Trying out some more fragrances

I have a few more fragrances I want to share with you that I picked up samples of on a recent trip to House of Fraser

Terryfic Oud – This is a very popular fragrance in store and is made from Oud. Oud comes from black insides of tree and has a very unique scent. I honestly cant describe it and I am undecided if I like it!

Narciso – this whole range is based upon a musk scent. I really liked this one and personally I think men and women could both get away with wearing this. It has a very fresh scent.

Versace eros – this smells very fruity and flowery but you can also really smell the musk and sandalwood. This is definitely a summer scent.

Prada candy – To me, this smells like a mixture of caramel vodka and a sweet shop, no wonder it is called candy! This immediately has become my favourite!

Prada Iris – This is very fresh and light and reminds me of the smell of clean sheets straight out the wash. It is a familiar smell and very summery. 

Sarah x

Trying to find the perfect fragrance

I am yet to find my “perfect” fragrance so I am working my way through some samples I got from Fragrance Expert

My mother in law is a massive fan of the original Ghost fragrance so I decided to try some more of their range. Here are my thoughts below.

1. Ghost – The Fragrance – This is the original Ghost fragrance, it is very subtle and not too overpowering. You can really smell the rose and vanilla. It would be a great fragrance to wear of an evening.

2. Calvin Klein – Eternity Night – This has a very floral scent to it but is very soft and would be a perfect summer fragrance. 

3. Moschino – Stars – I am a massive fan of the Moschino bag and clothing line so was excited to try one of their scents. It is quite strong and smells almost orangey. This would be perfect for a night out. 

4. Giorgio Armani – Si – This was very light and fruity, another great one that reminds me of summer.

5. Ghost – Enchanted Bloom – This was quite a strong fruity scent. it was hard to describe. I prefer the original Ghost to this but if you are looking for something stronger then try this one!

6. Ghost – Moonlight – This is a very sensual fragrance which would be great to wear of an evening or on a date. It is quite deep and musky.

7. Ghost – Eclipse – This is a nice fresh and fruity fragrance. You can smell a hint of lemon but at the same time it is slightly floral. 

Let me know your favourite or if you have tried any of these?

Sarah x

An opportunity not to be missed!

You can become the face of cosmopolitans new fragrance. If you follow this link you can find all of the details 🙂

Use the hashtag #cosmoface to take part

I can’t wait to smell the new fragrance!

Sarah x


So I came across which sells travel beauty accessories and I have a few of their products I want to share with you:

First off is a perfume necklace. What is a perfume necklace? you may ask. Well, this handy invention allows you to spray these little foam pads with your favourite perfume and then place one inside the necklace so when you wear it you can smell fab without worrying about your perfume wearing off. Pretty good idea if you ask me!

My next product I have is the light up compact mirror. Every girl needs to carry around a mirror to re apply make up on the go but the amazing thing about this one is that it lights up. How many times have you been out and tried to re apply lipstick in your pocket mirror and realised its too dark you cant actually see what you are doing? Exactly. This now comes everywhere with me 🙂

Another perfume related product is the travel size atomiser. It is perfect to fill with your favourite perfume to pop into your bag or take away if you are travelling. No one wants to carry around a massive perfume bottle!

I think Flo have some really great products so check out their website!

Sarah x