The Best Ways to Deal With Dog Hair

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It seems that everywhere you look these days, there are people raving about dogs. You can hardly blame them; dogs are cute, they’re friendly, and they’re a perfect companion that has been proven to improve their owners’ mental health. You’ve probably considered getting a dog yourself – there’s just one major drawback. The hair. If the only problem holding you back from having your own gorgeous pet dog is the worry that your home will be overrun with unpleasant smells and piles of dog hair all over the couch, read on. Here are some great tips to dogproof your home so you can enjoy a furry companion without worrying about the domestic consequences!

Choose Your Species

The first and easiest way you can avoid getting dog hair everywhere is by choosing the species of dog you want to own very carefully. If hair and cleanliness is a big issue for you, then you won’t want a species with long hair that is going to moult in the summer – so steer away from sheepdogs, Newfoundlands and terriers! You can find lots of advice online, but some dogs that don’t moult as much include poodles, dalmations, greyhounds and bulldogs. A great side effect is that these dogs also tend to by hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about any allergic reactions to dog hair either!

Get A Good Hoover

Of course, there will always be some inevitable dog hair, and this is where you’ll want a high-quality hoover. This will make your life so much easier if you can quickly suck away any stray hairs. Electrolux is a great brand for cordless vacuums (which are particularly convenient here) and you can even get electrolux cordless vacuum repair parts easily online, so you’ll never be stuck in the lurch if your vacuum gets broken or clogged up.

Invest in Training

One easy solution to dog hairs on the sofa is to not allow them to get on the sofa! If you do get a dog, training it thoroughly is a must. Puppy school is a great way to do this if you don’t have time, and you can ensure your dog knows exactly what areas are off-limits, for example, sofas, beds and kitchen tables. If your dog has a dedicated doggy-bed to sleep in, this will help lower the spread of dog hairs across your house and mean you have a much smaller area to hoover.

Dedicated Grooming

If you have your heart set on a long-haired dog such as a husky, a terrier, or even a Bernese mountain dog, don’t despair. You can still solve the problems of moulting easily by creating a regular grooming schedule for your dog. By using a towel and brushing your dog over the towel, you’ll collect a lot of the hair that might have naturally fallen out all over your house – plus it’s a great bonding routine, and your dog will absolutely love all the attention. If you can’t manage this, there are a host of doggy salons that have sprung up which will help keep your dog nicely in trim, and help to lessen the amount of hair around your home.

Sarah x

Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

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As all doggie lovers would know, taking care of your pooch takes a lot of work. When you first thought of getting a dog, you may not have fully considered what is required to keep it happy, healthy and strong. Then afterward, you realise that dogs are just like children – they need to be fed, loved, exercised and even entertained. When you decide to stop paying attention to any of these elements, your dog suffers – then you (and your home/furniture) pays the price. But when it comes to keeping your dog healthy, with a long, happy life, absolutely nothing should be compromised. Here are the top three ways of keeping your pooch healthy and in tip-top shape every day of its doggie life.

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Protect Your Pooch From Parasites 

There’s nothing worse than your dog being in a state of constant discomfort due to parasites. There is literally a whole host of pests that at any point in time, can bother your pooch. Apart from fleas, there are also mites, heartworms, ringworms, tapeworms, ticks, lice and much more. Each of these pests causes damage in their own particular way, with worms causing internal damage, whereas the other pests are more focused on the external skin and fur of your dog. If left unchecked, the result includes hair loss, weight loss, diarrhoea, vomiting, coughing, and even death. The best way to protect your furry friend from these pests is to give them parasites control and prevention products that can be bought from any suitable website or over the counter at local stores or pharmacies. When administering these products, ensure that you pick the right one for your dog’s weight, as these medicines come in different strengths depending on the size of your dog.

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Your Dog’s Diet

After you’ve protected your dog from those pesky parasites, your next big focus should be your dog’s diet. It is essential that you research the best diet for your dog’s breed and size as not all dogs are the same. You also need to bear in mind the volume or portion of food that you administer to your dog. Be sure not to overfeed or underfeed, as both have bad health consequences for your pooch. The best diet for dogs should be high in protein with a lower proportion of carbohydrates and vegetables. You have the option of canned food, kibble, and you can also prepare their meals from scratch at home. Either way, be sure that your dog’s meals are well-balanced and nutritious enough to support their immune system, heart, digestion, muscles, bones, skin and fur.

Exercise Is Essential

Now that your dog is eating right, he should be full of energy and will need to be exercised daily, in order to keep his muscles and bones in good shape. Apart from keeping your dog entertained, exercise also stimulates blood flow throughout its body and wards off diseases such as obesity. It is excellent for your dog’s entire well-being, which includes it’s mental and emotional health – which is sometimes ignored by owners. Exercise does not always have to be aggressive and can still be done indoors if the weather is not suitable. Daily walks, playing fetch, running up and down stairs or even a doggie treadmill are all great examples. The best thing is that exercising your dog also exercises you in most cases, so it’s a win-win situation for all.

Apart from these tips, there are also many other ways to keep yourself healthy and happy. Do not forget the importance of your dog’s dental hygiene as well as vet visits, regular grooming as well as offering your furry friend lots of rub downs and cuddles.

Sarah x

What You Need Know About Using CBD for Dogs

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What You Need Know About Using CBD for Dogs

Dogs have been long associated with humans in many different ways and help to perform many different roles including herding, hunting, protection, load pulling, police assistance, and in the military. They are also useful for companionship and aiding disabled persons. They are trainable, loyal, and are always there. This is why they seem indispensable and are aptly referred to as man’s best friend.

For the love of their dog and for its usefulness, any owner will do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe and healthy. This will include feeding them, bathing them when needed, providing whatever they need, taking them to vets when necessary and administering any drugs and medication they require. An effective drug to administer to your dog either for maintaining their wellbeing or for treating a number of its ailment is CBD or cannabidiol. This is one of the many compounds found in the hemp plant along with terpenes and flavonoids. It is extracted from its stem, flowers, seeds, and leaves through various methods including C02 extraction.

CBD can come in many different forms for animals but the most prominent of these is the oil, pills, and treats. Other forms may also include soft chews. As oil, it can be administered through tinctures under the tongue of your pet or topically on the skin directly. It can also be mixed into your dog’s food. As a pill, it can be administered like any other drug by placing it on its tongue. Treats are like biscuits and they can act as dietary supplements for your dog.

What CBD Can Do For Your Dog

Regular usage of cannabidiol will keep your pet healthy. For animals with medical issues such as rabies, distemper, leptospirosis, cancer, arthritis, seizures, and epilepsy or any form of pain and inflammation, CBD will help to normalize their bodily functions and heal them of whatever ailment they have. This is why it has become increasingly popular. You can see some more of its benefits to your dog here.

Dosages are applied based on different factors including the size and weight of your pet as well as whatever ailment it is being used to treat. You can get this from the retailer you purchase your product from or you can get dosage guides and calculators online.

How CBD Works

Every mammal from humans to dogs has an endocannabinoid system often called ECS. This is a system that is very important to the body as it helps it balance and regulate its functions that are essential to life and living. The ECS handles functions such as an appetite for eating, mood, sleep, memory, reproduction, etc. It does this by naturally producing needed substances like anandamide and 2-AG to help the body function properly.

Humans and animals get sick when this system does not function as it should. For any different number of reasons, the ECS may not be able to produce the essential substances needed to make it work as it should. Fortunately, this system contains cannabinoid receptors which listen to conditions outside the cells and transmit needed information about these conditions to the inside of the cells, making the cells take appropriate measures.

When CBD is administered to your pet, just like natural endocannabinoids will do, it binds to these receptors and kick starts the process of transmission to the cells. The ECS responds positively and it is able to produce the necessary substances it needs to function. By reason of these, your pet can enjoy good health and wellbeing. You can learn more about the ECS here.

Buying CBD

CBD products are available from several sources both offline and online. Due to the United States Farm Bill of 2018, it became legal as well as popular and it opened up the market. This has also resulted in the proliferation of many poor quality products. For this reason, there is a need to be careful and to conduct personal research before purchasing. Thankfully, there are some trusted and reputable sources you can buy from.

Endeavor to check labels when purchasing. You can also go further and request for the lab report of the product you want to purchase. Reputable companies will be able to provide this for you. One indicator you can use to know if it’s a quality product is the price. When it is very cheap, it is most likely a poor product containing additives that may be harmful to your pet. This is not to say that every product with a high price automatically qualifies as a good one. You still need to take appropriate measures to find out.

Sarah x

Treats for your dog

I have been posting a lot about animals/pets recently so I wanted to share my thoughts on a couple of dog products with you. Whilst we don’t have a dog at home, Nicks parents have a border collie cross called Finn and Nick used to live with him so we class him as our pet dog!

I wanted to get a couple of bits from him for Christmas and came across these:

K9 Connectables – Starter pack from medium dogs


Medium Starter Pack Purple Orange Yellow

K9 Connectables are dog toys designed to engage, stimulate and entertain your canine friend for longer than your average dog toys! They utilize your dog’s natural instincts to hunt and work for food, challenging them to unlock the treats inside.

Made from a durable non toxic plastic, K9 Connectables can be stuffed with treats and connected together, the dog can smell the food but cannot get at the treats, they have to work to break the connection and get their rewards!

Tasty Treats – Salmon & Sweet Potato


K9 Connectables Tasty Treats are a fantastic addition to your dog’s daily diet. They are specially formulated to improve oral health and are packed with natural ingredients.

  • Super premium ingredients
  • Grain free (No wheat, maize, soya or corn)
  • Low fat and low calorie
  • Helps control plaque and tartar build up to maintain healthy teeth and gums.K9 Connectables are designed for man’s best friend. Stuff tasty food and or Tasty Treats inside and connect together for hours of fun.

Staglers – Lazy Dog Chew – Large


  • Tough and hard, long-lasting and does not splinter
  • Interesting to the dog and not smelly to humans and do not stain, great news!
  • They are similar in hardness to a Nylabone but tastier and healthier.
  • Unprocessed and natural they compliment the BARF diet and are suitable for sensitive tummies.
  • Very little fat and deliver organic, raw minerals and vitamins such as calcium & phosphorous
  • Known by vets to aid the cleaning of teeth helping to maintain fresh breath and healthy gums for your dog.
  • No harmful additives or preservatives
  • An attractive scent for the dog
  • Hypo-allergenic and free of gluten

Do you have a dog? What treat would you recommend?

Sarah x

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Welcome to my 2019 Christmas gift guide. I have split my gift ideas into sections and tried to include a wide variety of products to hopefully help you out if you are struggling for ideas!


Outer Space Jigsaw


Jigsaw puzzles are a great gift and are suitable for most ages. You can get a variety of jigsaws, some can be really easy and simple for younger children, and others can be a bit more challenging for older children or adults. This particular one is of outer space and is a 1000pc puzzle. My mum and step dad love doing a jigsaw puzzle and so does my grandma, so I am always keeping my eye out for different ones to get them. This would also be a good family activity to do over Christmas!


Jacob’s Ladder


I had one of these about 15 years ago and I remember how fun it was! They are suitable for anyone over the age of 5 and it is one of those things you could have next to you if you like to hold things or like to have a distraction. I find these to be a much more exciting version of a stress ball and think it is pretty cool.


Gifts For Little Hands – Pyramids 3 In 1


This is ideal for children and is aimed at children aged 0-2 but to be honest I think slightly older children would have fun with this too! It is made up of 26 coloured wooden shapes and the aim is for the child to put it together depending on the shape and the size. It can be very fun and stimulating and will help to keep the child entertained for a long time! I really like the bright colours too as I think children are attracted more to colours than plain looking toys.


At My Best – Good Questions Cards


These aren’t really a game or puzzle as such but they are a pack of question cards. They are a great way to get to know others and also to grow yourself. They would be great to use in a working environment as an icebreaker or if you are struggling with motivation, some of the questions can really make you think about stuff and appreciate yourself more. The aim is to make you more positive and to really appreciate life and yourself.


Top Trumps – Mischievous cats


There are so many variations on Top Trumps, I think this mischievous cats set is perfect! It is a great way to learn interesting facts about all kinds of cats and it is a great game to play. You can get a set with dogs too!


Harry Potter Lex-Go


A great word game for any HP fan! It is a fast paced tiled word game which comes in this cool travel bag. You can create crosswords and anagrams and try to use up all of your tiles to beat your opponent. It is aimed for age 8+ so would be great to play with older children to increase their vocabulary.



Silk Flower House – Jug Of Sunflowers


I think flowers make a great gift, but the problem is they don’t last very long which is why I prefer artificial flowers. Silk flower house create amazing arrangements of flowers and I just love this jug of sunflowers. I think sunflowers can bring so much happiness especially at this time of year when it is so dark and rainy! I love the cute jug they come in and this would make a beautiful gift.


Rocket Jack – Tiger Print

From £19 depending on size

I went for an A3 grey background tiger print. I really like tigers as I compare them to my tabby cat Gizmo and I call him my little tiger so I thought this print would bring a bit of colour to our living room. I think art prints make great gifts and Rocket Jack have such a great range available and are really great quality.


Durrant & Dove

You’ve been poisoned tea cup


Durrant & Dove are a new artisanal business based in rural France. They scour the French countryside for beautiful unloved vintage porcelain and viciously deface it. Unique Christmas gifts, insult your loved ones in the most beautiful way.

I think some of the phrases they are using are brilliant and these are such unique gifts! Who wouldn’t want a cup that says you smell like wee, haha!


Coulson Macleod – Christmas Card


This beautiful concertina card has the word “Christmas” in rose gold foil and I just have visions of giving this to someone and it being the centerpiece on their mantle all throughout the festive period. I think it is beautifully made and would look lovely in someones living room!


Paracise DVD


This is a bit of a different gift, it is a DVD aimed to introduce people into a low impact exercise regime. It is ideal for someone new to exercise or for someone with bad joints that needs some guidance. I think a lot of people don’t exercise as they struggle knowing what is best for their joints but this guides you and is something you can do in front of your TV!


Rebecca Yates – Notebook


Rebecca creates an amazing range of personalised notebooks, you can pick the phrase as well as the colour scheme and font colour and she will then add a name to it too! My aim for next year is to try and make more notes to help me with day to day chores as well as my blog so this is going to be ideal and will look super cute left on my desk. This is an ideal gift for anyone that loves being organised.


House Of Wonderland

Cat – Vinyl Sticker


Cat Paws Washi Tape


House Of Wonderland have an amazing range of cat related products, from pins, stickers, mugs to jewellery.


Bodycare & Make Up

Shea Moisture – Fruit Fusion Bath & Body Massage Oil


I love bath oils and this is great as you can also use it on your body after the bath too or as a massage oil. For anyone that love pampering this would be a great gift. Bath oils can often be really expensive but this one is 237ml and I think you get so much for the price!


Shea Moisture – African Water Mint & Ginger Detox Body Wash


This is a great detox body wash, so for anyone that has skin exposed to the elements a lot or suffers with body acne then this is great. I like the simple bottle design and how it is not gender specific like a lot of skin/body products are so it is aimed at anyone. It is 384ml so quite a large bottle too.

I usually pick up this brand in Superdrug but you can also buy it online if you search 🙂


Rubis Gold Star Tweezers


You can buy these at a variety of online beauty stockists and they are honestly the best tweezers I have ever used. They are so precise and ideal as a gift for any beauty addict. They have the perfect slant and are so easy to use to pluck my eyebrows.


Live In The Light – Pure Anada Christmas Spirit Range

Pure Anada Hand & Body Lotion

Pure Anada Hand & Body Wash

£9.50 each

I love checking out Live In The Light for skincare and I am always impressed with the Pure Anada products. These are cruelty free and vegan so ideal as a gift if you are stuck on what to get for a vegan friend or family member. This range smells delicious and really does make you think of Christmas. I love it when you can get lotion to match body wash too 🙂


Bubu Skincare

Pollution Busting Sheet Mask

This is ideal for any skin type that needs a good clean. Pollution can really take its toll on your skin, so this will help to give it a good deep clean and rid your face of impurities.

Hydrating Sheet Mask

This mask contains hyaluronic acid and liquorice root to help the moisture penetrate deep into your skin and leave your face really soft and moisturised.

£7 each

Both masks are vegan and cruelty free. I think sheet masks can make a great gift if you want to get skincare for someone but to get them something a bit different.


Klean Skin – Zen’d Out Mood Elixir


Suffering with migraines, I am always on the hunt for anything that can help, so I wanted to include this mood elixir in my gift guide. If you know anyone with anxiety or that regularly gets stressed and gets headaches or migraines you might want to get this for them. It came from the USA but didn’t take long at all to arrive. It is called Zen’d out and its aim is to calm you and boost your mood. You rub it over your wrists, neck and temples and I find using this if I have a headache coming on really helps.


Eye Majic – Instant Eyeshadow


I was so intrigued by this! I hate doing eyeshadow, I can never get it right and I am terrible and blending so something like this is ideal. The eyeshadow presses on to your eyes in seconds and it looks like you have spent ages doing your eyes! You get 20 applications in a pack which I think is pretty good value. This would be an ideal gift for a make up lover!


Blue Rock – Bamboo Toothbrushes

£3.95 each

You could always get someone a bamboo toothbrush if you know they are trying to have less plastic waste and want to be more eco friendly. Blue rock create toothbrushes for adults and children as well as offering subscription services.


Friction Free Shaving

Lily Shaving Set


This shaving set includes:

Lily handle
Free engraving of your choice (worth £6)
Shave Cream
Four German-engineered razor refills, each with 6 diamond-coated steel blades and a styling bikini blade
Teal Clamshell Protector
Shower hook
Teal Travel pouch

This makes a great gift and you can also subscribe to get new blades however often they are needed. I love this razor and the shave cream helps to combat razor bumps. You can go for a rose gold option too and there are other sets they do. I think it is important to get a good razor.


MINT 3 in 1 cleansing bars

£9.50 each

These cleansing bars come in 3 different fragrances: Tea Tree + Lime + Mint, Coconut + Argan, Sea Minerals. They can be used to cleanse your face body and hair so are ideal if you just want to use one product for everything or when travelling. They are vegan and cruelty free and last up to 5 times longer than regular shampoo and bodywash. They are easy to use and smell great! Ideal gift for someone that uses vegan products and is trying to help the environment with limited waste and packaging.


Food & Drink

Il Gusto

Cherry Bakewell Gin – Star

Salted Caramel Liqueur – Gingerbread Man

Sour Cherry Vodka – Christmas Tree

£10 each

These super cute bottles come in a variety of shapes as well as a wide choice of flavours. How good does sour cherry vodka sound?! They are ideal for someone that is partial to a little tipple but you want to get something special, not just gin or vodka you can buy anywhere. The flavours are unique and I love how cute the bottles are!


Sous Chef – Cocktail making

Monin Cocktail Syrup Set


Giant Sphere Ice Mold


Copper Plated French Shaker


Sous Chef have a great range of cocktail making products that would make ideal gifts. I think the syrup set is a great idea and it contains 5 different flavours:

Passion fruit syrup 50ml
Mojito Mint syrup 50ml
Strawberry syrup 50ml
Coconut syrup 50ml
Blue curaçao syrup 50ml

You can also get ice molds to create giant ice spherical which would look super cool in a cocktail. You can also get a really beautiful cocktail shaker, so together all three of these would be a great gift.


Hot Elephant Tea

From £3.50

Hot Elephant create a wide variety of tea blends. You can buy an individual flavour or you can buy a gift box with a variety of teas in. This would be great for anyone that appreciates teas as you can get such a variety of flavours. The exceptional earl grey is really tasty. They are easy to use and are high quality leaves and spices.


Yeti & The Fox – Good Night, Great Day


These handy tablets can help you prevent a hangover. Specially formulated with immune boosting vitamins to help your body recover from drinking. These would be a great stocking filler if you know someone that drinks a bit too much over Christmas!



Botanicals For Cocktails – Gin

Red Wine – Four Spice Bundle

Sugar & Spice For Mulled Wine

£4 each

These are something different as they are used to help create your own drinks. Each pack contains instructions on how to use them. I think they would be fun to use over Christmas to make your own festive drinks with family or friends.



Leo Charley & Me – Candy Cane Collection

Dog Collar




Bow Tie


Leo, Charley & Me create beautiful collars and accessories for dogs. The bandana and the bow tie can be attached on to the collar to secure them in place and I think they are all super cute. All of the products are really good quality and well made. The collars come in various sizes and there are lots of designs to pick from, not just Christmas ones 🙂


Cheeky Little Prints

Paw Print Ornament


This ornament is so precious, you can personalise them with a message and a picture as well as your pets paw prints, so cute. You use an inkless kit(no mess!) to obtain your pets paw prints and you can then send them or email back to the company who will then neaten them up and create the one of a kind ornament. They also keep the paw prints on file in case you want to create something else at a later date. They do a great range of jewellery too!


Webbox Treats

From £1 each.

Of course I would always suggest getting a present for your pets too! Webbox always have a good range of treats all year round but have brought out a Christmas range.

My Tabby cat Gizmo goes mad for the tasty sticks so I wonder what he will think of these special turkey and cranberry ones?! The lick-e-lix cream looks like a great treat too. Maybe as a pudding if they eat all of their dinner haha.

They also have a festive bauble with cat treats in, I will probably hang this near the bottom of the tree or my cats will climb it to try and get to them! They also have toys, not just food, so the teaser wand will be fun to play with.


Dr Zigs – Cat Bubbles


These bubbles are designed specifically for cats to play with, you can also get them for dogs (as well as humans!). The cat ones are catnip scented and are really fun to play with. You mix it with water and use the rope wand to create massive bubbles for your pets or children to play with. they have so many different ones for children too!


Funky Pigeon – Personalised Snow Globes

£9.99 each

These snow globes are so lovely. You can have them with your cat,dog, child, parents, anyone in them and the cat ones have their name in the shape of a fish, I think they are so cute! I have one each for Gizmo and Archie and can’t wait to put them out on display! They are double sided and you can open the bottom to change the picture so I may switch them so I have two the same with one side Archie and one side Gizmo. I think snow globes are a really nice gift and it is great you can create personalised ones.


Clothes & Jewellery 

Knicker Locker – Men’s Boxer Cosmos


New boxers are a classic Christmas gift and Knicker Locker have a really great range of Waxx boxers with some really funky designs on! These are like a crazy in space, Christmas penguin theme and they feel great quality and are really soft. Nick will love them!


Soul Analyse – I Am Loved Bracelet


I think this range of “I AM” bracelets is really beautiful and sends such a positive message. This I am loved rope bracelet is so delicate with the message engraved on the silver bar. There are lots of different phrases to pick from and I think if you know someone is struggling then a small simple affirmation gift like this could really make a difference to them.


Mother Knows Best – T Shirt


Mother Knows Best have created a great range of slogan t shirts based around motherhood. I think naptime negotiator is absolutely brilliant! This would be an ideal gift for a new mother or someone with a young child as I am sure they will be able to relate!


I hope you enjoyed reading this gift guide and get some inspiration of either things to buy for others or things to ask for for yourself!

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

Sarah x