anti-inflammatory concentrate of hibiscus flower and green tea acids fortified with salicylic acid to gradually exfoliate skin, even tone, smooth wrinkles and fine lines and decongest pores. Ideal for the treatment of most skin conditions. Flower Peel comes in a soothing seaweed based gel which prevents any skin irritation.” –

This sounds great for acne, anti aging, pigmentation, whatever your skin concern is!

I have used it a few times over the last couple of weeks and can honestly say I have noticed a difference. It really helps to remove dead skin cells on the top layer of your face and leaves your skin looking fresh and brighter. Usually things like this can be a little irritating but I had no problem using this.

It is easy to use, I was expecting to wash it off as it was described as a peel but you actually just apply it after cleansing your face and leave it to soak in. I like using it before bed a couple of nights a week. You can use your moisturiser after you apply the serum if needed and I can see a difference when I wake up.

Things like this I think they seem to work better if you only use 1 or 2 times a week as if you start using something daily your skin will become used to it and it wont work, this is why I always switch up my acne routine.

Really impressed with this and it looks like they do a lot of other great products from looking online, they are all vegan too!

Sarah x

When getting a tattoo, it isn’t something you do and then forget about. It is important you take care of it during the healing process and then for as long as you have it. When exposing your skin to the sun, you should always wear sun cream and it just as important, if not more, that you protect your tattoos.

Eco cosmetics have created a sun cream specifically for this. It is important you use a high factor to prevent your tattoos fading. I only have three small tattoos (one on my finger and one on each of my feet) but I want them to look dark and sharp for as long as they can. We all know they fade over time but if you can help prolong them by taking care in the sun then why wouldn’t you? I have also had my eyebrows micro bladed so it is important I protect these from premature fading by using a good sun cream.

This sun cream is 100% natural which is a big plus for me as I suffer heat rash/sun allergy/sun cream reactions. I have the worst rash when exposed to high heats so I am very fussy about what sun creams and products I use on my skin whilst on holiday or in the hot summer heat in the UK.

I used this sun cream a couple of times over the last month when we were having hot spells and I wanted to sit in the garden. It doesn’t have the usual sun cream smell, it applies easy and is kind to your skin whilst protecting it from the sun. What more could you want?!

Do you put sun protection on your tattoos?

Sarah x